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Which bench to get from Rogue? [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 22, 2019 12:17:22 PM


Rogue Adjustable bench

Which bench to get from Rogue?

Picking the right bench can be a tough decision. The prices range from $100 to $1000 dollars. If you do not want to overthink pick one right in the middle which is adjustable for your home gym. Go half of that when you have to buy in bulk. If you bench press more than 400 pounds for repetitions, you might want to look into the options above $500.
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Index of the Rogue bench presses reviewed

This is the Index of this post from highest to lowest price. 

What to watch out for in a good bench

A good bench should have good feet so that it does not move while you are benching. The pad should be even and not leaning to one side. Nothing should be loose or wobbling. The bench itself should have some weight. The lighter the bench the less suited it is for heavy benching. Worst case scenario is that you impale yourself. The pas should have as little a gap as possible between the part for your bum and the rest of your body. Therese are the basics.
Nice additions are the possibility to adjust the bench and rolls to move the bench from one place to the other. Some can be hung on a wall if you want to save space in your garage or gym. 

Quick reference

You are on a budget for a home gym
You want to reak the next bench press world record
You want to work with bands on a budget 
You want to decline bench press at home
You want to have a powerlifting competition or prepare for one
You need a lot of good benches for a reasonable price

Rogue combo rack

Price $2.500


Overview of the Rogue combo rack

The Rogue combo rack is the gold standard from Rogue for powerlifting meets. It has been designed for the environment of a powerlifting meet where you have professional athletes of different sizes stepping up to the platform. The Rogue Combo rack is IPF certified and manufactured in Columbus Ohio. Special features are the lever arm jack, telescoping uprights which can be angled and the removable bench.
The rogue combo rack comes in black and weighs 505lb. It is 77.25'' long when the bench is attached. The total width is 80.25'' and the inside width comes to 43.5''. When it is fully extended the maximum height is 78'' for the squat and 17.5'' for the bench press. The Notes are cut from 3x3 Gauge steel as with all products from the Rogue Monster series. The overall footprint of the combo rack is 77.25'' x 80.25''.
This is the flagship rack of Rogue that has been built for showing off the best national and international athletes.  That the IPF put its stamp of approval on it shows that Rogue means business. If you want to organize one big meet or multiple meets throughout a year this rack is for you. If you are serious about competing on an international level you might want to get this for your home or local gym, so that you can simulate competition as close as possible. 

Pros of the Rogue combo rack

This rack is sturdy and can be easily adjusted. It also does not need to be bolted down to the ground as Rogue is making use of their flat foot design. This is handy if you are putting up competition in a local hotel or on any stage where you are not allowed to bolt a rack into the ground. Another advantage is that the uprights can be angled. This is great when you have very big athletes competing who want to grip the bar outside of the J Cups as they are so massive. The removable bench will save time for your meet is you do not have to haul off one piece of equipment of the stage and replace it with another. You will also get a westside Monster bench and squat stand in one purchase. This saves money if you are serious about power and strength and know what you are doing. 

Cons of the Rogue Combo rack

The first con is the price. For 2.500$ you can also get an RM6 from Rogue or two midrange RM4 or R4 racks. This rack is also not user-friendly. It has been designed with a powerlifting meet in mind. To operate it most effectively you need 2 - 4 spotters who get everything ready for the athlete. Great in a powerlifting meet. Suboptimal when you are training by yourself or have a gym where beginners will just wreck themselves with the setup. There are also no safeties for the squat as a spotter crew is assumed. This is the right piece of equipment for someone who wants to get a powerlifting meet organized and done with as little waiting time for the crowd and athletes between lifts as possible. The home gym or commercial gym owner will make their lives unnecessarily hard.

Alternatives to the Rogue combo rack

For 2.500$ you can get the following other options from Rogue
If you are looking at the Combo rack I am quite sure that you are serious about lifting and probably already own a gym or seriously consider to build a massive home gym. If you are not planning to become the local powerlifting meet go to point or you do not have a serious team of powerlifters around to work the combo rack while someone lifts, consider getting something else. 
The Rogue RM6 rack is a great option for anyone starting a home gym who wants storage and rack space combined in one rack. You can also upgrade this rack with the Monster Lat pull down and Rhino belt Squat Drop-in.  Innovation at Rogue also always comes first for the Monster line and trickles down from there. If you have the budget and want the best for your home gym, this can be an excellent choice instead of the combo rack.
The Rogue Rhino monster Belt Squat saves you money compared to the combo rack and is a great option for someone who has space and already owns a rack to squat and bench press in. If you own a gym think about what your clients need. If your clients are mainly powerlifters who compete often, you might want to get the combo rack. If your gym has a more mixed clientele and many older powerlifters with lower back problems, you definitely want to get the belt squat. 
If you are opening your first gym or a new gym you will probably be better of investing the money in a Monster or Monster lite rig. For 2.500$ you will get one of the shorter ones. This will give you more options to create revenue streams, as the rig can be used for more different styles of training. A rig sets you up for powerlifting, CrossFit, Weightlifting and Tabata classes. The combo rack is for powerlifters only. 
The Prone leg curl can be an option for a commercial gym or home gym owners who want to present more options for leg development. If you have a lot of bodybuilders or footballers in your gym this might be the better option than the combo rack. 
Reflex Military bench

Reflex Olympic Military bench 

Price $1.905

Overview of the Reflex Military bench

The reflex Olympic military bench is a solid bench to securely do your seated military bench presses. This is a big piece of metal which will never break on you. No matter how big your athletes and the weights they will move, the reflex will not go anywhere. If you have problems with shifting benches based on your floor or the sheer size of your athletes than the reflex is the solution. The specifications of the Reflex military bench are: 
  • Combination of 3×3 11ga. & 3/16-walled fully  Tubular steel construction.
  • Powder Coated finish.
  • Plastic lined weight bar saddles.
  • Aluminum Spotter Deck.
  • Adjustable Saddles w/ 11 positions.
  • Weight storage.
  • 7 position adjustable safeties.
  • Weight storage.
  • 1in high-density foam pad.
  • Product weight 155 - 465LB
  • Length 38”-54.5”
  • Width 48”
  • Height 58” - 74.5” 
As long as you have the floor space and very big athletes, the Reflex military bench is the right solution for you. 

Pros of the Reflex Military bench

With the Reflex bench, you have the same set up for your military press each time you or your athletes step into the machine. With the weight of the machine, your athletes will be secure no matter how big the challenge. This is a great machine for a serious gym that reminds of the golden days of bodybuilding. 

Cons of the Reflex Military bench

The Reflex military bench takes up quite a bit of floor space and is pretty limited in its applications. This makes it not an ideal option for home gyms or group class environments with changing demands. 

Alternatives to the Reflex Military bench

Alternatives to the Reflex Olympic military bench are 
The reflex decline bench tailors to the same idea as the military press machine. The decline bench press is a machine where you would need more security as for a military press. Therefore your money might be placed here unless you have a lot of bodybuilders in your gym or just like big things. 
The reflex incline bench press has a fixed bench for incline bench presses. This makes a more secure setup as with a free-standing bench. This comes at a higher cost and a bigger need for floor space. 
The Rogue AB3 bench would give you the option to move below $1000 while still being able to move the bench and allow for different setups. This is the only bench from Rogue which can also be used for decline bench presses. 

Summary of the Reflex Military bench

The Reflex military bench will help with security and the same set up for military presses. If you want to move big weights on the seated military press this is the machine for you. Especially if you considered the ISO leg press you might want to consider the reflex range to make your budget stretch further. 
Reflex Incline bench

Reflex Olympic incline bench 

Price $1905


Overview of the Reflex Incline bench

The reflex Olympic incline bench press is a good option to provide your athletes or yourself with a safe environment for heavy incline bench presses. Once you hit a 400-pound bench press for repetitions you might not want to do them on a bench on rolls. This incline bench press addresses this need. The reflex Olympic incline weight bench comes with the following specifications: 
  • Combination of 3×3 11ga. & 3/16-walled fully Welded Tubular steel construction.
  • Powder Coated finish.
  • Plastic lined weight bar saddles.
  • Aluminum Spotter Deck.
  • Adjustable Saddles w/ 11 positions.
  • Weight storage.
  • 7 position adjustable safeties.
  • 1in high-density foam pad.
This is a beast of machine that will make your big guys smile. 

Pros of the Reflex Incline bench

Solid, heavy incline bench with good material. In addition, you will also get a good bit of plate storage which might help with your CrossFit box. If you have a team or if you do incline benching on a regular basis with big weights, this is the station to get. 

Cons of the Reflex Incline bench

The reflex incline bench is a single-purpose piece of equipment which takes up quite a bit of floor space. This makes it not ideal for group training settings with changing demands or home gyms unless you are Oprah or the rock. 

Alternatives to the Reflex Incline bench

Alternatives to the reflex incline bench are 
The reflex decline bench executed the same idea of a fixed bench station with a lot of weight but for a decline bench press set up. This is a good alternative to be secure when it gets very heavy. 
The Reflex military bench takes the idea of a big metal station that goes nowhere for the seated military press. 
The Rogue AB3 is a portable bench which can be set up as a decline, Incline or flat set up to be used with a regular rack or with dumbbells. 

Summary of the Reflex Incline bench

The reflex incline bench press is a good option when you want to ensure the same setup for any incline bench or if you move a lot of weight. As long as you have space it can be an item to aspire to. Especially if you considered the ISO leg press you might want to have a look at the reflex range to make your dollars stretch. 
Reflex decline bench

Reflex Olympic decline bench 

Price $1882

Overview of the Reflex Decline bench

The Reflex decline bench provides you with a sturdy decline bench press setup for the big boys. This bench is going nowhere no matter how big the weights or athlete. You will have the bench set up steady so that you will always have the same setup. There are also safeties in place. Overall a solid piece of equipment, especially when your gym is specializing in big guys or bodybuilding. The specifications of the Reflex decline bench are: 
  • Combination of 3×3 11ga. & 3/16-walled fully Welded Tubular steel construction.
  • Powder Coated finish.
  • Plastic lined weight bar saddles.
  • 7 position adjustable roller pads.
  • Adjustable Saddles w/ 11 positions.
  • Weight storage.
  • 7 position adjustable safeties.
  • 1in high-density foam pad
  • 145 - 450 LB 
  • Length 62”-92”
  • Width 48”
  • Height 47”-53” 
This is a good addition to your gym when you have a lot of space and many big guys or very new athletes. 

Pros of the Reflex decline bench

The sheer size of this will make it a favorite for all your athletes who don’t fit into other machines. Once a transportable bench becomes too small, you probably want to graduate to this beast. Some might also appreciate that the bench will always be set up at the same distances. This is hard to achieve with a transportable version. The reflex decline also provides space for plates and is a good addition to any gym with plenty of floor space. 

Cons of the Reflex decline bench

The reflex decline bench press is not very versatile. If you do a lot of circuit training and have little room, it probably won’t be the best investment. It takes up a lot of floor space and can be intimidating to some clients. If you are planning a home gym it is pretty much out of the question, unless you live in a mansion. 

Alternatives to the Reflex decline bench

Alternatives to the reflex decline bench are 
The reflex incline basically does the same as the decline setup, just for an incline bench setup. Again you need a lot of space in return for security.
The reflex military bench takes the incline and decline approach and uses it for the military press. Again you are taking up more space in return for being able to move bigger weights more secure. 
The Rogue AB3 is a portable bench from Rogue which can be set up for incline and decline benches presses. This will probably the tool of choice for anyone who wants to build their home gym. 

Summary for the Reflex decline bench

The reflex decline bench machine is probably the piece of equipment I would consider the most from reflex. The decline bench press is the one where you most need a secure setup. All other forms of bench presses I am personally happy to do with a bench and barbell in a rack. I might feel different if I did those with more than 300 pounds for repetitions. 


Reflex Competition bench

Reflex competition bench

Price $1697

Overview of the Reflex Competition bench

The reflex competition bench setup delivers a sturdy machine for bench pressing competitions. This is the kind of bench where all sizes of athletes can perform to their very best. A competition bench is needed so that spotters can do their work properly, but also to provide the athletes with enough grip on the bench. All of this is included in this piece of equipment. The specifications are: 
  • Meets International Powerlifting Federation ( IPF ) Guidelines
  • 3/16 wall and 11ga. Welded Tubular steel construction.
  • Powder Coated finish.
  • Oversized 24×30 Polished Diamond 6061 Aluminum skid plate for foot deck.
  • 6 position band pegs.
  • 14 position Weight saddles w/ handles and engraved numbers.
  • 11 position Over-Sized Safeties w/ engraved numbers.
  • Full Framed supported Pad
  • Plastic lined Saddles & Safeties
  • Additional adjustment hole in both Saddles & Safeties to use 1/2 hitch pin.
  • 1in high-density foam pad.
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight 370LB
  • Length 60”
  • Width 50”
  • Height 55”
Remember that if you have to move this one around a lot it will be shipped by freight as it is so bulky. 

Pros of the Reflex competition bench

This is a secure, sturdy bench press setup which meets the standards of the IPF. With this, even the biggest athletes can chip away at their geared 1000LB be ch presses. 

Cons of the Reflex competition bench

It is a single purpose station which means you still have to provide a squat setup for your competition. It will also be hard to ship or transport to wherever the competition is held. 

Alternatives to the Reflex competition bench

Alternatives to the competition bench are 
The Rogue combo rack is also IPF approved and can be used to squat and bench with plenty of spotter hopping around. It can also be broken apart for easier transport. If you regularly want to do powerlifting competitions in different locations this might be the better pick. 
The Rogue Westside bench is a beast that even your biggest athletes won’t break. In addition, it gives you more options for starting positions and attaching bands. This makes it a great work station to prepare for your next competition.
The Rogue AB3 is the bench of choice for weekend warriors who want to have all bench press options at home. This bench is portable and therefore not recommended when you want to bench 1000LB or do other crazy stuff that might make the bench move around.  

Summary for the Reflex competition bench

If you are looking for a stationary bench station which complies with IPF standards the reflex competition bench is a good pick for you. However, if I was to get something for competition use I would invest the extra dollars in the combo rack to get a two for one. 
Reflex flat bench

Reflex flat bench 

Price $1674

Overview of the Reflex Flat bench

The reflex flat bench is the sturdy design of the reflex line applied to a regular flat bench setup. You will get a solid piece of equipment with little moving parts apart from the barbell. This is a good setup for your big athletes who are moving big weights. The specifications of the Reflex flat bench are: 
  • Combination of 3×3 11ga. & 3/16-walled fully Welded Tubular steel construction.
  • Powder Coated finish.
  • Plastic lined weight bar saddles.
  • Adjustable Saddles w/ 11 positions.
  • Weight storage.
  • 7 position adjustable safeties.
  • Weight storage.
  • 1in high-density foam pad.
  • Weight 167 - 470LB
  • Length 60” - 70”
  • Width 48”
  • Height 58” - 64” 
The reflex flat bench will stay where you place it and go nowhere. This is especially good when you want to ensure the same setup each and every time you bench

Pros of the Reflex Flat bench

A sturdy setup that keeps you safe, even when moving big weights around. Can also be used as central plate storage in the middle of multiple racks.

Cons of the Reflex Flat bench

Single-purpose use and not a lot of flexibility to change. Needs more floor space than other solutions you might come up with for the bench press. 

Alternatives to the Reflex Flat bench

Alternatives to the reflex flat bench are
The reflex competition bench comes in only slightly more expensive than the flat bench version. In return, you get an IPF approved machine to practice for the real thing. Of you are considering a bench press setup like this you might as well spend the few extra to get the competition version. 
The reflex decline bench press is the piece of equipment that I would get if I had the floor space left. Out of the different bench press variations, the decline is the one I feel most uncomfortable with when done on a free-standing bench. The reflex decline would address this. 
The AB3 bench is Rogues portable bench which can be used for flat, incline and decline setups. As it is on rolls it might not be as stable as the Reflex series, but if you are not a beast, this will be more than sufficient to get your work done. 

Summary for the Reflex Flat bench

The reflex Olympic flat bench is not something I personally would consider. I would either go for the decline or competition bench press if I was in the market for a bench machine. 

Rogue Monster west side bench

Price: $1.195


Overview of the Wetsside Bench

The Rogue Monster Westside bench has been built with the ideas of Louie Simmons in mind. It took the first Westside bench design to the Monster series. This is the ultimate bench press machine. If you have a bunch of football players running around who break normal benches and equipment, because they are so savage, this is the piece of equipment to go for. 
The Rogue West Side Monster bench comes in black. It weighs 342LB with a footprint of 53''x34''. It is 54.75'' high and provides everything you need to train heavy bench pressing including extra-large band holders at the bottom.  The plate at the back also enables a spotter to get into the right position to spot a very heavy bench press. If you want to break world records or do a 300 pound with bands for reps competition, this is the bench you need.

How many clients should the Monster Westside Bench bring you?

If you think that the Rogue Monster Westside will bring you 4 new clients who pay you 50$ on a 1-year retainer it is worth the investment. This will yield 2.400$ net new revenue against an investment of 1.195$. Adjust the numbers for your own gym accordingly.

Pros of the West side bench

This will never break and provide support to even the biggest athletes you can dream up. Never have your Rhinos complaining or injured again because their equipment does not support their massive bodies.

Cons of the Westside bench

This is overbuilt. I mean seriously overbuilt. Don't get this for your wife or kids, they will get frightened. 

Alternatives to the West side bench

These are the Alternatives to the Rogue Monster West Side bench you can get on the same budget:
This is the little sister of the Monster version of the bench. It still has the spotter platform so that someone can help on a 300 pound and more bench press which has been missed.  This is still massive and will cover the needs of most people unless you are Thor who is being spotted by Brian Shaw. 

Rogue AB 3 Adjustable bench 

Price $935

Overview of the Rogue AB3 Adjustable bench

The AB3 Adjustable bench is the next generation bench of the AB2. The AB3 adds decline positions to the setup to make it possible to either bench incline, flat or decline. It made from 11 Gauge steel and is a direct descendent of the Nebula 1080 bench. It also comes on rolls and can be maneuvered around easily. The Rogue AB3 has the following specifications: 
  • Adapted from the Nebula 1080 "Awesome" Utility Bench
  • Includes NEW Decline Bench feature
  • 6 Adjustable Seat Settings
  • 9 Adjustable Back Pad Settings
  • Weight: 117LB
  • Length (with bench flat): 68"
  • Pad Width: 12"
  • Height: 18"
  • Steel: 2x2" and 2x3" 11-Gauge Steel
Which makes it the most versatile one in the Rogue line up.

Pros of the Rogue AB3 Adjustable bench

The AB3 is the most versatile bench out of the Rogue line up. You can use it on the entire gym floor and give it the most possible setups to bench press. 

Cons of the Rogue AB3 Adjustable bench

For a portable bench, the AB3 comes in at a high price. The attachment which makes it possible to decline bench might also not be for everyone. Especially powerlifters and big athletes might feel like that this addition to the bench is more of a hindrance than a value add. 

Alternatives to the Rogue AB3 Adjustable Bench

Alternatives to the Rogue AB 3 bench are
The AB2 is the bench as the AB3 just without the option to do decline bench presses. If you want a big bench that can be moved and don’t trust decline setups on portable benches this is the one for you. 
The Rogue Westside 2.0 bench is a drop in for Rogue racks specialized for the Westside style training. It will provide a flat bench setup which can be effectively used with bands and chains to create a maximum variation on the flat bench press. 
The Rogue Adjustable bench is the best value for money bench you can get from Rogue. They spent time and thought on perfecting the production process to make this their low-cost adjustable bench.

Summary for the AB3 Adjustable bench

The Roge AB3 is the Porsche in the Rogue portfolio when it comes to portable benches. As long as you don't mind the attachment at the end of the bench getting in your way.

Ab2 Adjustable bench 

Price $815

Overview of the AB2 Adjustable bench

The Rogue AB2 bench comes from the designers of the Nebula 1080 bench which has been on an established reference in the fitness industry. The Ab2 includes 6 different seat settings and nine back positions. This makes it a strong piece of equipment for any home gym which needs versatility and space-efficient setup. The specifications of the Rogue AB2 bench are:
  • Adapted from the Nebula 1080 "Awesome" Utility Bench
  • Weight: 94LB
  • Length: 52"
  • Pad Width: 12"
  • Height: 18"
  • Footprint: 51 1/4" x 22 1/2"
  • Steel: 2 x 2" and 3 x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
  • 6 Adjustable Seat Settings
  • 9 Adjustable Back Pad Settings (from flat bench to 78 degrees upright) 
This is the upmarket version from Rogue if you do not want to do decline bench presses.

Pros of the AB2 Adjustable bench

The AB2 has a pin design which keeps the bench firmly in place. It is heavy duty and well made and gives you more options than the cheaper versions from Rogue

Cons of the AB2 Adjustable bench

$815 can still be a hefty price tag for a bench. As you are not buying any kind of structure with this and probably did not consider yourself that much of a beast to look into the Reflex options, you might as well want to save a little more on the bench itself. This bench has the price of a rack. 

Alternatives to the AB2 Adjustable bench

Alternatives to the AB2 are
The AB3 is the weapon of choice if you need a bench that can be moved around and used for incline, decline, and flat bench press setups. It comes in at a slightly higher price tag than the AB2 and makes more sense in my opinion if you are looking for a high-end bench
The Rogue Adjustable bench 2.0 would probably my personal choice for a bench from Rogue. This is the middle priced bench which covers any need you might have. Production costs are lower compared to the AB2 as not as many holes need to be drilled. It still does the same with fewer options to adjust the bench. To be honest, in practice you will most likely only use one incline, one decline, and the flat position anyway.
The Rogue Flat utility bench would be my tool of choice if I had to equip an entire gym with Rogue benches. They have multiple options for customization and are only a fraction of the cost f the AB2 and AB3. You basically get 4 of these four one AB2

Rogue Westside bench 2.0

Price $725

Overview of the Westside bench 2.0

The Rogue west side 2.0 is a bolt-together version of the Westside bench to bring down the cost in production and shopping. You will have more moving parts, but it is still a 1000+ pound bench press set up for the serious athletes. One of the main features of this bench is that you can adjust it in 1” increments and use it with bands and chains effectively. If you are a fan of the west side training method and benching big this is a great option. The specifications of the Westside 2.0 bench are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • 2x3" 11-Gauge Uprights with Westside hole spacing
  • Total Height: 54.625"
  • Bench Height: 17.5” (adjustable up and down by 1" increments)
  • 1000+LB weight capacity
  • Your choice of either a 12" wide standard bench pad or a 14.5" wide Thompson Fat Pad™ (at additional cost)
  • NEW Bolt-Together Design with 0.625" Hardware
  • NEW 7-Gauge Reinforced Steel Spine Under Pad
  • NEW Laser-Cut Rogue Side Panels
  • Infinity J-Cups with UHMW inserts to protect the bar knurl
  • 24" Pin/Pipe Safety Set
  • 4 Adjustable Band Pegs
  • NEW Optional Spotter Decks (at additional cost)
  • Color: Black
If you are into the Rogue setup for west side benching, this is the way to go. 

Pros of the Westside 2.0

This is a lower-cost version of the west side bench and is probably one of the most cost-efficient setups in the market I which you can comfortably go to 1000 pounds for the bench press. 

Cons of the West side 2.0

Compared to other bench stations or combos you will have little to no plate storage and no support for heavy incline or decline bench presses. If you care about a 1000 pound bench press you will probably more than this. 

Alternatives to the Westside 2.0

Alternatives to the Westside Bench 2.0
If you care about a west side bench I would conveniently assume that you already own a normal bench press setup or just don’t care about getting a portable bench
The west side bench is the big brother of the 2.0. You will have fewer moving pieces and bigger beams which brings the cost up but also means that you get more integral stability. If you have the money and do not want to transport the bench often, why compromise? 
The reflex incline is an alternative to consider or even an additional purchase to the west side bench 2.0. If you are equipping a gym with a west side bench I know you mean business, so where are your freaks going to do their incline bench presses? Same goes for the decline. 

Summary for the Westside 2.0

The west side 2.0 is a great option for the serious athlete who wants to train at home with a buddy. If you are equipping a professional gym you might as well go for the big one. 

Rogue adjustable bench 2.0 

Price $545

Overview of the Rogue adjustable bench 2.0

The Rogue Adjustable bench 2.0 is the best value for bench out of the Rogue portfolio. This is the bench to get when you do t have the money to invest into an AB2 for your personal gym or want to upgrade from the Utility line for your commercial gym. The special features of the adjustable bench two are its cost-efficient design and the pad with no gap. This makes it a solid choice. The specifications are: 
  • Made in the USA
  • (6) Adjustment Positions: 0-85 degrees
  • Pad Height: 17.5" , 56.25" at 85 degrees
  • Pad Width: 11.25" (Pad)
  • Length: 52" (Overall Pad Length)
  • Virtually No Gap between Seat/Back Pad
  • (2) Seat Positions: Flat or Upward Angl
  • Wheels and plastic-lined handle for mobility
  • Rubber caps on legs to prevent sliding, protect floor
  • Optional Spotter Deck 
  • Color: Black
This is the bench for every occasion. 

Pros of the Rogue Adjustable 2.0 

Good balance between features and cost for a Rogue bench. Almost no gap between the upper and lower pad. 

Cons of the Rogue Adjustable 2.0

Limited range of adjustments and no decline bench press possible. 

Alternatives to the Rogue Adjstable 2.0

Alternatives to the Adjustable bench are 
The AB3 is the Porsche of portable benches from Rogue. If you want to be able to do it all while still rolling the bench around, this is the one to get. However, for the price of this bench, you can also get a very good rack. 
The Utility bench is not adjustable but has up to 6 custom configurations for the flat bench press. If you don’t care about the incline or decline bench press, look into the Utility bench

Summary for the Rogue Adjustable 2.0

The adjustable bench 2.0 is the best value for money option from Rogue for an adjustable bench. Compared to other models you will save money. If you don’t want to decline bench press or bench 1000 pounds, this is the one for you. 

Monster utility bench 

Price $265

Overview of the Utility bench

The monster utility bench is the workhorse in the Rogue portfolio. It is the best portable bench from Rogue which you can not adjust. The Utility bench can be customized which leaves you with six different configurations. You can choose between:
  • Regular height 
  • Shorty height 
  • Thompson fat pad 
  • Competition pad 
  • Standard pad 
The three different pads will give you more grip when you are on the bench, depending on your size. The shorty setup enables to have the bench at the same height while having a big pad. The specs are: 
  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • 3x3” 11 gauge steel tubing
  • Footprint: 44”L x 24”W 
  • Weight (without pad): 52 lbs.
  • Gussets feature laser-cut Rogue "R" logo
  • Rubber feet for added stability
  • Includes hardware for assembly
  • Available in Standard or Shorty height
  • Choice of Standard, Comp Fat Pad™, or Thompson Fat Pad™
  • Color: Black

Pros of the Utility bench

The pros is the Utility bench is its low price and versatility. With the new pad options, there is even some individualization possible. 

Cons of the Utility bench

The Utility bench can not be adjusted. Some big athletes moving very big weights might also find it to be too flimsy to bench 600 pounds on. 

Alternatives to the Utility bench

Alternatives to the Utility bench are 
The Rogue Adjustable bench is still budget-friendly and comes with the option to adjust the bench for incline bench presses or dumbbell exercises. 
The west side bench is the ultimate station for the serious bench presser. If you aspire to or already bench more than 400 pounds, this might be the way to go. 
The Rogue AB3 is the crown jewel of Rogue’s portable bench portfolio.

Summary for the Utility bench

The Rogue Utility bench is the workhorse of choice of you do not need an adjustable bench or high-performance setup.

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