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How to run a faster marathon ? The day before Frankfurt Marathon

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 25, 2014 8:37:00 AM


How to run a faster marathon ?

The day before Frankfurt Marathon 2014


What do you do after a year of training running 5 Mile, 10K, 10 Mile races, a half marathon and a tough mudder ? Yes, you enjoy the show and relax for the highlight of the season, the marathon. Some do a 3K run beforehand or nothing depending on the program they are following. For all of my races a day or two rest before the race came always in helpful.

Packing the bag

Following things you need to bring if you are going to run a marathon which is not in your local area.

  • Credit Card
  • Cell Phone
  • Passport
  • Runners (could be bought on site, but not recommended, you want shoes you trust)
  • Hotel booked nearby the starting line (you do not want any transit before the race, as it is usually at ten o'clock am and you WILL freak out)
  • Warm clothes you can throw away to stay warm when waiting for the start
  • Arrive one day early
  • Check the area for toilets, water, starting line, finishing line and bag drop
  • Talk to some of the staff, you might get useful tips and learn how to avoid stampedes
  • Vaseline
  • Shorts
  • Short sleeved shirt
  • Time tracking device 
  • Passion
  • Toothbrush (which i forgot yet again, but bought a new one)
  • Socks
  • Any instructions/printouts etc.for registration
  • Pereferably a contact in the area you trust in case of emergencies, if you do not bring your family

Getting up at 4.45 am

My flight from Dublin to Frankfurt left at seven o'clock which meant to be up at 4.45 am. My awesome girlfriend was as usual so kind to drop me down to the airport even though she only had collected her son from a trip to Paris two hours before that. If you want to be there in time and actually relax, which you should, you will experience a similar scenario.

Get it done ! Getting your starter package is prio one on site !

Once you arrive at your destination check in at your hotel, drop your bag, go to the bathroom and directly walk out again to make your way to race registration. Believe me it won't get easier of you lay down to "rest". You can rest once everything is sorted. It is also recommended to take an early flight as all the free stuff will be gone if you shuffle in at 7 pm to registration, never mind that it might be closed and you have to get this done with all the other unorganised poeple in the morning before the race. Been there, done that, unpleasant: ergo avoid at all cost.

Apple juice, soda pop and carb loading

I enjoyed the show in the Festhalle Frankfurt with samba, pasta, more or less healthy drinks and a few chats about running times with fellow runners and helpers. I got to know some detail about the New York Marathon and got inspired to participate in the Vienna Marathon in April 2015.

Resist the impulse to buy 

Usually there is a lot of gear you can buy. Resist the temptation except you see something on offer which you planned to buy a long time for a good reason (garmin watch for example). Do not buy any of these full body skins to wear on the next day. Especially if you have never worn them before. I made the mistake at my first marathon and it negatively impacted my performance. This year i succesfully resisted the merchandise machinery.

Go to your hotel and do something that takes your mind off the race

If you are ready, you are ready and if you are not ready yet for the challenge ahead you won't fix it until the next day. Avoid the minibar, stay hydrated, watch a movie or write a blog post (like me). Anything which puts your mind at ease.

Go to bed early

Get plenty of sleep and leave yourself time before the start for eventualities and a bit of warm up. Even if the movie collection in the hotel is very exciting. It's not worth it, you trained too hard for this to jeopardise your performance for Willi Wonka and the chocolate factory or a Another way to die hard. 

Always remember: Chuck Norris never ran a marathon

You are already awesome for going for it. Most people don't. Smile, rest, run and enjoy the show.


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