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My least favorite exercises which we should probably do more of

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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My least favorite exercises which we should probably do more of

Here are five of my least favorite exercises which I hate, but love for their effectiveness and efficiency. If everyone who wants to get fit would do more of this on their own steam, they would destroy an entire industry with one stroke as there would be no more gyms around.


Pretty far up the stinkiest, most annoying, exhausting exercises are burpees. I hate these jumps that go down to the ground and then back up again. Let’s face it who really likes this exercise? After ten repetitions you feel miserable and out of breath even if you are reasonably fit. Just because they are so easy to teach and can be done everywhere, almost any fitness coach on youtube for weight loss includes them somewhere in their program. Burpees work, but that does not make them enjoyable.

High Knees

Moving down the list we have high knees coming up. Out of this lot they these are definitely the high knees would be the kind of exercise I would do more willingly than the rest. That is only because I have rather long, slim legs which are quite powerful ( I do a lot of heavy squats). However, if you have short, relatively weak legs with a bit of extra weight on them this becomes a real pain of an exercise. If you are a gym instructor who wants to torture some small people with big thighs, let them do a lot of high knees.


I personally think lunges are stupid, even though they would help me to get a better squat. My bet would be that more people injure themselves by pulling a ligament, muscle or other parts of their body by doing lunges than with squats or deadlifts. They come in different variations, each one looking even more ridiculous than the one before. Some also might call them Bulgarian split squat which is basically a lunge with a bench holding dumbbells. Still, one of the best exercises to tone your calves apart from calf raises.

Dive Push ups

If you have ever visited my youtube channel and see me doing them, you know why I hate them. Because they are hard! They get the desired result. Sweat, full body engagement and body coordination usually spells dislike in the gym. If you want results, get them into your regime, even though you will hate them.

Turkish get-ups

The worst of the variations involving a kettlebell. This way of getting up from the ground is a punishment to your system. You have to balance the kettlebell and stare at it. If you slip, you put a bent in your skull, because that kettlebell will fall right in your face. The good thing a bitt hat is, that you will develop a survival instinct during this exercise which just does not allow you to fail. Another love-hate relationship in the fitness universe, the Turkish get-up. (why is it even Turkish… some kind of fetish ???...)

Long distance runs

I sometimes get the impression that most of humanity has a hate for running long distances outdoors in common. I have run three marathons and the people who do this regularly sometimes look very miserable and as if they have a grudge against life. Why else would there be a multimillion dollar business of providing possibilities for running inside (I never got my head around this one) when you can do it right in front of your door for free ? It must be because there is something in us that just tells us by instinct that it is wrong to run further than 800m unprotected in the urban jungle.


The great thing about most exercises I dislike with a passion, ut still do, ist hat they are highly efficient and very cost effective. You can not deny that these things can be done without a gym membership, more or less anywhere you want and kick like a mule. So maybe, just maybe, do more oft he exercises you hate with a passion getting to the body or performance you desire.

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