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Which rogue sandbag to get?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 7, 2020 9:28:36 AM

Which rogue sandbag to get

Which rogue sandbag to get? 

This is an overview of the different rogue sandbags available including their pros, cons, and alternatives. You will find an Index and a quick reference for the impatient. Follow the links to get more details. 

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The products discussed in this article are sorted from most to least expensive sandbag based on the cheapest option you can get. The full list runs as follows:
Close options are medicine and slam balls which I have discussed in another post under the headline which medicine ball to get from Rogue. The two stone molds are not sandbags per se but are closely related in training applications to the sandbags in this lineup. All weight information given is for filling the bag with play sand and are only estimates.

Quick reference 

Biggest sandbag you can get
Best starter sandbag for strongman training
Most versatile sandbag
Cheapest to take care of a big group
Best deal for experienced strongmen
get the starter bag of
Start with sand and progress by replacing more and more sand with lead shot. 

Mold vs. bag

You might deliberate whether to get a stone mold or a sandbag for your training. Here are some questions to help you to make a better decision on what is the right purchase for you:
  • How often will you transport your equipment
  • How good are you with handling cement
  • How often will you compete in actual strongman competitions
  • How much space do you have 
  • How big and strong are you really
  • How many different weights do you need
in 9 out of 10 cases the sandbags will be the better choice than the molds unless you just think it is cool to throw around big cement balls, which is fair enough. The only people who really should consider the molds are people who regularly compete in strongman competitions, have a lot of space or want to provide differently shaped spheres to groups of people regularly.  Then the molds are commercially more feasible than getting a lot of different shaped bags in batches of 10 - 50.

Buying guide for $500

If you are a beginner you only need to get the 100lb cylinder bag and if you fancy throw a cube bag in for fun. That will put you at $100 to $200.
The rest of the budget should go towards a weighted vest, jump rope, or sled depending on your training style and space.
If you are an experienced strongman who wants to minimize injury risk and also be able to train in different spots without hiring a lorry for transport, I would suggest getting a cross-section of bags of the odd shapes. This would be a cube, cyclone, tombstone, and block. You probably already have something cylindrical in your arsenal anyway. Remember, you can make these bags ridiculously heavy with lead shot, so there is no need to buy the bigger bags unless you only want to work with play sand as a medium. While tempting at first, this might be a waste of money and space. 

Rogue strongman throw bag 


Overview of the strongman throw bag

Price: $145
The Rogue Strongman throw bag is a design taken from the Arnold classic and brought to the home gym. They come in one size fits all and can be loaded up to 75lbs with sand and 30 lbs with crumb rubber. Another option is to fill them with lead shot. The full specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA - Patent Pending
  • As Seen at the 2017 and 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic
  • 1000D and 500D Cordura construction
  • 12" diameter, 13" length
  • Sold Unfilled
  • Approx. Max Loading Weight (with sand): 75LB
  • Funnel Filler Technology for quick, clean, custom weight adjustments
  • Rubber Handle: 10" long x 1-0.375" diameter three pieces of 1.5" wide nylon webbing fed through it
  • MIL spec criss-cross webbing for extra reinforcement
  • Color: Black
  • Rogue logo in white on both ends
What makes these bags special is their great finish and the solid handle. This makes it a great product to throw about and have fun with. 

Pros of the strongman throw bag

The pros of the strongman throw bag are: 
  • Adjustable 
  • Robust 
  • Easy to handle 
As with most Rogue products they have carefully thought about the design of these bags. The ideas from Slater for the cyclone and regular sandbags have been replicated in this bag design to make filling it seamlessly. The added handle has thorough stitches and does not come apart unless you go at it with the specific intent of severing the connection. Compared to kettlebells or iron weights with a handle you have at least the option to change the weight, even though most sandbags will be filled once and used until they break or the novelty wears off.

Cons of the strongman throw bag

The cons of the Rogue strongman throw bag are: 
  • Weight lock-in 
  • Handles are not detachable 
  • Price 
For a simple bag to throw around $145 is a big ask. You might be able to build a sturdy bag with a handle yourself for fat less money, but the finish will most likely not be nearly as good. Even though you can swap around the weight, in practice it is very unlikely that you will regularly change the filling of the bag. If you want throw bags with the different weight it will be more practical to get two and fill them with different media. The last con is that you can not detach the handle. This is great for the build of a bag that can be filled up to 100lb and thrown. It is bad if you want to use it for something else than throws. it is a tool designed for one purpose. 

Alternatives to the strongman throw bag 

Alternatives to the Rogue strongman throw bag are: 
The cyclone bag from Rogue is made of the same fabric and has the same funnel to fill the throw bag. The main difference is that the top part is wider in diameter than the bottom which creates a t shaped cylinder when the bag is filled. The different sizes go from 100lb to 250lb when filled with sand. This is a good bag to get when you want to simulate front carries. 
The rogue strongman sandbags were the first in the Rogue line up to be brought to market. These bags range from 100lb to 400lb. They are a cylinder that grows longer, the heavier the bag gets. The smaller bags can be used for simulating Atlas stone events. The bigger bags can be tried for team events. 
The Rogue rubber atlas stones take the classic atlas stone and make it more accessible for a home gym. They are available from 50lb to 200lb. Their build rests on an iron core that has been encapsulated by rubber. This design gives you the shape and handling of an atlas stone while being less likely to wreck your floor when dropped. 

Conclusion for the strongman throw bag 

The strongman throw bag from Rogue is a high-quality build. The handle will not come off, they are easy to fill and the fabric is outstanding. They won’t be a very versatile tool in your gym as the handle will get in the way for most other strongman events. But if you want to prove that you can fling a very heavyweight very high, this is the equipment to get. 

Rogue tombstone bag 


Overview of the rogue tombstone bag 

Price: $110 - $147.50 
The rogue tombstone sandbag is a variation on the rogue strongman sandbag that is very thin and long. This big is available in a 150lb and 200lb variation when filled with play sand. The full specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Sold Individually
  • 1000D MIL Spec US Cordura construction
  • New TOMBSTONE Shape
  • Filler Capacity (2 Sizes): approx. 150LB or 200LB
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • Filler Material Not Included
  • Color: Black with White Rogue logo on flap
  • Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface - not intended for slams
This is a good bag to get for anyone who already has other strongman bags or atlas stones in their gym. 

Pros of the rogue tombstone bag 

Pros of the rogue tombstone bags are: 
  • Unusual shape 
  • Robust 
  • Portable 
The unusual shape of the tombstone sandbag makes it a great tool to train with different weights distributions. Even if it says the same amount of weight on the object, the distribution and handling can make the lift a lot more or less challenging. Besides, this bag can be easier transported than a real stone by simply emptying it. As with all rogue strongman sandbags, the finish is impeccable. 

Cons of the rogue tombstone bag 

The cons of the rogue tombstone bag are: 
  • Not great for stone to shoulder 
  • Not for beginners 
  • Not necessarily your first purchase 
These sandbags have a very narrow application range compared to the cylindrical alternatives. The amount of exercise is limited due to the awkward shape and therefore not great for beginners. 

Alternatives to the rogue tombstone bag 

Alternatives to the rogue tombstone sandbag are: 
The strongman bag is the one with the most applications for different circuit training or your strongman training. You have more options in color and weight as they come in sizes from 100lb to 400lb and also have a wider color range. This is the sandbag to get in bulk for your gym or to start with strongman training. 
The rogue cyclone bag is available from 100lb to 250lb. The top and bottom parts have different diameters which make it shaped like a cone. This makes it the easiest strongman sandbag for carries as the shape makes it easier to wrap your hands around. If you want to do a lot of carries with beginners, this is the bag to get. 
The rogue cube sandbag is another variation on the rogue sandbag which is formed like a cube. This bag is available in 100lb, 150lb, and 200lb and ranges from $85 - $127.50. This is a cheaper option that is not as challenging, but still awkward. Saves you a bit of money, too. 

Conclusion for the rogue tombstone bag 

A rogue tombstone sandbag is a good option if you buy a set of bags. If you are intending to equip your home or commercial gym with interesting.m challenges and have the money to spare, get a cross-section of different shaped bags rather than a lot of different weights of the same bag. As a single purchase, the tombstone bag is a little too awkward and you are better off starting with a cube or cylinder. 

Rogue Block bag 


Overview of the rogue block bag 

Price: $100 - $137.50 
The rogue block bag is another variation on the rogue strongman cylinder bag. It comes in 150lb and 200lb variations if filled with play sand. Its shape simulates the classic stone overhead press in strongman competitions. The full specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Sold Individually
  • 1000D MIL Spec US Cordura construction
  • New rectangular BLOCK Shape
  • Filler Capacity (2 Sizes): approx. 150LB or 200LB
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • Filler Material Not Included
  • Color: Black with White Rogue logo on flap
  • Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface - not intended for slams
This is a great tool to add to your arsenal if you are serious about strongman training but do not want to wreck your floors. 

Pros of the rogue block bag 

The pros of the Rogue block bag are:
  • Rectangular shape
  • Robust build 
  • Good for overhead presses
The main argument for getting this bag is that the rectangular shape allows you to do overhead presses. This is not as feasible with most of the other sandbag designs Rogue has to offer. This simulates the classic stone overhead press event from strongman competitions in a way that it does not wreck the floors and also has less injury potential for the athlete. Apart from that the regular advantages of a bag in terms of transport and stage apply as it can be emptied when you do not use it. 

Cons of the rogue block bag 

The cons of the rogue block bag are:
  • Rectangular shape 
  • Price 
This strongman bag has a very particular shape. With this, it is great for very specific applications or as part of a set of several bags of the same weight to practice different load distributions. By itself, it is probably not the best option for beginners as it is awkward to handle. For the price of the block bag, you can also get a cylindric bag which is better to start with as it leaves more options and is easier to grip.

Alternatives to the rogue block bag 

Alternatives to the rogue block bag are:
The rogue tombstone bag is thinner and taller compared to the block bag. This makes it a little easier for carries and harder for overhead presses based on its shape. If you wanted to practice front load carries more instead of overhead presses this is the better bag to get for your home or commercial gym. 
The rogue strongman bag is what started this series of products. These bags are shaped like a cylinder and range from 100lb to 400lb. They are also available in different colors to spice things up a little. This is the ideal beginner bag that can be carried, pressed overhead, and brought from ground to shoulder. If you already have atlas stones in your arsenal, you might be better off working in different shaped loads. 
The rogue cube bag still has corners like the block bag but is smaller and cheaper. Therefore it is a good starting point if you have already explored the standard strongman bag and now want to work with shapes that are different. 

Conclusion for the rogue block bag 

The rogue block bag is a good purchase for someone who already toyed around with strongman training and wants to bring it to the next level. Ideally, you get a set of the tombstone, block, and cyclone bag in addition to the bags you already have to make things more challenging and interesting. Beginners should start with a small rogue strongman sandbag in a cylinder shape and work their way from there based on capability and interest. 

Cyclone bag


Overview of the cyclone bag

Price: $95 - $145
The rogue cyclone sandbag is an adaption of the strongman sandbag. Rather than having the same diameter on both ends, Rogue decided to make one end bigger than the other. This makes the cyclone sandbag easier to handle and especially interesting for long, heavy front carries. The cyclone reaches from 100lb to 250lb. The full specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Cyclone / Tapered style bags, larger at the top and smaller at the bottom
  • 1000D MIL Spec US Cordura construction
  • Filler Capacity (4 Sizes): 100LB, 150LB, 200LB, 250LB
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • (Filler Material Not Included)
  • Color: Black with White Rogue logo
This is a great sandbag for beginners without being cheap.

Pros of the cyclone bag

Pros of the cyclone bag are: 
  • Portable 
  • Cone shape 
  • Robust design 
Compared to slam balls and kettlebells these sandbags can be emptied after use and stored easier. Especially if you want to have group workouts at the beach this comes in handy. You can fill the bags with sand, get it done, empty them and leave. The cone shape also allows easier handling of this bag than of the original rogue strongman sandbags. 

Cons of the  cyclone bag

The cons of the cyclone sandbag are:
  • Shape for certain exercises 
  • Limited weight range 
  • Price 
The cone shape is great for carries. Not so much for putting the sandbag to your shoulder. If your main intention is to do ground to shoulder movements than get one of the smaller strongman sandbags instead. Compared to the strongman sandbags the cyclone has a limited size. While the strongman sandbags fill up to 400lbs with sand, you can get only to 250lb with the cyclone bags. Last but not least some might be put off by the price. You could make an argument that a cement bag reinforced with Duct or gorilla tape will do the same trick for a fraction of the cost. I won’t argue with you if you only use them yourself and do not intend to empty/refill regularly. 

Alternatives to the cyclone bag 

Alternatives to the cyclone bags are: 
The original strongman sandbag will give you a true cylinder shape and range from 100lb to 400lb when filmed with sand. The smaller options are very close to round-shaped and therefore a good alternative to atlas stones. 
The rubber atlas stones from Rogue are an adaptation of the classic cement mold stones. These stones have an iron core surrounded by rubber and cone in 50lb to 200lb weight denominations. This is a great tool for home gyms or commercial gyms that want to train with a perfect heavy sphere. The only downsides are that they are harder to store and adjust than sandbags and that the black rubber can get very hot in the sun. 
The MK d balls are heavy slam ball variations from Rogue. These balls are available up to 150 lb. while the bigger ones can get quite pricey, they will have a good grip and can be slammed better than the Rogue sandbags. I would only consider the mid-range of the MK d balls for heavy slams. If maximum weight is what you are after, the sandbags are cheaper. 

Conclusion for the  cyclone bag

The cyclone sandbags are great for beginners in heavy sandbag training as they are generally lighter than the regular Rogue sandbags and easier to handle. If you want to save yourself the hassle of bags and dirt the Rubber atlas stones or MK d balls can be an alternative based on your training preferences. 

Strongman sandbag


Overview of the strongman sandbag

Price: $85-$155 
The strongman sandbag from Rogue is at the core of their portfolio of bags. They are available from 100lb to 400lb sizes when filled with play sand. The filling mechanics covered up by a Velcro flap and closed by a zipper work. It is a thorough sandbag than simulates an atlas stone in the best possible way without being a stone. You can also get these bags in different colors. The full specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • 1000D MIL Spec US Cordura construction
  • Filler Capacity (6 Sizes): 100LB, 150LB, 200LB, 250LB, 300LB, 400LB
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • (Filler Material Not Included)
  • Color: Black with White Rogue logo on flap
  • Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
This is a great addition to any home or professional gym for conditioning and strength training.

Pros of the strongman sandbag

The pros of the strongman sandbag are: 
  • Easy to fill and empty 
  • Sturdy built 
  • Heavy load 
The mechanics of this bag are well thought through. It is easy to fill and empty them as long as you have the material to fill them with. They are also built from military-grade fabric which makes them last. With the strongman sandbag from Rogue, you can also go up to very heavy loads to simulate strongman training. 

Cons of the strongman sandbag

The cons of the strongman sandbag are: 
  • Cumbersome to change weight 
  • Price 
  • Not great for slams 
If you want to change the load intra-workout quick, then the rogue strongman sandbag is not for you. Adding or removing material can not be done fast. It is great for transporting and storage, but not for changing weight in a workout. If you are after smaller weights to slam then some slam balls might be better and cheaper to get. 

Alternatives to the strongman sandbag 

Alternatives to the strongman sandbag are: 
The MK d balls are heavy slam balls that go up to 150lb. The trick with these is that they stay the same size even though they get heavier. They can also be used as slam balls. While the heavier ones are expensive, two of the smaller ones might be a better option for variety and slams than one strongman sandbag. 
The rubber atlas stones are Rogue’s adaptation of the classic to commercial and home gym scenarios. They are made of an iron core surrounded by rubber. They come in 50lb to 200lb. With the rubber design, the injury risk and damage to the floor when using them is a lot lower. 
The cyclone sandbags are a great alternative for beginners. They are easier to move because if their shape and range from 100lb to 250lb when filled with sand. The only downside is that they are not great for ground to shoulder lifts because of their shape. 

Conclusion for the strongman sandbag

The rogue strongman sandbag is probably the most versatile in the Rogue line up. It is also the only one you can get in different colors. Good buy when you are starting with strongman training. 

Hybrid stone mold

Overview of the stone mold 

Price: $75 - $650
The hybrid stone mold was a solution to a problem in the strongman community. How do you save on transport cost? You just make the stones in your home or at your competition place. The hybrid molds are made from plastic and are be screwed together. They range from 35LB to 300lb and start at $75. The specifications for the molds are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed by Rob Orlando of Hybrid Athletics
  • Durable plastic construction, lightweight and portable
  • Build multiple stones off of the same mold
  • Available individually or in sets
  • 13 different size options (10” to 19” diameter, resulting in a stone weight of 35 LB to 300 LB)
  • Will require concrete mix (not included)
  • Atlas Stones will include “H” Hybrid logo
A great way to make your stones at home and get into strongman training. 

Pros of the stone mold 

The pros of the stone molds are:
  • Easy to make 
  • Portable 
  • Multiple stones from one mold 
This is a good way of making your atlas stones from cement as long as you know how to mix it. The molds can be easily transported to wherever you want to have a strongman competition or where you want to train yourself. 

Cons of the stone mold 

The cons of the hybrid stone mold are: 
  • Need to know how to make cement 
  • Not see-through 
  • Takes time 
The process of making cement can be messy, especially when you are not used to it. It will take some practice and the cement bags to get your stone ready. As the hybrid molds are a bit see-through you will also not see how full the mold is, so the risk of spillage is a bit higher. Once done you will have to wait for the cement to set. So this is is not plug and play and needs some planning for your training or the necessary storage to keep the stones around once they are made. 

Alternatives to the hybrid stone mold 

Alternatives to the hybrid stone mold are:
The slater stone molds are also plastic molds to make your atlas stones. They are a little cheaper than the Hybrid molds and are see-through. This way you can see how the mix is settling in the mold for better results. While the slater molds are lighter and easier to handle, they bring less pressure onto the cement itself. If you want smoother results that take a little more craftsmanship the hybrid molds are the better choice. 
The MK d balls are the heavy slam balls from. They go up to a maximum of 150lb. As atlas stones are not great for slams these might be the better option. The only negative is that they are quite pricey is you only get one whereas a mold makes multiple stones. 
The strongman sandbags are a great compromise between an Atlas stone and a slam or medicine ball. They are available from 100lb to 400lb when filled with play sand. These are ideal if you want to lift heavy and be ready on the same day while still being able to transport the bags easily when they are empty. 

Conclusion for the hybrid stone mold 

The hybrid stone mold is the original idea to make it easier to create atlas stones at home. The funnel and design make it easy to create compact stones if you know how to mix cement. The only downside is that you can not see what is going on I side the mold as they are black. 

Slater stone mold 


Overview of the slater stone mold 

Price: $50 - $220 
The Slater stone molds are one of the products that Steve Slater promotes together with Rogue. The strongman bags are other products aimed at Strongman that he also showcases on Rogue’s website. The Slater molds range from 23lb to 536lb in various sizes and start at $50. The full specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed and Produced by Steve Slater at Slater Hardware in Lancaster, OH (founded 1946)
  • Durable plastic construction, lightweight and portable
  • Build up to 50 or more Atlas Stones off one mold
  • 10 different size options (8" to 24" diameter, resulting in stone weight of 23LB to 586LB)
  • Consistently clean, seam-free stones when preparation directions are followed
  • Molds have produced stones for many record-breaking performances at the highest levels of strongman competition
These are good, easy to transport molds to make your atlas stones wherever you need them, rather than transporting them. 

Pros of the slater stone mold 

The pros of the slater stone mold are 
  • Price 
  • See-through 
  • Durable 
The slater stone molds produce up to 50 stones from each mold, if treated with care. Compared to their main competitors from hybrid they are also cheaper. Also, you can see inside them while you are making the atlas stone, which makes the process a little easier. 

Cons of the slater stone mold 

The cons of the slater stone mold are: 
  • Fiddly 
  • No matching funnel 
  • Not sold in sets 
Apart from that, you will feel more comfortable with making atlas stones when you already know how to handle cement the slater stone molds are a little more tricks to handle than their hybrid competitors. They come with a little wooden peg to get them apart and with no funnel. The takes a little more finesse to make a stone than with the hybrid molds. Another bummer is that you can not just get a whole set of them in one purchase. You will have to get all of the different molds into your cart with no inbuilt discount. 

Alternatives to the slater stone mold 

Alternatives to the slater stone mold are: 
The hybrid mold is the direct competitor of the slater mold to make atlas stones from Cement. While the hybrid mold is not see-through and a little more expensive, it is more user friendly for beginners. You can buy an extra funnel for the cement and when the stone is hardened you can pry the mold apart on the rim that goes around the mold. With the latter, you can not pry apart, but have to go around with the tapping stick. 
The rogue strongman sandbags are the option if you do not want to work with cement at all. They come in sizes from 100lb to 400lb when filled with play sand. Other options are crumb rubber or lead shot. The strongman sandbags leave you with more weight options and can be stored and transported easily when emptied. The only downside of them is that they are a lot more forgiving on the user for grip strength as they do tend to give in more. Therefore they are not a true representation of what awaits you in a strongman contest. 
The MK d balls are a heavy version of slam balls that go up to 150lb. This is a good option if you want the diameter of the ball you are working with to stay the same, but the weight to get heavier. These can also be used for slams without destroying the floor. The downside is that you will only get one for your purchase while the slater molds can be reused many times over. 

Conclusion for the slater stone mold 

The slater stone mold is a great option to make stones of all sizes. The instructional videos are also easy to follow and get yuh there. The only downsides of these molds are that they are a little messier than the hybrid molds as they do not provide a funnel and can not be compressed as much. 

Rogue cube sandbag 


Overview of the rogue cube sandbag

Price: $85 - $127.50
The rogue cube sandbag is one of the multiple sandbag variations for strongman training from Rogue. This sandbag enters at the lower price range and is available from 100lb to 200lb when filled with play sand. The cube shape is slightly more challenging as the original cylinder shape because of the corners. While they are good to hold on to, they can make it harder to balance the weight once you have lifted it. The full specifications of the Rogue strongman cube sandbag are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Sold Individually
  • 1000D MIL Spec US Cordura construction
  • New CUBE Shape
  • Filler Capacity (3 Sizes): 100LB, 150LB, 200LB
  • Built-In Filler Bag
  • Zipper and Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • Filler Material Not Included
  • Color: Black with White Rogue logo on the flap
  • Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface - not intended for slams
This is a good bag to get together with a cylinder bag to get started and still have a little variety for your lifts.

Pros of the Rogue cube sandbag

Pros of the Rogue cube sandbag are:
  • Portable
  • Symmetrical load
  • Robust design
The Rogue cube sandbag is made of military-grade fabric just like the entire rogue strongman sandbag line up. As you can fill these bags with sand or other media and empty them they are also easier to transport than a bunch of medicine or slam balls, nevermind atlas stones. As this bag forms a cube the load is symmetrical and therefore easier to lift than the other, asymmetrical bags from Rogue. All in all the cube strongman bag is a great starter in Strongman training, especially when paired with a cylinder bag. 

Cons of the Rogue cube sandbag

Cons of the Rogue cube bag:
  • Limited weight range
  • Not for slams
  • Slightly harder to handle than a cylinder
The rogue cube sandbag comes with a limited weight range compared to the original cylinder bag. This is not the end of the world as you can play around with lead shot and play sand mixture, but still, big cube bags are currently not available from rogue. They are also not designed for high-velocity slams, which might make the structure of the bag suffer, especially if filled to the brim with crumb rubber and smashed at full velocity. That is not what these bags have been built for and a ball might be the better choice for this intent. 

Alternatives to the Rogue cube sandbag

Alternatives to the Rogue cube sandbag are:
The original rogue strongman sandbag has a cylinder form and is available from weight denominations of 100lb to 400lb. You can also pick some color variations. If you are getting your first bag this might be the better choice than the cube as the cube is slightly harder to handle. 
The MK D ball is Rogue's slam ball option on steroids. These slam balls scale up to 150lb at roughly the same size. As the filler gets more expensive to keep the same dimensions, the biggest D balls come in at a hefty price. Still, if you want to slam heavy, these are the best option. Especially in the mid-range from 30lb to 100lb. 
The Rogue medicine balls are a valid alternative to the sandbags if you want to throw the balls against a wall or from person to person. The sandbags are not ideal for this purpose.

Conclusion for the Rogue cube sandbag 

The Rogue cube sandbag is a good option for ambitioned starters in strongman to get together with a cylinder bag. This gives you symmetrical loads of different shapes. Experienced strongman athletes who want to train everywhere or just do not have the space to have multiple stones lying around can get a set of all the different shaped bags to keep training varied and prepared for competition. For maximum lifts, you can still keep reasonably weighted stoned around (but not a full set) to also address the different challenges to grip when you hold onto cement or cold stone. 

Rogue sandbags

Overview of the Rogue sandbags

Price: $100 - $200
The Rogue training sandbags can be loaded from 16lb to 220lb depending on which configuration you get and whether you fill them with rubber or sand. These bags are meant to be carried over the shoulder or by hand. because f the handles and sturdy design they leave you with many options for conditioning and strongman training alike. As they can be filled and emptied using the filler bags it they are also more modular and faster to adjust than the strongman bags. The full specifications are:
  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • 1000D MIL spec Cordura brand nylon construction
  • 7 exterior High-Strength Handles
  • Double-stitched, reinforced seams
  • Heavy-duty zipper and reinforced Velcro flap closure
  • Velcro is sewn into interior walls to align with and stabilize Funnel Filler Bag
  • Color: Army Green
  • Rogue Branding and “Made in the USA” tag
  • Size Options: S (40LB), M (80LB), L (160LB), XL (220LB)
These are solid bags for conditioning in military-style training or just any conditioning. They are easy to adjust and handle and do not intimidate any first tie user. 

Pros of the Rogue sandbags 

The pros of the Rogue sandbags are:
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to change the load out
  • Good shape and handle for easy carry
These are the right sandbags to get if you want to load your conditioning training in terrain. With the different filler bags, you can also quickly change from a light to a heavy bag without having multiple bags around. This makes it a great option for single users who want to preconfigure things and swap and change. 

Cons of the Rogue sandbags 

The cons of the Rogue sandbags are:
  • too easy to handle 
  • Modular design can be confusing
  • Pricing
As with many modular purchases from Rogue, the devil is in the detail and you can quickly overspend. While it is great to have different filler bag options that you can just prepare and swap out, I recommend going easy on your first purchase and try things out, before you go all guns blazing. Especially if you are intending to buy in bulk. These bags are also not great for strongman training. The weights you have to handle in the competition are usually awkward to grip and weirdly shaped. These bags tick neither of these boxes.

Alternatives to the Rogue sandbags 

Alternatives to the rogue sandbags are:
If your main goal is to load your conditioning workouts than the Tactec plate carrier might be an option. Especially for runs and rogue echo bike cycles, you might get a similar effect with less fuss. It will not simulate having to carry on extra load in your hand or on your bag, but if more resistance is all you need, the tactec plate carrier has many options while still keeping you mobile. The only downside is that it will not load up to 220lbs. 
The Rogue strongman sandbag is a good alternative when you are more looking into strongman training. These bags have no handles and are shaped similarly to atlas stones. This makes them a bad choice to carry for long distances, but great to train grip strength and coordination for picking up heavy things which not have been built to be picked up. Additionally the loading system on these bags a little more straight forward than the modular sandbags
A simpler and cheaper option than the Rogue sandbag is the Rogue feed sack. Available in a 50lb and 100lb version when filled with sand these sacks can be easily carried for distance on your back. They are not as modular as the sandbag but simpler to use and sturdier.

Conclusion for the Rogue sandbags 

The rogue sandbag is a great option for an individual who works out with sandbags a lot and wants easy adjustments in weight for their training. Especially if you have to simulate a lot of military-style carries, this bag is versatile and easy to use. If you own a commercial gym or home gym and do not want to change the weights around as often, the feed sack is probably the easier option with very similar effects. 

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