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Which accessory equipment to buy for your Rogue rack

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 7, 2019 4:44:18 AM

Which accessory to get for your rogue rack

Which accessory equipment to buy for your rogue rack

When you invest in a home gym in your garden, basement or garage, you will also consider some attachments for your rack. Here is an overview and my opinion on the most interesting pieces ranging from $1000 to $100.

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Index of this post 

This is what you will find in this post in descending order in price

This is going from the highest to the lowest price tag depending on what you want to get. 

Rogue Monster vs Rogue Monster Lite

If you are torn between the Rogue Monster and Rogue Monster Lite Series then this video is for you. Commercial buyers should lean more towards the Monster Series as it gets more attention from the Rogue Product development team and will also take a bigger beating due to the sturdier nuts and bolts. Home gym buyers ought to have a good look at the upgrade paths and accessories for the Monster and Monster lite line.


Personally, I am a huge fan of the RM3 as it puts you at the entry-level of budget to get into the Monster line. However, with the 3.0 upgrade of the Monster lite series, there is not a lot to compromise anymore between the two lines. So, if you are not into the big upgrades and just want to upgrade a Monster lite rack to the max with your available budget, then that is also a great road to travel.



Monster Lat Pull down Rack Mount

Price $2.550

Overview of the Monster lat pull down

This lat pulldown machine is compatible with all 3x3 Monster series racks. It offers up to 300lb in resistance and hooks to attach bands to the weight. The rack-mounted version weighs 555lb, is 57'' long, 24.5'' wide and 96'' high. The footprint is 18.75'' x 57''. 
The rack-mounted version of the Rogue Lat pulldown machine uses a beam of a monster rack to be attached to. This lowers the footprint and enhances your rack with another working station. The lat pull down from Rogue can be set up for lat pulldowns and rows. If you want to do rows you can use the footrest which is attached under the seat. This creates a clever design that minimizes footprint while maximizing the number of exercises you can do at this machine.
After the first version of the lat pull machine, Rogue brought an update V2 to the market which improved the customer experience. You can see the changes made in the specs list of Rogue marked as "NEW".

Pros of the Monster lat pull down

A lat pulldown is a big machine which is secure. The band pegs provide a differentiator that I personally have not seen in many other machines. The 3x3 structure ensures compatibility with the Rogue Monster series and attachments if you want to build onto your existing gym. 300lb is plenty of weight for most of your customers. If that still is not enough you can use the bands to get to higher resistances.

Cons of the Monster Lat pulldown

If you do not have a big budget a lat pulldown is quite a big investment for something that you can build yourself with material from the home depot. A simple pulley system that can be used with your existing plates is relatively easy to build. Often these makeshift solutions do not match the look and feel of the rest of the gym and are safety hazards. Ok for a home gym, subpar for a commercial setup.

How many clients should the Lat pulldown bring you?

If you think that the Lat pulldown will bring you 9 new clients who pay you 50$ on a 1-year retainer it is worth the investment. This will yield 5.400$ net new revenue against an investment of 2.550$. Adjust the numbers for your own gym accordingly.

Alternatives to Lat pull down

Here is an alternative to the lat pulldown machine from Rogue:
1x Adjustable bench @ 545$
This setup is a lot more makeshift than the lat pull-down. Pay attention when switching weights. The injury risk is higher and you should learn how to use this setup safely. The pro is that it costs less and also leaves more space in your gym for other equipment. Here is a video on the pulley system to make up your mind.

Monster Rhino belt 

Price: 1.595

Overview of the Rhino belt Squat Drop in

The Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat Drop-in version is the least expensive one of the three Rhino Belt Squat installations. It weighs 455LB with a length 48.5''. The width comes in at 49'' and it is 78.5'' high. IT has the same footprint as an R3 rack or the half rack / Back of an RM6
The ides of the Drop-in is to only deliver the parts of the Rhino Belt Squat to be built into an already existing half rack. This is a good option for gyms who have a row of free-standing RM6 in which the half racks are underutilized. You can get a drop in for every second rack in the row to make the gym more versatile. 
Belt squats are an excellent option for seasoned athletes with shoulder and elbow problems are to bring up the leg work volume for elite athletes without straining their backs too much. 

How many new clients should the Rhino Belt squat Drop-in bring you

If you think that the Rogue Rhino Drop-in will bring you 6 new clients who pay you 50$ on a 1-year retainer it is worth the investment. This will yield 3.600$ net new revenue against an investment of 1.595$. Adjust the numbers for your own gym accordingly.

Pros of the Rhino Belt Squat Drop in

The drop-in is a great option to put your existing half racks to good use and get the most out of your floor space. If you are an athlete at home you can also think about the future by investing in one together with an RM6 to take a bit of strain of your back while saving floor space compared to the Standalone version.

Cons of the Rhino belt Squat Drop in

The drop-in only works with the Monster series. Therefore it is really only an option for big gyms or people who are buying an RM6 straight of the bat. THis droves the price of your entire gym up as the Monster series racks and accessories come in at higher prices than the Monster Lite or Infinity series. 

Alternatives to the Rhino Belt Squat drop-in 

Here are some alternatives from Rogue to the Rhino Belt Squat Drop in for 1.595$
  • 1x RML690 Power rack @1568$
The RML690 is based on the Monster Lite series. It comes in black and provides you with a half and full rack. If you do not mind what kind of color your rack comes in this is a good option to start a top-notch home gym or put some extra rack space in your existing gym.
If you are already interested in a Belt squat machine it is not unlikely that you are a powerlifter. if you do not have a GHD machine yet the Swing arm might be a good alternative for you. The rack you have provides for leg work already. You might want to consider training your hamstrings also before buying a belt squat.

LT 1 50 cal lever arms

Price $995

Overview of the 50 cal lever arms

The LT1 50 cal lever arms are one of the latest innovations of Rogue. The idea is to press most of the machines you find in a gym into a rack. The lever arms can be used for lunges, snatches, squats, rows, incline bench presses, and many more setups. If you want to get the maximum out of your rack these are a good addition. I especially like the snatch and push movements which can not be performed with a barbell in this way. The uniqueness is the ease of adjusting height without using a wrench.
The lever arms are available for the Monster and Monster lifelines from Rogue. The monster version has a stainless steel finish, while the Monster lite version is powder-coated. There are two versions in 48” and 35” length. Be aware that you can only use the short arms inside a 43” rack. The specs are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Black 
  • 71LB per arm
  • 48” standard 35” shirt length 
  • 3x3” Gauge Steel 
The package includes 
  • 2 lever arms 
  • 2 Trolleys 
  • 2 handles with loading pins 
If you want to hold your plates in place you will need to purchase some axle collars as regular spring and HG collars will not work with this setup. 

Pros of the LT1 50 cal lever arms

The LT 1 cal lever arms are a great addition to a home gym, especially if you are a bodybuilder. With the help of these arms, you can recreate most of the isolated machine exercises in your home gym without increasing its footprint. It will also add some interesting push variations to your repertoire of you play football or rugby. 

Cons of the LT1 50 cal lever arms

As with all Rogue innovations, the price is usually a hump to get over. With $995 you have some alternatives you can get instead to simulate some of the activities. But there will be no full replacement and these items will take up more space in your gym.

Alternatives to the LT1 50 cal lever arms

These are the alternatives for the LT1 out of the Rogue portfolio. 
If you are mainly interested in the LT1 to keep deadlifts safer for beginners you can also use a trap bar. Rogue has updated its trap bar design and there are two different designs available. 
If you find the LT1 appealing to create a monolift for bench presses you can also get the adjustable monolift kit for a third of the price. 
To cover the uses of the LT1 as a rowing machine you can also get the Lat pull down and row combination. 
If you want the LT1 and you have the spare change in your first Rogue order you might as well go for the rolls Royce of Racks from Rogue. The RM8 includes the lever arms and the Rhino belt squat with a Cerakote finish. If you only want the best, that is your place to go. 

Summary for the LT1 50 cal Lever arms

The LT1 is probably the most versatile attachment you can get for the Monster and Monster Lite series as long as you are willing to pay the price of a full rack for them. The RM4 fortis and the LT1 are almost the same price. The LT1 will probably not be your first purchase unless you go for the RM8 which includes the lever arms. 

Squat Max MD

Price $950

Overview of the Squat Max MD

The squat max MD is a Hip belt squat setup which can be attached to your rack. The main benefits of hip belt squats are rehab and simulation of certain exercises. If you have athletes with shoulder injuries which keep them from barbell squatting this is an alternative. It also helps with decompressing the lower back when athletes are challenged with lower back problems. 
The specs of the squat max MD are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Black 
  • 160LB
  • Length 44.75”
  • Width 29”
  • Platform height 18” - 24”
  • Rogue multi belt
  • Narrow stance plate
Compared to other pulley systems this is free weight and therefore has a more direct transition of the weight to the athlete. 

Pros of the Squat Max MD

The Squat Max MD has a lower cost than most other comparable machines with pulleys or a platform. It is also a safer setup than Boxes combined with a dip belt. I personally also see a good application for Strongman athletes as the Squat max closer simulates Strongman events than a pulley solution. The narrow stance plate is a nice addition to vary your training. 

Cons of the Squat Max MD

An elevated platform means trip hazards and higher injury risk. You have to get on and off the platform and in case of a malfunction you fall off the platform. Compared to the Rhino Belt machine I can also imagine that the Squat max MD is more prone to break if you bang it around too much. 

Alternatives to the Squat Max MD

Alternatives to the squat Max MD are
In my opinion, the Rhino belt squat is currently the best option in the market for any kind of hip belt work. It is secure, allows for many setups and is easy to get in and out off. The only downside is that the weight will not be central below the lifter which for some training scenarios might be preferred. Still, I think that is rather the exception than the rule. The downside of the Rhino is the price tag. If you are mucky and already own an RM6 rack you can go for the Drop-In option which is roughly $500 more than the Squat max. If you need to get the standalone version we are taking twice the price of the Squat max.
If you already have boxes, a hip belt, and plates you can build your own hip belt squat. Stack the boxes to the desired height. Attach the plates to yourself with a hip belt. Work away. While most gyms have the necessary equipment this setup has two major disadvantages. It is almost impossible to do this reasonable by yourself so you need a coach to help you in and out of the setup. The setup is as makeshift as they come. The good news is that you have to invest exactly zero additional dollars if you already have the equipment. The bad news is that you are creating a health and safety hazard that probably won’t hold in a court case, but check with your insurance and lawyers. 

Summary for the Squat Max MD

The squat max MD is a low budget option for a safe hip belt squat. Especially when you already have a Rogue rack. 

The difference striking pad

Price $950

Overview of the difference striking pad

The difference striking pad is a training tool specialized for the needs of footballers. It will enforce correct hand placement for striking in a football match with various levels of resistance. The specs of the striking pad are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Color: Black 
  • Length: 18.5”
  • Width: 3”
  • Height: 18.5”
  • Distance from rig or rack 19”
  • 0.1875” steel nodes 
The difference striking pad comes with four different springs which enable you to adjust the resistance. The options are:
  • Green Spring (Lil Rookie = 15LB – 35LB) – Great for young athletes, introducing technique, rehab, punching.
  • White Spring (Rookie = 35LB – 70LB) Great for Junior High and High School Athletes.
  • Gray Spring (Challenger = 70LB – 105LB) Great for High School, College, and Professional Athletes.
  • Black Spring(Champion = 105LB – 150LB) Great for College and Professional Athletes.
With this, you are sorted for an entire team and different age groups to get them to train their striking skills. You might even attach one of their least favorite persons image to the difference strike pad, but that is just a personal tip from my end. 

Pros of the difference striking pad

This is a specific movement which needs to be trained for football players either on the field or in the gym. Preferably this is trained in real-world circumstances, but if you have especially strong or weak players you might want to have them train on the striking pad. The extremely strong players might wreck your team otherwise while the weak ones just need the extra hours to catch up to the rest of the team. Of course, it is also a good toy to have for the eager beavers to let off some steam after the training session or particularly shoddy away match. 

Cons of the difference striking pad

If you are not a footballer, bouncer or coach you have little use for this and are probably better getting a good boxing bag. $950 can even add another rack to your gym. 

Alternatives to the difference striking pad

Alternatives to the difference striking pad are:
The LT1 is the better attachment than the striking pad and I would take it over the striking pad any day unless I was an institution or NFL Star who do not have to care about cost. I wouldn’t recommend simulating strikes against the LT1 but you can definitely simulate some of the tackle or a scrum movement and so much more. 
If you want to punch something on a regular basis why not do it with your fist. Now I would not recommend doing this with your boss, client or other people. That is what punching bags are for and Rogue has the right attachment for your rack. The speed bag also only costs $265 and is a bargain compared to the striking pad. 
If you don’t like punching things and belong to the group of gentle giants you might want to squat heavy without a barbell. The Squat Max MD is for you and it costs only slightly more than the striking pad. 
Th fortis RM4 is the vest rack from Rogue which you can get for under $1000. This is a solid addition to your gym and if you are a college that is not flush with cash I probably would prefer to add another rack to my gym than the striking pad. 

Summary of the difference striking pad

The difference striking pad is great for what it was designed for. The application is very niche and probably only suitable for elite athletes or facilities which want to create elite athletes in football. I think the price is fair as you get four metal sponges with it to adjust for different needs. As I am not into football I would spend almost $1000 bucks on something different for my gym. But if you are Tom Brady you probably spend $1000 like i spend $10. It just doesn’t matter and the striking pad is cool.
Image result for FL2 rogue fitness

Overview and review of the FL2 

The FL-2 Monster Lever arms come in at $715 and is the cheaper version of the LT 1 lever arms. The arms are fixed in place with a wrench. With them, you can simulate most of the machines you find in a regular commercial gym with your rack. The FL 2 are only compatible with the Monster line of Rogue. The specifications of the FL 2 are:
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Compatible ONLY with Rogue Monster Series Rigs and Racks (UNIT MUST BE BOLTED TO FLOOR)
  • Space-efficient Bolt-On design
  • Arms: 3x3" 11-Gauge Steel Arms with laser-cut holes, MG Black finish
  • Arm Length Options: Short (35”) or Standard (48”)
  • Mounting Brackets: 3/8" Thick Steel Mounting Brackets with pin and bushing design, MG Black finish
  • Handles: choice of Standard or Articulating
  • Weight Posts: 11.625" loadable length
  • Safety: Arms are capped at the ends and feature rubber bumpers along the edges to protect both the user and the rack/rig. UHMW Plastic further prevents damage to uprights.
This is one Of the best and most versatile attachments you can get for the rack. 

Pros of the FL-2 

The pros of the FL-2 are: 
  • Versatility 
  • Price 
  • Stability
The FL-2 is versatile which will turn your rack into a full home gym with push and pull machines. Compared to getting all of the machines you can simulate the FL-2 is a steal. It is well crafted and stable and worth the money. However, I still think that if you have the no way you might as well go for the LT-1. 

Cons of the FL-2

The cons of the FL-2 are:
  • Hard to adjust 
  • Price 
  • Only monster compatible 
If you want to get the FL-2 you also have to get or already own a rogue Monster rack. These do not come cheap even though I think they are worth the money. The FL-2 can not be adjusted on the fly like the LT-1. The price is still steep as you can get an entire rack for the price of the FL-2 if the look in the Infinity or Echo range. 

Alternatives to the FL-2 

Alternatives to the FL-2 are:
The LT-1 is the same idea as the FL-2 but easier to adjust. I personally think that it worth the $200 if you are considering the functionality of the FL-2 already. 
The monster slinger comes in at $300 and adds pulley exercises to your rogue rack. If you prefer the flexibility of pulleys and want to save some money the slinger is a good alternative to the FL-2
As a comparison of what you are spending on the FL-2 you can look at the RM-3W. For roughly the same price you get the top of the line foldable rack from Rogue. 

Summary for the FL-2 

The FL-2 is a great tool if you want people not to mess too much with the setup. For a home gym, the LT-1 is a better option. If you already think about this upgrade make the $200 jump and do it properly unless you buy in bulk. 

Rogue Monster stall bars

Price $415

Overview of the Monster stall bars

Stall bars have been around for a long time and are a versatile tool for any athlete. You can stretch, climb and work your core. The Rogue Stall bars 3.0 now also come in metal and can be fitted to any Monster lite or Competition will Infinity rack/rig. You can also mount it to a wall. The Rogue stall bar has the following specs: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 90”
  • Width 43”
  • Diameter: 1.25” metal, 1.5” wood 
  • Wood is oak 
This is a great addition if people n is hit to use the stall bar properly. It also saves space as you can convert some of the walls of your gym into exercising ground.

Pros of the Monster stall bars

The stall bars are great if you either have big racks or a lot of unused walls. With this, you can give your athletes and yourself a point to stretch and do some gymnastics.

Cons of the Monster stall bars

Often stall bars remain unused or are the center for injuries as people do not know how to use them properly. Educate yourself and your staff and they become a valuable addition to your gym. 

Alternatives to the monster stall bars

Alternatives to the stall bar are 
The squat max MD is a value for money belt squat addition to your rack. You can decide whether you want to squat heavy with a belt around your hip or do some ballerina moves.  I know what you are thinking but maybe it is time to add a little more grace to your routine. 
The flying pull up bar attachment is another option for roughly the same price. This is a great option for climbers and anyone who wants to win Ninja warrior. The only downside is that you need the space and ceiling height to use this. 
The LT1 50 cal lever arms are probably one of the most versatile pieces of attachment rogue has to offer. This attachment turns your rack also most of the bodybuilding machines you find at golds gym. 
The Rogue stall bars are a good addition to your gym on a wall. I probably wouldn’t use up rack space for them and opt for other equipment. You will j is how to use them and it is not for everyone. The good thing about them is that they are very versatile once you know how to use them. 

RH 2M Rogue

Price $625


Overview of the RH 2m 

The RH-2M reverse hyper mounts on monster uprights and enables you to rehabilitate and train your lower back. Hyper extensions help to decompress the spine and pump blood into the lower back after heavy squats and deadlifts. Especially seasoned athletes and powerlifters will appreciate the added benefits of this machine. The RH-2M has the following specifications: 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Color black 
  • Length 39.5”
  • Width 43” 
  • Height Adjustable 
  • Capacity 700LB steel plates, 400LB Bumper
  • Monster compatible: Yes
This is a machine that can be hooked up to a rack you already own for a sturdy setup to keep your back healthy on the long run. 

Pros of the RH 2m

The RH-2M is great when you want to hook up a GHD machine to your rack to save some money and space. Especially when you suffer from lower back pain this is an option to consider. It is easy to adjust and well built to give you security even if you are a big man. 

Cons of the RH 2m

The cons of the RH-2M are that it will not work stand alone and has not as many applications as the Donkey. The Rogue Donkey is the current gold standard from Rogue when it comes to GHD and Hyper extension machines. 

Alternatives to the RH 2m

Alternatives to the RH-2M are 
The Rogue Donkey is the newest addition to the Rogue portfolio for hyper extensions and Glue ham raises. If you have the money and space to get one they are a great addition to your arsenal for your home gym. 
The GHD Abram is the ultimate glute-ham raise machine and comes in at a little less than the Donkey. This machine is also stand-alone and does not eat up rack space like the RH-2M.
If you are looking for alternatives to put less stress on your lower back you can also use the Squat Max MD to give your spine a rest. The Squat Max MD is a belt squat machine which puts less strain on your shoulders, arms and lower back compared to barbell squats to train the legs. 

Summary for the RH 2m

The RH-2M is a great solution when you neither have the money or space in. Your home gym to get a Rogue Donkey. If you have the money ey and space you are probably better off to leave the rack as it is for full use and add a Rogue Donkey to your inventory. 

Monster Flying Pull up bar

Price $455

Overview of the flying pull up bar

The flying pull up bar is a great tool to train upper body strength and athletic prowess. The rings of the flying pull up bar can be adjusted at different instances. This will enable you or your athletes to train explosiveness and eye to hand coordination while working on grip and their upper body. The specifications of the flying pull up bar for the Monster rig are: 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Only work with monster rig/rack 
  • Color black 
  • 500lb+ weight capacity 
  • Width 49”
  • Height 140.5” / 108”
This is a great addition to your home gym of your ceilings are high enough. It is also a tool for more advanced athletes. If you only have beginners there might be better investments to put your money into like a sled or medicine balls. 

Pros of the flying pull up bar

This is well thought through addition to any existing monster rack to take your pull-ups to the next level. Without taking up the space of a full ninja warrior obstacle course you can simulate many different climbing scenarios with a few extra attachments. You can also use the flying pull up bar to add some height to make your gymnastics rings a more effective tool for muscle-ups and other movements.

Cons of the flying pull up bar

This attachment is for advanced athletes and takes some extra space. You will be hard-pressed to fit it in many garage, basement and garden gyms or it will add considerable cost to the built. For a first-time gym outfitting, there are defiantly better attachments and equipment to invest your money in to cater to many needs. 

Alternatives to the flying pull up bar

Here are some alternatives to the Monster flying pull up bar 
The infinity and Monster lite flying pull up bars do essentially the same as the monster version, just for the respective rogue series of racks. You will save a little coat and be able to attach it to the rack you already own or purchase with the attachment. 
The Crown Pull up bar is an alternative to vary your training and especially focus on grip strength. While the crown will not help as much with explosive strength it gives you many setups to use. It also does not add to the height of your rack and can, therefore, be installed in more environments. As it is level it is also more beginner-friendly and therefore a better fit for first time outfittings. 
The Rogue Monster Slinger is an attachment to the Rogue rack which can be used for cable and pulley work. This will be a versatile tool for beginners and pros alike. It also comes at a fraction of the cost of the flying pull up bar so you might be able to equip three racks with some extra toys rather than just one. 

Summary for the flying pull up bar

The Rogue flying pull up bar is a great addition to your first rack purchase or existing setup if you are an advanced athlete yourself or have many advanced athletes in your gym. If you are a beginner maybe hold off on this item in the beginning and go for a crown pull up bar or Slinger instead depending on your style of training. 

Rogue Crown Pull up bar

Price $255

Overview of the Crown pull up bar

The Rogue Crown Monster pull up bar is the ultimate pull up station for your garage, basement or garden gym. If you have a Rogue monster rack at home this is the one to get. You will have no issues with height constraints and still be able to train your grip and upper back. The crime bar provides bars of different thickness and even spheres to keep routines challenging. The specifications of the pull-up bar are:
  • Made in the USA 
  • Only compatible with 43” and 70” monster cross members 
  • Width 47” pull up bar 
  • Width 38” backplate 
  • Height 7.5”
This is a straight forward attachment that makes no fuss. 

Pros of the Crown pull up bar

The crown pull up bar is easy to set up and versatile in its applications. The possibilities are limitless for a reasonable price. 

Cons of the Crown pull up bar

The crown pull up bar is not ideal for kipping or explosive pull-ups. Muscle-ups may also be hard to do. 

Alternatives to the Crown pull up bar

Alternatives to the crown pull up bar are
The Socket pull up bar is a robust pull-up bar with good value to do pull-ups and muscle-ups. This is probably the optimal choice for beginning crossfitters who want to progress to muscle ups and kipping pull ups. 
The flying pull up bar is the option for advanced crossfitters who want to take it to the next level. This can be used to prepare you for parkour courses in which you have to use your upper body a lot. Combined with some of the grip accessories from Rogue this can get quite powerful. 
The rotating pull-up setup is a variation which can be used to target specific areas of a pull up without the constraints of having a straight grip. This can ease the strain on the wrists for athletes in rehab. 
The wooden rings are a versatile addition to your gym for all strength levels. They come with the necessary straps to be set up with a rack. Be aware that most standard racks are not high enough to give you the full benefit of training with rings. 
If you happen to have a long Rogue rig you may also consider a long climbing setup to switch things up instead of the Crown pull up system

Summary for the Crown pull up bar

If you are mainly interested in straight pull-ups and grip strength this is the ideal tool for you. Powerlifters should really consider this an addition to any rack they buy. 

Rogue Monster Slinger

Price $295

Overview of rogue Monster Slinger

The Rogue Monster Slinger is a cost and space-efficient alternative to upgrading your home gym in your garden, basement or garage with a lat pull down. The Slinger system can be combined with bands to create resistance and will be anchored to the rack. This is done by a pin and pulley system. The specifications of the Monster Slinger are:
  • 2) Slinger Mounting Plates
  • (2) 6" Cable Pulleys
  • (1) 1/4" MIL Spec Cable with Rogue made hardware
  • (1) Monster Attachment Post + Carabiner
  • (1) Slinger Extension Strap
  • (1) Slinger Band Sheath
  • (2) Carabiners
  • (2) Black Zinc 1" Monster Bolt Assemblies
  • (2) Rubber Grommets
Also included in the shipment are
This is a great addition to your home gym to train your back, triceps, and lats without having the same cost and space requirements as with a lat pull down. 

Pros of the Rogue Monster slinger

The setup doesn’t take up a lot of space and is cheap compared to getting full lat pull down.

Cons of the Rogue Monster Slinger

The bands tend to break over time and need to be replaced. The resistance is also not as stable and concentrated as with a normal lat pull with the weight plates.

Alternatives to the Monster Slinger

Alternatives to the Rogue Monster Slinger are 
The Infinity and Monster lite versions of the Slinger do the same trick for the respective product lines from Rogue as Monster Slinger for the Monster series. 
The monster lat pull-down will give you a seat and sturdier set up to do your lat pulldowns. It can also be used for rowing movements. The resistance will be easier to determine and control but less natural and chaotic. 
The crown pull up bar is an alternative to the Slinger if you are mainly interested in strict pull-ups to build grip and upper body strength. 
The Rogue monster Slinger is very versatile in its use cases and very innovative. Compared to the other lat pull-down options it saves space and money. If you want to go really heavy on your rows and lat pulls the monster lat pull down machine might be the better choice. 

Rogue Adjustable monolift

Price $325

Overview of the Rogue Adjustable monolift

The Rogue adjustable monolift is a great addition to your existing rack especially if you are into powerlifting. With this, you can simulate the conditions of equipped competitions more closely. You will be able to squat directly as the monolift will render a walkout unnecessary. With this purchase you get the following: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Compatible ONLY with 3x3” Monster rigs and racks
  • Height: 19" , 1.25" Jaw height
  • Depth: 3" , 2.75" Jaw depth*
  • 0.75" thick steel Jaw
  • 0.5625" Thick UHMW Protective Plastic lining on hooks, clasps, and back of unit
  • 1" Mounting Pin, J-Cup-style set-up
  • 1" Hitch Pins for locking unit in place
  • Color: Black and Red
This is a solid piece of equipment with your first purchase or adds to an existing rack. 

Pros of the Rogue Adjustable monolift

The big pros of this monolift are its price, size, and quick adjustability. If you go for a full-blown monolift station it will be a lot more expensive, can not be operated by yourself and takes time to be adjusted in weight. 

Cons of the Rogue adjustable monolift

It’s main use case is for powerlifters. Compared to a Monster Slinger you get very limited use cases out of this piece of equipment. 

Alternatives to the Rogue Adjustable monolift

These are the alternatives to the adjustable monolift: 
The infinity and Monster lite versions of the adjustable monolift station do the same thing for the respective product lines of Rogue. 
The LT1 50 cal lever arms are probably the most versatile addition you can make to a rack. You also use it as a monolift among other applications. The downside is that it is about 4 times the price of the monolift
The Rogue monolift station is an alternative for very heavy lifts where a spitter is present. 
The combo rack would be the ideal solution for lifters to prepare for a real-time powerlifting event. The Rogue combo rack simulates the setup in most IPF competitions the closest. If you want raw powerlifting at your home the combo rack is the way to go. 

Summary of the Rogue Adjustable monolift

The Rogue adjustable monolift is a great addition to your home gym set up for individual use. Especially if you are into powerlifting this can be an invaluable tool. 

Flip down safeties

Price $385

Overview of the Flipdown safeties

The rogue flip down safeties are the rolls Royce of the safety pins you can get from Rogue. They are easy to adjust in height and provide a better platform for your rack pulls and pin pulls than safety pins or belts. They can be combined with the utility seat and LT1 50 cal short arms to create many different applications. The full set includes: 
  • Made in Columbus, Ohio
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 3 x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
  • Holes 2” on center
  • Protective UHMW plastic to protect the bar
  • Easy slide-in and lock-down installation
  • Includes (2) Monster Hitchpins
  • Can also be used as a pulling platform
  • Color: Black
  • Length 43”
  • Width 3” 
If you want to secure yourself in a rack with style this is the way to go. 

Pros of the flipdown safeties

The flip-down safeties will take many beatings before they break. While the safety pins will warp slightly after a full drop of a weight, the flip-down safeties will stand tall. For pin squats and rack pulls they will also provide a better and more stable platform than pins and belts. 

Cons of the flipdown safeties

The flip down safeties are more expensive and weigh more than the safety belts and pins. This can be of disadvantage when you have to buy multiple units or have many beginners working out at your gym. 

Alternatives to the flipdown safeties

Alternatives to the flip-down safeties are
Most rogue racks ship with safety pins as a standard. Pay attention to the detailed descriptions and if you are in doubt ask their customer support before the purchase. 
Safety belts are another variation on pins. Their advantage is that they will not warp when you drop a weight from a high height in them. I personally find them hard to adjust for pin squats and rack pulls and prefer the pins or flip down safeties. 

Summary of the Flipdown safeties

The flip-down safeties are a great investment, especially if you do not have to but multiple racks and can use the budget for yourself only. 

Rogue Monster Utility seat

Price $225

Overview of the Rogue Monster Utility seat

The Rogue monster utility seat is a versatile addition to your Rogue rack with which you can perform:
  • Box squats 
  • Bulgarian somit squats 
  • Hip thrusts 
  • Step ups 
  • Box jumps 
And other applications you can come up with. The monster Utility seat can be combined with the Rogue flip down safeties or the monster spotter arms to create these training scenarios. 

Pros of the Monster Utility seat

This is an easy platform to use in your rack for a good price of you have the right setup in place. 

Cons of the Monster Utility seat

This seat only works in combination with other Rogue equipment and not as a stand alone which drives it cost above the stated price tag. 

Alternatives to the Monster Utility seat

Alternatives to the utility seat are 
If you only want to perform box jumps pylo Boxes can be the right choice for you. This can be stacked and cost less than other wooden boxes. Their disadvantage is that they can only be used with one height. 
The competition boxes can be used with multiple height giving you three different configurations for your workouts. An advantage over the utility seat is that they are standalone and can also be used outside. 
The box squat seats are adjustable I’m height depending on the user and can be used without the flip-down safeties. This makes them ideal for heavy box squats where you still want to have the possibility to squat to a pin. 

Summary of the Utility seat

The Rogue monster utility seat is a great option when you want to make your home gym more versatile and already have flip-down safeties. 

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