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Which knee sleeve to get from Rogue? [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Feb 2, 2020 9:06:09 AM

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Which knee sleeve to get from Rogue?

This is an overview of the Knee sleeves you can get from Rogue. They are ordered by price. Use the quick reference if you do not want to read everything. Check the different sections for more detail.
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Quick reference 

If you don't want to read the whole thing here is a quick reference on what to get:
The stiffest:
Limb Cooling:
Big area cooling:

Goals for the sleeve

Be sure what you want from a sleeve before you starting to buy one. You either want cooling, compression or support. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you want to improve your one-repetition maximum?
  • Do you want to support your knee after an injury?
  • Do you want to move around while wearing the sleeve?
These will help to make a better choice.

Thickness for the sleeve

There are three different sizes for most sleeves:
  • 3mm
  • 5mm
  • 7mm
3MM is for recovery and small support. Use these to wear around the house or if you are very small. 5mm is the middle of the range between one repetition maximums and moving around. 7mm will get quite stiff and should be used for lifting mainly. 
Hyperice knee sleeve

Hyperice Knee sleeve

The hyperice knee sleeve is quite pricey at $90 and a sleeve with inbuilt gel might be faster better cheaper. Only exception is if you are massive. The back and shoulder range of hyperice makes more sense.

Overview of the Hyperice knee sleeve

The hyperice knee sleeve is one of the products of hyperice that help you recover faster. There are also variations for the shoulder, elbow, and knees. The principle of the hyperice is to provide you with an ice bag that you can easily strap to your body. 
The hyperice comes with the following features: 
  • 3mm neoprene 
  • Machine washable 
  • Air release valve to adjust compression 
  • Loadable bag 
With this, you can work several areas of your body with an ice bag that you can strap to your body to stay mobile. Great for big athletes who want maximum icing effect and are used to it for recovery. 

Pros of the hyperice knee sleeve

The pros of the hyperice are:
  • Uses ice cubes or any other liquid 
  • Highly adjustable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to set up 
A big advantage of the hyperice is that it uses ice cubes or any other cold liquid to get the desired recovery effect. This makes it a good utility at sports events or in your gym bag as you will always find something cold to put in. Compared to a towel makeshift solution it is superior. Your ice packs might not always be cool on the road if you forgot to put them in the fridge. Especially on an away game or when you are traveling.
The combination of ice and air compression makes it an adjustable solution for any sized athlete. Especially the huge ones where the liquid packs are not covering the area or do not cool the deep tissue. 
The neoprene is easy on the skin, absorbs sweat and can, therefore, be worn by anyone who sets eyes on it easily. There is no complicated setup or wrapping.
The big nozzle makes sit easy to laid the hyperice with coolant. This makes it a fast solution to cool any area as long as you have ice within reach. 

Cons of the hyperice knee sleeve

The cons of the hyperice are:
  • Can not be worn during exercise 
  • Bag and nozzle prone to error 
  • Price 
The big bag makes it almost impossible to exercise and keep the ice in place. It is great to do chores like cleaning and shopping while you are recovering, but hyperice is not suitable for some of the training methods which involve being cooled. The Titan vest might be a better option for this. 
The normal use and abuse of a strap or knee sleeve in a gym bag is prone to break the screw top or the ice bag of the hyperice. I wouldn’t put that on the manufacturer as I don’t see a better solution without making the membrane too thick so it does not cool anymore. Most average joes will just throw this into their gym bag and that begs to break the mechanism. 
The price is very high for a knee sleeve or ice pack. You pay for your comfort.

Alternatives to the hyperice knee sleeve 

Alternatives to the hyperice knee sleeve are: 
The freeze sleeve is a neoprene sleeve with in build cooling gel. This makes it a very convenient solution unless you object to the chemicals used to make the cooling gel. Compared to the hyperice knee sleeve it is the better solution in my opinion for recovery at home for average-sized athletes. There is no extra set up required and you can use it on elbows and knees. For away games, it might not be better as it is easier to ask a stranger for some ice than putting your gross sleeve in their fridge. 
If I was to spend money on hyperice I would spend it on the back solution. I have regular back pains from squatting and deadlifting. The usual icing solutions like a bag of peas or ice or hard to keep in place in the lower back. The hyperice back is ideal for that. 
The hyperice shoulder would the equivalent of the back version for the shoulder. I personally have no problems with my rotator cuff, but if you do this can be a good solution. 
The hyperice utility is a little different in design from the knee sleeve to go anywhere on your arms or legs. For the knee, you will have a harder time to keep it in place as the straps are arranged differently.

Summary for the hyperice knee sleeve

For cooling your arms or legs I think that the freeze sleeve is the better option unless you are a massive human being. If you have arms like thighs you might have problems to find a fitting sleeve. Out of the hyperice line up the back and shoulder version are great options if you have problems in these areas and need faster recovery. Try icing with peas first. The usefulness of icing for recovery is highly debated among professionals and it usually comes down to personal preference 
Mark Bell grippy X Sleeve

The grippy x sleeve

Grippy x sleeves are one of the stiffest and thinnest knee sleeves on the market and comes in at $85. This is the one to go for to optimize your one repetition maximum.

Overview of the Grippy x sleeve

The Grippy x sleeves come out of the range of Mark bell’s wraps and sleeves. His channel supertraining06 is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, powerlifting channel on YouTube. They are designed to emulate wraps and be as stiff as possible for heavy squats. The specifications are: 
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Thickness: 6.5mm
  • Length: 29cm
  • Approved by USPA
To provide a good, right support to place another squat personal record. 

Sizing for the Grippy x sleeve

I take no responsibility for any size information as it usually lands me in trouble with at least one person. What I will say is that the design of the Grippy x sleeve is unforgiving. Take the measurements seriously and spent some time thinking about size or you might be in a world of pain to get these on. This is intended for the support the x sleeves provide. Rehband models are more forgiving in this regard. The sizes are
  • S - knee circumference 13-14”
  • M - 14.25” - 15”
  • L - 15.25” - 16”
  • Xl - 16.25” - 17” 
  • 2xl - 17.25” - 18”
  • 3xl - 18.25” - 19”
  • 4xl - 19.25” - 20”
If you have very big calves which are potentially thicker circumference then your knee, go a size up.

Pros of the grippy x sleeve 

The pros of the grippy x sleeves are: 
  • USAPF approved 
  • Stiffness 
  • Experienced vendor 
The grippy x sleeves are USAPF approved. This means that you can use them in competitions in this federation. It is always good to simulate competition conditions as close as you can in training. With these sleeves, you at least compete on a national level. IPF approval is a different topic. 
The stiffness of the x sleeve is its main selling point. The grippy x sleeves are probably the closest you can get with sleeves to simulate a wrap. A good knee wrap will be tighter and provide more bounce, but it is also hard to do it yourself. 
Mark Bell has been around for a long time and was a powerlifter for a long time. Whether you actually need all of the sleeves he puts out can be debated, but his products do what they say on the tin, based on my experience. 

Cons of the Grippy x sleeve 

The cons of the grippy x sleeve 
  • IPF controversy 
  • Price 
  • Stiffness 
One con for international powerlifters is that there is a debate about whether they should be IPF approved. There is a controversy for how they function and a complaint was filed (probably by SBD).The IPF is the international rather than national federation for powerlifting and considered the gold standard of raw lifting. If you read this check the current status as it might have changed. 
The price is a little steep but you pay for the quality. This was so good that it was ruled out, so it will probably protect your knees and improve your PR. 
The stiffness can work against you. Of you want to use these sleeves for CrossFit WODs or Olympic lifts they might limit your range of motion too much. 

Alternatives to the grippy x sleeve

Alternatives to the grippy x sleeves are:
Knee wraps are the ultimate stability tool for your knees. While they are harder to put on correctly they provide the most amount of bounce. Depending on the lifting federation they might be allowed or not. Lifting with wraps is not considered raw lifting. 
The Rehband knee sleeve is the long-held general standard for knee sleeves. You will find Rehband products across all different sports. The use is versatile and they are not as stiff as the Mark bell grippy sleeves.
The x knee sleeves from Mark bell are the upgraded version after the IPF pulled their approval for the grippy sleeves. This is the updated version with thicker neoprene that covers USAPF and IPF approvals. 

Summary for the grippy X Sleeve

The grippy x sleeves are the “cheater” sleeves which will provide you with great support for raw lifting and were so effective that the IPF banned them. Definitely worth having if it just for the story around them. Of you want sleeves with similar attributes to go for the extreme x sleeves. 
Xtreme X Sleeves

Xtreme X Sleeves

The x treme X Sleeves are the follow up of the Grippy X Sleeves which are IPF approved. This is the stiffest you can get in knee sleeves and still use in an IPF competition for $85.


Overview of the Xtreme X Sleeves


The extreme x sleeves are the evolution of the grippy x sleeves from Mark Bell. While the grippy x sleeve used some material that was not approved by the IPF, the extreme x sleeve has been made thicker to compensate for the removal of that material. The extreme x sleeve now bears the IPF approval. The features of the extreme x sleeves are: 
  • IPF Approved
  • Sold In Pairs
  • 7mm thick
  • Length: 29cm
  • Sizes: S to 4XL
  • Color: Black
The idea of the x treme x sleeve is to get as close to the effects of a knee wrap in a knee sleeve. This makes this knee sleeve one of the stiffest on the market and ideal for 1 repetition maximum efforts. They are tighter than the strong knee sleeves and thicker than the grippy x.

Sizing for the Xtreme X Sleeves

The extreme x sleeve is available in seven different sizes. These sleeves run very tight so take your measurements seriously before purchasing. Measure your knee circumference when the leg is straight to make your decision 
S - knee circumference 13” -14
M - 14.25” - 15 
L - 15.25” - 16
Xl- 16.25” - 17 
2Xl - 17.25” - 18
3xl - 18.25” - 19 
4xl - 19.25” - 20

Pros of the Xtreme X Sleeve

The Xtreme X sleeve has the following pros in my view:
  • Stiffness
  • IPF Approval
The main point for the X Treme X Sleeve is that it is stiff. Its design will help you to squat more on a one-repetition maximum attempt. Therefore it does what it says on the tin and is worth the money for someone who is interested in this.
Compared to the Grippy X Sleeve of Mark Bell the X Ttreme X has the IPF approval as the components in question have been removed. There it is thicker and got the IPF approval. This sleeve can be used on an international stage without your attempts being voided. 

Cons of the x treme x sleeve

The biggest cons of the Xtreme x sleeve are:
  • Stiffness
  • Price
The stiffness of the X treme X Sleeve can work against it if your goal is something else than a maximum one repetition squat. Olympic lifters might prefer a little more flexibility to get into the hole fast. For this application, the x treme x sleeve might be too stiff. The same goes for Crossfit athletes who want to run and move around while they still have the sleeves on. For these scenarios, you might be better off getting a Rehband sleeve.
The Xtreme X Sleeve is high quality and designed for the purpose of one repetition maximums and therefore comes with one of the highest price tags amongst knee sleeves. If you are in the game for personal records you probably are willing to pay 90 bucks for a knee sleeve. If you are more casual and just want to protect your ligaments you can do it cheaper with some of the less stiff no-name brands. 

Alternatives to the Xtreme X Sleeve

The alternatives to the Extreme X Sleeve are:
The grippy knee sleeves are the original design of the X treme X Sleeves which was got approved by the IPF and then rejected based on the use of material which was not allowed. The Extreme X Sleeves were the follow up to be in line with the IPF standards. If you want the "Cheater" sleeves from Mark Bell go for these as they have the same effect as the Xtreme while being thinner. This is achieved by using different materials.
The strong knee sleeves would be the all-purpose alternative to the X Treme X Sleeves. These knee sleeves are also provided by Mark Bell but are less stiff. This makes them a little more versatile than the stiff sleeves out of the Mark Bell range.
The Rehband knee sleeves are around for a long time across all sports. While Mark Bell's focus is more towards powerlifting, the Rehband knee sleeves are designed with the entire sporting community in mind. The Strong knee sleeves and Rehband knee sleeves will be very close in the type of sleeve you will get. Here it is a choice between personal taste and budget, rather than functionality of the sleeve.

Summary for the Xtreme X sleeve

The Xtreme X SLeeve is probably the best knee sleeve in the market when you want to increase your one-repetition maximum on the squat. Keep in mind that it has been designed for that purpose. High repetition work or running around in them might not be the best idea and other sleeves will do this job better. Between the grippy and the X Sleeve, I would go for the X Sleeves it is IPF approved unless you like to own some pieces of powerlifting history.
Strong X Sleeve

Strong Knee sleeves 

The Strong knee sleeves come in at $80 and are the first attempt at seamless knee sleeves from Mark Bell. They are stiffer than regular sleeves but not as stiff as the Xtreme X Sleeve.

Overview of the Strong knee sleeves

The strong sleeves are the entry-level knee sleeves from Mark Bell designed for comfort and stability. With 7MM in thickness and level 3 neoprene, they are comparable to the sturdy upper range knee sleeves of other vendors like Rehband. This is based on Mark Bell's target group of powerlifters who usually need everything one step stiffer and thicker than other athletes as they give up mobility in a trade-off for strength. The main specification of the Strong Sleeve are:
  • 7mm Thick
  • Level 3 Neoprene
  • Sold in pairs
  • Seamless design
This is a solid option for a beginning powerlifter who feels like Rehbandis not stiff enough for them. Especially when you weigh more than 200 pounds and want to powerlift you might want to consider entering the market with Mark Bell rather than with Rehband

Sizing for the Strong knee sleeves

The Strong knee sleeve comes in different sizes. These are measured from the circumference of your knee when standing. The options are:
  • XS - 11" - 12"
  • S - 12" - 13"
  • M - 13" - 14"
  • L - 14" - 15"
  • XL - 15" - 16"
  • 2XL - 16" - 17"
  • 3XL - 17" - 18"
  • 4XL - 18" - 19"
These are the numbers for the comfort fit. Add 1" if you use the competition fit. 

Pros of the Strong sleeves

The pros of the strong sleeves are:
  • 7mm Thickness
  • Level 3 Neoprene
  • Seamless design
The main idea with the Strong sleeves was to take the design of other 7mm knee sleeves in the market from SBD and Rehbandand improve it. The main difference is that the Strong sleeves have fewer seams and are therefore less error-prone. The design is still pretty heavy-handed and aimed at powerlifters. Maybe not the best solution for smaller individuals who want to move around as fast as possible while wearing sleeves. Here you may look for 3mm or 5mm options depending on whether you want to be active or you want to use the knee sleeve for rehabilitation after surgery/injury. 

Cons of the Strong sleeves

The cons of the strong sleeves are
  • Price
  • Stiffness
  • Thickness
As Mark Bell aims at a smaller target group and the production of a seamless sleeve compared to one with seams as a bit more complex, the price is higher. If you want to pay the extra dollars for a 7mm knee sleeve aimed at powerlifters that is great. Otherwise, you might opt for Rehband
The stiffness and thickness might work against the strong sleeves based on your use case. If you want to wear sleeves and still run and jump or just support your knee after injury 7mm thickness plus an emphasis on a tight git might be overkill. You do not want to get your knee out of place again after surgery, because the sleeve you bought to support it was too hard to get into. That is the very definition of overshooting the target. 
For a 7mm sleeve, you will usually pay less with Rehband. Their designs have more seams and are inspired across disciplines rather than specifically for powerlifting.

Alternatives to the Strong sleeve

Alternatives to the Strong sleeve are
The Xtreme sleeve would be the option if you want to take it to the maximum for your one-repetition maximum attempts on the squat. This is the stiffest and thickest IPF approved knee sleeve currently on the market. If you are big, heavy, strong and do not care that much about mobility, the X is for you.
If you want to buy a 7mm knee sleeve but save a little money you can also go for the Rehbandoptions. One is in direct cooperation with Rich Froning in case you want to support him directly as an athlete or feel inspired by his logo on your sleeves. 
Smaller and lighter athletes might find that a 7mm knee sleeve is an overkill for them.

Summary for the Strong sleeves

The strong sleeves from Mark bell are a good entry choice for anyone focused on powerlifting. Other athletes might want to go for 5mm versions from Rehband, depending on how much mobility they want.

Hyperice utility

Hyperice utility 

The hyperice utility comes in at $75 and can be used on your legs and arms to cool them. The main advantage is that you get an ice bag which holds itself in place.

Overview of the Hyperice Utility

The Hyperice Utility sleeve is designed to go anywhere except your back, shoulder, and knees for cooling. Hyperice has specialized products for this areas of your body. The hyperice Utility sleeve is designed to go anywhere on your limbs to ice the area. This is achieved by a bag which can be filled with ice cubes or crushed ice from your fridge. Hyperice is a good tool to blitz ice swellings at the side of a pitch without having to hold the ice bag in place. If you like cooling with ice bags and have problems with your elbows and ankles, the hyperice Utility is the right choice. The specifications are:
  • 3MM Premium grade compression neoprene with plush finish
  • A separate bag which can be filled with ice
  • Machine Washable
The hyperice line is designed for rehabilitation not support during exercise. Keep that in mind when you are shopping. If you want to wrap your knees like into the product line of Mark Bell and Rehband

Pros  of the Hyperice utility

The pros of the hyperice utility are:
  • Ice bag
  • Compression
  • Big area covered
The hyperice utility will enable you to ice a big area fast without having to hold on to the ice bag. This is practical when you have to recover at the side of the pitch or want to rehab and still be able to move around the house. If you are prone to elbow and ankle swellings and big you will like the hyperice utility. 

Cons of the Hyperice utility

The cons of the hyperice utility are:
  • Ice bag
  • Setup
The ice bag itself is great. but of it rips or breaks in any other way you can not sue the hyperice anymore. As the bag is removable and needs to be filled with ice it is likely that you will damage the nozzle or the bag itself at some stage. This is the trade-off for being able to adjust how much ice you use and how you compress it. 
Compared to other sleeves for the arms and legs, the hyperice utility might be a lot more hassle depending on your setup. If you play in the NFL or NBA there is usually some ice cubes around which you can quickly put into the hyperice. For people who use it at home, the setup can be messy and leave the kitchen dirty after filling the bag with ice cubes. 

Alternatives to the hyperice Utility

The alternatives to the Hyperice utility are:
The freeze sleeve is a neoprene sleeve with an in-build cooling gel. This makes it a very convenient solution unless you object to the chemicals used to make the cooling gel. Compared to the hyperice knee sleeve it is the better solution in my opinion for recovery at home for average-sized athletes. There is no extra set up required and you can use it on elbows and knees. For away games, it might not be better as it is easier to ask a stranger for some ice than putting your gross sleeve in their fridge. 
If I was to spend money on hyperice I would spend it on the back solution. I have regular back pains from squatting and deadlifting. The usual icing solutions like a bag of peas or ice or hard to keep in place in the lower back. The hyperice back is ideal for that. 
The hyperice shoulder would the equivalent of the back version for the shoulder. I personally have no problems with my rotator cuff, but if you do this can be a good solution. 

Summary for the hyperice Utility

The hyperice utility is a nice piece of equipment if you want to ice a big area fast on your legs or arms. Especially when the swelling is fast and you can not go to a doctor directly. Generally, I think that the freeze sleeve is the more convenient option to apply to arms and legs. If I was to buy hyperice I would go for the back option as I struggle with lower back pain from deadlifts and it is awkward to hold a pea bag in place. 

7790 Rehband

Rehband 7790 strong man

The 7790 Rehband strongman comes in it $69.99. It has extra straps to fixate the knee for very heavy carries.

Overview of the Rehband 7790

The Rehband 7790 strongman sleeve is a sleeve which is based on the 7mm Rehband series with the addition of two straps for each sleeve. The straps fixate the knee above and below while standing. It is especially useful for strongman competing in:
  • Yoke carries
  • Farmers walks
  • Heavy lifts from raised platforms
  • Car walks 
  • Car deadlifts 
Basically any lift that is very heavy and does not need too much bending of the knee. The Rehband 7790 will be less practical for:
  • Atlas stone lifts
  • Heavy Squats
  • Fast circuits
Whenever a strongman has to move fast or have full flexibility in the knee it might be better to opt for a sleeve without any extra straps. The specifications of the Rehband 7790 are:
  • SBR / Neoprene
  • 7mm
  • Gray

Sizing for the Rehband 7790

The size for the Rehband 7790 Strongman is measured at the upper calf and is available in five different sizes. These are:
  • S 13"- 14"
  • M 14" - 14.5"
  • L 14.5" - 16"
  • XL 16" - 17"
  • XXL 17" - 18"
Measured while standing.Rehband sleeves are known to be more forgiving than Mark Bell products on sizes as they are designed for more freedom of movement and less stiffness in general. 

Pros of the Rehband 7790 Strongman

The pros of the Strongman 7790:
  • Extra support with straps
  • Freedom of movement
  • strong brand
The extra straps are the main advantage of these sleeves. They will help you with very heavy carries of any sort. With this, you will have a better experience and protect yourself as a strongman
For a sleeve which provides stability around the knee, the construction still leaves you some room to move freely and perform. You will not sprint or break a new high jump record in the 7790 Strongman, but you also won't waddle and be barely able to walk. 
Apart from this, you are buying a Rehband sleeve. Rehbandhas been around for years in the business of sleeves and supports for athletes and rehabilitation. This is across several sports and through the decades. You are putting your money on a safe bet.

Cons of the Rehband 7790

The cons of the Rehband 7790 are:
  • Limited movement
  • Extra straps
Depending on your goals the 7790 is most likely overkill for you. Unless the carry yokes of several 100 kilos in weight you might as well go with sleeves without straps and which are less thin. 
The extra straps will also bear a risk of ripping. Whenever you have additional flaps and straps on a product like this you can fairly sure that they will be ripped or at least loose after a year, if you use the sleeves regularly. 

Alternatives to the 7790

Alternatives to the 7790 are:
The x Treme sleeve from Mark bell would be the weapon of choice to maximize your one repetition squat. While they are too tight for walking long distances, they have more flexibility around the knee and help you out of the hole for 1 repetition maximum attempts. 
The Rogue 7mm sleeve is an alternative for the ambitioned CrossFitter or lifter who wants to incorporate heavy farmers walks and squats into their repertoire. Less stiff than the X Treme sleeve they provide more flexibility while still being supportive for heavy loads for average joes. Rogue also has a wide range of designs, specially tailored to the US market, which might be more appealing to you than the reds, grays, blues, and blacks of the Rehband series.
If you want a 7mm knee sleeve from Rehband without the straps the Froning series might be the right call for you. You will nod to the fittest man on earth while still having one of the most classic brands in sleeves touching your knees. 

Summary for the 7790 Strongman

The Rehband 7790 Strongman sleeves are a great option for someone who does very, very heavy farmers walks and yoke carries on a regular basis and does not want to use straps. Most simple humans will be fine with a 7mm or even 5mm sleeve for their regular training. 
Rogue 7mm

Rogue 7mm knee sleeve

The Rogue 7mm knee sleeve comes in at $62.50 and is american made. For $80 you can upgrade it to your own design via the Zeus engine.

Overview of the Rogue 7mm

The Rogue 7mm Sleeves are American made and approved by the IWF and IPF for open and raw competitions. These knee sleeves come in many different designs. With the Rogue Zeus function, you can even design your own pair with your own logo or loved ones. The main specifications of the Rogue 7mm sleeves are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 7MM thick SBR/Neoprene blend
  • IPF and IWF Legal for Raw and Open Competition
These are versatile sleeves that come in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. If you want to make sure your equipment is made in America these are the ones to go for.

Sizing for the Rogue 7mm

The Rogue 7mm Knee sleeves are available in 5 different sizes. They are measured by your upper Claf circumference for the best fit:
  • XS 31 - 33 cm
  • S 33 - 35 cm
  • M 35 - 37 cm
  • L 37 - 40 cm
  • XL 40 - 43 cm
The Rogue knee sleeves are among the more forgiving knee sleeves when it comes to sizes. Other models like the ones from Mark Bell have a very tight fit, so you have to pay more attention when you are ordering. 

Pros of the 7mm Rogue Sleeves

The main pros of the Rogue 7mm knee sleeves are:
  • Wide arrange of designs
  • Wide range of approvals
  • American made
The Rogue 7mm knee sleeves are American made and deliver a wide arrange of designs and approvals. You might even say they are the best value for money in the market when you do not exactly know what you will use them for. These will work for weightlifting, powerlifting and also might be available in a flashy design of your choice.

Cons of the Rogue 7mm knee sleeves

The cons of the Rogue 7mm knee sleeves are:
  • Thickness
  • Stiffness
The Rogue 7mm knee sleeves might be too thick for some smaller athletes to get into. The smaller you are and the more mobile you want to be, the less suitable the 7mm thickness will be. Go to 5mm or even 3mm depending on your weight, build and exercises you want to do. 7mm is the thickest you can go and still get approvals from the IPF and IWF. 
What the rogue knee sleeves gain in design options, they lose in stiffness. Compared to the Mark Bell line up these sleeves might not be the tightest fit on the market. If you want to go full throttle on your one-repetition maximum attempts for the back squat the x Treme might be the better choice. 

Alternatives to the Rogue knee sleeve

Alternatives to the Rogue 7mm knee sleeve are
The 7mm Froning knee sleeves from Rehbandare very similar to the Rogue knee sleeves. They cost a little less as they are not American made and are sponsored by the fittest man on earth, Rich Froning. Apart from that the thickness and the material are very similar.
The Mark bell Xtreme knee sleeves will cost you a little more but are the better fit for one repetition maximum attempts on the squat. If your main goal is to bring your one-repetition maximum up, these are the better choice for powerlifters. Only if you are very small or prefer fast squats which demand more mobility in the knees, the Rogue sleeves might be a better option. 
The Dan bailey knee sleeves are another option if you want to go for a 5mm knee sleeve and still support a Crossfit athlete. There is also a Dan Bailey design shirtt in the Rogue line up. %mm knee sleeves are usually good all-around options. Especially if you want to run and lift in the same workout. 

Summary for the 7mm knee sleeves

If you are a weekend warrior who wants very stable knee sleeves which are still comfortable to wear and look cool, the Rogue 7mm knee sleeves are for you. They will not be a pain to get on and off, while also taking the game seriously. 
Dan bailey clang and bang

Dan Bailey clang and bang

The Dan bailey clang and bang comes in at $52 for a pair. If you want a Crossfit athlete sponsored 5mm knee sleeve this is your best bet.

Overview of the Dan Bailey clang and bang

The Clang and bang Knee sleeves from Dan Bailey come in 5 different sizes and are 5mm thick. They bear Dan Bailey's clang and bang logo and have been built by a team of Florida CrossFitters in cooperation with scientists and therapists. If you like some design and support Dan Bailey when buying a knee sleeve this one is for you. The features are:
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Exclusive Dan Bailey “Clang-N-Bang” logo design
  • 5MM thick Neoprene
  • Color: Gray & Black
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
If you have enough things from Froning or just like Dan Bailey this might be the sleeve for you. If you want to go for a stiffer, thicker sleeve, this might not be the right option. 

Sizing for the Dan Bailey clang and bang

The Dan Bailey clang and bang knee sleeve is available in five sizes. The sizes are measured from the circumference of the knee while standing. The available sizes are:
  • XS 30 - 32cm
  • S 32cm - 34cm
  • M 34cm- 36cm
  • L 36cm - 38cm
  • XL 38cm - 40cm
Especially in the smaller ranges, you might find The Dan Bailey knee sleeves to be more practical than other knee sleeves.

Pros of the Dan and bailey clang and bang

The pros of the Dan Bailey knee sleeves:
  • Unique design
  • Flexibility
The Dan Bailey clang and bang knee sleeves provide flexibility and comfort while still supporting your knees. The Clang and bang design is also unique to this line of knee sleeves. 

Cons of the Dan and Bailey knee sleeves

The cons of the Dan Bailey knee sleeves are:
  • Price
  • Stiffness
For a 5mm knee sleeve, the Dan Bailey clang and bang sleeves are situated at the higher, rather than the lower end of the spectrum. For this get a unique design and comfort, but you might as well go for other brands at 5mm which will cost you less.
These will not be the stiffest sleeves in the sortiment. If you are getting sleeves to improve your one-repetition maximum, rather than protecting your knees generally, go for the X treme sleeves from Mark Bell.

Alternatives to the Dan Bailey clang and bang knee sleeves

The alternatives to the clang and bang knee sleeves from Dan Bailey are:
The X Treme sleeve is probably the best sleeve in the market at the time of writing for improving your one-repetition maximum on the squat. At the same time, it is also one of the most expensive. If you want to improve your 1RM with a very stiff design this is the right sleeve for you. For general protection on fast movements, it might be too stiff.
If you prefer Rich Froning over Dan Bailey as ana athlete or want to spend your money on a brand that has been established longer you can opt for the Rich Froning Rehband sleeves. The Rich Froning sleeves are available in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm.
The Rock tape Assassins sleeves cost a little less for getting a 7mm instead of a 5mm and have a different design. If you prefer thicker neoprene and black and red rather than grey colors, this might be the option for you.  

Summary for the Dan Bailey clang and bang sleeves

The Dan Bailey clang and bang sleeves are a good mid-range option with extra comfort features and unique design. If you want to support Florida, Dan Bailey, and comfort, this is the sleeve to go for. 
rocktape 7mm

Rock tape 7mm

Rocktape 7mm sleeves come in at $50 and are therefore a very cheap option on a pair of 7mm. 

Overview of the Rocktape 

The Rock tape 7mm knee sleeves are a relatively new player on the market. They distinguish themselves with a poppy design and lower prices than some of the more established brands. Generally, they are aimed at Cross Fit athletes and are produced by a company that started out in the tape sector. The sleeves are American made which can be a decision criterion for some. The specifications of the Rock Tape sleeves are: 
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Thickness: 7MM
  • 4-way stretch lycra side panels
  • 12-month warranty
Which makes it a solid mid-range option in the knee sleeve industry. 

Sizes for the Rocktape

The Rocktape sleeves are available in four sizes measured from the potella:
  • S 10.5" - 12.5"
  • M 12.5" - 13.5"
  • L 13.5" - 14.5"
  • XL 15.5" - above 
These sleeves are more forgiving than the range from Mark Bell as their design is not super stiff. Still, pay attention to your measurements before deciding for a particular size. 

Pros of the Rocktape knee sleeves

The pros of the Rocktape knee sleeves are:
  • American made
  • Poppy designs
If you want all of your material to come from the US these knee sleeves tick the box. For some, this can be one of the main decision criteria when buying their equipment. 
The design of the Rocktape sleeves is very MTVesk. If that is what you are going for you will not find it in other sleeves.

Cons of the Rocktape knee sleeves

The cons of the Rocktape knee sleeves are:
  • Not long in the industry
  • Lack of stiffness
  • A small range of sizes
Compared to other knee sleeves models Rocktape has not been around for as long in the sleeve industry. This can lead to problems in production and lifetime. The warranty reflects this, as other vendors do not make as much a point about having a warranty on their sleeves. This also ties in with the lower range of sizes available. The newer a production line is, the fewer options it produces with a higher fault rate. 
The lack of stiffness is a question of style and what you want to achieve with your sleeves. If you are buying to protect your knees from wear and tear a little more mobility is advised. If you buy sleeves to bring up your one-repetition maximum, you want them to be as stiff as the federation you compete in allows. 

Alternatives to the Rocktape sleeves

The öaternatives to the Rocktape sleeves are
The Rich Froning Rehband series has paired a giant from the Crossfit universe with the giant in the sleeves industry. With this combination, you get the widest range of options for sizes and thickness at some of the lowest prices. The only things where Rehbandneeds some catching up is in the design and stiffness branch. Mark Bell's products are a bit more functional while you more design options in the Rogue range via the Zeus engine. 
The Mark Bell Xtreme sleeves are the current gold standard for stiff sleeves to improve your one-repetition maximum. With this, they are not optimal when you want to move fast in them. There is only one design option with the Xtreme sleeves and they are some of the most expensive sleeves you can get. 
The Dan Bailey Clang and Bang sleeves are a middle of the range approach. They are only available in 5mm with a unique design inspired by Dan Bailey. 

Summary for the Rocktape knee sleeves

If you want your knee sleeves to be from the US and like the poppy design, go for these sleeves. You can get some thick sleeves for your money compared to other models in the range. 
Rehband froning

Froning Rehband 7mm knee sleeve

These are the best knee sleeves for all around usage at $49.99 a sleeve. Take that these are sold individually and not in pairs.

Overview of the Froning knee sleeve

The Rehband RX 7mm Knee Sleeve from the Froning series is probably the safe bet when it comes to sleeves. For the price, you get a thick sleeve with a wide range of options in size. With Froning branding, you still get some inspiration from a top Crossfit athlete while the sleeve itself is produced by the main vendor in the sleeve industry for sports. Take care that these are sold individually and not in pairs. The specifications of the Rich Froning 7mm are:
  • Sold Individually
  • 7MM thick SBR / Neoprene blend flex-material
  • Size Options: XXS-XXL (See Chart Below)
  • Color: Black & Red
This is the sleeve for Crossfit champions. 

Size of the Froning knee sleeve

These are the sizes that are available for the Rich Froning knee sleeve. Measure at the upper calf about 10 cm down from your knee cap.
  • XXS 29 - 31cm
  • XS 31 - 33cm
  • S 33 - 35cm
  • M 35 - 37cm
  • L 37 - 40cm
  • XL 40 - 43cm
  • XXL 43 - 46cm
This is one of the widest ranges of sizes you can find for knee sleeves in the current market. 

Pros of the Froning knee sleeves

The pros of the Froning knee sleeves are:
  • Wide range of size options
  • Reliable vendor 
  • Only vendor with Froning products for sleeves
Rehbandis one of the powerhouses in the area of knee and elbow protection across all sports. They have teamed up with one of the most successful athletes in Crossfit to provide a solid sleeve option for Crossfitters and strongmen.

The cons of the Froning knee sleeves

The cons of the Froning knee sleeves are:
  • Not sold in pairs
  • Price 
  • Design
The Froning 7MM sleeves are unfortunately not sold in pairs. This is an exemption from the standards for other vendors. This drives the price up. In addition, some also might think that the design of the Rehband sleeves might be a little outdated. Rogue and Rocktape have made some efforts here to push the envelope for the industry. Especially Rogue with their custom designs from the Zeus engine.

Alternatives to the Froning knee sleeve

Alternatives to the Froning knee sleeve are:
The Dan Bailey clang and Bang knee sleeves come in 5mm with a grey design. The good news is that they come in pairs. If you are a Crossfitter who wants to support an athlete but do not want to pay double for protecting both of your knees, the Dan Bailey sleeves might be the option for you. 
If your main goal is to get your One repetition maximum up, the X treme Sleeves from Mark bell might be just the right option for you. These sleeves have been designed very stiff so you get maximum support on your one-repetition maximum attempts. With this, they can be quite restrictive if you want to run and jump in them.
If you want to do your own design on a knee sleeve with medium thickness and support the custom Rogue knee sleeves are currently one of the options where you can upload your own design and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

Summary for the Froning knee sleeve

The safest bet for overall quality, comfort, and support. This comes at the cost of not being able to buy in pairs. 
Freeze sleeve

Freeze sleeve

The freeze sleeve is one of the best options for cooling your arms or legs when going about your day.

Overview of the freeze sleeve

The freeze sleeve is a compression sleeve for the legs and arms with an inbuilt cooling system. It works with a gel to combine comfort with icing therapy. This way you can target the areas of most discomfort after training while still going about your day. The main features of this sleeve are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Compression Fabric Sleeve with Specially Formulated Anti-Microbial Gel
  • Flexible Up to -20 Degrees F
  • Store in the freezer a minimum of 2 hours before use
  • Color: Black
  • Important: Do not let the Freeze Sleeve get wet! The gel will absorb water and swell. If your sleeve becomes damp, place it on a flat, dry surface and allow to fully air dry. Do not use wet towels under your FREEZE SLEEVE.
This is a great comfortable and fast solution to cool down any area on your leg or arm. 

Size of the freeze sleeve

The freeze sleeve is available in six different sizes ranging from S to 3XL. Measure the circumference just below your knee or elbow for the best results. The size chart is as follows:
  • S 8" -10" / 20-26cm
  • M 10" -13" / 26-33cm
  • L 13"-16" / 33-41cm
  • XL 16"-20" / 41-51cm
  • XXL 20"-24" / 51-61cm
  • 3XL 25"-30" / 63-65cm
Take your measurements seriously and maybe go a little down from what you measure as sleeves tend to widen over time with extensive use. 

Pros of the Freeze sleeve

The pros of the freeze sleeve:
  • Fast application
  • No moving parts
  • Price
The freeze sleeve is fast to use as long as it has been in the freezer. You easily slip it on and off after raining and is, therefore, a great solution for rehab post-workout. 
There are no moving parts in the freeze sleeve that can break or get lost. Other solutions have nozzles to fill in ice or liquid while the freeze sleeve is one piece of equipment. 
The price for the freeze sleeve is relatively low compared to other icing solutions with a similar impact. 

Cons of the freeze sleeve

The cons of the freeze sleeve are:
  • Does not use ice
  • No choice in freeze effect
  • No choice on compression
  • Small areas only
Compared to ice packs that are filled with ice cubes the freeze sleeve provides less cooling and compression. If you want to shock freeze certain areas immediately after injury, the freeze sleeve is not the right tool. Here the hyperice range of products does a better job. The same goes for larger areas like the shoulder or back. 

Alternatives to the freeze sleeve

Good alternatives to the freeze sleeve are:
The hyperice range can cover bigger areas and freeze them quicker. If you are a big athlete you are probably better off with these. The main disadvantage of the freeze sleeve is that you need to fill the bag with ice cubes to make it work. This requires setup and leaves the product with more moving parts that can break or get lost. 

Summary for the freeze sleeve

One of the best solutions for post-workout cooling of niggling areas over time. Not the best solution for immediate icing of severe strain injuries at the side of a pitch. 

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