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Overview and review of the Rogue RM4 Fortis rack [Article, Free download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 10, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Overview and review of the Rogue RM4 fortis rack 

The Rogue RM4 fortis rack comes in at $985 and is one of the better options for under $1000 from Rogue. Learn more in this review which was originally published in the Article "Which Rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000".
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Most popular Rogue racks in 2020

Attached you find which Rogue racks have been most popular on in terms of views of their reviews and click through rates to Rogue Fitness for purchases. If you want to learn more about the details of the composition of the data you can read the full analyses under what were the most popular Rogue products in 2020.


Most popular Rogue racks in 2020

The most popular rogue racks based on views of their reviews on Marathon-CrossFit in 2020 are:
The Rogue HR2 rack is part of the Rogue Monster lite series. What it has going for itself is its moderate place and lower space requirements compared to other racks of Rogue. I can also see how this rack can be a best seller as it is practical, not pricey and ticks most boxes. You can learn more about the details and alternatives in the review of the HR2 rack.
The Rogue RM8 is one of the most expensive items you can get from Rogue. The RM8 incorporates all of the major developments from Rogue like cerakote coating, a Rhino drop-in unit, and the LT1 50 cal lever arms. Its high price helps with popularity but I do not think that it is a high volume sales product based on its sheer size and high price tag. You can read a full review of the RM8 on this blog.
The RML 390 F is a half-rack from Rogue that does not need to be bolted to the ground. This makes it a very likely candidate from Rogue to have a very high sales volume. The small footprint and reasonable price further underpin this. Compared to the RM8 it is affordable so popularity is more likely to directly transfer to sales. You can read the full review of the RML 390F on my blog here.
The RM4 Fortis is a cheaper version of the RM4 Monster rack from Rogue. You will have fewer color options and get fewer pins and extras with your order. This is a good option if you want more space in the rack than with a half rack without shelling out thousands of dollars. You can ted the fu review of the RM4 fortis rack here.
The RML 390c is a half-rack from Rogue with a color option. Compared to the 390F it needs to be bolted to the ground to avoid sliding while it comes in at a similar price. You can read the full review of the 390c on my blog by following this link.
The RM4 Fortis is part of the Monster series of Rogue with special welding which makes it a little easier in your wallet. This is the est full rack from Rogue which you can get for under $1000. It is available in black only and is made in Columbus Ohio. 
This rack comes with a width of 49'' and a length of 49''. The height is 90''.  It is made from 3x3'' 11 gauge steel notes to come to a total footprint of 53''x53''. It ships with a pull-up bar, safety pins, J-Cups and MOnster band pegs. With this rack, you are entering the monster family of Rogue and can use the accessories which are labeled Monster.
The RM-4 Fortis Rack is a great option when you do not want too many options when you purchase and save money. If you like black this is a good option to stay friendly on the budget while not compromising too much on quality. 

Rogue Monster vs Monster lite series 


If you are torn between the Rogue Monster and Rogue Monster Lite Series then this video is for you. Commercial buyers should lean more towards the Monster Series as it gets more attention from the Rogue Product development team and will also take a bigger beating due to the sturdier nuts and bolts. Home gym buyers ought to have a good look at the upgrade paths and accessories for the Monster and Monster lite line.


Personally, I am a huge fan of the RM3 as it puts you at the entry-level of budget to get into the Monster line. However, with the 3.0 upgrade of the Monster lite series, there is not a lot to compromise anymore between the two lines. So, if you are not into the big upgrades and just want to upgrade a Monster lite rack to the max with your available budget, then that is also a great road to travel.

Pros of the RM4 Fortis rack

If you need a full rack for your home gym and don't want to go all out this is the one for you. With under $1.000 you safe considerably to other models. It will do the job just like an RM4 with fewer options to customize. 

Cons of the RM4 Fortis rack

If you are really all about price, you might as well go for an even cheaper rack from the Infinity or Echo series to save more. Why spent $1000 when you do not get any customization. Still, that is just me talking as I am a sucker for merchandise.

Alternatives to the RM4 Fortis rack

Some viable alternatives to the RM-4 fortis rack are 
The RM4 is the big brother of the RM4-Fortis and gives you more options to customize. You can choose the color and height of the rack. In addition, you can also order Gussets or socket bars which go with this rack. IN turn, the RM4 comes in at a slightly higher price than the fortis. If you want to make your gym stand out from the rest on the block, this might be the right road to travel down. 
The RM 3 Fortis is the smaller version of the RM4 Fortis. This is a half rack which can be a good alternative if you are short for space and money. It will still do the trick for the squat, bench press, and deadlift. It will still come with a pull-up bar, band pegs, and J Cups to be ready to rock once it is unboxed.
The last alternative is the RML 490C. If you want to customize your rack, save money and get a bit of jazz going this is the option for you. It is only slightly above $1.000 and a full rack with color options. The only downside is that it is only compatible with the Monster lite series accessories from Rogue. You will, therefore, cut yourself out from the newest updates in the world of Rogue upgrades as they are first released for the Monster series. 

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