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Which specialty bar to get from Rogue?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Which specility bar to get from Rogue

Which speciality bar to get from Rogue?

In this article, you will learn about the pros, cons and alternatives for several Rogue speciality bars. Follow the links for additional information. There is an Index and a quick reference for the impatient at the start.
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This is the index of the available Rogue axle and log bars covered by this article:
Thes are ordered in a descending manner by price for your convenience. Keep in mind, that all of these bars do not work with standard barbell collars and need the special axle collars to secure plates on the bar. 

Quick reference

You are huge
You want to save money and work on your grip
You are not huge, but want to do log presses
You want to work on your grip and conditioning

Rogue LB-3 12 Log bar


Overview of the Rogue LB-3 12 log bar 

Price: $595
The LB-3 log bar is the biggest log bar in the Rogue Line up and made to spec for strongman competitions. It can hold up to 1000lb and already weighs 130lbs when empty. The full specifications of the LB-3 log bar are: 
  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • 12" Diameter Strongman Log
  • Total Length: 80.75"
  • 11-gauge steel construction
  • Handles: Neutral-grip, 1.25” diameter, set 24” apart
  • Finish: Black Powdercoat
  • Laser-cut Rogue logo
This is the big daddy of logs you can buy off the shelf from Rogue. The extra-wide design is best for huge athletes that otherwise have problems fitting their arms into the mold without touching off the metal. Be aware that this is already a beast without any plates added. So do not buy this unless you are big or have quite a few big guys in your gym.

Pros of the Rogue 12 log bar 

The pros of the LB 3 12 log bar are: 
  • Prepares for competition 
  • Made for big athletes 
  • Sturdy design 
This log bar is so big that it will prepare you for anything that a strongman competition will throw at you. If you can handle the size and weight the design is also safer for bigger athletes. What can often be a problem with log bars is that they are made to be big, but of cheap, thin material which makes them prone to deform or bend the plate pins when dipped. Not with the LB 3 which is the high quality we are used to from Rogue. 

Cons of the Rogue 12 log bar 

Cons of the Rogue 12 log bar
  • Price 
  • Size 
The 12 log bar comes in at $595. For a specialty bar that you will not use that often, that is a high price. Let’s face it, most mere mortals will use this once, maybe twice a week. If you are not a strongman athlete this piece of metal takes up a huge space and a big chunk out of your wallet. 

Alternatives to the Rogue 12 log bar 

Alternatives to the Rogue 12 log bar are 
The rogue strongman sandbags can be a good alternative to the log bar. If you want to get big weights from the ground to your shoulder you can also do this with these bags which weigh between 100lb to 400lb when filled with sand. They can also be emptied and stored and transported easier than a log bar. Of course, the Dow side is that they are not log-shaped and have no handles. 
The rogue rubber atlas stones are another alternative for strongman training. These try to emulate a real stone as close as possible. You will get a perfect sphere that is ready-made. The weight ranges from 50lb to 200lb. These are ready-made with an iron core. No filling or deforming and even if they get a cut they still work. The only downside is where to store them and that they can. It be adjusted. 
The LB1 and LB2 are log bar variations that are smaller than the LB-3. The LB1 weighs 72lb empty while the LB2 comes in at 50lb. These might be the better variations to use on a commercial gym as they are smaller and lighter. 

Conclusion for the Rogue 12 log bar 

The Rogue 12 log bar is the tool for the professional strongman/strongwoman to prepare himself or herself for the next competition. With 130lb starting weight, it does not have many applications for normal-sized athletes or hobby strongmen. You get what you pay for and it is an excellent piece of equipment. I question whether most people will need it and you can save money and space by going for one of the smaller options.

Rogue LB-1 10 Log bar


Overview of the LB-1 bar


The LB-1 log bar is the original log bar from Rogue and comes in at a weight of 72lb. This is the mid-range log bar which will cover most needs. The sleeves of this bar are smaller in diameter than a regular barbell, so make sure to get an axle collar to go with this log to secure your plates. The full specifications of this bar are:
  • Weight: 72LB
  • 10" diameter laser cut steel tube 1/8" thick
  • Fully welded end & internal plates
  • Solid 0.375" round bar protection on openings
  • Handle Spacing: 26" on center
  • 1.66" diameter neutral grip handles
  • 14" Loadable Sleeve Length
  • Laser-cut Rogue logo!
This is a good tool to get for a man cave as an additional challenge to spice up the barbell routine. 

Pros of the LB-1 bar

Pros of the LB-1 log bar are:
  • Mid-range price
  • Robust craftsmanship
  • Neutral grip
This is a great tool to add to your arsenal, if you like strongman training and to lift awkward objects. For presses and rows, it also offers a neutral grip which is easier on the wrists than a straight barbell. Compared to the other log bar models from Rogue the LB-1 is bang in the middle from a price and size perspective. As with most Rogie products, the craftsmanship is great and this will hold up forever. 

Cons of the LB-1 bar

the cons of the LB-1 bar are:
  • Too heavy to appeal to everyone in a commercial gym
  • Other alternatives for neutral grip training available 
  • Not strongman competition dimension
With 72lb empty weight the log bar weighs roughly the same as a trap bar, but your leverage to move it is a lot worse. This might make it not the best choice for a commercial gym that wants to add a little fun. The LB-2 might the better option here as it starts at 51lbs and can still be loaded with plates to make it heavier. If a neutral grip is what you are after for rows and presses, you can also consider the different Multi-grip bars from Rogue as an alternative. These are a lot easier to store on the rack than the log bar. Lastly, most logs in strongman competitions are bigger than the LB-1. If you are a big guy, get the proper simulation of the real world and go for the LB-3 instead. 

Alternatives to the LB-1 bar

Alternatives to the LB-1 are:
The LB-2 and LB-3 log bar are the big and small brother of the LB-1. Rogue started with the LB-1 and quickly realized that log bars of different sizes might be a good idea. The result was the LB-2 and LB-3. While the LB-3 is aimed at the biggest of us, the LB-2 is the entry log bar. If you are buying for a commercial gym go with the smaller one to appeal to more people. If you are a monster, go for the LB-3
The multi-grip rogue bars are another option to consider if you are looking for bar with a neutral grip, but also do not want to make it too complex to work in a rack. The log bars can be quite awkward if you do not lift them from the ground with a pad. If the neutral grip is your main concern you might be better off with getting one of the Rogue-Multi grip bars. 
If you are looking into the Rogue log bar to pick up a weight and lift it to the shoulder, then the Rogue strongman bags might be a better option for you. They take up less space, cost less, and get a very similar training result. Of course, they are just a mere simulation of real strongman events, but for mixing up your training they are great.

Conclusion for the LB-1 

The LB-1 log bar is the right log bar for anyone who has a home gym with enough space and is dedicated too mixing up their training. It is not too small or too big, so if you know your way around lifting, this is the right one to get. If you are considering a log bar for your commercial gym, I personally think you are better off by getting the LB-2. This will appeal to more people as it is easier to handle and still something different and novice. If you are huge and gorilla stong, meaning you already can over head press 100kg, then leave the toys and go directly to the LB-3.

Rogue LB-2 8 log bar


Overview of the LB-2 log bar 

Price $345
The LB-2 log bar is the smallest of the three log bars which Rogue has on offer. This makes it a good fit for smaller athletes and junior or anyone who is on rehab from an injury. It makes it also more accessible to a bigger group of people to introduce them to strongman training compared to the massive LB-3. The LB-2 weighs 51lb and can be loaded with plates. Take that this bar has smaller sleeves in diameter than a standard barbell. The full specifications are:
  • Weight: 51LB
  • Length: 70.8"
  • Diameter: 8"
  • Steel Notes: Laser Cut 0.125” Thick Steel
  • Fully welded end & internal plates
  • Solid 3/8" round bar protection on openings
  • Neutral Grip Handles: 23.5" on center
  • Laser-cut Rogue logo!
This is a great beginner log bar or something to get for everyone in your local gym as it is easier to handle.

Pros of the LB-2 log bar

The biggest pros of the LB-2 log bar are:
  • Price
  • Size 
  • Finish
The LB-2 log bar is the cheapest of the Log bars available from Rogue and also the smallest. If you want your commercial gym to go into strongman training, this is where to start. If you only have massive 240-pound giants at your gym, this might be too small. For this price, you get a well made log bar that will hold up when you beat it into the ground. 

Cons of the LB-2 log bar

The cons of the LB-2 log bar are:
  • Size
  • Storage 
  • Fitting to plates
This log bar is the smallest log bar Rogue has, but is still hard to store compared to a regular barbell. It will not fit onto a regular bar rack. Working with J cups will also be a challenge. So mostly, it will lay on the ground or stand in a corner. If you have a home gym with kids around, definitely store it in the ground. It also does not fit great with standard plate sizes. This is what you get with all log bars, but has to be considered if for the same price you can get a safety bar from Rogue.

Alternatives to the LB-2 log bar

Alternatives to the LB-2 log bar are:
The Rogue strongman bag is a cheaper option to simulate strongman training. You can get versions ranging from 100lb to 400lb when filled with play sand. They are also easier to store as they can be emptied when not used. It is not the same experience as a log bar, but if you are limited for space and budget, this might be a better start to a strongman class. Also, if you have to buy and store in bulk, this is a more feasible option.
If you are a strongman/strongwoman meaning business, then the LB-2 is probably not for you. The weights you will face in the competition will have a bigger diameter and will be harder to handle than an LB-2. Therefore it might be best to go with the LB-3 as this comes closest to the real-life competition. 
Home gym enthusiasts who want to strengthen their posterior chain might also want to look into the Rogue safety bar as an alternative. If your squat is what you are mainly concerned about, this is a better option to get to train your lower back when you have problems from too much barbell training.

Conclusion for the LB-2 log bar

The LB-2 log bar is a lot more palatable for the masses out there than the LB-3 or LB-1. Even though it is the smallest log bar in the line-up, it still provides the challenge of a weight that behaves very differently from a classic barbell. This is therefore the better option, f you only occasionally do strongman training or want to provide an interesting challenge to your clients with a new toy. 

Farmers walk handles


Overview of the farmer walk handles

Price: $185 - $1850
The farmers walk is a classic among strength athletes. The prolonged bars can be easily adjusted for different weights for athletes and make this a fun way to work your core, grip and posterior chain. The Rogue farmer handles have been developed with Rob Orlando and are a good addition to any gym to spice things up a little. The full specification of the farmer handles are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Co-developed with Rob Orlando
  • Handle: 1" Schedule 40 Pipe
  • Shaft: 1.5" Schedule 80 Pipe
  • Overall Length: 60”
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 24” (12” on each end)
  • Finish: Signature Texture Black Powdercoat
  • 12" of loadable sleeve space
  • Can be used with standared bumper plates or cast iron plates
If you have a long driveway or parking lot and you want to run classes you can even buy these from Rogue in sets of tens to have races. 

Pros of the Farmer walk handles

The pros of the farmer's walk handles:
  • Adjustable weight
  • More use out of your plates
  • Great core and grip exercise
  • Price
Farmers walk handles are a great tool to work your core and get multiple uses out of your plates. They are also very price efficient if you want to go heavy on carries up to 200 lb.  You will also work your grip effectively while still getting in a good cardio workout. 

Cons of the farmer walk handles

The cons of the farmer walk handles are:
  • Take up a lot of space
  • Harder to adjust
  • High injury risk
The farmer's walk handles take up quite a bit of pace in your gym. More often than not i also see that they are not being adjusted often, which is kind of the point. While the length of the handles makes them great to provide a little more instability to activate your core, it also leaves you open to nasty injuries. Some of the meanest falls I have seen in the gym happened when racing with farmer's handles. 

Alternatives to the farmer walk handles 

Alternatives to the farmer walk handles are
If you want o race for time to work on your care and cardio you might as well get the Rogue echo dog sled in a 10 pack. The sleds are only $10 more, but a lot safer to race. They will not work your grip as hard, but in return, you will get a better cardio workout. You can also mix 5 and 5 for your commercial gym. For a home gym, I think the sled is the way better option as it is a lot more versatile in use than the handles. You can use something else for grip strength / similar carries.
For roughly the same price of the farmer's walk handles you can get two 80lb kettlebells. This leaves you with safe carries and a lot of options for grip strength training with holds, swings, and deadlifts. If you are mainly getting the farmer's walk handles to train your core and grip, kettlebells are the safer, more versatile option. They only train your core a little less as the load is more stable and closer to your torso. This means less balancing is involved.
If you want a cheap version of the farmer's carry you can go with the sud inc farmer walk handles. They are cheaper and easier to store. They are also adjustable. The only downside is that they will have a lot more and tear and can only be used for carries. 

Conclusion for the farmer walk handles

The farmer walk handles are good when you want to train for strongman competitions. They are a classic event in strongman competitions and will not go away. If, however, you only want a tool for heavy load and running around with, i think some heavy ass kettlebells are the better choice for you. They are easier to store and can be used for much more than just carries. If you mainly like the racing part of the farmer handles, got the dog sleds instead. Lower injury risk at higher speeds. 

Rogue axle powder coated


Overview for the Rogue axle

Price $125
The rogue axles bar is a simple straight bar for lifts without sleeves. The axle bar is also thicker than a standard barbell. This combination makes it an interesting challenge to lift weights with the axle compared to regular barbells. In addition, it is also cheaper than most barbells around as it is easier to manufacture. The full specifications of this bar are:
  • Made in the USA
  • 1.9" outside diameter
  • Rogue Signature Black Powder Coat for increased grip and comfort
  • Black Powder Coat 1.5" sch. 80 pipe construction
  • Total Length: 84"
  • Weight: 25LB
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 15.5”
  • Space Between Collars: 52”
This is a good addition for someone who already has a functioning gym and wants to challenge himself/herself even more. For starters, it might be a little challenging that the plates are not rotating on the sleeves. Watch some youtube videos for heavy axle presses if you do not know what that means.

Pros of the Rogue axle

The pros of the Rogue axle are:
  • Low price
  • Great for grip strength training
  • Versatile
The Rogue axles has a simple design and can be used for almost everything you would use a barbell for, except Olympic weightlifting. Combined with a low price and the thickness of it, it is great to challenge yourself or your clients to run a cycle with an axle bar rather than a conventional barbell.

Cons of the rogue axle

The cons of the rogue axle bar are:
  • No spinning sleeves
  • Does not fit most storing solutions
  • High injury risk for beginners
As the axle bar has no spinning sleeves and is thicker than a regular barbell it needs to be treated with a lot of respect when you start training with it. Many people don't and it ends in injury. If you are just looking into the axle bar as a cheap alternative to a barbell i would recommend against it. Get a good value for money barbell to start ad work your way to an axle. 

Alternatives for the rogue axle

Alternatives to the Rogue axle bar are:
The Rogue echo barbell is the cheapest barbell from Rogue you can get. Everything about this is optimized for cost. So if you are a beginner who is budget-constrained, start your gym with this barbell, rather than an axle. Avoid the injury and misery by trying to use an axle when you need a barbell.
Rogue boneyard barbells come to form the same budget approach, except that these bars have some blemishes or have been sent back by clients. On the boneyard, you can find things like returned gifts, barbells with minor quality issues on the knurling, or problems with the finish of the coating. All of these bars are safe for use and balanced. They just can not be sold as new anymore and that's why they are sold with a warranty on the boneyard. 
The rogue stubby axle is another alternative the rogue axles which is a bit shorter than the big brother. This is a great tool to be used outside as it is also easier to transport based on the shorter sleeves. 

Conclusion for the rogue axle

The Rogue axle is a great option for getting better wrist and grip strength as an alternative to a conventional barbell. Work with it to vary your training, especially when you are looking into higher repetition barbell work. 

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