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Treadmill: How many calories burned [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 19, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Treadmill: How many calories burned

Treadmill: How many calories burned

This is an overview of the basics of using a treadmill. 20 minutes three times a week will already get you results.

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Treadmill how many calories

Most calories will burn about 100 calories per ten minutes. This hugely varies on the following factors: 
  • Speed 
  • Time 
  • Weight 
  • Age 
  • Incline
The speed at which you are running has a big influence on how fast you burn your calories. The longer you can go at a faster rate, the more calories you will be able to burn. A beginner's mistake is to over pace yourself. The ideal heart rate range for burning fat is a lot slower than the top speed you can run. Optimal training for burning calories is to stay on the treadmill for as long as you can at a reasonable speed. A good indicator of whether you are at the right pace is whether you still can have a short conversation. 
The time you spent on the treadmill will be the main driver of how many calories you will burn. Consistency is key when it comes to successful weight loss or building stamina.
Your weight also plays a role in how many calories you burn. Fortunately, most modern treadmills will ask about input about your age, weight, and height and adjust workouts accordingly. Still, the average usually comes out at 100 calories per ten minutes. 
Age can also play a role in how many calories you burn when running. Take the I out screen at the beginning serious to get the right data. It only takes a few seconds to punch your age and other measurements. 
Some machines will have an incline and hill programs for your runs. These will have an if the impact on the calories you burn per minute. The steeper the incline the more calories you will burn. If you like simulating very steep runs or optimize the burned calories per minute, switch to using a Jacob’s ladder or Versa Climber. These machines simulate climbing and are some of the best for calories burned per minute. Keep in mind that because of this they are not necessarily for beginners. 
How many calories you burn depends on speed, time, age, incline, and your weight. The most important driver will be the time you are on the treadmill

Treadmill how many minutes

The sweet spot for the treadmill is around 20 minutes. After this, your body starts using different resources and the benefit of the added minutes starts to decline. You can read the book “the first twenty minutes” for more details and back up research on the topic. 

5 minutes 

5 minutes on the treadmill are great as a warm-up for their exercises or when you are waiting for a class to start. It will not necessarily help you for weight loss as the time on the treadmill will be too short to do anything substantial for your calorie count. 

10 minutes

10 minutes on the treadmill are great for interval training. I like to do: 
  • 1 Minute warm-up 
  • 2-minute high intensity 
  • 1 Minute jog 
  • 2-minute high intensity 
  • 1 Minute jog 
  • 2-minute high intensity 
  • 1 Minute cool down 
Followed by Ten minutes of a slow jog to get the calorie count up. If I am short on time I like to do that 10-minute burst after my lifting sessions. 

20 minutes 

20 minutes are the sweet spot for the optimum between time invested and outcome. You can start at whatever speed you like, just keep moving for the 20 minutes. Once this is done, your aim is to increase the speed to get even more out of these 20 minutes. If you have an hour to spare at the gym I recommend yoga after the treadmill for weight loss or strength training if you want to get stronger. For yoga, I recommend the boho beautiful YouTube channel. Stronglifts 5x5 is a great beginner program for strength. 

30 minutes 

For many people, 30 minutes is an excellent first challenge goal to either move without taking a break or finish a 5k run in. Depending on your fitness level sprinkle in one 30 minute a week to test your limits in a controlled way. If you struggle to keep moving make half an hour of walking a goal while checking with your GP first. If you are reasonably fit and want to become a gazelle,  try to get 5k in 30 minutes. 

60 minutes 

After running three marathons I find that one hour is the upper limit for someone who is not into long-distance running. Even if you are very fit you will have to manage water intake and food when you run more than an hour without a break. The first challenge goal would be to run a 10k in an hour. If you want a bigger challenge try ten miles. 
20 minutes a day will get results assuming that everything else will stay equal. You will get to your weight loss goals quicker if you run for longer, but this will come at the cost of considerable more hassle for the losses in form of cramps, indigestion or other side effects for the prolonged strenuous exercise you are it used to. Anything above 20 minutes is geared towards people who want to win medals or like running long distances.

Treadmill How long to lose weight

You will get the best bang for your buck for 20 minutes a day for three days a week. If you do more you will still lose more weight, but the law of diminishing returns will kick in. 
In terms of how long you have to maintain the habit of running to lose weight a month is usually a great time frame. In the first week, you will suffer the most, in the second and third weeks you will start to adapt. In the fourth week, you are most likely to show outward results. 
Keep in mind that the most important factor in losing weight is your diet. You cannot outrun a bad diet. Start your weight loss campaign with your eating habits and in the kitchen. If you seldom visit the kitchen to cook you will need to change for your new weight loss strategy. 


Before you invest any time in a treadmill get into batch cooking and control your snacking habits. The change in snacking habits will already help you lose weight. After you learn how to batch cook you can invest the saved time in the treadmill. 

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