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Which Rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000? [Article, Free Download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 7, 2019 6:14:02 AM

Rogue RM4 Fortis

Which rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000?

Choosing the right equipment for your home gym or professional establishment can be hard. If you want to limit your budget to $1000 a piece from Rogue you find options and alternatives in this article to help you decide. 

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Index for Rogue racks

In this post, you will find in descending order in price following options from Rogue under $1000
There are also other racks from rogue which you can find in my article "Which Rogue rack to buy for over $1000" in case you wanted to stretch the budget a little.

Quick questions

If you do not want to read the full article and want to decide quickly here is some help to find the right options:
Do you want a full rack?
Do you want a half rack?
Do you want color?
You do not want to drill into the walls or floor?

Rack or stand

What is important for your wallet is to decide whether you want to weightlift or powerlift. If you want to do both, get a rack. If you want to powerlift, get a rack. If you want to weightlift, get a stand. Don't get a stand if you want to bench press. The combination of the spotter arms and the stand bring you to an equivalent budget than buying a rack.

What else to consider from Rogue

Most popular Rogue racks in 2020

Attached you find which Rogue racks have been most popular on in terms of views of their reviews and click through rates to Rogue Fitness for purchases. If you want to learn more about the details of the composition of the data you can read the full analyses under what were the most popular Rogue products in 2020.


Most popular Rogue racks in 2020

The most popular rogue racks based on views of their reviews on Marathon-CrossFit in 2020 are:
The Rogue HR2 rack is part of the Rogue Monster lite series. What it has going for itself is its moderate place and lower space requirements compared to other racks of Rogue. I can also see how this rack can be a best seller as it is practical, not pricey and ticks most boxes. You can learn more about the details and alternatives in the review of the HR2 rack.
The Rogue RM8 is one of the most expensive items you can get from Rogue. The RM8 incorporates all of the major developments from Rogue like cerakote coating, a Rhino drop-in unit, and the LT1 50 cal lever arms. Its high price helps with popularity but I do not think that it is a high volume sales product based on its sheer size and high price tag. You can read a full review of the RM8 on this blog.
The RML 390 F is a half-rack from Rogue that does not need to be bolted to the ground. This makes it a very likely candidate from Rogue to have a very high sales volume. The small footprint and reasonable price further underpin this. Compared to the RM8 it is affordable so popularity is more likely to directly transfer to sales. You can read the full review of the RML 390F on my blog here.
The RM4 Fortis is a cheaper version of the RM4 Monster rack from Rogue. You will have fewer color options and get fewer pins and extras with your order. This is a good option if you want more space in the rack than with a half rack without shelling out thousands of dollars. You can ted the fu review of the RM4 fortis rack here.
The RML 390c is a half-rack from Rogue with a color option. Compared to the 390F it needs to be bolted to the ground to avoid sliding while it comes in at a similar price. You can read the full review of the 390c on my blog by following this link.

Rogue Monster vs Rogue Monster Lite

If you are torn between the Rogue Monster and Rogue Monster Lite Series then this video is for you. Commercial buyers should lean more towards the Monster Series as it gets more attention from the Rogue Product development team and will also take a bigger beating due to the sturdier nuts and bolts. Home gym buyers ought to have a good look at the upgrade paths and accessories for the Monster and Monster lite line.


Personally, I am a huge fan of the RM3 as it puts you at the entry-level of budget to get into the Monster line. However, with the 3.0 upgrade of the Monster lite series, there is not a lot to compromise anymore between the two lines. So, if you are not into the big upgrades and just want to upgrade a Monster lite rack to the max with your available budget, then that is also a great road to travel.


Rogue RM4 fortis rack 


Price $985


Overview of the RM4 Fortis rack

The RM4 Fortis is part of the Monster series of Rogue with special welding which makes it a little easier in your wallet. This is the est full rack from Rogue which you can get for under $1000. It is available in black only and is made in Columbus Ohio. 
This rack comes with a width of 49'' and a length of 49''. The height is 90''.  It is made from 3x3'' 11 gauge steel notes to come to a total footprint of 53''x53''. It ships with a pull-up bar, safety pins, J-Cups and MOnster band pegs. With this rack, you are entering the monster family of Rogue and can use the accessories which are labeled Monster.
The RM-4 Fortis Rack is a great option when you do not want too many options when you purchase and save money. If you like black this is a good option to stay friendly on the budget while not compromising too much on quality. 

Pros of the RM4 Fortis rack

If you need a full rack for your home gym and don't want to go all out this is the one for you. With under $1.000 you safe considerably to other models. It will do the job just like an RM4 with fewer options to customize. 

Cons of the RM4 Fortis rack

If you are really all about price, you might as well go for an even cheaper rack from the Infinity or Echo series to save more. Why spent $1000 when you do not get any customization. Still, that is just me talking as I am a sucker for merchandise.

Alternatives to the RM4 Fortis rack

Some viable alternatives to the RM-4 fortis rack are 
The RM4 is the big brother of the RM4-Fortis and gives you more options to customize. You can choose the color and height of the rack. In addition, you can also order Gussets or socket bars which go with this rack. IN turn, the RM4 comes in at a slightly higher price than the fortis. If you want to make your gym stand out from the rest on the block, this might be the right road to travel down. 
The RM 3 Fortis is the smaller version of the RM4 Fortis. This is a half rack which can be a good alternative if you are short for space and money. It will still do the trick for the squat, bench press, and deadlift. It will still come with a pull-up bar, band pegs, and J Cups to be ready to rock once it is unboxed.
The last alternative is the RML 490C. If you want to customize your rack, save money and get a bit of jazz going this is the option for you. It is only slightly above $1.000 and a full rack with color options. The only downside is that it is only compatible with the Monster lite series accessories from Rogue. You will, therefore, cut yourself out from the newest updates in the world of Rogue upgrades as they are first released for the Monster series. 

Rogue RML 490 


Price $983


Overview of the RML490

The RML 490 rack is the no-nonsense full rack version from Rogue for the smaller pocket. with $983 you don't break the $1000 ceiling and still get a great piece of equipment. The RML 490 is available in black and made in Columbus Ohio. It weighs in 336LB.
The dimension of the RML 490 as 49'' in width and length for a footprint of 53'' by 53''. The height is standardized to 90.375''. The RML 490 ships with J-Cups, Band Pegs, and safeties to get going once you receive it. A fat skinny and a skinny bar are also included for pull-ups. The stell notes are made from 3x3'' Gauge Steel with Westside hole spacing.
This rack is a good option if you do not want to get fancy and stay within budget. With the Monster lite series, you also get one of Rogue's long-standing lines with great customer support. 
The Rogue RML-490 is a great option when you want to train Westside at home or if you want to upgrade your gym to attract more powerlifters. IT is compact and does the job for the big three lifts and beyond.

Pros of the RML 490

One big pro as the price tag and what you get for it from Rogue. Being just slightly below $1000 it does not go over the psychological barrier that many buyers set for themselves when going out to buy a rack. With the two bars and westside spacing, it also leaves you with a lot of flexibility for different setups to push your total to the max. 

Cons of the RML 490

The RML 490 has no numbering of the holes, no color option and is also fixed in height. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to other Rogue racks. In addition, you also enter the monster Lite series of Rogue which usually has fewer updates with new upgrades then the Monster series. 

Alternatives to the RML490

Alternatives to the RML 490 are
The RM4 fortis would be roughly the same budget but in the Monster series of Rogue. If you don't care about the westside spacing but think that having numbered holes would be better for you, go for the RM4 Fortis instead. 
The RML 490C is the same rack but adds a splash of color. If you always wanted your rack in blue or orange to match the rest of your gym, furniture or interior design, this is the option to go for instead. The only con is that it comes in with a price which is slightly above $1000. 
The RML 690C is an option when you need more storage space and want to have a full and a half rack in one. This is the option which will help you to get more utensils and strength equipment on the rack, rather than the walls of your gym. 

Rogue R4 power rack 


Price $960


Overview of the Rogue R4

The Rogue R4 is one of the flagship racks out of the older Rogue Infinity series. With the R4 you get a full rack which is made in Columbus, Ohio. The available color is black and it weighs 250LB.
The R4 Infinity rack is 90'' high and comes in at a footprint of 53''x53''. It is compatible with the Infinity accessories and lines from Rogue. It ships with J CUps,, Pin/Pipe Safeties and band pegs for the westside method. It is also designed with Westside hole spacing to enable you to use the bands for your lifting appropriately. 
If you want the best of one of the outdated series from Rogue this is the one for you. It will cover all of your basic needs, just don't expect too many product upgrades as the focus of Rogue is clearly with the Monster and Monster lite series for eh time being. 

Pros of the Rogue R4

You get one of the best from a bygone era of Rogue. This is reflected in the amount of real estate you get for the price for Rogue standards. It can also be an advantage to get an R4 over a Monster or Monster rack if you have to move the racks often. This comes in at 100LB less than its bigger brothers. 

Cons of the Rogue R4

Going into the Infinity series is probably not a wise decision if you want to protect your investment long term. The rack will hold for a lifetime, you just will not find a lot of new products for it to entertain your clients. For home use, this is completely irrelevant, but if you are buying this rack to use with clients you might want to reconsider.

Alternatives to the Rogue R4

Alternatives to the R4 are
The RM4 comes out of the flagship Monster series of Rogue. With this rack, you can choose the color and height of your purchase and have access to Monster accessory series. This is definitely the better option if you work with a client and want to keep adding to your rack in the future. The downside is the price. 
The R6 is the big brother of the R4 in the Infinity series. This rack combines a full rack with a half rack to provide more space for plates and storage room. With this rack, you will upgrade the footprint from 53x53 to 53x80. 
The R3 is the half rack version of the Infinity series. This might be a good choice for you if you want to save space and money. Especially if you are a smaller athlete this might be a really viable option as you don't need as much space around you.

Rogue Mono stand 


Price 950$


Overview of the Rogue Mono Stand

The Rogue Mono stand is an interesting variation on the SML 1 Squat stand. With this setup, you can unrack the weight and there is no need to walk it out. This is especially good for lifters who are injured or when you want to attempt a one repetition maximum. This design makes acquiring a Monolift station very affordable compared to other options in the market. 
The Rogue Mono stand comes in black and is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. The dimensions of this Stand are 57'' in width, 86'' in length and 78'' in height. The overall weight of the unit comes to 310LB. This leaves it with a footprint of 86''x57''. The stell notes are made of 3x3'' 11 Gauge steel.
If you want to get serious about powerlifting and meets which allow for monolift stations, this design is the one for you. It is a lot easier to handle than a traditional Mono Stand and less prone to get broken. The arms of traditional mono stands have the tendency to block over the years. There is nothing worse than a lever that is not moving out of the way when you have a very heavy weight on your shoulders. 

Pros of the Rogue Mono stand

The design makes it clever and uses a lot less material to create the same effect as other mono stands. With this, even an average gym can implement a mono stand to attract more customers or help injured athletes. If you are serious about powerlifting and want to save some money on a mono stand this is the way to look.

Cons of the Rogue Mono Stand

The biggest flaw of this design is that you can not use the mono stand by itself. You need another person with you to rerack the weight. If you always train with other monster lifters this is great. However, for many, this is just simply not the case. 

Alternatives to the Rogue Mono stand

There the following alternatives to the Rogue Mono stand the Rogue portfolio:
The Monolift Attachments are available for Monster, Monster lite and Infinity series of Rogue. The adjustable version is only available for Monster and Monster lite. I would definitely recommend investing the extra 30 - 40$ to get the adjustable version. This way it will be easier for you to use the Monolift attachment for the squat and bench press instead of having to get the wrench ut each time you swap. 

Rogue RML 390c 


Price $915


Overview of the RML 390C

The Rogue RML 390C is one of the lowest priced racks of Rogue where you can choose the color. This is the right choice for limited spaces that still want to show style. The available colors for the RML390C are
  • Bright blue
  • Bright green
  • Burnt orange
  • Dark blue
  • Dark red
  • Gunmetal
  • Light Gray
  • Rogue Red
  • Satin Black
  • Satin Clear
  • White
The rack weighs 265B on a footprint of 34'' or 40''x53''. The steel notes are made of 3x3'' 11 Gauge steel. It ships with J cups, Pin/Pipe safeties and band pegs. The RML 390C is compatible with the Monster Lite series and accessories. The length is 30'' or 36'', the width 49'' and the height 90.375''. At the lower end, you have the westside spacing which makes it possible to bench with lower increments in height. This also leaves more options for setting up bands for the Westside method for the squat and bench.
If you want a colored rack from Rogue this is the lowest entry price you can go for all other options come in with a higher price tag.

Pros of the RML390c

The RML 390C is a low price option to get a colored rack. It is also compact and can fit into more environments than its bigger counterparts. The westside spacing and compatibility with the Monster lite series set you up for future upgrades in case you want to do them. 

Cons of the RML390C

For the price of an RML 390C, you can get more real estate from the Infinity series or fortis racks. If you don't care that much about the color you are probably better of going for an RM4 Fortis or RML 490.

Alternatives to the RML 390C

Alternatives to the RML 390C are 
The RM4 is still below the $1000 threshold but gives you more rack space and makes you part of the Rogue Monster family. This is the part of the product line where Rogue adds new ideas more frequently. If you want to go big and do not care about color this is the better option at a minimally higher investment. The downside with this rack is that you will not get the Westside holes. 
The RML 490 is the big black brother of the RML 390C if you don't make your rack being black and you want the westside spaced holes, this is the one to go for. It is only minimally higher in price and still delivers. You get a full rack in black for the price of a half rack in color. 

Rogue RML 390f flat foot 


Price $795


Overview of RML 390F

The Rogue RML 390F is an option from Rogue that does not need to be bolted to the floor. You will get a half rack for a reasonable price which can be placed anywhere from your garage, to one of the spare bedrooms or in the corner of an already established gym. It comes in black is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. 
The 390F weighs in at 295LB with a length of 48'', a width of 49'' and a height of 92.375''. Note that because of the extra beams at the bottom it is slightly higher than the average 90.375'' from Rogue. It comes with Westside Hole spacing and ships with a Single Skinny or a Fat/Skinny pull up bar, band pegs, and J Cups. The stell notes come in 3x3'' for the uprights and 2x3'' for the bases. With this rack, you are entering the Monster lite series of Rogue and the accessories available in there. 

Pros of the RML 390F

This rack is easy to install and light. With this, it can be added to any kind of floor that you do not want to drill into. This can be especially beneficial when a gym already has been outfitted or your landlord does not allow for these alterations to be made. With this, you are set up and ready to go in no time, while it will also take up little space.

Cons of the RML 390F

As this is a small rack and it won't be bolted down to the floor it is not ideal for any extreme exercises. If you kip like a beserker or regularly throw 400 pounds or more around you might want to get a rack that is either bigger if you don't bolt it down or a smaller rack that can be bolted down to the floor. You will also have to think about where to store your plates as on the rack itself might not leave you with the best experience due to lack of space.

Alternatives to the RML 390F

The RML 390C would be an alternative to add color to your life. It has roughly the same dimensions as the flat foot and can be bolted to the ground. The price is higher, but you will get a good rack in your choice of color.
If you don't want to increase the budget and prefer to have a rack that can be bolted to the ground for extra stability the RML3 might be the right choice for you. It comes in at roughly the same price and has also less height. This might also be a better solution if you have a low ceiling. 
The RM 390F is the big brother of the RML 390F. This is the monster version of this rack. If you want to build on your investment and upgrade your rack over time, this is the option for you. There will be more upgrades available for the Monster series than for the Monster Lite is Rogue focuses on the higher price tag items first to push the portfolio forward. 


Overview of the RM-3W

The RM-3W completes the setup of foldable Rogue racks bringing it to the monster series. The most distinguishable part of this foldable rack is the 3x3" 11-Gauge steel uprights. This is combined with the excellent finish of Rogue racks, laser-cut hole numbers on the uprights and a unique hinge and pin system. The RM-3W comes in at a base price of $760. The specifications of the rack are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Fully Retractable Power Rack
  • Uprights: 3x3" 11-gauge steel, 90.375" height
  • Inside Depth: Inside depth - 21.25" or 41.5"
  • 49” Outside Uprights
  • 43” Inside Uprights
  • Optional Custom Stringers
  • MG Black Finish
  • (1) Set of Monster J-Cups of your choice
  • (4) Mounting Brackets
  • (4) 5/8" Monster Detent Pins for mounting brackets
  • (1) Monster Adjustable Pull-Up Bar with 1" detent pin
  • (2) UHMW Plastic Caps to protect the floor
This is the rolls Royce of foldable racks from Rogue. Especially if you are big and heavy and do a lot of pull-ups, this might be the right choice for you.

Pros of the RM-3W

The pros of the Rogue foldable RM-3W are:
  • Sturdiest foldable rack from Rogue
  • Monster Compatible 
  • Laser-cut hole numbering 
With this rack, you will not have any problems once it is locked in place. If you want to do kipping pull-ups at home or move a lot of weight and still want a foldable rack, this is a good choice. It will also be less likely to warp and budge than the smaller brothers and sisters out of the Rogue foldable line-up.
As the RM-3W is out of the Monster series it will be compatible with all of the attachments out of the Rogue Monster line. This will leave you with more choice and bring the latest updates from Rogue to you faster, as they usually trickle down from the Monster series to the lite, Echo and Infinity series from Rogue.
Another big advantage is the laser cut numbers which help you to find your setups for a decline, incline bench press or rack pulls. This is a great convenience in everyday training at home.

Cons of the RM-3W

The cons of the RM-3W are:
  • The sturdiness of the structure
  • Cost 
  • Value for money
While I am a huge fan of the Monster series and would always buy a Monster rack of a monster lite rack, this logic does not really apply for a foldable rack. With a foldable rack, you have already accepted to not bolt to the ground or hang too many attachments from the structure as you still will want to fold it. This makes the argument for buying the Monster version based on thicker uprights obsolete in my opinion. Based on this I think the monster lite version of the Foldable rogue rack is a better option as it is cheaper. Rogue also has recently announced laser cut numbers for the monster lite series which was not available in the past. With this, I think you are better off going for the lower price foldable racks from Rogue. 

Alternatives to the RM-3W 

Alternatives to the RM-3W are:
The Rogue RM 3 would be the upgrade for you if you are willing to break the $1000 line for your rack. If you have the space available and consider the RM-3W for its sturdiness commit to your decision and get a small monster rack. Bolt it to the ground and then you can also work with monster attachments. 
The Rogue RML-3WC would be the better option if you definitely need a folding rack. You will save $200 and get to pick a color. You still have solid uprights and you are part of the Rogue Monster lite family. 
If you can not bold your rack to the ground or and a rack you can move out of the way easy with two people, opt for the RML 390F. You will get a full rack that does not need to bolt to the ground and is still stable. 

Summary of the RM-3W 

The RM-3W is consequent in terms of the Rogue portfolio to provide a foldable monster rack. I think the argument for more stability for pull-ups is sound. Apart from that the Rogue RML - 3WC is the better value for money options. If stability is your main concern a rack that is bolted to the ground is the best solution. 

Rogue SM 3 Monster squat stand


Price $759


Overview of the SM3

The SM3 Monster Stand is the flagship of the Rogue Squat stands and comes in at a height of 2.82m. It is available in black and manufactured in Columbus Ohio. This is the squat stand for the big players who mean business.
The SM3 it comes in at a height of 111''. The steel notes are 3x3 Gauge steel. The total footprint of the squat stand os 50''x54''. This unit does not need to be bolted to the floor as it comes with the flat foot design of Rogue. It will be shipped to you including J Cups,. You can choose from either a Single Skinny Pull up bar or a Fat/Skinny pull up bar. 
This is probably one of the biggest squat stands that you can get in the market. If you like it big and your customers too, go for this beast. If you have a lot of basketball players to train, this might be the squat stand for you.

Pros of the SM3

If money is not an issue with you and needs a squat stand, you can not go wrong with this one. It is completely overbuilt, in a good way. Why do you like a Mercedes. Probably not because it is the cheapest way to get you from A to B. This purchase will make you happy if you have high ceilings and tall athletes.

Cons of the SM3

If you want to use this for powerlifting it might be the wrong choice. To bench press safely you will also have to get spotter arms on top of the squat stand. The Spotter arms tailor at 270$ and all of a sudden you reached the $1.000 dollar mark and might as well look into a full rack

Alternatives to the SM3

Alternatives to the SM3 Squat stand are
IThe Rogue RM4 fortis rack is a viable full rack option that comes in at roughly the same prize as the SM3 when you count in the spotter arms. If you want to powerlift and have no special reason for getting a 2.82m high squat stand I would recommend the fortis instead. You will have more options to upgrade and a safer environment to train in. 
If you are not a basketball player an on a budget the SML2 might be an alternative. The SML2 saves you about 300$ compared to the SM3 for accessories or a barbell. You still will get a squat stand which is 92'' high. The SML 2 is compatible with the MOnster lite series of Rogue
If you are as tall as a basketball player and still want to save money, the SML3 might be an option. Again you are saving roughly 300$ compared to the SM3 while you keep the height at 108''.
 Rogue RML3

RML 3 Rogue Monster lite 


Price 755.50$


Overview of the RML3

The Rogue RML3 is a half rack from Rogue that has been inspired by the classic Westside power cage. It comes in black and is made in Columbus, Ohio. This unit saves space and can fill a large establishment with many benches and squatting stations at an affordable price. If you need to buy a bunch of racks, this might be the option for you.
The RML3 is 49'' long and 30'' wide. It comes in at a height of 90.375''. The overall footprint comes to 53''x34''. The stell notes are made from 3x3'' Gauge steel. This rack is delivered with J CUps, Pin/Pipe safeties, and band pegs to get you going. As it derives from the Monster lite series it is compatible with the line and provides the Westside hole pattern for your training needs. 

Pros of the RML3

A big pro is the price. This is one of the most affordable options out of the Monster lite series which still keeps you in the two upper product ranges of Rogue. If you go any lower in the budget you will have a hard time to get a rack which is either from The MOnster or MOnster Lite series. The Infinity and Echo series just do not get as much attention from Rogue's product development.

Cons of the RML3

The RML 3 is a half rack so you will have to look for plate storage. Otherwise, it will get very crammed to exercise in there. Compared to the Monster series you will also have to wait longer for product upgrades in the future. 

Alternatives to the RML3

Alternatives to the RML3 are
The R3 is the Rogue version of the classic Westside Barbell Rack. You save another 100$ for about the same real estate of rack space. Maybe bring your wife out for some dinner instead of buying the bigger rack to appease her after taking up the floor space in the house.
If you want a full rack instead of a half rack for the same amount of money you can go for the RE4 rack. The RE4 is part of the Rogue Echo series which is the cheapest to make as it has the least amount of metal. It will do the trick. If you are all for saving money and getting the most of it this might be the rack for you.
The W4 Garage Gym is a classic from the Rogue portfolio. This will turn any garage into a functioning gym in no time. the of the steel notes have been removed to bolt the W4 system against one wall of your garage. With this, you make some additional savings which can put into equipment instead of rack space. 
 SM 2.5 Squat stand

Rogue SM 2.5 Monster squat stand


Price $744


Overview of the SM 2.5

The Rogue SM 2.5 Squat stand uses the beams of the Rogue Monster series and creates a very sturdy squat stand. This stand is built in Columbus, Ohio and comes in black. With the flat foot design of Rogue, it does need to be bolted to the ground.
The SM2.5 has 1000 lb weight capacity and comes in at a height of 103''. The steel notes are made from 3x3'' gauge steel. The overall footprint comes to 50''x54''. This stand comes with J Cups in the delivery to get you up and running. 

Pros of the SM 2.5

A squat stand is a great alternative when you want to do weightlifting training. It gives you more room to throw the weight about than in a powerlifting cage. It is also less material in case you have to fill an entire gym, have to transport the stand often or want to able to change things quickly. The SM 2.5 will be easy to transport and serve you well in these scenarios.

Cons of the SM 2.5

A squat stand by itself is not ideal for powerlifting. If you count in the safety arm spotters you will be close to $1.000  again and might as well go for a full rack that costs a bit more but leaves you with a full cage and safety for the bench press without having to buy extra accessories. 

Alternatives to the SM 2.5

Alternatives to SM 2.5 are:
The SM3 comes with the same specs except that the height is different. This option is for your tall athletes. If you want to outfit an entire gym maybe mix the SM3, SM2.5, and SM2 to serve various heights. It is also a good way of adding a very high pull up bar to your gym without having to invest in an entire rig or rack.
The SM2 is the smallest of the Rogue Monster squat stands. It comes in at 90.375''. This might be a good option when your ceilings are low or you are a smaller athlete with no need for a very high pull up bar. 
The RM4 Fortis rack is an alternative to the squat stands which comes in at roughly the same price if you count the spotter arms. If you want to powerlift this might be the better investment of your money than having a squat stand.


Rogue Bolt together R3 


Price $725


Overview of the R3

The R3 Rogue Bolt together rack is part of the Rogue Infinity series and comes in black. It is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. This rack is special as it is delivered in more parts than the standard R3. This makes it easier to install in narrow settings and to transport.
The R3BT is 24'' or 30'' in length and 43'' wide. The height comes to 90.375''. The stell notes are made of 2x3'' 11 Gauge steel. The total footprint comes to 34'' or 40''x53''. The R3 weighs about 200LB. As part of the Infinity series, this rack is compatible with the accessories from this line. It ships with 4 band pegs and to safety pins. A Fat/Skinny pull up bar is also included.
This is a good variation on the standard R3 which is a little more pricey but gives you more options for the installation itself. If you need a versatile half rack this is the way to go.

Pros of the R3

This rack is ideal if you have to get it up narrow staircases. If you want to install your rack in an attic or your gym is somewhere up a lot of stairs.

Cons of the R3

The infinity series is part of the Rogue portfolio that probably will get less attention over the years. Rogue has the Monster, Monster Lite, Infinity, and Echo series. The most additions to the portfolio have been made in the MOnster and Monster lite bracket. So don't expect too many extras for this rack, if you choose to buy it and work from the options already available.

Alternatives to the R3

Alternatives to the R3BT are:
The R3 is the same rack which comes in bigger chunks. If you have loads of space to install it and do not have to bring it up narrow staircases, go with this option.
The RM4 Fortis rack costs only slightly more money but will make you part of the Monser family of Rogue. If you want to protect your investment long term you might want to spend the extra $200 to have access to more upgrades instead of the R3BT.
If you want to acquire a full rack instead of a half rack for roughly the same money, go for the RE4. The RE4 is part of the Rogue Echo series and will set you back $650. If you only want a rack and do not care too much about upgrading it in the future this is a very good alternative to the RE3BT.

Rogue SM 2 Monster lite squat stand 


Price $722


Overview of the SM2

The Rogue SM2 is the smallest of the Monster squat stands. It is manufactured in Columbus Ohio and comes in black. This is a good option for average sized athletes when you want to add a free standing pull up bar to your gym or want a lot of space around you for Olympic weightlifting.
The SM2 is 93'' high and has a footprint of 50''x54''. The stell notes are made of 3x3'' 11 Gauge steel. This stand is part of the monster series and therefore compatible with all monster accessories. It ships with J Cups and an option of a single Skinny bar or Fat/Skinny bar. The unit does not need to be bolted to the floor as it comes with the flat foot design of Rogue.
This is one of the most sturdy squat stands you can get on the market. You can also use it as a start to upgrade it to a full rack at a later stage when you have more funds available.

Pros of the SM2

The SM2 is easy to transport and does not take up a lot of space. If you want to provide a station to Olympic weightlifters, this might be the better option than a rack. It still provides the look and feels of the monster series which well (over) built so that you can still be proud to treat yourself and your client to the best standards.

Cons of the SM2

The safety spotter arms are not included in the price. If you buy both the price gets close to $1000 if you want to use the squat stand for powerlifting and bench pressing. In my personal opinion, this is a bit of a false economy at play. If you want to powerlift get an RM4 Fortis rack instead.

Alternatives to the SM2

Alternatives to the SM2 are
The SM 2.5 and SM3 are the taller option of the same rack. Think about your height and how high you want your pull bar to be with this squat stand. Based on this pick one of the three options. If you are buying multiple squat stands, maybe mix them up to accommodate to different body types.
The RM4 fortis rack is the better option if you want to powerlift. At first, the price tag might seem lower, but at checkout, the SM2 and the fortis rack are roughly at par. If you want to bench press and have space, I think the RM4 fortis is a good option.

Rogue R3 power rack 


Price 695$


Overview of the R3

The Rogue R3 rack has been inspired by the model that Louie Simmons used in Columbus, Ohio to build some of the best powerlifters in the world. It ships from and is built in the US. This rack is a solid option for home warriors and gym facilities alike. 
The R3 weighs in at 200LB and comes in different heights, The standard height is 90'' while the shorts version comes in at 84''. the steel notes are made 2x3'' 11 Gauge Steel. The R3 is part of the Rogue Infinity series and compatible with accessories and parts from the same line. It ships with J cups, band pegs, pin/pipe safeties and a Fat/Skinny pull up bar. It also provides Westside hole spacing to you in the middle of the rack.
This is a solid rack from an older product line of Rogue which you can use for building out your gym. Compared to the MOnster and Monster lite series you will save somewhere between $400 to $1000 depending on your build. 

Pros of the R3

This is a good value for money option from Rogue to start your gym or built a powerlifting station if you do not have one yet. It is also lighter and smaller than most other racks from the Rogue portfolio and will serve you well.

Cons of the R3

Haf racks can sometimes be a little crammed, especially when you also want to store your plates on them. Consider either getting a bigger rack or taking care of your plate storage somewhere at the sides of the rack itself. If you factor in plate storage you might as well bump up the budget for the rack. 

Alternatives to the R3

Alternatives to the R3 power rack are
The R3BT is the same rack but will be delivered in smaller chunks. This makes it easier to carry the rack to its destination, especially if it is up windy staircases. Apart from this, there are no differences between the two models.
The RE4 is a full rack from the Echo series. If you would like to get more rack space for roughly the same price, this is the one to go for. Be aware that the Echo and Infinity series are at the lower part of the Rogue food chain and do not get as many updates and upgrades as their bigger brothers from the Monster and Monster lite series. 
Te RML3WC is a good option for garage gyms in which you still want to get your cars in. They can be folded to the wall and therefore save space. The only downside is that you will be very close to the wall and have to bolt it in there. 

Rogue HR 2 Half rack 


Price $655


Overview of the HR2

The HR2 is a half rack that leaves you with a pull-up station and a lot of storage. If you own a Monster lite squat stand and want to take care of your plates you can use Rogues' conversion kit to have more storage.
The HR2 is built in Ohio, Columbus and comes in black. It is 49'' long and 48'' wide. This brings the HR2 to a total footprint of 48''x49''.  You can choose between a 110.375'' or 90.375'' height option. It also provides Westside spacing in case you want to work in small increments for your bench press. The HR2 is compatible with the Infinity and MOnster lite series. The steel notes for the uprights come in 3x3'' 11 gauge steel while the base is made of 2x3'' 11 Gauge steel.
The HR2 is a versatile small option to either upgrade your existing squat stand or store a lot of plates away while providing a small squat and bench station.

Pros of the HR2

The HR2 provides a lot of storage in a very small space. This makes it a good option if you want to compress your entire gym and storage plates into as small a space as possible. 

Cons of the HR2

You will most likely do all of your exercises outside of this rack and therefore be less safe for powerlifting. Space between the beams is just too small unless you are very petite. 

Alternatives to the HR2

Alternatives to the HR2 are
The RE4 is a full rack from the Rogue Echo series. This will put you in the position to have more space to squat and be safe at the same budget. The downside of this deal is that the Echo series has smaller steel notes and there also fewer upgrades made to this line of production of Rogue.
RML3WC is a good option for anyone who wants to save space in a garage. This rack can be folded to the wall so that you can park a car in front or simply safe space when you are not using the rack. This is a great option for the gym and garages who want to be able to convert their workspace depending on changing needs.
The SM1 squat stand is the simplest version of the Monster squat stands and has no pull-up bar. If you want to pear it back maximally to save cost and still be in the top range of Rogue, this is the way to go.

Rogue RE 4 Echo rack 


Price $650


Overview of the RE4

The Rogue RE 4 Echo Rack is a low-cost option rack out of the Rogue portfolio. It comes in black and is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. 
The total length of the Echo rack is 47'' while it is 47'' wide. It stands 90.375'' tall and the steel notes are made from 2x2'' 11 Gauge Steel. The unit needs to be bolted to the floor as long as there are no stabilizers bought with it. The RE4 is compatible with the Rogue Eco series and its accessories. Delivery includes bands pegs and J cups, Pin/Pipe safeties have to be purchased separately. The weight of the shipment is 190LB.  You will also have a Single pull up bar and a fat/skinny pull up bar with this rack. The total footprint of this rack comes to 53''x53''. 
The Echo rack is a compact and lightweight option from Rogue at a low price point. You find yourself here with some of the lowest cost options for full racks from Rogue.

Pros of the RE4

The biggest pro of the RE4 is the very low price for a full rack. You will also still work with the fine craftsmanship of Rogue and have a good rack.

Cons of the RE4

The unit needs to be bolted to the floor and has 2x2 steel notes. For Rogue standard,s we are entering the "flimsy" territory with this rack. If you want to buy this rack in Europe you will also be disappointed to know that it does not ship from there. 

Alternatives to the RE4

Alternatives to the RE4 are:
The RE 3 is the half rack version of the RE4. If you want to save even more space and money this is a good alternative for you to work with. 
The RM4 Fortis is the Monster brother of the RE4. This rack will have the advantage that it has bigger steel notes and will sot better with the newest additions to the Rogue portfolio. 
The RML3WC is a variation if you want to make your space convertible. The 3WC can fold against the wall, making it possible to still park a car in front or do exercises when it is not being used. 

Rogue SM1 Squat Stand 


Price $595


Overview of the SM1

The SM1 is the smallest of the Monster series Squat stands and does not include a pull-up bar. It comes in black and is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio. This stand bridges the gap between power racks and squat stands and can be built into a full rack over time if you have the funds available. It has the flat foot design, which enables you to use it without bolting it to the floor.
The SM1 is 73'' high and has a footprint of 50''x54''. The steel notes are 3x3'' 11 gauge steel. Based on this the SM1 is fully compatible with Rogues' Monster series and accessories. The delivery includes J Cups and has a weight capacity up to 1000LB.
If you want a simple squat stand which is built like a tank, this is the option for you. 

Pros of the SM1

The SM1 is made from the most sturdy design you can get in the market. This stand won't break on you and is built like a rack. If you want the best from the lowest price range of Rogue, this is the one to go for. 

Cons of the SM1

Squat stands are great for weightlifting. When it comes to powerlifting buying one might be false economy thinking. For the bench press, you will need spotter arms to train by yourself. Adding these to the price tag brings the squat stand price including the arms in the range of a rack. Then you might as well get a rack and save yourself the hassle.

Alternatives to the SM1

Alternatives to the SM1 are:
The SM2 and SM3 are variations of the Monster squat stand which come with a pull-up bar. The SM2 has a height of 103'' while the SM3 is around 108''. Depending on your needs these might be a better option to cover all the exercises you want to do.
The RML3WC is a foldable rack at roughly the same price as the SM1 which can be bolted to the wall. As a nice extra, it also can be folded in. This way you have more options to transform small spaces based on your needs. 

Rogue RML 3WC Fold back Wall Mount stand 


Price $590


Overview of the RML3WC

The RML3WC is one of the best sellers of Rogue. It has some of the most Reviews of all racks on the entire website and with good reason. This rack is affordable and practical. It has been designed to be easily mounted to a standard wood stud wall. This is the quick solution for home warrior dads who want a quick solution that they do not have to negotiate a lot with their wives with. Plus this version of it comes in color. 
The 3WC comes with a length of 25'' or 44'' depending on which depth you choose. The width comes to 56'' on the wall, 49'' outside the uprights, and 43'' inside the uprights. It is 90'' high and weighs 190LB. You can choose between an inside depth of 21.5'' or 41.4''. In most scenarios, the rack space for 21.5'' will be sufficient according to Rogue. The Steel notes are made from 3x3'' 11 Gauge Steel. As the 3WC is part of the Monster lite series it is compatible with the accessories and beams from the Monster lite product line.
The delivery list includes:
  • J Cups
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Detent pins
  • Pull up bar
  • Hitchpins
  • Plastic caps to protect the floor
  • Stringer Pair
Rogue highly recommends using the included stringer pair to attach the rack to the wall. This is based on security and stability. If you want to mount the 3WC to a different wall as a standard wood stud wall, you are responsible to provide the necessary hardware. The colors you can choose from are:
  • Bright blue 
  • Bright Green
  • Burnt Orange
  • Dark BLue
  • Dark Red
  • Gun Metal
  • Desert Tan
  • Light Gray
  • Rogue Red
  • Satin Black
  • Satin Clear
This is a great rack that puts you at the heart of Rogue's innovative product lines. It also has a lot of positive reviews which is a good sign that you can not go wrong. If you are in the market for a home gym and do not want to alter your house much, this is the option to go for a reasonable budget. 

Pros of the RML3WC

The two big pros of this rack are that it is foldable and still a sturdy rack. More often than that convertible options are poorly executed either in the folding mechanism or the steel itself. With this rack, you buy the highest quality build that has been adapted to make it fit snug against a wall.

Cons of the RML3WC

As this unit does not weigh a lot and cannot be bolted to the floor you will experience more movement than with other rack options from Rogue. Especially if you want to kip a lot or when you are a huge lifter moving a lot of weight, you might want to look for something more rigid. Apart from this, you will also have to think about where to store your barbell and plates as you can not store them on the rack in this setup.

Alternatives to the RML3WC

Here some alternatives to the 3WC rack:

The RML 3W rack is the same rack as the 3WC without a color option. If you like black and want to save some money this is the one to go for. Apart from this, all other options are the same as described above.
The W4 Garage Gym is a lower cost option compared to the 3WC and does the same thing. You will get a rack that is bolted to the wall and stays there. If your garage is mostly not used because you or your wife do not like to drive the car in, you might as well go for this option to save money and hassle.
The R3 W is an option from the Echo series from Rogue. It has the same mechanics and logic as the RML 3The W. Biggest difference is that it is made from 2x3'' 11 Gauge steel instead of 3x3'' 11 Gauge steel.

Rogue RE 3 Echo Stand 


Price $569


Overview of the RE3

The Rogue RE3 is a half rack for the athlete on a budget. It comes in black and is manufactured in Columbus Ohio. This is the lowest cost rack stand-alone rack that Rogue currently offers. It must be bolted to the floor for use.
The RE3 has a length of 28'' and a width of 47'' this bring the total footprint to 32''x53''. It is made from the 2x2'' 11 Gauge steel notes of the Echo Series and is therefore compatible with the beams and accessories form this product line. The height comes in at 90.375''. It ships with band pegs, a Fat/Skinny pull up bar and J Cups. The pin and pipe safeties have to be ordered additionally with this rack. 
This is a compact option for a home gym or a big facility that wants to buy in bulk and use economies of scale in their order. 

Pros of the RE3

The biggest pro of this rack is the price. You will get a full rack from Rogue very close to the $500 mark. This is rather the exception than the rule when you buy from one of the best in the market.

Cons of the RE3

The Echo series is one of the product lines of Rogue which has gotten less attention of the last few years in terms of development. If you always want to be up to date and get the newest upgrades, this option might not be for you.

Alternatives to the RE3

Alternatives to the RE3 are:
The RML 3W is a folding rack alternative that can be put flat to the wall after use. For this, it comes with the necessary equipment to attach it to the wall. This rack cannot be out in the middle of a room but can save you a lot of space. 
The W4 Garage Gym is an out of the box home gym system for the garage where the car is never parked in. The system gets mounted to the wall and also comes in around $500.
The R3 W is the echo version of the foldable Wall Mount Rack. Instead of the 3x3'' 11 Gauge notes you will get the 2x3 Gauge Steel.

W 4 Garage Gym 


Price $550


Overview of the W4

The W4 Garage gym was one of the first garage Gym options which Rogue added to their portfolio. You basically get two 108'' uprights with the needed cross member to build a rack against your garage wall. 
The W4 Garage Gym comes in black and has to be bolted to the floor and wall. Metal studs or drywall are not recommended for this setup. 

Pros of the W4

The low price is great and it comes with everything to easily install it against a wall.

Cons of the W4

You will not be able to park your car in your garage anymore as this installation is fixed. 

Alternatives to the W4

Alternatives to the W4 are the 
The RML 3W and R3 W are two options from Rogue which take the W4 idea to the next level. With these setups, you will still be able to park your car inside the garage.

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