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Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 14, 2019 10:14:13 PM

Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue

Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue

This is an overview of the most up to date conditioning equipment from Rogue. Whether you are buying for your home gym or your professional establishment, you will find everything you need in this article.

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In this article you will find the following products sorted from highest to lowest price:

You will get an overview for each product, their pros and cons and alternatives you might want to consider. I hope this will help you to decide what is best for your clients and yourself.

For the ones who like it short

In my personal opinion this is is the synopsis of this article as a quick guide. Remember that you will be likely spending between $1000 to$5000 or even more, if you buy multiple items for a gym.

I hope this helps making a decision. The details can be found further down in this article.

True form runner

Price $5695 - $6195 


Overview of the true form runner

The TrueForm runner is the latest and greatest in the treadmill industry. Compared to other treadmills it has the advantage that it is not motorized and propelled by your own weight. In addition, the surface you run on is curved so the impact of your footfall is not as hard as on a flat surface. This dynamic is achieved by a conveyor belt that runs on bearings. Think of the conveyor belt at the airport but moved by your own bodyweight. It has been used at the CrossFit games and has gained popularity since then. The dimensions of the TrueForm runner are: 
  • Height 57’’
  • Width 36’’
  • Running surface 54’’ x 17’’ 
  • Weight 325 LB
You can choose from two different options, Enduro and Performance. Both options come in at the same price and with the same dimensions. The performance model provides a higher railing. This is especially useful when you have athletes who run very fast on the machine. 
Apart from this, you can pay $500 extra to get grass or track and field topping on the running surface. If you use the TrueForm runner to train track and field or football athletes you might want to go with one of these options. 

Pros of the TrueForm runner

There are several pros to the TrueForm runner 
  • Better posture 
  • Easier adjustment of speed 
  • No power supply needed 
  • No programming needed 
  • Less impact 
  • Good resell value 
  • Low maintenance 
Based on the setup of the Trueform runner it actively helps your clients and athletes to have better running form. If you strike with the heel the curve of the machine will help to remedy and correct this over time as you push the belt from the front to the back. 
With the Trueform runner, you can adjust the speed at any given time yourself without worrying about faceplanting. Doing interval training on motorized treadmills can be really annoying as the acceleration and decelerations come in jumps rather than continuously when you program them in at the start of your workout. If you adjust them while exercising it is almost impossible, especially at high speeds. 
If you deploy a whole row of these (10 - 20 machines) you might also be pleased that you do not need to plan for cabling when the gym is built and powering these treadmills all year around. 
As mentioned before you can free run on these machines to your hearts contempt. No buttons or panic stops needed. Just slow down and the belt slows down with you. You will not be catapulted into the wall behind you. 
The curve will also be helpful to have less strain in the ankles and knees from the impact of the food. This helps you to train longer for harder. 
As with most things which are "hip" and high price you usually get a higher resell value out of them than for the lower range options. While this is mostly less important for individual buyers it can be important for a chain that regularly closes off unprofitable subsidiaries and wants to shuffle equipment around. 
As there are no motors which can break down you will also have fewer maintenance needs. Although you are probably more likely to need a welder rather than an electrician when this beast breaks. 

Cons of the TrueForm runner

The cons of the TrueForm runner are in my opinion:
  • Hard to do pace training 
  • Not for beginners 
  • Price tag 
  • A big piece of equipment 
  • Poor monitor 
When I prepared for my marathons there was one thing I liked about treadmills, you could set an exact pace for some of your long runs. This is actually a strength rather than a weakness of a motorized treadmill. For me, it was handy to plan my splits and hit my target time as the pace I chose was slightly challenging. I would do one of these a week slightly above the planned pace for the marathon and add distance each time. The rest of my training would be outdoors. This raised my confidence to reproduce the exact pace I needed on race day. With the TrueForm Runner, it would have been hard to have that reference, but it would have been better to do Interval runs indoors. 
Tell me what you want but this thing is not for beginners. This is designed for people who want to go like cheetahs and could not do it properly on normal treadmills. Fast acceleration and breaking are where this is at home. Not for beginners or someone who is wobbly on their feet because they do rehab or are overweight. A slow motorized treadmill is the better option here. 
With $5000 a piece, this is a steep price. If you want to signal to your clients that you are doing well and justify the membership of $300 a month, this is a strategy. For two of these, you can get a 10 pack of concept 2 rowers, skiergs or bikes. 10 x $100 in membership fees from a spinning class is more than 2x $300 with a bigger spread of risk in your income. 
Last but not least these are big. If you have a garden or basement gym I would almost consider this no option unless you live in a mansion. If you want to maximize floor space in your commercial gym this is also not the way to go. CrossFit boxes might like this, especially if they are in the middle of a busy city. 
The monitor is poor compared to some of the concept 2 options where you have leaderboards implemented to keep yourself motivated. 

Alternatives to the TrueForm runner

There are the following alternatives to the TrueFrom runner: 
The assault air runner is one alternative to the TrueFrom runner if you still want a self-propelled treadmill. The assault air runner comes in at a lower price point than the TrueForm runner. The mechanics are also a little different which makes running easier on this one. 
The Versa Climber is often referred to as one of the hardest things you can do in endurance on a machine. It simulates climbing a steep wall with a good grip. It comes in at about half the price and takes up less footprint than the TrueForm runner. If you want a good machine for your home to knock you out this is can be a great pick. For a commercial gym, you might not have the uptake as many people just want their treadmills. 
The Rogue Echo bike is a solid choice for the home gym that wants to kick your butt. Combined to the Versa Climber and the TrueFrom Runner it comes in at a fraction of the cost. A good air bike workout will still challenge you and is highly recommended. 
Summary  for the TrueForm runner
This is a well-built piece of equipment which is worth the price if you have the need and space for it. Athletes who know how to pace themselves, have balance and want every workout to be as challenging and adaptable as possible will love this. 
For the average gym with average clients it is probably a bit too intimidating and high performance. I do not see overweight stay at home moms or retired manly beer bellies stepping on the TrueForm runner first thing through your gym doors. 

Versa climber SM Sport

Price $4995 - $5300


Overview of the VersaClimber SM sport

The Versa Climber Sport model is the high-end product of the Versa range. This machine simulates climbing a mountain and is known for its relentless workouts. This thing will make you sweat. It can be used as a Climber or a stepper. It is hand welded and made from high-quality steel. The specs are: 
  • Weight 150 Lb
  • Height 7’ 10’’
  • Climb angle 75 degrees 
  • Footprint 43’’ x 46’’
The Versa Climber is made in the USA and has been around for decades. It is a good alternative for gyms which cannot provide outside space for running or want to offer their athletes something more challenging. Le Bron James is said to use this machine for his routines. 

Pros of the VersaClimber SM

These are the pros of the Versa Climber for your use:
  • Small footprint 
  • Intense workout 
  • An unusual piece of equipment 
Compared to most treadmills the Versa Climber has a very small footprint. That means you can fit more people into a smaller space. For a home gym, you might also be able to put it in a corner of your house and just work away. That is usually more of a challenge with heavy treadmills. 
The Versa Climber possibly offers the most intense workout you can do for your cardiovascular system in the smallest space possible. This is pure intensity formed into metal. 
If you are running a gym and want to attract more customers this is also an unusual piece of equipment. It might attract clients who are willing to pay more for their members to get more than just regular treadmills. 

Cons of the VersaClimber

The cons of the Versa Climber are 
  • Price 
  • No relation to most sports 
  • Maintenance 
With the price tag of $5000, you are investing a considerable amount of money per machine. For two of these, you can get ten concept 2 rowers, skiergs or rogue Echo bikes. With this, you can run an entire CrossFit or strength class. It all depends on what kind of gym you want to be. 
The movement pattern of the Versa Climber has not a lot of carryover to most sports. If you are training athletes all around you will still need to get some type of treadmill despite having the Versa Climber. Whether the Versa Climber is worth the investment if you still need to get other equipment is up to you. 
The Versa Climber works with chains. These can break and need to be maintained. Based on the rattling and way this machine is used it is More likely to break down than a treadmill or bike
Alternatives to the VersaClimber SM
Alternatives to the Versa Climber SM are 
The Versa Climber H is a variation on the SM for home use. It only weighs half of the SM so it won’t take as much if a beating than the SM, which is ok for home use as it will not be used as much. Switching from the SM to the H will save you $3000. Be aware that the guarantee is voided if you place the H in a professional gym setting. 
The Rogue Echo bike packs a punch on your cardiovascular system for a fraction of the cost. The workout is not as intense as with the Versa Climber as you are seated. But it comes at a considerably lower price and the bike can be moved around more easily. 
The concept 2 skierg is an alternative which can be used in tight spaces. it is also an alternative for people with hip or leg injuries to do endurance work indoors. It simulates skiing like you would do it in biathlon. The price tag is considerable than the one of the Versa Climber SM model.

Summary for the VersaClimber SM

The Versa Climber SM model is the one to go for when you want to bring the Versa Climber experience to your gym. Especially when people will use it around the clock. The warranty will help in case of breakage. Compared to other workouts in the endurance sphere, the climber is superior for burned calories per minute. You will be hard pressed to find anything more challenging. For sprinters and athletes who work on the pitch, it might be better to veer towards running and sprinting as this has more overlay with their actual sport.

Versa climber LX Model

Price $3995 - $4200


Overview of the VersaClimber LX

The VersaClimber range has been on the market for more than four decades. The LX model is one of their mid-range options which sits between the SM and H models from a budget perspective. The machine is hand welded and has the following specifications: 
  • Weight 150lb
  • Height 7’ 10’’
  • Footprint 48’’x48’’
  • Color black 
  • Climb angle 75 degrees 
The VersClimber LX comes with a computer and fully assembled to stand upright in your home gym or professional facility. For $200 you can upgrade the handles for more options. VersaClimber recommends this option for anyone taller than 6’ 3’’. For an extra $100 it comes with a branded floor mat to protect your floors from scratches and sweat. 
The VersaClimber range is a great alternative to treadmills, bikes, and towers. It offers some of the highest intensity cardiovascular workouts on the smallest possible footprint with minimum impact on the joints. Everyone who ever used this hates it. This is usually a good reference when it comes to workout machines.

Pros of the VersaClimber LX

These are the pros of the VersaClimber LX series compared to other options you might consider: 
  • Small footprint 
  • High intensity 
  • Adjustable resistance 
  • Unfamiliar workout 
Compared to most treadmills and elliptical machines you will be able to fit a lot more VersaClimbers into your facility. When it comes to calories burned per square foot the VersaClimber is very hard to beat. The LX offers a commercial grade machine for a lower cost than the SM model.
The Versaclimber itself offers you and your athlete a great opportunity to power yourselves out. If the weather is bad or if you want to throw them a curve ball, this is the machine. Many climbers use this is a morning routine and climbers are usually quite good when it comes to endurance. Loss of grip means death for them so they won’t mess about with the equipment they pick. 
This machine can adjust the resistance from 1-500 lb which makes it better than older models from VersaClimber. 
If you are planning on establishing the best gym in town you will be able to offer extra diversity with this machine. Especially in Europe, I have not seen many of these around which might swing some reliable clients your way instead of to the gym around the corner. 

Cons of the VersaClimber LX

Here are some cons of the Versa Climber LX:
  • Not specific 
  • Not for beginners 
  • Old computer 
  • Price 
Most people compete in sports to which a vertical climb is irrelevant. Treadmill and cycling training is more relevant to the movement patterns for long distance runners and endurance athletes. If it is not just about burning calories but also improving technique on relevant movements the VersaClimber might not be the right choice. 
As this workout is super intense it might not be for beginners. If you have a lot of beginners in your gym you might want some alternatives for people who just walked through the door. Throwing something completely frustrating at your beginners will drive them away. You have to give them some small successes and build from there. Only very few of your clients will be like “yes another machine I can kill myself on”. 
The computer unit on the LX is a bit outdated. The SM has a better one as this is the most recent update to the line. Personally, I think this does not matter that much. Most of the programs are not used anyway. 
The price is a big con to the Versaclimber LX. The H version comes in for $1000 less but has no commercial use warranty. The SM costs $1000 more. What I would really consider when I built my own gym is what else I could do for $4000. For two VersaClimbers I can get a ten pack of concept 2 bikes to run spinning classes. For a home gym, I can get a rack fully equipped with barbell and plates. 

Alternatives to the VersaClimber LX

Alternatives to the Versaclimber LX are: 
The Versaclimber SM leaves you with more freedom around the machine as less material of better quality is used to build the frame for the VersaClimber. It also has a better computer and warranty. When you are in the market to buy a lot of these for commercial use, make very sure you understand the differences of the warranty and service differences between the LX and SM. 
If you are considering a VersaClimber for your home base go with the H option. It will save you a lot of money and still give you the benefits. Unless money does it really make a difference (for example if you are outfitting a house that costs 10 million I personally would not be picky between a 2000 and 5000 dollar option for the home gym and just get the best of everything).
If you are not looking at the VersaClimber for home use but for a professional setup be very mindful whether it is your first purchase. The Rogue Echo bikes are of high quality, only cost a fraction and deliver a great, challenging workout which is different from treadmills and ellipticals. This might be a better option for a bulk purchase.

Summary for the VersaClimber LX

The Versaclimber LX is a great option but suffers the pros and cons of most middle of the range of products. Unless you very specifically want this one it is better to go with the best or lowest budget option form the portfolio. Same goes here for the LX. I went for the H and I am happy. For a commercial gym, I would have gone for the SM and tried to argue with the bank for a loan extension pointing to the good warranty (basically you buy 2 for 1 if one breaks you get it replaced unless you threw rocks at It). Talk to other gym owners who wanted to make use of the warranty to be really sure. 

Assault air runner

Price $3699 

Overview of the Assault Air runner

The assault air runner is stake on the treadmill which is free of an electrical motor and highly portable. The air assault runner will be propelled by your own bodyweight. This means that it will be easier for you to accelerate and break during your workouts to simulate real-life conditions in running. The specifications of the Assault air runner are:
  • Product weight 280LB 
  • Color black 
  • Length 69.9”
  • Width 32.8”
  • Height 32.8” 
This machine has been endorsed by the CrossFit community and Rogue Fitness. The area for footfall is curved to minimize the impact. This makes it easier for the joints compared to regular treadmills. You will also buy this from a multi-product company which has been around for a while. This is especially important if you are going to buy for commercial use and make heavy use of the service and warranty that comes with the machine. 

Pros of the Assault Air runner

These are the pros of the Assault air runner compared to other similar products and for endurance needs 
  • Lightweight 
  • Price 
  • Company 
  • Innovative 
  • Monitor 
Compared to other treadmills and the TrueFrom runner it is lightweight and mobile. The fact that it comes in wheels is especially good for a gym setup where you like to change group setups a lot. You can clearly see that Assault went with the TrueForm runner design and optimized it for CrossFit gyms. 
The price is also a big advantage when you compare like for like. There are two main options out there when you want a self-propelled treadmill. The assault air runner has about a $2000 advantage in the TrueForm runner. That is a considerable amount of money when you buy for your home gym or multiple units for a gym outlet. 
Assault has been around for roughly 20 years and has solid revenue streams from three different product lines. With this piece of equipment, you are likely to get proper support and background for your needs. TrueForm hasn’t been around that long and their channels are a bit less developed. 
Compared to other treadmills and ellipticals the experience with the assault runner for yourself or your client will be more innovative compared to other options. This  Ingram attracts some extra clients as you differentiate from the next gym around the corner. Especially the ones who appreciate quality and might pay a higher price. 
The monitor on the Assault air runner is better than the one on the TrueForm runner based on some reports. If you care about the settings on a machine you propel yourself this might be a deciding factor for you. 

Cons of the Assault air runner

  • Price 
  • Me too approach 
  • Mechanics 
  • Fewer options
Price can also be a con when you compare the outcome rather than like for like. If your main goal is to improve your endurance and lose weight without being specific to running there are options which are a lot more budget friendly. The Rogue echo bike would be one of them which still gives you a kick up the bum without costing as much as an entire home gym. 
This is more of an ethical one, but if you support innovation you might want to go for the TrueForm runner. The original idea seems to have come from the first in a well-executed way. Assault just has the experience to copy and mass produce the idea more efficiently and effectively which will probably win the market for self-propelled treadmills. 
Based on some reports I have read and seen the air assault runner accelerates in an unnatural way making you way faster than you actually should be. The TrueForm runner seems to be doing a better job correcting your posture and simulating real-world conditions. 
With the TrueForm runner, you can also choose between a field turf and running track surface which the Assault air runner does not offer. If you want to make your training even more specific this might swing it against it. 

Alternatives to the Assault Air runner

These are the alternative to the assault air runner
The TrueForm runner is the original in the market for self-propelled treadmills. If you want a machine for your football athletes to warm up on before going o the field, this is probably the right choice. Who cares about $1000 to $2000 more a pop if the guys running on these things are paid $100000 a match? If you can afford it or if you don’t buy in bulk, the TrueForm runner might be the choice just to have the best. 
The rogue echo bike is the realistic version for the home gym to still get a great workout in. A good air bike workout will gas you out and the design is a little more up to date than for the original assault air bike. 
For the price of one air assault bike, you can even add a Rogue RM6 rack to your shopping list in addition to the Rogue echo bike. This leaves you with a full gym excluding barbells and plates. Count another $1000 for that. 
If you want to spend some extra money for your home for something that is super effective the Versaclimber H might be for you. You still save $1000 compared to the Assault air runner and have a machine that burns the most calories over time per square feet. The vertical climb at home is the most intense thing you can do for your cardiovascular fitness. 

Summary for the Assault air runner

The assault air runner is a lower cost option on the idea of self-propelled treadmills. You will buy a piece of equipment from a company with a long tenure which has other products in the market. If you always want the best you probably ought to go for the TrueForm runner. If you want to provide for your gym or use this innovative idea without breaking the bank, go for the TrueForm runner.

Versa climber H/HP model

Price $2065 - $2300


Overview of the VersaClimber H/HP

The VersaClimber H/HP models are the range of the VersaClimber portfolio which has been designed for the use at home. This model is the lightest and smallest that you can get out of the VersaClimber range. It’s specifications are:
  • Height 7’6”
  • Weight 65lb
  • Color Black 
  • Footprint 36”x44”
The Versaclimber delivers a stepper and vertical Climber in one machine. This is probably the hardest workout you can get on a machine in your own home. Compared to treadmills and ellipticals you also will have less impact and save your joints from too much pain. The VersaClimber H is not intended for commercial use and the warranty will be voided if placed in a professional gym. With an optional heart rate monitor, you can optimize the experience even further. 

Pros of the Versaclimber H/HP

Here are the pros of the Versaclimber H/HP modem:
  • Price 
  • Space 
  • High intensity 
  • Health 
The price is great compared within the Versaclimber line up. This product is priced at half of what the top line range of Versaclimber is at. If you compare it to other innovative options like the TrueForm runner it also holds up on price. If you want something special in your gym or home gym, this option saves you $2000 to $3000. 
Especially compared to ellipticals and treadmills the Versaclimber takes up a lot less space. The home version is also very light and can be moved easier in case you were moving house or want to rearrange things at home. This is a compact beast with a punch. 
If you buy a cardiovascular machine you probably want it to make you sweat. Otherwise, you would be doing yoga. With the Versaclimber you get what it says on the tin. You will be sweating buckets in no time. Your cardio can be cut short and will still have an impact. 
Compared to running on concrete or on a treadmill the Versaclimber has less impact and there is easier on your joints. 

Cons of the VersaClimber H/HP

  • Price 
  • Specificity 
Compared to options like the Rogue Echo bike or concept 2 skierg the Versaclimber H/HP is still about $1000 out of range. If you want to exercise at the same time as someone else in the house you can get two Echo bikes for the price if one Versaclimber H/HP.
If you are preparing for an Ironman or want to get better at sprinting the Versaclimber is not specific to these movements. For $500 more you can get a concept 2 package including a skierg, bike and rower for a more versatile training experience, given you have space. 

Alternatives to the VersaClimber H/HP

Here are some alternatives to the Versaclimber H/HP you might want to consider:
The Versaclimber SM is the top model of the Versaclimber range. If you are buying for the professional world of gyms this is the machine to go for. You will have extra coverage for warranty and the machine is more than twice the weight of the H model to take a constant beating. It also uses fewer beams and gives the athlete more freedom to move. 
If you are looking for a machine for your home gym that focuses more on your upper than your lower body the concept 2 skierg is for you. This machine will enable you to train your arms and back more than the usual bikes and treadmills. 
The Rogue echo bike is a solid option to kick your butt at home. It is built like a tank and one of the most modern takes on the air bike. It is also reasonably priced compared to the other options. 

Summary for the VersaClimber H/HP

The Versaclimber H is the right choice for you when you want a vertical climber for your home. If you run a gym go for the SM model. If you are on a budget and still want a killer cardiovascular workout than the Rogue echo bike is a great option. If you like to run, outdoors is a good option too, just maybe not all year around winding on where you live. 

Run rocket

Price $1999

Overview of the Run Rocket

The run rocket is a piece of acceleration equipment which especially helps for sprint and acceleration training. This machine will be very useful for 
  • Football players 
  • Rugby players 
  • Soccer players 
  • Tennis players 
And any other sport where you have to sprint and change direction often. The Run rocket has adjustable resistance and comes with the following specifications: 
  • Length 37“
  • Width 28“
  • Height 40“
  • Weight 165l
  • 44lb Flywheel 
The big difference to many other machines or sleds is that the run rocket provides consistent resistance when you are running forward and does not pull back on you. Sleds have the challenge that they have an uneven resistance and also not truly mimic a running pattern. Bands and straps simulate a real running resistance, but the pullback leaves your athletes exposed to injury risk. The run rocket solves both of these problems for sprinting work. 

Pros of the Run Rocket

The pros of the run rocket are:
  • Sturdy 
  • No pull back 
  • Easy swap 
This machine is built like a professional lawnmower. It can be left outside and survives rain and other weather conditions. It’s the ideal companion for the pitch. 
The resistance immediately stops when the forward pull ceases. This makes it a good machine for sprint work without breaking any ankles. 
With the hook and click system, you can easily swap between athletes to get a good workout in for the entire team. Parachutes are way more complicated to handle.

Cons of the Run rocket

The cons of the run rocket are 
  • Space requirements 
  • Price 
To work effectively with the run rocket you need access to a pitch. This machine is a waste of your time and money if it is placed into a tiny gym or back garden. You need the necessary space to do a bit of distance for your sprint work. 
Compared to other sprint Resistance options like bands and harnesses the run rocket is ten times the price and also does not include the necessary vests for the entire team. They would come in at an additional $50 to $100 a player depending on what you are getting. 

Alternatives to the Run rocket

  • Resistance bands
Resistance bands of all forms and lengths can be an alternative to the run rocket. While less easy to use and setup they come in at a fraction of the cost.

Summary for the Run rocket

The run rocket is the right option for professional training facilities which focus on speed. If you are lucky enough to be a world class athlete who has a pitch in their own home and to whom $2000 are peanuts tja this is a gijd piece of equipment to get. You can spend a whole lot of more money on things which will do a lot less for your professional development. 

Assault airbike elite

Price $1299

Overview of the Assault airbike elite

Air assault has been around a while in the world of Aor bikes. The elite is their take on taking it tongue next level. Compared to the basic version you will get an upgraded LCD, bigger seat and sturdier steel frame. The Air Assault Elite comes with the following specifications: 
  • Color Black
  • Product weight 140LB
  • Length 51“
  • Width 27“
  • Height 55“
Airbikes are a great option for your cardiovascular training. The resistance increases naturally the faster you go. This makes it a great tool for interval training. In addition, you also address your entire body. With the assault bike, you also have the option to only focus on the upper or lower body by keeping the feet or arms engaged or out of the loop. If you want something else from a treadmill and find cycling not challenging enough the air assault elite is the best you can get in the market. 

Pros of the Assault airbike elite

The pros of the Assault air bike elite are:
  • Most up to date LCD computer 
  • Bluetooth capability 
  • Overbuilt 
  • Strong brand 
  • Price 
Compared to other air bikes the assault bike elite has one of the most advanced computers. If this is important to yourself or the image your gym want to convey, this is a great option. Quite a few other vendors are behind when it comes to this. Still, keep in mind that most options will never be used. 
The Bluetooth capability is nice in the age of the internet of things. You might want to combine the output of the air bike with other technology you are using for analysis or your clients just want to hook your phone up. 
I personally admit that I like overbuilt gym equipment. I lift comparatively heavy and like to abuse any kind of cardio machine I am on. That I weigh 90kg does not help the machines. If it rattles and I feel like it will break right under me, I am not too impressed. If you have a team of rugby players to entertain, maybe spent the extra money so that they feel like they are safe. 
With the Assault, you are hooking up with a company that has been around the block. You can expect good customer service. 
The price is good when you compare the Assault air Bike elite to another top of range endurance machines like the TrueForm Runner, Versaclimber SM, and Run Rocket. When you compare Airbike to Airbike the story is a little different.

Cons of the Assault airbike elite

Cons of the Assault Air bike elite are: 
  • Price 
  • Specificity 
The main point against the elite is the price. When you compare Airbike to Airbike the elite comes in at almost double the price compared to other Airbike options. Are the extra features worth giving up on one extra Airbike for the same time? Most of the times probably not unless you are 7’ 10” tall and weigh 250kg. You can also make an argument for this if your marketing strategy is to never ever be seen to be cheap because you charge your clients a fortune for your services (well to them it is peanuts, but that is precisely why you have to give them the best of everything). 
The other downside to the Assault Air bike elite is that the movement pattern is not specific to most sports. Except cycling, the carryover will not be as high as with a treadmill or run rocket when you train athlete who competes on their feet on a pitch. 

Alternatives to the Assault Airbike elite

Alternatives to the Assault Air Bike elite are:
The TrueForm runner is the best you can get in the realm of self-propelled treadmills. It will put you back considerably more than the Assault air bike elite. However, if you consider the Elite budget is probably not one of your main concerns. 
What goes for the TrueForm also holds true for the Versaclimber SM. The SM is the top of range product of Versaclimber with all the bells and whistles and a generous warranty for commercial use. If you want the workout that burns the most calories per square foot over time this is the way to go. 
The Rogue Echo bike is the reasonable choice if you want an Airbike at a normal price tag. The Echo is overbuilt and Rogue took the best ideas from the existing mass products and offers them at a very competitive price tag for the amount of bike you get. 

Summary for the Assault airbike elite

The assault air bike elite is a great option for you if you train big athletes or only want the best of everything. It is also one of the cheaper options for top equipment when you want to offer your clients or yourself that special care. If you are budget conscious you can save about half by getting solid alternatives from the mid-market price range which are under $1000. 

Schwinn airdyne pro

Price $999 - $1200


Overview of the Schwin Airdyne Pro

Schwinn has been in the game of producing bikes for over a century now. The Schwinn Airdyne pro is their flagship take on the Airbike market. The special features of this design are the handles and how the fans are formed. This machine will blow some serious air into your face. Great if you train in a hot environment. The handles of the Airdyne pro give you many options to vary your ride and burn calories.
Air bikes are unique as the resistance increases the faster you go. This makes for very intense workouts which burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. You also have less impact than on a treadmill. The Airdyne comes with the following specifications:
  • Length 42” 
  • Width 20”
  • Height 52”
  • Color black 
This is a solid option for your gym which looks a little more space than comparable products. If you care about looks, that is, but why have a gym otherwise. 

Pros of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

The pros of the Schwinn Airdyne are
  • Noise canceling design 
  • Handles 
  • Design 
  • Experience 
  • Price 
One of the biggest pros of the Schwinn is the noise canceling design. Schwinn was one of the first Airbike companies in the market to look into belts rather than chains to propel the wheel on the Airbike. This makes the bike more reliable and silent. Since then it has become an industry standard. 
The new handles are clever and take a leaf out the treadmill and elliptical industry. Most Airbikes have simple handles which leave fewer options. I personally liked and some might say this can get in the way of a very intense workout. 
Design is always a matter of taste. I personally like the Schwinn. It looks spacey and tasteful and might even make it even a little interior design statement if out in the right spot. I don’t see that happening with other, more down to earth, models in the market. 
Schwinn has been building bikes for a while now. You can be sure you will get a top-notch product with a great finish. 
For the quality, you are getting it is aggressively priced just around the $1000 mark. Most other Pro/elite/sport models are usually priced nearer to the $1200 to $2000 mark. 

Cons of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

  • Specificity 
  • Price 
What you do on an Airbike is not specific to most sports. Most bikes do not have self-moving handles or blow air in your face while riding them. A gym which trains athletes who compete in team sports will still have to invest in equipment like treadmills and run rockets to offer specific training. 
If you only want an Airbike and don’t care that much about design or noise canceling there are cheaper options which can be had to get an Airbike into your place. 

Alternatives to the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

Alternatives to the Schwinn Airdyne Pro Are:
A concept 2 bike will come in a little cheaper than the Airbike and is more specific for cycling indoors when you can not get out on the road. It will not burn as many calories in the same amount of time but offers you a solid alternative.
The Rogue echo bike is a very solid alternative if you want an Airbike. It sells like hot cake and is very popular in the CrossFit community. It is built like a tank and comes in at a good price. Like everything from Rogue, it is designed to work, not to look pretty. In some gyms, it might look displaced. 
The concept two rower is solid, time tested machine to build cardiovascular endurance. If you are a fan of water sports this is probably the better option for you than any of the bikes and treadmills. The only downside is that it takes a bit more space than other options. 

Summary for the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro has a good design at a good price point. For a flagship product, it is reasonably priced and comes from a vendor with experience in the market. If you are budget conscious there are also solid Airbike options at a lower price. 

Concept 2 model E

Price $1100


Overview of the Concept 2 model E

The concept 2 model E tower is one of the top of range rower options from concept 2. The main difference to other rowers is the seat height and protection of the chain. Think of this as a beefed up version of towers that you can easier get on and off. 
Concept 2 also delivers the PM5 Monitor with the Model E rower. This computer gets very good feedback a across the board in the industry. It enables you to link multiple rowers together to have a race. Whatever you get, make sure that it has a function to store your times and race against yourself. That is very satisfying and useful. The concept 2 model e rower comes with the following specifications: 
  • 54” monorail length
  • 20” seat height 
  • 5-year warranty frame parts
  • 2-year warranty all part
The concept 2 Model E is a great option to beef up your existing rower assortment or to directly start with a model that has been perfected over time.

Pros of the concept 2 model E

The pros of the model E rower are: 
  • Static arm 
  • Higher seat 
  • PM5 monitor
  • Bulkier frame 
The PM5 monitor is fixed on a status arm compared to other rower models. This makes it easier to keep it in place and the material is less likely to fail. Even though the adjustable arms seems nice they actually cause more trouble than extra value. Over time you have to tighten the screws and take care so that monitor will not be all over the place during a challenge challenging workout. A static arm is much preferred in my opinion as long as it fixed at a height that makes sense to do the readings.
A higher seat has several advantages. If you have very big athletes or someone who can not get on the lower seat option from other rowers, than this is the solution. It is also great if you want to switch between workouts quickly in circuit training. 
The PM5 monitor is also an advantage of other models. This monitor is becoming standard across the concept 2 range but just check before purchase whether it is really on or you need to select another option. I hear a lot of good about this monitor. 
The bulkier frame will make it possible for the model E to take more of beating if your intention is to use it in a gym setup. 

Cons of the concept 2 model E

The cons of the concept 2 model e are 
  • Price 
  • Specificity 
  • Space requirements 
The price of the model E is quite a bit higher than for most other rower options. If you only want to row you might be able to save the worth of a barbell or a couple of plates by going for a different option.
Rowing is not very specific to most sports except CrossFit and rowing itself. If you are building a team that competes in some kind of major league you will still need treadmills besides the rowers. In addition, the higher seat is also less specific to actual rowing. The Olympic rowing boats are tiny and you sit very closely to the ground. 
The last disadvantage of a rower is the space requirement. Compared to a bike, especially for a home gym, the length of the unit can turn into a real headache. 

Alternatives to the Concept 2 model E

Alternatives to the concept 2 model E rower are
The concept 2 model d rower would be the logical choice if you want to save some money. It is basically the same machine, just with slower seat and less fancy. If you want to row and be budget conscious this might be the option for you.
The Rogue echo bike is a solid alternative for the home gym to kick your butt. It costs considerably less than the model E and delivers a challenging, maybe even better impact on your cardiovascular system.
The air assault runner is the budget option for self-propelled running. It is still a lot triple the price of the model E. If you are running an establishment to produce the best you probably need a rower and one of these self-propelled machines. 

Summary for the Concept 2 model E

The model E is a sound upgrade on the model E aimed at rehab or big boys. It is also one of the best things money can buy from concept 2. Is it worth the extra money compared to the model D? Probably not if you care more about the budget than having the best things in life.

Assault airbike

Price $699 - $999


Overview of the Assault airbike

The Assault Airbike has been given an overhaul to live up to the highest standards of athletes. The company in charge is LifeCORE fitness in California, even though this bike is not built in the US. The assault bike comes with the following specifications: 
  • Color Black 
  • Weight 99LB
  • Length 50.9”
  • Width 23.3”
  • Height 48.4”
Airbikes work with the resistance of the air and give you a challenging full body workout. The faster you pedal the higher the resistance becomes. These are a great alternative for your home gym to treadmills and ellipticals as they take up less space and provide a better workout if it is burned calories you are after.

Pros of the Assault Airbike

Pros of the Assault Airbike are
  • Sturdy design 
  • Band propelled 
  • Long years of experience 
The assault air bike is heavy and has a sturdy steel frame. This prevents swaying during the ride compared to other models form the past. The weight of your Airbike is a good indicator whether it has been built thoroughly or whether the vendor took some shortcuts.
Compared to older models the Assault air bike has the advantage of being band propelled. Older models were chain propelled which lead to more noise. This is becoming more and more of an industry standard and is therefore not as much of a differentiator than it used to be.
With Assault you are buying into a range of products of a healthy company which has been around for years. This company is very likely here to stay and won’t go anywhere. 

Cons of the Assault Airbike

Cons of the air assault bike are 
  • Specificity 
  • Not the newest design 
The first one goes for all Airbikes. While they provide a great workout to get you in sweat it is not specific to most sports. Treadmills and normal bikes score better in this regard. If you are outfitting a gym for an elite athlete you will also need to get treadmills. 
The Assault bike design is solid, but not the newest one of the market. My hunch is that Assault is good at looking at the market and then outsourcing the production cost effectively to China, but I might be wrong. The Assault bike was a copy of the Schwinn and the Assault air runner is a copy of the TrueForm runner. 

Alternatives to the Assault Airbike

These are alternatives to the Assault air bike 
If you like the design of the Assault bike and the company you can also take it a step up by opting for the elite. The elite comes with an even heavier frame and newer computer to match the highest of standards. 
Concept 2 provides a solid range of cardiovascular machines with their rowers, skiergs, and bikes. If you just want a regular bike for spinning classes or to save some space their bike is an alternative. 
The Rogue echo bike is Rogue's take on the Airbike market. Manufactured in Columbus Ohio this machine is the no-nonsense approach to Airbikes and currently the best value for money option on the market. 

Summary for the Assault Airbike

An assault air bike is a solid machine which you can add to your arsenal. If the design is to your liking and fits your overall gym go for this one. If you don’t care about these things you might want an interesting alternative in the Rogue Echo bike. 


Concept two bikeErg

Price $999


Overview of the Concept 2 bikeErg

The concept 2 bikeErg is concept 2‘s take on bringing the real cycling experience to your home. Most bike parts are compatible with the bikeErg so you can attach your own pedals, saddle and handles to simulate your bicycle. The bikeErg also has been designed with increasing resistance the faster you go. The mechanics simulate shifting gears to get you ready for the real ride. All of this comes with poly groove belts instead of a chain. This ensures a smooth ride which does not produce too much noise. The bikeErg comes with the following specs: 
  • Assembled in the US
  • Color black
  • Length 48”
  • Width 24”
  • Weight 58lb
  • Made of Aluminium 
Concept 2 has a long history of building machines for cardio. The bread butter machine is the concept 2 rower and recently the company has added the skierg and bikeErg to their portfolio. The bikeerg is the machine for you if you want to cycle at home and can not always take to the road to do your training.

Pros of the Concept 2 bikeErg

The pros of the bikeErg are
  • Lightweight construction
  • Adaptable 
  • Simulated gears 
  • PM5 monitor 
The lightweight aluminum construction is an advantage for what this machine wants to achieve. Real world bicycles are usually built as light as possible. If you want your home training to be specific for cycling in a triathlon or the gourde France, you can not have a bulky Airbike to replace the experience. 
If you want you to take all of the sports you touch as a driver apart and swap them for your own. This way you can get very close to riding your actual bike from the comfort of your home. 
The bikeErg simulates the switching of gears during the ride so you get as close to the real experience than you can. 
Finally, the PM5 monitor will enable you to race against others in parallel on multiple bikeErg. This can result in great fun for spinning classes. 

Cons of the Concept 2 bikeErg

The cons of the concept 2 bikeErg are 
  • No full body work out 
  • Not for the big guys 
  • It’s indoors
The concept 2 bikeErg will mainly focus on your legs. Therefore you will not get a lot of an upper body workout from your session. If this is important to you, you might want to go for the Rogue Echo bike instead. 
The concept 2 bikeErg is lightweight and therefore build for cyclists. If you have a lot of football players on your roster you might want to go for one of the bigger Airbikes to make sure they don’t fall off. 
Last but not least, nothing is like the real experience. If you want to compete in cycling you also must put in the miles on your bike outdoors. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will fail on race day.

Alternatives to the Concept 2 bikeErg

Alternatives to the concept 2 bike erg are 
If you are buying equipment for your home gym and you are more on the extreme side of things you might prefer the Rogue Echo bike. This is the solid all body workout for the weekend warrior. 
The concept 2 skierg is a great variation from concept 2 for anyone who skies. It simulates the upper body movement of skiing. Thing of it like a marathon version of a lat pulldown machine. 
If you are shopping for a commercial gym you also might want to throw in a couple of rowers to mix things up. Avoid getting all of the same. Concept 2 actually has a mix pack on offer at Rogue where you can buy a skierg, bikeErg, and rower in one go. 

Concept 2 Model D

Price $900 


Overview of the concept 2 Model D

The concept 2 model D rower is the bread and butter product from concept 2. This rower can be used by athletes of all sizes and ages. From low-intensity rehabilitation work to high-intensity racing between top athletes anything is possible with this machine. This is also a machine which you can most likely test yourself in a gym near you, which can not always be said for the other machines available on the Rogue website. The concept 2 model D comes with the following specifications: 
  • Color black/white 
  • Assembled in America 
  • 57LB weight 
  • Length 96”
  • Width 24”
  • Height 14” (seat)
  • Foot print 8’ x 2’ 
The concept 2 rower is the go-to option in the industry. You can not go wrong with this one if you want to stick up on a rower for your home gym or commercial facility. 

Pros of the Concept 2 Model D

The pros of the concept 2 rower are
  • Little impact 
  • Scalable workout 
  • PM5 monitor 
Working out with the concept 2 rower will be lighter on your joints compared to other endurance workouts. As you will slide back and forth this machine can also be used when a high impact is not possible due to injury. 
With the ten different settings for resistance and multiple workouts to choose from the computer, you can scale it in every direction. From intervals to long distance and races everything is possible.
The PM5 monitor is quickly becoming a standard which other endurance computers have live up to. In the reviews and testing I have done it comes out on top for connectivity to your phone and other machines for racing purposes. 

The cons of the concept 2 rower are

  • Space requirements 
  • Specificity 
The concept 2 rower is can be hung on a wall or broken up into two pieces for better storage. Still, at full length, it takes up considerable space compared to an Airbike. Especially for home gym arrangements, this might be a killer.
The rowing motion of the concept 2 is not specific to most sports. If you want to ensure that your training is as specific as possible a treadmill or bike might be the better option for you. 

Alternatives to the concept 2 Model D

Alternatives to the concept 2 model d rower are:
The model E rower is a great alternative with a higher seat. If you work mainly with the rehab clients or very tall athletes this is a good alternative. In addition, you also get a sturdier hold for your PM5 monitor.
The Rogue echo bike is a great alternative if you want to save space and money. This machine might even give you an even better workout, especially if you want to do interval training. It also takes up less space than the concept 2 rower unless you mount the rower to a wall. 
The TrueForm runner is the ultimate treadmill. You will need no access to power as it self propelled. The only downside is that it is about five times the price of the concept two rower. 

Summary for the concept 2 Model D

The concept 2 model d is a safe bet for all endurance needs which want to be low impact. You can place it in a big gym with a horde of strong athletes or a boutique gym specialized in rehab of the 50+ women. The pricing is average and it also has been on the market for a long time. 

Rogue echo bike

Price $750 - $795 


Overview of the Rogue Echo bike

The Rogue echo bike is built on a solid steel frame to give you one of the sturdiest fan bikes $800 can buy. It is probably the best value for money option for a cardio machine that you can get. The Rogue echo bike has the following specifics:
  • Color black 
  • Made in USA no
  • Weight 127LB
  • Length 58.875”
  • Width 29.875”
  • Height 52.75”
  • Footprint 44.5”x 23.75”
Fanbikes are ideal for interval training. If you want to burn as many calories as possible in the shortest amount of time this is a great tool to go for. 

Pros of the Rogue Echo bike

The pros of the Rogue echo bike are
  • Build 
  • Price 
  • Space 
As everything from Rogue, the Echo bike is completely overbuilt. In fitness, this is usually a good character trait. The echo bike will stay in place during your ride and not sway. It is also driven by a band instead of a chain which means less maintenance and noise. The computer which comes with it has good contrast so that you can see exactly what is going. Some other vendors provide computers which leave you guessing. 
The price of the Rogue echo bike is excellent for what you are getting. While most other fan bikes hug the $1000 mark you can get the echo bike and just about for a barbell into the $1000. 
Compared to treadmills, ellipticals, and rowers the echo bike takes up considerably less space. This is especially interesting for home gyms. 

Cons of the Rogue Echo bike

Cons of the rogue echo bike are
  • Not made in the USA
  • Specificity 
The Rogue echo bike is one of the exceptions from the Rogue portfolio and is not made in the USA. If you care about that you might want to find other options, although most of the fan bikes are assembled in the US at best.
Fanbikes are not that specific to any real sport. If you want to prepare your athletes with machines that are as specific as possible to the real world the TrueForm runner or concept 2 bikeErg might be better options for you. 

Alternatives to the Rogue Echo bike

Alternatives to the Rogue echo bike are: 
If you want a fan bike, but with a cooler looking fan, the Schwinn air bike might be the right choice for you. It is slightly more expensive than the Echo bike and has recently been used at CrossFit regionals. 
The TrueForm runner is the ultimate indoor running simulator. This is the best that money can currently buy if you want to simulate running for long distances on the pitch as closely as possible while being independent of the weather. 
The concept 2 bikeErg simulates the look and feel of a real street race with a bike as closely as possible. You will even have the switching of gears inbuilt. 

Summary for the Rogue Echo bike

The Rogue echo bike is probably the best option for your home gym to burn calories fast on a budget while not compromising on quality. This has been priced to sell in truckloads and it does. If you don’t want to think too hard about your purchase, this is the way to go. 

Concept 2 skiErg

Price $770


Overview of the concept 2 skiErg

The concept 2 skierg is a machine which simulates cross country skiing. The concept 2 rower flywheel has been adapted to keep the athlete in an upright position. This way of going about solves several challenges.
The design of the skierg uses a lot less space than bikes, treadmills, and rowers. Mounted to a wall it takes almost no floor space which makes it a great option for home gyms with limited space. Based on the nature of the movement it can also be used by athletes who have disabilities or rehab from injuries. You can still get a great workout in while seated with the skierg. The skierg has the following specifications: 
  • Assembled in the us 
  • Color black 
  • Weight 46 LB
  • Length 52”
  • Width 24”
  • Height 85”
The concept 2 Skierg is great value for money, especially if you want to mainly focus on your upper body. 

Pros of the Cncept 2 skiErg

The pros of the concept 2 ski erg are:
  • size 
  • Can be used by people with disabilities 
  • Price 
The size of the concept 2 skierg is one of its main benefits. Mounted to a wall it takes up no floor space in your gym whatsoever. This is especially good if you want to fit a big rack into a small space and still be able to do cardio. 
The concept 2 skierg is one of the few options for endurance training on the market which I know that suits people who can not stand or walk because of their wheels. The only other option I would know is the hand driven ellipticals which are bigger and provide less bang for the buck. 
The price is also very attractive to many other cardio options. From the rogue website, it is one of the lowest priced options available. 

Cons of the concept 2 skiErg

The cons of the concept 2 skierg are
  • Specificity 
  • Not a real full body workout 
Not many people compete in skiing, at least compared to running which is applicable to almost any team sports. Therefore the skierg will not provide a specific movement relevant to the sport your athletes and clients do, except you live in Norway or Switzerland. This means you will also have to provide another machine apart from the skierg.
Even though the marketing claims it is a full body workout I would doubt that you get the same amount of a response from the skierg than a rower or a fan bike. The legs are just too stationary and passive for that. Still a hard workout. 

Alternatives to the Concept 2 skiErg

Alternatives to the Skierg are
The Rogue echo bike will probably give you the better full body workout at roughly the same price. You will need minimally more floor space. This is a great option if you want to burn maximum calories per minute per square foot. 
The TrueForm runner would be the best option in the market today to simulate real conditions on a treadmill as close as possible. This also comes at a hefty price tag. Based on the reviews I have seen it is worth every penny. 
The concept two rower would be the solid option for a full body workout for every age group. I think this one of the best options for home use if you have the space for the entire family. The only downside is that you would have to free up quite some space to fit it into most homes.

Summary for the Concept 2 SkiErg

The concept 2 skierg is a great machine which fits in any corner. With this, you can train hard and burn your calories. The only downside is that you will mainly focus on your upper body while the legs stay stationary. 

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