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Nordictrack VR21 vs 1750

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Nordictrack VR21 vs 1750

This is a comparison of the Nordictrack VR21 and 1750 including pros, cons, and alternatives . Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill $1799 - $2299

This is a review of the Nordictrack 1750 model which was originally published under "Which Nordictrack treadmill to get". Follow the links for more details.

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Overview Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill $1799 - $2299

The Nordictrack 1750 treadmill is the bread and butter machine from Nordictrack. The features are well balanced and you can get it for a solid price which is not outrageous. This would be my recommendation for any weekend warrior or athlete who does not see running as a core discipline, but as a support to bring up their cardiovascular system. It goes up to a capacity of 300 lbs, provides a 3.75 Chp motor and -3 to 15% incline. This has everything you need at a reasonable price, as long as you don't want to go bonkers. The full list of features includes:
  • 10” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • 1-Year iFit® Membership Included ($468 Value)**
  • Bluetooth® Audio Capabilities
  • Two 3” Digitally-Amplified Speakers
  • Runners Flex™ Cushioning
  • 22” x 60” Commercial Tread Belt
  • Dual AutoBreeze™ Workout Fans
  • Integrated Tray
  • 0–3% Decline
  • 0-15% Incline
  • 0-12 MPH Speed
  • OneTouch® Controls
  • 3.75 CHP DurX™ Commercial Plus Motor
  • 2.5” Precision and Balanced Non-Flex Rollers
  • 300 Lb. User Capacity
  • EKG Grip Pulse
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • 78.8” L x 39.2” W x 63” H Footprint
  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty
This is the machine to get when you walk in and say "I just want a good treadmill and not be screwed over with stuff I don't need". Enough said about this model, you can not go wrong if you have space and money.

Pros of the Nordictrack 1750 treadmill

  • Well balanced
  • Ticks all the boxes
  • Reasonably priced
The 1750 Nordictrack is a best seller for a reason. It ticks all the boxes for a stable, reliable treadmill at a good price tag without being too fancy. 

Cons of the Nordictrack 1750 treadmill

Cons of the 1750 treadmill are:
  • No massive screen
  • No massive Incline
  • No Heart-rate monitor included
If you buy the Volkswagen Golf from Nordictrack you can not expect it to be a Jeep or Ferrari. It does not come with a massive flashy 32inch screen or a challenging 40% incline. To be honest these are features that you do not need for a good treadmill run. Still, this is not the machine to show off with to your friends if you are filthy rich. If that is the game you are playing, get the 32i

Alternatives to the Nordictrack1750 treadmill

Alternatives to the 1750 treadmill are:
If space is one of your main concerns and you can therefore not fit a 1750 into your home or you want to optimize your gym floor, the T 6.5 might be a better alternative. This treadmill is not as wide and also shorter and therefore saves space in your home. 
If your main goal is to burn calories as fast as possible you might want to consider the Rogue Echo bike as an alternative to the Nordictrack 1750. You will save almost $1000 and a lot of space while burning more calories per minute. Especially the Tabata intervals on the Rogue Echo bike will kick your backside. 
The true form runner is a different concept of the treadmill which is self-propelled rather than driven by a motor. It is more expensive than the 1750 but better suited for athletes who want to do sprints and practice sudden braking and acceleration on a treadmill.

Overview and review of the Nordictrack VR21 749 / 999 (UK/US)

This article discusses the pros, cons, and alternatives for the Nordictrack VR21.This review was originally posted in “Which Nordictrack bike to get”. Follow the links for more details.

The Nordictrack VR21 is the little brother of the VR25 in the Nordictrack recumbent bike line up. Its main features are a 5-inch backlit display, 9kg flywheel, and 125kg maximum capacity. The full list of features reads as followed: 
  • 5" Backlit Display
  • iFit Bluetooth - 1 Years Membership Included
  • Smart BlueTooth (BLE) Chestbelt Compatible
  • Dual 2-Inch Speakers
  • Recumbent Frame
  • Step Thru™ Design
  • 9kg Flywheel
  • 25 Digital Resistance Levels
  • Onetouch™ Controls
  • EKG Handgrips
  • 125kg Max User Weight
  • Lumbar Supported Cushioned Seat
  • Horizontal Seat Adjustment
  • Extra-wide Ergonomic Pedals with Adjustable Straps
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • Front-mounted Transport Wheels
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Integrated Tablet Holder
  • 32 Workouts Apps
  • Assembled Dimensions - 155L x 59W cm x 132H cm
  • Product Weight 48kg
  • Boxed Weight 57kg
  • Boxed Dimensions - 153L x 65W x 39H cm
  • Warranty - 2 Years parts and labor; 5-year frame guarantee upon warranty registration within 28 days of purchase.
The VR21 is the better option for home gym buyers who want to save some money as the 9kg flywheel is more than enough. Commercial buyers might consider this option when they want to buy 5 - 10 units instead of the VR21. Otherwise the VR25 might be the better option. 

Pros of the NordicTrack VR21

The pros of the VR21 are:
  • Price
  • Meshed seat
  • Comfortable position
The VR21 is the cheapest recumbent bike that you can get from Nordictrack. If you want one and like the NordicTrack brand, this is the one to go for. Especially if you are a home gym buyer. Commercial buyers might consider this model when they buy in bulk. If you only want to have one or two on the floor, invest in the VR25 and the bigger flywheel as they will clock more miles per unit as a fleet of ten VR21 on the floor. 
The meshed seat is a good little design feature to prevent sweating like mad. Other models have hard plastic full seats which can become sticky and unpleasant. 
If you only want to moderately exercise and still use the time to go through emails or place some calls, a recumbent bike can be a very good option. They also have the advantage over ellipticals that they are closer to the floor and therefore do not need high ceilings. 

Cons of the VR21

The cons of the VR21 are:
  • 9kg flywheel
  • Space requirements
  • Low-calorie burn
  • No touch screen
The 9kg flywheel puts the VR21 at a disadvantage to the VR25 model which has an 11kg flywheel. For home users this will not be as relevant as for commercial users. The trade-off is that you pay less money.
Compared to a traditional bike a recumbent bike takes more space and burns fewer calories per minute. If you want to optimize your floor space for the maximum amount of people burning the maximum amount of calories this is not the model to go for. Keep your clients and space requirements in mind, especially when shopping for recumbent bikes. 
Compared to the VR25 the VR21 has no touch screen. If you want to get the full benefit of an easy workout while doing your work or surfing on the internet, the touch screen option will go along way for convenience. 

Alternatives to the Nordictrack VR21

Aöternatives to the Nordictrack VR21 are: 
The Nordictrack VR25 is the big brother of the VR21. Personally I think that this is a better option for commercial buyers who only want one or two recumbent bikes on their floor. Otherwise, homebuyers can save some money by getting the VR21. The worse media options can be compensated by just using your own devices on an easy ride. 
The NordicTrack C700 is the treadmill alternative from Nordictrack in the same budget range as the VR21. The C700 is a good option for walkers and joggers to get some miles in. If you intend to get your calorie burn in while standing, this might be the better option than the VR21. The C700 is not suited for runners who will take their treadmill through a lot of abuse in speed or distance. 
The NordicTrack SE3i elliptical is the cheapest elliptical in the Nordictrack line up. This can be a good compromise for all your clients or the entire family when you think that a recumbent bike does not have enough oomph. Just make sure that you have enough clearance to the ceiling as an elliptical will put you in a higher position than a recumbent bike and is harder to get on and off. 
The concept 2 model D is the industry standard for indoor rowing. If you want to row and turn your cardio into a full-body workout, this might be better option than the VR21. A rower can also be hung on the wall after your workout to save some space. The only downside is that the calorie burn per minute is also relatively low compared to treadmills and upright bikes. 
The Rogue echo bike is my personal favorite for indoor gyms. This is a straight forward machine to make you sweat. No extra bells and whistles, just pure focus on high-intensity interval training. For some this bike might be intimidating, but I love it and it is also reasonably priced. Still, i would not place this one in an old folk's home or rehab center. The VR21 might be a better option in those scenarios.

Summary for the Nordictrack VR21

The Nordictrack VR21 is a good budget option for a recumbent bike from Nordictrack. If you want to relax and still burn some calories, this is the right machine for home use. 

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