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Which medicine ball to get from rogue?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 18, 2020 6:47:40 AM

Rogue Medicine Balls | Rogue Europe

Which medicine ball to get from rogue?

This is an overview of the Medicine balls that are available via the Rogue website for purchase. You will learn about their pros, cons, and alternative models. Follow the links for more details.
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The medicine balls in this post can be bought through the Rogue online shop as of August 2020. They are listed from most expensive to cheapest in this post. Here is the INdex of what you will find.

Quick reference

If you do not want to go through all of the trouble of reading this entire post, here is the quick reference for which medicine ball might be the right for you.
The heaviest
Best for throwing
Best for slams
Best all-around

Rogue rubber Atlas stones



Overview of the Rogue Rubber Atlas stones

Price $125 - $915
The Rogue Rubber Atlas stones are another take on Rogue's team to make hardcore strength equipment more accessible for the mainstream. These Atlas stones are basically big medicine balls with a rubber mold and an iron core. This makes them more accessible for beginners and easier to maintain than concrete Atlas stones.  The specifications of these Atlas stones are:
  • Construction - Overmolded Rubber, Cast-Iron Core
  • Sold a la carte or in full sets (225 LB or 450 LB)
  • 5 Available Weight Increments: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 LBS
  • Embossed Weight Indication and Rogue logos on one side
  • Recessed edges to prevent rollaway
  • Color: Black
The different models are available in:
  • 50 LB (10" diameter)
  • 75 LB (12" diameter)
  • 100 LB (14" diameter)
  • 150 LB (16" diameter)
  • 200 LB (18" diameter)
and can be purchased in two different sets. One is lightweight up to 100lb while the other is heavyweight up to 200LB. These are great tools if you do a lot of Atlas stone movements and you are getting fed up with remolding the ones you break on a constant basis.

Pros of the Atlas Rubber stones

The pros of the Atlas rubber stones are:
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lower injury risk
  • Ready-made
Compared to concrete Atlas stones this is a step forward to make Atlas stones a mass marketable product. In the past, you would get a concrete mold and make the stones yourself with cement and/or concrete. Not everyone is familiar with this process and the quality of the result can suffer. In addition, concrete is very unforgiving on the hands and anything you drop it on. Therefore the injury risk is higher. Concrete Stones also take less abuse, especially if you drop them directly on the floor. You usually need to pair them with some gymnastic mat which makes the setup cumbersome. The rubber Atlas stones take care of this problem. 

Cons of the rubber Atlas stones

The cons of the rubber Atlas stones are:
  • Not an official strongman competition tool
  • Get hot in the sun
  • Can not be changed in weight
  • Storage
If you are a strongman who is looking to prepare for competition, there is no way around using actual stones rather than rubber. The handling of a concrete ball is different from getting a grip on rubber. If you have a home gym and just want to simulate strongman training, these are a great option. If you are a strongman who wants to compete, get a mold. 
As these stones are black rubber they can be a problem in the hot Californian sun. They have a big surface to soak up the heat and you might burn your hands if they are left outside for too long. Of course, you have the same problem with all equipment, but as these are likely to stay outside for a long time because they are hard to store and the fact they are black does not help. 
Compared to other options for a home gym that just wants to simulate strongman training, rather than create competition like conditions, the rubber Atlas stones have the disadvantage that they can not be loaded with different material. If you buy a set of different strongman sandbags from Rogue it leaves you with a lot more options to play around with the weight. They are also easier to store after use if you can dispose of the sand or led you filled them with. 
The last disadvantage of Atlas stones is that they are hard to store. Most racks and storage options offered by Rogue or you already have will not fit them. Therefore you will most likely keep them on the ground and they are not small. Combine that with the fact that they are more often than not a gimmick rather than the main staple of your daily training, this can get annoying. Unless you throw them about every single day. 

Alternatives to the rubber atlas stones

The alternatives to the Rubber Atlas stones are:
  • Slater stone molds
  • Rogue Strongman sandbags
The Slater stone molds range from 8" - 24" in diameter, 23lbs to 586lbs in weight, and $50 to $220 in price. With these molds, you can make your own stones for use in your gym or anywhere in the world for competition purposes. Usually, it is cheaper and easier to make the stones for a competition on the spot, rather than transporting the heavy stones across the country. If you do not know your way around mixing concrete and pouring it into a mold, this might not be for you. There are good instructions out there, but it is a DIY job.
The Rogue Strongman sandbags come in various shapes and sizes in price ranges from $85 to $155. Thes bags have the advantage that they can be filled with different materials to get different training results. You can use Play sand, Crumb rubber, and lead shot to get weights ranging from 40lb to 2000lb. The lifting experience is not the same as with stones,  as you are onto military grade fabric. These bags are also more likely to deform during the lift making the structure more challenging or forgiving depending on whether it hits you or you want to wrap yourself around the bag. 

Conclusion for the Atlas Rubber stones

If you are a strongman who needs to work on speed on small Atlas stone weights, then this is worth the investment. It will make the setup a lot easier, you do not have to worry as much about an injury or the stones deforming. For your maximum attempts or heavy lifts to shoulder, i think there is no way around a concrete stone to do competition justice. If you are a home gym owner who is just starting their home gym I think that these combined with boxes of various heights are a better option than a dumbbell rack. If you have the space for a dumbbell rack, you have the space for a small Atlas stone ladder. Get the loadable dumbbells from Rogue and use the saved space for the rubber stone setup. That is what I will do when I upgrade my space that currently only houses a power rack and a bench.

Rogue Froning series medball



Overview of Rogue Froning Series medicine ball

Price: $110
The Rich Froning series medball is an interpretation of the Rogue Standard medicine balls in Black and red. It is only available in 20lbs and comes with the same specs as the standard black balls from Rogue. These are a nice addition to your gym if you want to tip your hatto the CrossFit legend or just like the colors red and black. The specifications of this medicine ball are:
  • Part of the Rich Froning Signature Series
  • Made in Columbus, Ohio
  • Weight: 20LB
  • Diameter: 14”
  • Coated Vinyl Shell – moisture and scuff resistant
  • Soft Shell safe to use at high speeds, but strong enough to maintain stable shape
  • Double-stitched paracord threading on seams
  • Color: Red with Black and White Branding (Rogue and Froning logos)


A nice Christmas present for anyone who already owns a home gym and no medicine balls.


Pros of the Rich Froning medicine ball

The pros of the Rich Froning medicine balls are:
  • Red and black color scheme instead of black
  • Double-stitched
This is a nice little customization on the standard medicine ball to get a pop of color into your gym. The standard Rogue medicine balls only come in black. That is not for everyone, especially if it is off-brand for your gym or the color scheme in your home gym.

Cons of the Rich Froning medicine ball


The cons of the Rich Froning medicine balls are:
  • Only available as 20LB
  • Higher cost than standard ball
These balls are $5 dearer than the standard ball of the same size. This can make a difference if you are trying to outfit multiple gyms and buy somewhere between 20 - 100 medicine balls. For your home gym, it will probably be more a question of personal taste rather than pricing.

Alternatives to the Rich Froning medicine ball


The alternatives to the Rich Froning medicine ball are:
The standard for most CrossFit WODs for males is a 20lb medicine ball. For females, this drops to 14lb. If you like the color blue and want to equip yourself with an inspiring medicine ball you can get the Camille Le blanc version of the medicine ball which comes in 14 lb instead of the 20lb the Froning version has. 
Dynamax is the market leader in the US for medicine balls. While Rogue at first resold these medicine balls they went on to produce their own brand to maximize profit margins on low price tag equipment produced in masses. There is not a big difference between the two. Still, if pressed, I would always go for the product that is core for the company. The core competency of Rogue is to work with Steel to build first-class racks and barbells. Dynamax focuses on perfecting the stitch on their medicine balls.
The standard Rogue medicine ball is a good alternative to Dynamax if you want to buy a lot of medicine balls and do not care that much about the design. If you like black, you can save some money on bulk buy compared to Dynamax balls the same size. 
Slam balls are a great, cheap alternative to medicine balls. If your medicine balls are used 90% of the time to be thrown on the ground, save yourself some money and yourself/or clients some injuries. These balls are cheaper to make and do not bounce back from the floor to hit you in the face. If your training is more about throwing against walls or to each other, stick with the classic medicine ball. 

Conclusion for the Rich Froning medicine ball


This is the right medicine ball for the dedicated CrossFit individual with great ambitions or the one's around him who want to give something nice. Anyone who buy in bulk is probably better off to either trade up in quality by buying Dynamax or compromising in price and getting a lot of Rogue standard medicine balls.


Rogue Camille series


Overview of the Rogue camille series medicine ball

Price $95
The Rogue Camille Series medball pays respect to the 2014 Crossfit champion Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. It comes in 14lb weight and has blue and white custom colors. If you wanted to color code the medicine balls in your box for the use you could get a mix of the Froning and Camille balls and everybody will know which ones they need to pick. The specifications of this ball are:
  • Part of the Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Signature Series
  • Made in Columbus, Ohio
  • Weight: 14LB
  • Diameter: 14”
  • Coated Vinyl Shell – moisture and scuff resistant
  • Soft Shell safe to use at high speeds, but strong enough to maintain stable shape
  • Double-stitched paracord threading on seams
  • Color: Blue with White & Black branding (Rogue and CLB logos)
A nice present for your wife's / girlfriend's home gym, if they do not already own a medicine ball. 

Pros of the Cammile leblanc medicine ball

The pros of the Camille Leblanc medicine ball are:
  • Color coding
  • Athlete inspired
  • Double stitching
The main advantage of this medicine ball compared to others is the design. This makes it a good choice if you buy one for yourself or someone you care about who is into fitness. These little nods to other athletes do the trick for an extra boost to press out the last rep or set. In addition, the double stitching provides more stability than other of the shelf medicine balls.

The cons of the Camille Leblanc medicine ball

The cons of the Camille Leblanc medicine ball are:
  • Only available in one size
  • Extra cost compared to standard ball
If you intend to get a collection of various medicine balls with different weights, then this is not the right one to go for. Here the Dynamax or the standard Rogue Medicine balls would be better to have a consistent look. If you intend to get a lot of medicine balls of the same weight, this ball might still be an option, if you are willing to pay the little extra per ball for the design. 

Alternatives to the Camille leblanc medicine balls


Alternatives to the Camille leblanc medicine balls are:
The Rich Froning medicine ball has the same idea as the Camille Leblanc series accept that it comes in black and red and 20lbs. This makes it the athlete's choice if they are male based on how most CrossFit WODs are written. 
The Dynamax medicine balls are the industry standard when it comes to medicine balls. Rogue emulated their design at a later stage to offer a cheaper version that provides them with bigger profit margins. If you want the gold standard in medicine balls, this is it. If you are happy with a solid medicine ball you can also get the standard Rogue medicine ball and save yourself some money. 
The standard Rogue medicine ball has been inspired by the Dynamax ball medicine ball. It is still a heavy-duty medicine ball for serious athletes. The only difference to Dynamax is that Rogue specializes in steel, not stitches. This is why you might get a better finish from Dynamax than from Rogue at a slightly higher price.
Echo slam balls are a great option to save money and face when all you do is medicine ball slams. These balls are made of plastic with a sand-like filling. This way they do not bounce back and hit you in the face. 

Conclusion for the Camille Leblanc medicine balls


The Camille Leblanc medicine ball is the right choice for the dedicated female Crossfit athlete for a little extra inspiration. If you want to give this as a gift to someone you know it also a little nicer than just a bland black medicine ball. Anyone who is looking to buy 14lb balls in bulk might be better off with the standard Rogue Medicine ball or collection of them in various sizes for an individual.



Dynamax Medicine balls


Overview of the Dynamax medicine balls

Price: $80 - $165
The Dynamax medicine balls were one of the first medicine balls to think about how they behaved when thrown at high velocity. The design has often been copied by other vendors but Dynamax still has this extra edge about the finish and stitches as this is what they do best. If you like the design and you are willing to pay a little extra, these are the medicine balls for you. Dynamax medicine balls are available in the following sizes:
  • 4lb
  • 6lb
  • 8lb
  • 10lb
  • 12lb
  • 14lb
  • 16lb
  • 20lb
  • 25lb
  • 30lb
If you do boxing training and abuse the hell out of your medicine balls, this is probably the one to get.

Pros of the Dynamax medicine balls

Pros of the Dynamax medicine balls are:
  • Excellent finish
  • Simple design
  • Time tested 
  • Many color option
These medicine balls have been the gold standard for a long time and are here to stay. The stitches are perfect and the finish of these balls is immaculate. If you only want the best for your gym, this is the medicine ball to get. You can also choose from a big range of different color combinations on purchase. 

Cons of the Dynamax medicine balls

  • Price
  • Bounce back 
Compared to other Medicine balls you can get the Dynamax medicine balls are at the higher end of the market. Especially if you want to buy in bulk for gyms where you know that the equipment will not be treated well, this might be throwing money out of the window. Compared to slam balls they are also more expensive and might put one or two noses out of joint, if not used carefully. 

Alternatives to the Dynamax Medicine balls

Alternatives to the Dynamax medicine balls are:
The Rogue Standard medicine balls are very similar, if not identical in the make of a Dynamax ball. The only difference is the standard black color and a different technique to sew the ball together and pad it out. If you want to provide good equipment, but also know it will be abused, save a few dollars, and get a lot of standard rogue balls. 
The Rogue rubber medicine balls are a great value for money option if grp is not as much of concern. The leather of good medicine balls emulates punching or touching a boxer or other athlete. If that is not needed for your training purposes a rubber ball can be of a lot less maintenance and cost. The only drawback is that these balls almost bounce too weel for the intended training purpose. 
If all you do is slam your balls into the ground than you can save yourself money and hassle with slam balls, These will not bounce back from the ground and hurt you or your clients while also coming in at a lower cost than regular medicine balls.

Conclusion for the Dynamax medicine balls

The Dynamax medicine balls are the best you can get for standard medicine balls. If your facility only wants to provide the best and you want the maximum option to customize the colors of your medicine balls, this is the one to get. You get what you pay for, so if you buy in bulk the price will escalate quicker than with other options in the market. 

Rogue MK D balls



Overview of the Rogue MK D balls

Price $79.95 - $399.95
The MK D ball series is the D ball from Rogue on steroids. These slam balls can go up to the Rubber Atlas stones ranges and are especially good for their dead bounce. This is the right tool in your arsenal when you want to bring a heavy load to the shoulder and drop it from there to the ground. This is a great option to train similar muscle groups than with Olympic weightlifting, but with fewer requirements for proper technique. The Rogie MK Dballs come in black and can be purchased in the following sizes:
  • 14lb
  • 20lb
  • 30lb
  • 40lb
  • 50lb
  • 60lb
  • 70lb
  • 80lb
  • 90lb
  • 100lb
  • 150lb
This is a great tool for overall body fitness, if Atlas stones are too much hassle and Olympic lifts to challenging to learn.

Pros of the MK D balls

The pros of the MK DBalls are:
  • Dead bounce
  • Good grip
  • Wide variety of weights
The MK D balls are great as they will not bounce off the floor when dropped from the shoulder. They will also not deform as much as a slam ball will do during your training. In addition, Rogue also offers a wide range of different sizes for these tools for all purposes. If you want to combine heavy lifting with agility, this is a good address.

Cons of the MK Dballs

The cons of the MK Dballs are:
  • Same diameter
  • Dead bounce 
  • Plastic 
What are the great strengths of this product are also its greatest weaknesses. Compared to medicine balls you might want some or even a lot of bounce depending on the type of exercise you want to perform. Wall balls are impossible with the D balls. It is more likely you will make a hole than for them to bounce back. If you wanted to simulate strong man training, you also want the diameter of the higher weights to increase. Strongman training is not just about how much you lift, but also that the weight you lift can be hard to find a grip on. Apart from this, these are made from plastic, which also not always simulates conditions in competition well. This is especially the case when compared with Atlas stones.

Alternatives to the MK D balls

Altanertives to the MK Dballs are:
The regular d balls range from 8lb to 40lb in weight, have a diameter of 9" to 10.6", and are priced from $55 to $110. This is where you start with your training or end if you only weigh 40kg yourself. 
The Atlas rubber stones are an alternative especially to the heavier D-balls. The 150lb Atlas rubber stone is $99 less than the biggest D ball. It comes with a bigger diameter and therefore simulates the conditions in strongman competitions better. 
If you are looking for something heavy that behaves more like a ball than a stone that is easy to grip, than the regular medicine balls from Rogue will do the trick for you. They are available up to 30lb in weight. 

Rogue Medicine balls



Overview of the Rogue medicine balls

Price $65 - $123
The Rogue medicine balls are available in 11 different configurations ranging from 4lb to 30lb. They have a double stitch and also provide extra padding to be forgiving on the user for throws and catches. This medicine ball is designed and manufactured in the USA which sets it apart from other medicine balls that are usually made in China. The available weights for this medicine ball are:
  • 4lb
  • 6lb
  • 8lb
  • 10lb
  • 12lb
  • 14lb
  • 16lb
  • 18lb
  • 20lb
  • 25lb
  • 30lb
This is a solid medicine ball with a wide range of options that is not too expensive to outfit your facility. The only downside is that they are only available in black, except for the special editions that rogue branded for different athletes.

Pros of the Rogue standard medicine ball

The pros of the Rogue standard medicine ball are:
  • Good value for money
  • American made
  • Padded
Rogue took the Dynamax design and cut out the fat to make these medicine balls a bit more affordable. This is what they do with many products without compromising on the quality. For the money you pay you to get a great medicine ball that is made in the United States. Especially if you are government-funded, you might want to take care that the products you buy are not made in China when it can be avoided. The padding works for any type of throws and catches.

Cons of the Rogue standard medicine ball

The cons of the Rogue standard medicine ball are:
  • Limited color range
  • Bounce
  • Finish
Just like any company that has a product, not at its core, so Rogue does fall a little short against the market leader, Dynamax. What Rogue does best is the industrial-scale work of metal. Dynamax has been doing this longer for sewing medicine balls together. Compared to Dynamax rogue offers a limited range in colors, if you exclude the Froning and Leblanc version of the balls. The finish is also slightly inferior to Dynamax. That being said, they also come in at a lower price, which makes it way more attractive to buy them in bulk. Granted, you have to like black to buy a lot of these. 

Alternatives to the Rogue standard medicine balls

Alternatives to the Rogue standard medicine balls are:
The athlete branded medicine balls are available in 14lbs and 20lbs. The Froning design comes in Balck and red, while the Leblanc design comes in white and blue. This gives the setup a little extra pop and should've especially interesting for individuals who equip their home gym.
The Dynamax medicine balls are the gold standard for medicine balls in the current market. They provide the best finish and the most color options for you to customize. The disadvantage is that they also cost the most. 
Rogue Slam balls are a good alternative if you will mainly slam your medicine balls and not throw and catch them often. In this case, slam balls will not hit you in the face and are also cheaper to buy. 

Conclusion for the Rogue Standard medicine balls

The Rogue standard medicine balls are well balanced between price and quality. If you need a lot of medicine balls for your gym and want good quality you can save a couple of hundred dollars on these compared to the Dynamax balls. Individuals might want to look at the branded rogue balls or get an individual Dynamax stitched up. If you are a university or football club that wants their own colors at a huge scale, Dynamax is probably the better provider. 

Rogue Hoover medicine balls


Overview of the Rogue Hoover medicine balls

Price $62-$66
The Rogue Hoover medicine balls are 10" diameter versions of the Rogue Standard medicine ball. They are available in 4lb and 6lb. This makes them a great choice for children or newcomers to medicine balls to start with something small, rather than overwhelming them with the oversized medicine balls. The specifications of the Rogue Hoover balls are:
  • Made in Columbus, OH
  • Weight Increments: Varies, 4LB and 6LB
  • Diameter: 10"
  • Nylon Thread Seam Construction
  • Scuff-Resistant Coated Vinyl Shell
  • Color: Gray
  • Applications: Beginner / Kids Medicine Ball or Hooverball game use
They can also be used in the game of Hoover as they have the right dimensions. 

Pros of the Rogue Hoover medicine ball

The pros of the Rogue Hoover medicine balls are:
  • Smaller size
  • Lighter weight
  • Same finish
The Rogue Hoover medicine balls have been designed to be easier to handle for kids and newcomers or for the game of Hoover itself. This makes them a playful introduction to medicine ball training rather than a frightening tool. It can also be good fun to round up a tough session with a little game. In addition, this smaller balls are made to the same quality standards as their bigger brothers and sisters and therefore can take a lot of abuse.

Cons of the Rogue Hoover medicine ball

The cons of the Rogue Hoover medicine ball are:
  • Price 
  • Limited options
For a ball that children should play with, the price is rather high. You might find cheaper versions of lower quality to abuse the heck out of. Also, there are not many weight or color options in this medicine ball, as it specifically designed for Hoover and not for varied training for athletes.

Alternatives to the Rogue Hoover medicine ball

Alternatives to the Rogue Hoover medicine ball are:
The Dynamax Hoover balls have the same dimensions and weight. They also come in at the same price. If you want to play hoover ball or get a small medicine ball it is only a matter of design between these two options.
For the same price as for a Rogue Hoover medicine ball you can also get 16LB D ball.  If you like lifting things over your shoulder as many times as possible and smash them into the ground afterward, this is the tool for you and you get more pounds for the same amount of money.
The Rogue Echo slam ball will give you the most pound for your back. for $69 you can get a 25lbs ball to smash into the ground. Compared to the D-Ball they are a little harder to pick up from the ground as they have less grip.

Conclusion for the Rogue Hoover medicine ball

If you want to feel like the ex-president who kept for with hoover ball, this is the one to get. Otherwise, you might want to go for something a bit more substantial for the same amount of money or save a nickel and a dime. 

Dynamax Hoover medicine balls


Overview of the Dynamax Hoover medicine ball

Price $62 -66
The Dynamax Hoover medicine balls are smaller 10" diameter medicine balls that come in 4lbs and 6lbs variations. Inspired by a game that was invented to keep President Hoover fit, these medicine balls are also a good entry point for beginners and children to get into training. With Dynamax you will invest in the golden standard of medicine balls and get a good finish and great stitches on your balls. 

Pros of the Dynamax hoover balls

The pros of the Dynamax hoover balls are:
  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Dynamax finish
For medicine balls this design is small and very lightweight. This makes it ideal to play hoover ball or put a twist on other conventional ball games by providing a heavier ball or different shape. The Dynamax finish is one of the best in the industry and has also been applied to this ball.

Cons of the Dynamax hoover ball

Cons of the Dynamax hoover balls are:
  • Size 
  • Price
For the amount of money you pay, these balls are rather small. You can get more weight for less money if you opt for a D ball or slam ball if you want to use it to train athletes or for your home gym. 

Conclusion for the Dynamax hoover medicine ball

If you want to play hoover ball you can decide between the Dynamax and the Rogue Hoover ball based on design. Prices are roughly the same. If you do not play hoover ball you might want to get a heavier option for less money like a slam ball.

D-Ball medicine balls


Overview of the D-Ball medicine balls

Price: $55 - $110
D-Ball medicine balls are a great option that provides a little more grip than a classic medicine ball. These balls are great for everything you can do with a medicine ball except throwing and catching. For that, a traditional medicine ball is probably the better choice. Rogue D-Ball medicine ball come in 8lb to 40lb with a diameter of 9"or 10.6". The full specifications are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Medball/Slamball
  • 9 Weight Increments: 8 LB to 40 LB
  • Diameter: 9” (8LB to 25LB) and 10.6” (30-40LB)
  • Durable Rubber Shell with Textured Grip
  • Color: Black
These are a great addition for anyone who wants to do condition y lifting heavy balls of the ground to the shoulder and dropping them back down to repeat the process.

Pros of the D-Ball medicine balls

Pros of the D-Ball medicine balls are:
  • Rubber exterior
  • Standardized size 
  • Gel-like filling
The rubber exterior makes it easier to hold onto and keep the ball in place when you want to perform any kind of movement where you are leaning on the ball. Even if the d-balls get heavier, they stay the same size, which is good to remember the motor pattern. The gel-like filling makes them especially good for lifting to the shoulder and dropping them back down from there without too much bounce. 

Cons of the D-ball medicine balls

The cons of the d-ball medicine balls are:
  • Little bounce
  • Harder on wrists
  • Higher price
The D-ball medicine ball has very little bounce and is also harder than a classic medicine ball. This makes it a great option when you drop it and pick it up, but less ideal for throwing and catching. Compared to the Echo Slam balls they also have a higher price. ou get a better grip on the D-Balls than on the slam balls, but the difference is negligible to justify the higher price. Especially if you are buying in bulk.

Alternatives to the D-Ball medicine ball

Alternatives to the d-ball medicine ball are:
If you want a heavy medicine ball for your workouts that stays the same size, then the MK D`Balls are a good option. Especially for the higher weights, I would go for the MK instead of the regular D-Balls.
The Echo slam balls are a great alternative to the light D-Balls that cost less. If all you do is slamming the balls rather than bringing them to the shoulder than this might be the right one for you.
 If you want to save some money, but still have a medicine ball that you can throw around, then the Rogue Rubber medicine balls can be a good alternative to combine a low price point with some weight to throw about. 

Rogue Echo slam balls


Overview of the Rogue Echo Slam balls 

Price: $35 - $109
The Rogue echo slam balls have been specifically designed to take a lot of abuse for being thrown on the ground. Regular medicine balls can often come apart at the seams when thrown on the ground too often. The Echo Slam balls fix this problem by being robust and providing a dead bounce. They are also cheaper than regular medicine balls. The full specifications of the Rogue Echo Slam balls are:
  • Sold Individually
  • Weight Options: 10 LB, 15 LB, 20 LB, 25 LB, 30 LB, 35 LB, 40 LB, 45 LB, 50 LB
  • Grip-friendly, rubberized exterior shell
  • Diameter: 9" (10LB - 30LB balls), 10" (35LB - 50LB balls)
  • Color: Red with LB and Rogue logo in White
  • 2 Year Warranty*
These are great for most WODs and save you some hassle compared to regular medicine balls.

Pros of the Rogue echo slam balls

Pros of the Rogue echo slam balls are:
  • Price
  • Dead bounce 
  • Stability
This is a workhorse of a medicine ball that gives some of the most pounds per dollar in the Rogue medicine ball line up. You can abuse the heck out of it and still comes back for more.

Cons of the Rogue Echo Slam ball

The cons of the Rogue Echo slam ball are:
  • Limited choice of color
  • Not great for throwing
You have to like red to like these balls. If you want more color in your life you might have to opt for other options from Rogue. They are also not great for partner throws because of the dead bounce. 

Alternatives to the Rogue EchoSlam ball

Alternatives to the Rogue echo slam ball are:
The D-Ball medicine ball comes in black and has a bit more grip to get it off the floor. If you intend to do heavy medicine ball lifts to shoulder, rather than mainly slamming the medicine ball, than the D-Balls are the better option for you. 
If you are looking into something with a little extra weight to throw and catch then the rubber medicine balls might be the better option than the Rogue echo slam balls. These are low cost and have no dead bounce. 

Conclusion for the Rogue echo slam balls

The Rogue echo slam balls are a great low-cost option to go heavy on slams. In most cases, they might even be a better buy for a home gym owner than a regular medicine ball.

Rogue Rubber medicine balls



Overview of the Rogue rubber medicine balls

Price $25 - $85
The Rogue rubber medicine balls have an extra outline for more grip so that you can use them for throws. They come in weights ranging from 6lb-30lb. These balls are also approved for the US army fitness test. So if you want to prepare, these are some low-cost medicine balls to get ready for the test.

Pros of the Rogue rubber medicine balls

The pros of the rogue rubber medicine balls are:
  • Low price
  • Good grip
  • Weather-resistant
The main advantage of the rubber design that it is cheap and practical. These balls will do good in bad weather conditions, outdoors and as a mass product to be bought in bulk. 

The cons of the rubber medicine balls

Cons of the rubber medicine balls are:
  • Industrial feel 
  • Different handling to regular medicine balls
  • Made of rubber
Compared to regular medicine balls these are more compact and feel less like a body and more like a clump. If you are a boxer who is getting ready for a fight, you are probably better off to use a traditional medicine ball. Some people also might disagree with the environmental impact this medicine ball has. 

Alternatives to the rubber medicine ball 

Alternatives to the rubber medicine ball:
The Dynamax medicine ball is the gold standard of medicine balls in the market. This one also offers more color options and the feel of a classic medicine ball. If you want a sewn medicine ball, but not break the bank for it, then the Rogue standard medicine ball might be an option for you as long as you like the color black.

Conclusion for the rubber medicine ball

You can't go wrong with these as they are so cheap, if y Medicine ball is what you wanted. 

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