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Which rack to buy from Rogue for over $1.000? [Article, Free download

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 24, 2019 11:26:46 AM

Which rack to buy from Rogue?

Which rack to buy from Rogue for over $1.000?

This is an overview of which Rack to buy from Rogue for over $1.000. The two best options are the RM6 and RML490C in my opinion. However, there are many use cases and Rogue tailors to them all.

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Index of Rogue Racks

The following article will look at these racks from Rogue ordered from highest price to lowest
I hope you find some ideas and alternatives that you have not thought of yet to build or expand your gym. Rogue is very reliable and never has let me down. You will invest in a strong partner for your strength and conditioning goals.

Quick Overview

Some people do not like to think or read a lot and just go. Here is the quick overview of which rack to get for which purpose:
Do you want the best for a home gym / single athlete?
Do you want to hold a powerlifting meet?
Do you want to build the ultimate strength station?
Do you want plate storage and a full rack in one go?
690 or 690C
You want to save money, storage and a full rack in one and do not care about future upgrades?
Do you want to get into the Rogue Monster portfolio on a budget?
You want to build a home gym on a budget and still get great stuff?

Most popular Rogue racks in 2020

Attached you find which Rogue racks have been most popular on in terms of views of their reviews and click through rates to Rogue Fitness for purchases. If you want to learn more about the details of the composition of the data you can read the full analyses under what were the most popular Rogue products in 2020.


Most popular Rogue racks in 2020

The most popular rogue racks based on views of their reviews on Marathon-CrossFit in 2020 are:
The Rogue HR2 rack is part of the Rogue Monster lite series. What it has going for itself is its moderate place and lower space requirements compared to other racks of Rogue. I can also see how this rack can be a best seller as it is practical, not pricey and ticks most boxes. You can learn more about the details and alternatives in the review of the HR2 rack.
The Rogue RM8 is one of the most expensive items you can get from Rogue. The RM8 incorporates all of the major developments from Rogue like cerakote coating, a Rhino drop-in unit, and the LT1 50 cal lever arms. Its high price helps with popularity but I do not think that it is a high volume sales product based on its sheer size and high price tag. You can read a full review of the RM8 on this blog.
The RML 390 F is a half-rack from Rogue that does not need to be bolted to the ground. This makes it a very likely candidate from Rogue to have a very high sales volume. The small footprint and reasonable price further underpin this. Compared to the RM8 it is affordable so popularity is more likely to directly transfer to sales. You can read the full review of the RML 390F on my blog here.
The RM4 Fortis is a cheaper version of the RM4 Monster rack from Rogue. You will have fewer color options and get fewer pins and extras with your order. This is a good option if you want more space in the rack than with a half rack without shelling out thousands of dollars. You can ted the fu review of the RM4 fortis rack here.
The RML 390c is a half-rack from Rogue with a color option. Compared to the 390F it needs to be bolted to the ground to avoid sliding while it comes in at a similar price. You can read the full review of the 390c on my blog by following this link.

What is your budget

The budget for the racks below stretches from $1000 to $3000. Be aware that you will still need to buy plates, a barbell and some other accessory for your gym if this is your first purchase. If you want to know more about the Rogue bars read my article "which rogue barbell to buy" to accompany this. With $3000 you will bump any of these racks up to the ultimate luxury version of itself. 

Rack, plates and barbell

When you get your order ready, take care to buy your barbell, plates and rack in one go. This will help to keep the shipping costs down. Plates will cost you about $1000 to get a proper setup that will last you a lifetime. Barbells will range between $300 to $1000 depending on what you want to get. Avoid the mistake of buying these things apart as it will get frustrating. 

Rogue Monster vs Rogue Monster Lite

If you are torn between the Rogue Monster and Rogue Monster Lite Series then this video is for you. Commercial buyers should lean more towards the Monster Series as it gets more attention from the Rogue Product development team and will also take a bigger beating due to the sturdier nuts and bolts. Home gym buyers ought to have a good look at the upgrade paths and accessories for the Monster and Monster lite line.


Personally, I am a huge fan of the RM3 as it puts you at the entry-level of budget to get into the Monster line. However, with the 3.0 upgrade of the Monster lite series, there is not a lot to compromise anymore between the two lines. So, if you are not into the big upgrades and just want to upgrade a Monster lite rack to the max with your available budget, then that is also a great road to travel.

RM8 Banshee

Rogue RM8 Power rack

Price $7.350

The Rogue RM8 is the new flagship of the rogue rack portfolio and replaces the RM6 at the top of the food chain. Rogue takes its latest inventions and combines them to a new masterpiece. 

Overview of the RM8 

The RM8 is the newest edition to the Rogue Monster line up. After publishing the 50cal, Rhino belt squat and a multitude of new bar designs using the Cerakote finish Rogue out it all together and went even bigger. This is the ultimate station to get stronger, especially for anyone who wants to squat heavy up until older age. 
As part of the Rogue monster series, you will get the 3x3 Gauge steel with the big bolts. The finish is currently only Cerakote black also I am quite positive that this will change in the foreseeable future. The RM8 has the following dimensions: 
  • Length 10’6”
  • Width 6’4”
  • Width Rack inside 43”
  • Height 100.375”
  • Footprint 10’6” x 53”
You will basically get an RM6 on steroids with all the plate storage you need and extra functionality to attack your muscles from every angle. Here is the list of items:
The Rhino belt squat is one of the most interesting new developments in the Rogue portfolio. It is especially good to train heavy for squats without putting too much strain on your lower back. An older lifter will appreciate it, you get lifters will be able to get more volume in. The stand-alone version of the Rhino comes in at roughly $2000 and I have already written about the Rhino belt squat it on my blog. 
The loadable weight trolleys are two lever arms with the 50cal mechanism. Again Rogue has shown innovation on these. They revised that the original lever arms were cumbersome to adjust and can up with these. Footballers and Rugby players will appreciate the tackling training which can be done with them. Strongman athletes will have a good piece of equipment to simulate car deadlifts or uneven loads. Bodybuilders will have options to simulate all kinds of rowing and pressing machines when combined with an adjustable bench. Finally, powerlifters can use the setup to create a mini monolift. 
The pull-up bar with knurling gives you extra grip. It is one of the newer additions to the rack options of Rogue. Still, it is a bar, not a lot to be said about it. 
The custom rogue nameplates look cool, but that is about it. It’s a pity that Rogue does not allow the configuration to be changed to a simple cross member. The nameplate renders the beam almost unusable for any attachments. Still, it looks dang cool. 
That plate pins are great as they safe you the extra hassle and cost to provide for plate storage. If you have children in your home I recommend getting spring collars to make the plates safe. Some like to put the plate pins as high as possible. I would not do that as the plates will drop from a height into anything below if they come off the rack. Most children won’t be able to move the spring collars, so at least you have some safety. 
The band legs can be used to train with the west side method. You attach bands to the pegs and barbell for added resistance. You can see an example of how that works in the two videos below.  

Pros of the RM8 

The RM8 is the one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest that Rogue has to offer. The Rhino belt squat will give you many variations to train while keeping your lower back safe. You can switch from resisted jumps to band assisted squats. The potential is limitless. It is really great to see that products can still be made better in a market which you thought was saturated. If you have the money the Banshee won’t disappoint. 

Cons of the RM8

$7000 is a big price tag for a rack. You can get 7 Fortis racks for this price if you were to equip a commercial gym. Another option would be a monkey rig which gives many more options to run classes of them. This beast is aimed at in e or two people. Of course, you can have more people train at it, but this is definitely the ultimate celebrity or athlete home gym, not the commercial option. Unless you are an NFL team and do not care about multiplying out the 7000 over half the numbers of players you have. 
Another con is that for the biggest price tag you get no color option. That is a shame and hopefully changes soon. They probably assemble it by hand and coat it as they don’t have a production line for the RM8 yet. Stay tuned in this space. 

Alternatives to the RM8 

There are no alternatives if you want all the best toys of Rogue in one rack. But not everyone has 7000 to spend on a rack. Here are some alternatives to spend your hard-earned money on excellent Rogue equipment: 
If you have the same amount of money to spend but also think about how to make that money back in a professional gym setup the monkey Rig or a monster rig might be a better choice. A Rig leaves you with more options for circuit training and positing people up. You can read more about rigs in my monkey and monster rig articles
If you want to spend money on a very good rack for your home gym you can go for the RM6 instead. The RM6 comes with different height and color options and leaves you with more choice rather than the take it or leave it approach of the banshee. If you were to come to money at after stage you can still upgrade with the Rhino Drop in and the 50cal trolley arms separately. You can learn about the RM6 in my review. 
The RM4 fortis is the best rack option from Rogue under 1.000. If you wanted to equip a commercial gym with seven racks rather than one rolls Royce that is the option to go for. The RM4 is still a great rack and your customers will be happy. 
3WC is a rack option which can fold in and be snug against the wall. This way it is an ideal setup for a garage gym when you still want to park your car. It also comes in at around $500. 

Summary of the RM8 

The RM8 is the best to be had from Rogue. You can use the Rhino when your lower back is at you or do resisted pull-ups while the rest of the rack offers everything for plate storage to a pull-up station. Of course, it is over the top, but that’s the whole point. 

Rogue combo rack

Price 2.500$

The video above summarises my personal opinion for purchasing a Rogue combo rack for a home gym. If you want to just lean back and get information, watch it and then dig into the details below. In the following paragraphs you will find details on dimensions and alternative choices. I invite you to leave a comment on Youtube if you have direct questions.

Overview of the combo rack

The Rogue combo rack is the gold standard from Rogue for powerlifting meets. It has been designed for the environment of a powerlifting meet where you have professional athletes of different sizes stepping up to the platform. The Rogue Combo rack is IPF certified and manufactured in Columbus Ohio. Special features are the lever arm jack, telescoping uprights which can be angled and the removable bench.
The rogue combo rack comes in black and weighs 505lb. It is 77.25'' long when the bench is attached. The total width is 80.25'' and the inside width comes to 43.5''. When it is fully extended the maximum height is 78'' for the squat and 17.5'' for the bench press. The Notes are cut from 3x3 Gauge steel as with all products from the Rogue Monster series. The overall footprint of the combo rack is 77.25'' x 80.25''.
This is the flagship rack of Rogue that has been built for showing off the best national and international athletes.  That the IPF put its stamp of approval on it shows that Rogue means business. If you want to organize one big meet or multiple meets throughout a year this rack is for you. If you are serious about competing on an international level you might want to get this for your home or local gym, so that you can simulate competition as close as possible. 

Pros of the combo rack

This rack is sturdy and can be easily adjusted. It also does not need to be bolted down to the ground as Rogue is making use of their flat foot design. This is handy if you are putting up a competition in a local hotel or on any stage where you are not allowed to bolt a rack into the ground. Another advantage is that the uprights can be angled. This is great when you have very big athletes competing who want to grip the bar outside of the J Cups as they are so massive. The removable bench will safe time for your meet is you do not have to haul off one piece of equipment of the stage and replace it with another. You will also get a westside Monster bench and squat stand in one purchase. This saves money if you are serious about power and strength and know what you are doing. 

Cons of the combo rack

The first con is the price. For 2.500$ you can also get an RM6 from Rogue or two midrange RM4 or R4 racks. This rack is also not user-friendly. It has been designed with a powerlifting meet in mind. To operate it most effectively you need 2 - 4 spotters who get everything ready for the athlete. Great in a powerlifting meet. Suboptimal when you are training by yourself or have a gym where beginners will just wreck themselves with the setup. There are also no safeties for the squat as a spotter crew is assumed. This is the right piece of equipment for someone who wants to get a powerlifting meet organized and done with as little waiting time for the crowd and athletes between lifts as possible. The home gym or commercial gym owner will make their lives unnecessarily hard.

Alternatives to the combo rack

For 2.500$ you can get the following other options from Rogue
If you are looking at the Combo rack I am quite sure that you are serious about lifting and probably already own a gym or seriously consider to build a massive home gym. If you are not planning to become the local powerlifting meet go to point or you do not have a serious team of powerlifters around to work the combo rack while someone lifts, consider getting something else. 
The Rogue RM6 rack is a great option for anyone starting a home gym who wants storage and rack space combined in one rack. You can also upgrade this rack with the Monster Lat pull down and Rhino belt Squat Drop in.  Innovation at Rogue also always comes first for the Monster line and trickles down from there. If you have the budget and want the best for your home gym, this can be an excellent choice instead of the combo rack.
The Rogue Rhino monster Belt Squat saves you money compared to the combo rack and is a great option for someone who has space and already owns a rack to squat and bench press in. If you own a gym think about what your clients need. If your clients are mainly powerlifters who compete often, you might want to get the combo rack. If your gym has a more mixed clientele and many older powerlifters with lower back problems, you definitely want to get the belt squat. 
If you are opening your first gym or a new gym you will probably be better of investing the money in a Monster or Monster lite rig. For 2.500$ you will get one of the shorter ones. This will give you more options to create revenue streams, as the rig can be used for more different styles of training. A rig sets you up for powerlifting, CrossFit, Weightlifting and Tabata classes. The combo rack is for powerlifters only. 
The Prone leg curl can be an option for a commercial gym or home gym owners who want to present more options for leg development. If you have a lot of bodybuilders or footballers in your gym this might be the better option than the combo rack. 

Rogue RM6 rack

Price  ca. 2.000 



The video above summarises my personal opinion for purchasing a RM6 for a home gym. If you want to just lean back and get information, watch it and then dig into the details below. In the following paragraphs you will find details on dimensions and alternative choices. I invite you to leave a comment on Youtube if you have direct questions.

Overview of the RM6

The RM6 is currently the flagship rack of Rogue's portfolio. It is the biggest and meanest rack you can get from them. The Rogue RM6 provides you with one full and half rack which can be customized to your needs. You can use different cross members and pull up bars for functionality and stability. The RM6 goes with many of Rogue's accessories to be customized to your personal needs. This can be chalk bowls, barbell holders and different versions of plate storage
The RM6 has a footprint of 80''x53''. It is 76'' long and 49'' in width. You can get it in three different heights, 90'', 100'' and 108''. The steel notes are made from 3x3 Gauge Steel as all products from the Rogue Monster series.  The available colours for the RM6 are
  • Bright blue
  • Bright Green
  • Burnt orange
  • Dark blue
  • Dark red
  • Gun Metal
  • Light Gray
  • Rogue Red
  • White
  • Satin clear
  • Satin black
For the cross members, you have the following options
  • Single pull up bar
  • Fat Skinny pull up bar
  • Nameplate
  • Single fat
  • Beam with gusset
  • Socket pull up bar
For the J cups, you have three options
The securities have the following options
With this rack, you get the storage space and pull up space which is ideal to build a standalone powerlifting station in your gym or building the ultimate home gym. This beast is massive and overbuilt, but worth the price. You can also rest assured that you will be part of any innovation that Rogue makes as they usually start from the monster series and trickle now products down from there.

Pros of the RM6

The Rogue RM6 provides you with a full and a half rack to customise further. You can either choose to leave the space so that two athletes can train at the same time or add plate storage as needed. The half rack can also be converted to a belt squat station by combining it with Rhino bet squat. The Rogue Monster Slinger can attach to create a station for lat pull down and triceps pushdowns. All of this combined makes the RM6 the ultimate home gym when you are serious about change or the piece of attention in your existing gym to attract powerlifters. 

Cons of the RM6

The RM6 takes up quite a bit of space. If you are aiming to maximize your floor space and leave a lot of room for running exercises, this is not the optimal choice. Another con is the price. for 2600$ you can get two mid-range Rogue racks or eight Rogue Ohio Barbells. If you want to build a gym on a budget this is not the right choice for you. 

Alternatives to the RM6

There are some alternatives to the RM6 in the Rogue portfolio depending on your needs. These are
The Rogue R6 takes the same idea as with the RM6 and makes it a bit more palatable to your purse. The R6 comes in at roughly 1.000 $ less and covers the same floor space. If you are trying to build a home gym with plate storage including a full and half rack, the R6 is also an option. The only downside is that the R6 belongs to the Rogue Infinity series. The Infinity series is built from 2x3 stell notes and not from 3x3 steel notes.  At the moment Rogue does not focus in developing new equipment for this series. Innovations like the 50' cal, Rhibo belt squat and Slinger will take time to trickle down to this rack. You will still have a solid rack that delivers.
The RML690C is an option when you still want a long rack with space and keep the option to choose your own colour.  With 1.750$you make some savings compared to the R6. There are no standardised height choices so you will have to contact Rogue to get a custom build if you want changes to the original height. You will also have fewer accessory options is with the Monster line. 
If you are considering to start a new gym, be aware that for the price of one RM6 you can get 8 Rogue Ohio barbells. This means you can run a CrossFit class with 8 paying people if you have the floor space instead of one powerlifter rattling a rack. Something to think about when you ay out your gym to maximise revenue. Not so relevant for the home gym warrior.

Rogue RML 690c rack

Price $1.750


Overview of the RML 690C

The video above summarises my personal opinion for purchasing a Rogue RML 690C for a home gym. If you want to just lean back and get information, watch it and then dig into the details below. In the following paragraphs you will find details on dimensions and alternative choices. I invite you to leave a comment on Youtube if you have direct questions.

The Rogue RML 690C contains a full and a half rack combined. C stands for colour so you also can individualize even further. The 690C is part of the Rogue monster lite series. It will provide you with storage space for plates, band pegs to train westside style and space and safety to do your heavy squats. With 1.750$ it is one of the great value for money options from Rogue. You will get not the same access to innovation is with the MOnster Series, but have a very solid and well-built home gym or centrepiece to your strength facility.
The Rogue RML 690C is built in Columbus Ohio. It weighs 530LB and comes with a footprint of 80''x53''. The length is 76'' and width is 49''. The RML 690C is only available in 90.375''. If you want alterations to these dimensions you can contact Rogue and they might do it for you for an extra customisation charge. The Stell notes are made of 3x3'' gauge steel with Westside hole spacing. It comes with a skinny pull up bar and a beam. The RML is compatible with the Monster Lite accessor range. Watch out that you get the right equipment and not mistakenly go for something from the Rogue Monster series. The RML 690C is available in:
  • Bright blue
  • Bright Green
  • Burnt orange 
  • Dark blue
  • Dark red
  • Gun Metal
  • Light Gray 
  • Rogue Red
  • Satin Black
  • Satin clear
With this, you will get a solid home gym or centrepiece of strength at a good price. Think about the various options and configurations before buying. It is usually less expensive to get all of the material in one shipping. Be meticulous and plan with caution on your order. Get as many items as you can in one sitting.

Pros of the RML 690C

The Rogue RML 690C is a solid value for money option. It will look pretty, provide space and will give you an opportunity to store your plates. All in all, this is the reasonable choice when you want to optimise floor space for a home gym or for adding a powerlifting corner to your commercial gym. It is easy to set up between two people with the regular tools you can find. 

Cons of the RML 690C

For some basement setups, this rack might be too big. Have a good plan in mind of what you are going to do with the half rack that comes with it. Otherwise, you might have wasted space as plates can also be stored on walls or in boxes depending on your facilities. You will also not be able to make of some recent additions to the rogue portfolio like the slinger and the Rhino belt squat to make this rack more versatile as these are only compatible with the monster series. 

Alternatives to the RML 690C

Alternatives to the 690C rack are:
The Rogue RML 690 is the same rack just without a colour option. If you like black or you do not care that much about a colour option you can save some money by getting the 690 instead of the 690C. Simple but effective. 
The Rogue R6 has a very similar make to the RML690C. You will get no colour and be part of the Rogue Infinity series. The main difference is that the steel notes are made of 2x3'' steel instead of 3x3'' stell. This makes the R6 230LB lighter than the RML 690 C. The R6 is a good option when you do not care much about aesthetics, just want something simple to set up your home gym and save some weight, because your gym is in an apartment or attic. 
The Rogue RM4 is a full rack out of the Monster series. This rack is a great option if you do not have the floor space or budget for a full 690C or an RM6 rack. With this option, you start your build in the monster series and keep yourself open for the newest innovations while saving some space in your garage gym or commercial gym. The downside is that you will have less space in the rack to either store plates or fit athletes in. 

Rogue RML 690 rack 

Price $1568


The video above summarises my personal opinion for purchasing a Rogue RML 690 for a home gym. If you want to just lean back and get information, watch it and then dig into the details below. In the following paragraphs you will find details on dimensions and alternative choices. I invite you to leave a comment on Youtube if you have direct questions.


Overview of the RML 690

The Rogue RML 690 Rack combines a full and a half rack into one strength station. With this rack, you get all the plate storage and space you need to do your powerlifts.  You can bench press, squat and deadlift in this rack. This can become the centrepiece of a home gym or the central station for powerlifters in an existing commercial gym. 
The RML 690 is only available in black. If you want to add some colour to your live opt for the RML 690C. The RML 690 is built in Columbus Ohio and weighs 530LB.  It comes in at a height of 90.375'' with a footprint of 80'' by 53''.  The 690 is compatible with the Rogue MOnster lite series. IT comes with one skinny pull up bar and one Fat skinny pull up bar included. The stell notes are made of 3x3'' Gauge steel.  the length is 76'' while the width is 49''.
The Rogue RML 690 is a good option for anyone who does not care about colour and wants to save some money or someone who wants to spend some extra money compared to the R6. Compared to the R6 you get a rack that is of a sturdier built

Pros of the RML 690

With this rack, you get a pull-up station, bench and squat station in one. At the same time, you can also use the additional half rack either for storage or having more athletes perform exercises on them on the rack in parallel. The west side hole spacing and the band pegs make it possible for you to train westside style which not all racks can do. This is a good value for money option for anyone building a home gym or adding some extra rack space to their commercial facilities. 

Cons of the RML 690

The 690 might take up too much space in a basement or garage gym. Know exactly what your measurements and how you will use the additional half rack in the back. Otherwise, you are only eating up space in your house or in your gym facility. The 690 also comes without a colour option and therefore might not match the rest of your already existing equipment, unless it is black. 

Alternatives to the RML 690

Alternatives to the RML 690 are
The RML 690C will give you the exact same rack, except with different colour options. If you want to spent about 200$ more to get something matching or more appealing to your eye than simple black, this is the rack to go for. 
The RM4 is a full rack and smaller than the RML 690. With the RM4 you get the option of colour and access to the newest Rogue innovations. The RM4 is part of the MOnster series and is therefore compatible with the newest add ons that Rogue releases. The tradeoff is that you will not get the additional half rack. Therefore you might have to think about how to store your plates in a different way. 
The R6 is a less costly alternative to the RML 690. You will get a very similar build. The main difference is that the R6 is part of the Infinity series of Rogue.  There was not a lot of innovation in this line of business from Rogue recently. The steel notes will be made of 2x3'' instead of 3x3'' and the rack will, therefore, weigh 300LB instead of 530LB. 
The RML 490 is the little brother of the 690. You will stay within the Monster lite series and the accessory that comes with it. With this rack, you get a full rack which takes up less space than the 690. The good news is that this rack will be under $1.000 which is a line that many people do not want to cross for their rack. 

Rogue R6 rack 

Price $1495


Overview of the R6 rack

The Rogue R6 rack is a good choice for anyone who wants to build a home gym that lasts and does not want to add a lot of stuff to it. The R6 comes with a multi-grip pull up bar included which is one of the main distinguishers from other racks. It is also lighter than the monster racks in the same price range as it is built from 2x3'' instead of 3x3'' stele notes. 
The R6 is only available in black and is made in Columbus, Ohio. The total footprint is 80''x53''. it is 90.375'' high. The length is 76'' and the width comes to 47''.  The shipment includes
and the necessary cross members to build the Rack.
The R6 was one of the first half rack / Full rack combos that Rogue sold. It was their flagship rack before the MOnster Lite and Monster series were introduced. Since then, product development has moved on to focus on the bigger, sturdier product lines and not a lot is done for the Echo and Infinity series anymore in terms of development. The R6 is still a great piece of equipment which will outshine what other vendors will deliver. 

Pros of the R6 rack

The biggest pro of the R& is that it is a one-stop shop for someone who wants to build a proper home gym. Plate storage, a proper pull-up bar, J cups and everything else you need out of the box to get started. You do not have to make decisions around which extra pieces you want to get. Just click purchase and you are good to go for a reasonable mid-range Rogue price. 

Cons of the R6 rack

The biggest con of the R6 is that it is the most expensive piece of equipment out of a series of products that Rogue does not pay a lot of attention to anymore. If you are sure that your training needs will always stay the same that is ok. If you, however, want to be able to fully participate in the new gadgets that Rogue comes out with you might be better off buying a smaller rack for a similar price out of the Monster series. 

Alternatives to the R6 rack

Alternatives to the R6 rack are
The RML 690 will give you a very similar rack which is built on the 3x3 steel notes. This will give access to the Monster lite accessory series and is also more likely to protect your investment for the future compared to investing in the Rogue INfibity series. Apart from this the R6 and RML 690 are very similar in dimensions and functionality.
The R4 is the little sister of the R6. With this rack out of the Infinity series, you will get a full rack without the half rack. You will also land below the magical $1000 mark for acquiring your rack. The R4 is a good option for gyms who want to have 3 - 6 racks at different parts of their gym or on different floors. IN a multi-floor facility plate storage is usually already taken care of and therefore less of a worry. The R4 is a good option to maximise rack space for your buck. 
The RM4 comes in at roughly the same price as the R6. With this rack, you will fully participate on Rogues newest upgrades and add-ons as this is part of the Monster series. The back draw is that you get less rack space for the amount of money as the RM is made of 3x3'' instead of 2x3'' steel. 

Rogue RM4 Monster rack 

Price $1.355


Overview of the RM4

The Rogue RM4 is the middle of the range rack out of the Monster series. The bigger brother is the RM6. Smaller versions are the RM3 and monster half racks in the portfolio. This rack is a good option for anyone who knows how to take care of plate storage already and wants to fit a rack into their home gym or facility. 
As with all monster racks you can choose between 90'', 100'' and 108'' in height. The footprint of this rack is 53''x53'' and it is made in Columbus Ohio. The length of the rack is 49'' while the width is 49''.. You can choose from following colour options for the RM4:
  • Bright Blue
  • Bright Green
  • Burnt orange
  • Dark blue
  • Dark red
  • Gun Metal
  • Light Gray
  • Rogue Red
  • White
  • Satin Clear
  • Satin black
For the crossmembers, you can choose between
For the J Cups, you can choose from the following options
For your safeties following options are available:
The RM4 is a solid mid-price range rack which can be used in any gym. Especially when you already have the necessary plate storage it might be a good choice.

Pros of the RM4

The RM4 leaves you with many options for upgrades in the Rogue portfolio as part of the Monster series. It is also overbuilt like any other rack out of this series. It is also made of 3x3'' steel notes which are bigger and more stable than their 2x3'' counterparts from the infinity series. With this rack you are looking into the future will you might currently be cash strapped for all the extras you want to get for your gym.

Cons of the RM4

A con to the RM4 is the price. For a 53x53 rack, the RM4 is in the upper range of the spectrum. If you want to maximise your money you might want to spend it on the Infinity or Echo series to have more cash left for accessories or plates. The monster series is not made to build a gym on a budget. It is built to give you the best gym that money can buy based on good craftsmanship coming from the US.

Alternatives to the RM4

Some alternatives to the RM4 are
  • R4
  • R3
The R4 has roughly the same dimensions but comes out of the Infinity series of Rogue. This basically means the same rack, but less metal used to build it. This choice will save you 400$ which you can put towards a nice barbell to complete your setup.
The R3 travels down the same path with a smaller footprint. While the RM$ and R4 have a 53x53 footprint the R3 comes in at 53''x34''. This is a half rack that you can fit into small spaces on a small budget and might be the right choice for a hard-working student with little financial back up from the wider family or a non-profit or community gym that wants to make the budget stretch. 

Rogue RM 390 F 

Price $1211


Overview of the RM 390 F

The Rogue RM 390F Flat Foot Monster rack is a half rack that has been designed to avoid bolting it to the floor. This half rack can easily be installed on any kind of gym floor without drilling into the ground. It is still part of the Rogue Monster series and therefore compatible with most accessories out of the Rogue line up.  The delivery includes a pull-up bar, Jcups and a pin/pipe safety system.
The RM 390F is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio and shipped from there. This rack is only available in black and weighs 335LB. It is 93'' high and 24'' wide. The entire footprint of the RM 390F is 54''x50''. The stell notes are made from 3x3'' steel and the feet to give it stability on the ground will be shipped with it.
All in all the Rogue RM 390F is a compact rack that can be installed anywhere without being too intrusive on the building itself. You will also be up to date with new developments in Rogue product line as you entering the Monster series with this purchase.

Pros of the RM 390 F

The biggest pro of this rack is that it is compact and can fit in many situations. While it is compact it is built like a tank at the same time.  The $1200 are also almost half of the bigger racks you can get out of the Monster series. If you don't feel the need for a big rack, the 390F might be for you. Especially if you are a smaller athlete.

Cons of the RM 390 F

The 390F flat foot might not be the ideal choice of you want to train with the west side method or do kipping pull-ups. There still might be some unwanted movement in the rack when performing these exercises. You also will have to think about where to store your plates. If you store them on the half rack, you probably will not have enough space to perform the exercises you want. If you are a very big athlete the half rack also might not be for you because of the limited space compared to the full racks. 

Alternatives to the RM 390 F

Here some alternatives to the RM 390F
The RM3 comes in at $1200 and need to be bolted to the ground. With this rack, you get more choices of colour and also the option to do kipping pull-ups and train the west side method. This might be the better choice when you own a commercial gym and intent to expand the rack in the future. If you have limited space and also know that you will be moving quite often, stick with the RM 390F instead.
The Rogue Froning 4100 rack comes in at $1150 and delivers a full-size rack that can be bolted to the ground. This is a good option for bigger athletes who want to move big weights at home but have limited space. With the RML you enter the MOnster lite instead of the monster series and you will, therefore, have fewer accessory options as with the RM 390F. Some nice addition to this rack is that is branded as Rich Froning for some extra inspiration.
The RML 390F flat foot is the Monster Lite version of the flat foot concept. This rack does not need to be bolted to the ground and puts you back $795. This rack is very popular with a lot of reviews and sells often as you stay under the magical $1000 mark that many buyers do not want to exceed when getting their first rack. 

Rogue Monster collegiate half racks 

Price $1160


Overview of the Collegiate

The Monster Collegiate half rack takes the shortcomings of some half racks and fixes them. Half racks usually create the problem that they are not very stable for pull-ups and that you can not to band work with them. The collegiate rack fixes these challenges by providing 100'' in height through angled beams and some stabilization in the front which can also be used for band pegs.
The single Monster Half rack has a footprint of 62''x53''. It includes a pull-up bar, band pegs, plate storage posts and a Rogue nameplate. The Rogue Collegiate rack is built in Columbus and delivered from there. The height is 100.375'' in the front and 90'' inside.  The front feed extends another 30''.
This rack is a great option if you need some extra height for pull-ups and want to pack as many exercises as possible into a small space.  The double collegiate version is a good option if you want to optimize your storage space for multiple racks.

Pros of the Collegiate

The Rogue Collegiate is a great option to amp up a regular half rack and get the most of it. With little adjustments, the rack becomes more versatile and serves more purposes in your home gym or in your facility.

Cons of the Collegiate

You will use the same amount of floor space as with a full rack. If you have no business in band work or kipping pull-ups, you might be better off sticking with one of the more solid full rack options.

Alternatives to the collegiate

Alternatives to the Monster Collegiate rack are 
The 4100C is a Froning branded full rack from the Monster Lite series. Instead of getting A little bit of everything you get one solid cage that will withstand a pounding. The 4100C is a no-nonsense one-stop shop for the CrossFit hero at home. It can also become the beginning piece of the powerlifting corner in your facility. The biggest advantage is the extra space. The biggest disadvantage is that you enter the Monster lite series and will, therefore, have fewer accessories to pick from. 
The RM3 is slightly more expensive and is also a half rack. The RM3 comes in at the same hight as the collegiate rack at 100''. This leaves plenty of space for pull-ups. There is also 90'' and 108'' version available. In addition, you can also pick different colours from than black with the RM3. If you do not intend to do a lot of band work and want more options to choose from, the RM3 might be the better pick. 
The RML 490C is a full rack. Just like the 4100C it comes from the Monster lite series.  With this rack, you can choose your favourite colour and start with a full rack, instead of a half rack. If you are more of a powerlifter than a football athlete, the RML 490C might be the better option for you to get your money's worth. 

Rogue Froning 4100 c rack

Price $1150


Overview of the froning rack

The Rogue Froning 4100C rack is a monster lite full rack that has been developed together with all time CrossFit legend Rich Froning. Compared to the normal Rogue Monster lite 490C and 490 version this rack is taller standing at 100.375''. This makes it a better rack for pull up movements of any kind. It also ships standard with Safety straps instead of safety pins at no extra cost.
The Rich Froning 4100c rack is made in Columbus, Ohio and weighs 340LB. It has 49'' in length and width. The total footprint of this rack comes to 53''x53''. The stell notes are made of 3x3'' Gauge steel just as the rest of the Monster lite series. The full shipping list includes a bare steel pull up bar, J-Cups, band pegs and the safety straps. 
Overall this is a solid piece of equipment for the dedicated CrossFitter who wants some extra inspiration with the Froning branding. 

Pros of the froning rack

The extra height compared with the Monster lite series optimises your budget for setting yourself up for CrossFitsuccesss. The extra branding also makes this rack stand out. Anyone dedicated to CrossFit will know that you mean business if this rack is in your gym.  Out of the box, this rack is ready to go and has come little extras compared to other Rogue racks from the same size.

Cons of the froning rack

Extra branding means extra pricing. You can get an RML 490 in the same colour which is 90.375''. This will cost you less and almost does the same trick for you and your gym. The saved money can be out towards plates or a barbell depending on what you are planning to set up in your gym.

Alternatives to the froning rack

Alternatives to the 4100C are 
The RM3 is available in three different heights, 90'', 100'' and 108''. You can also freely choose your colour and enter the Rogue MOnster instead of the Monster lite line of products. This will protect your investment for the future, as most innovations of Rogue are released first for the Monster series. The downside of this swap is that you get a half rack instead of a full rack for your gym.
The RML490C has the same footprint as the 4100C and is also from the Monster lite series. If you are a smaller athlete or do not care that much about the extra height, the RML 490C might be the better pick for you than the 4100C. With RML 490C you can pick a different colour than black for your rack 

Rogue RM3 Monster rack 

Price $1200


Overview of the RM3 rack

The RM3 is one of the smallest members of the Monster rack series. With this half rack, you can enter the flagship line of Rogue at a budget to fully participate in future upgrades. For most beginners or smaller athletes, the space provided in this half rack might be even enough. 
The RM3 is made in Columbus, USA and comes in three different heights. You can choose from 90'', 100'' and 108''. The footprint of this rack is 40''x53'' and the steel notes are made of 3x3'' steel. The length of this rack comes to 36'' while the width is 49''. ON your purchase you can choose from the following colours:
  • Bright blue
  • Bright Green
  • Burnt orange
  • Dark blue
  • Dark red
  • Gun Metal
  • Light Gray
  • Rogue Red
  • White
  • Satin Clear
  • Satin black
For the cross members you have the following choices:
For the J cups you can choose from following options
The RM3 is a great option when you only want to spend roughly $1000 to won a Monster rack. It is a great entry point to the best what Rogue has to offer. 

Pros of the RM3 rack

You will get a free choice of colour with your purchase and can also adjust height. This is one of the most sturdy half racks which you can currently find on the market. With the band pegs, you can also perform the westside method, if you wish to. 

Cons of the RM3 rack

The RM3 might be a bit small for some athletes and not offer a lot of storage space for plates. If you want to train the biggest athletes and also take care of storage this rack might not be the right choice for you. It does not sit well together to get the biggest and sturdiest version of the smallest rack there is. If you want to safe space and money, do it properly and not half ways. 

Alternatives to the RM3 rack

The Rogue RML490C makes a great alternative to the RM3. If you still want to pick your colour, but want a full rack instead, the Rogue Monster lite 490C is for you instead of the RM3.

Rogue RML 490c

Price $1.075


Overview of the RML 490c

The Rogue RML 490C is a workhorse of Rogue's that sits at the sweet spot in the middle of the pricing range of the racks. This rack will give you the space you need while also adding some style with a choice of colour. The RML includes the Westside hole spacing for lower increments in the benching area and band pegs to attach your bands to
The RML 490C is manufactured in Columbus Ohio and weighs 340LB. The footprint comes to 53''x53''. It is 90.375'' tall and length and width come 49''. The steel notes are made from 3x3'' 11 Gauge Steel. The rack ships standard with J-Cups, Pin Pipe Safeties, band Pegs, Beam with Gusset and a single skinny pull up bar. 
This is the rack to get when you want to make a balanced choice between budget and use. You will et the best of everything and style put your own stamp on it.

Pros of the RML 490C

The price is reasonable for Rogue and a well-built rack like this. You can still choose the colour and get some extras thrown in. If you don't want to think a lot about your rack purchase, this is the one to go for. 

Cons of the RML 490C

You will have to think about plate storage with this one. If you use one of the beams for storage, you might not have enough space to squat in the rack comfortably. 

Alternatives to the RML 490C

Alternatives to the RML 490C are 
The RML 690C is the bigger brother of the 490C. With this rack, you add a half rack in the back to create a bigger station. This will provide space for plate storage or another athlete to train at the same time. 
The RML490 is the no colour option of the 490C. If you do not care for colour and black makes you happy, go with this option instead to go under $1000 budget. 
The RM3 is an option for anyone who knows where they will store their plates but wants to enter the Monster instead of the Momster lite portfolio. The RM3 is a half rack out of the MOnster series which gives you access to more upgrade paths than with the Monster lite series. 

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