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Which weighted vest to get from Rogue?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 24, 2020 1:11:10 PM

Which weighted vest to get fom Rogue

Which weighted vest to get from Rogue?

This is an overview of the weighted vests which are available from Rogue including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details.
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This article is organized by cost from highest to lowest for weighted vest available from the Rogue online shop.
Here is the complete index of all vests being reviewed in this article.

Quick reference

If you do not want to read the entire article, here is a quick reference for what you can get for your specific need:
Heaviest vest
Best for mobility 
Best all-around
Best to buy in bulk 
Maximum load

100lb Straitjacket


Overview of the Box 100lb Straitjacket vest

Price: $292.99

The Box 100lb Straightjacket is the most expensive vest which Rogue currently stocks. In return, you also get the heaviest vest you can get. The design expands on the base box vest by having 50lb as an underlayer and adding another 50lb on top of this. Think about this one as two box vests on top of each other, were the vendor thought about how to attach them properly. The full specifications of the 100lb Straightjacket are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable by 2.5LB increments up to 100LB
  • Short length for better range of motion
  • Durable, tear-resistant nylon exterior
  • Double-padded shoulder base
  • Reliable, military-grade fasteners
  • Color: Black
This is a great tool for anyone who wants to maximize resistance on Crossfit exercises which involve short term sprints, pull-ups, and sit-ups. Still, this is an extreme option optimized for weight, not for fit and comfort.

Pros of the Box 100lb Straitjacket

The pros of the Box 100lb are:
  • 100lb in total weight
  • Short design 
  • Good pouches
This product does what it says on the tin. You get a military-grade vest that can take the 100lb as advertised. The short design is also a bonus compared to other vests that have 100lb. Rather than restricting your torso, you can still turn and bend. Other vests that go that high in weight often use a full torse approach where mobility suffers. You get what pay for with an excellent product that has been battle-tested in many gyms all over the country and in the CrossFit games.

The cons of the 100lb Straitjacket

The cons of the 100lb straightjacket are:
  • Misleading advertisement
  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Mobility constraints
This vest is a one size fits all approach so that you can get all of the 100lb somewhere on to our body. This means that for anyone who does not have the standard male model sizes, this vest will be a nightmare to wear. If you are 185cm tall and weigh 90kg, great. If you are bigger or smaller than that, you will not have a snug fit. So that you can still somewhat move, the design doubles up to around the shoulders and back. This leads to uneven weight distribution and makes this vest hard to work with on long-distance runs rows or prolonged rope skipping. On top of that, the advertising is a bit misleading. If you buy this vest you buy it for its maximum capacity. The full price is then roughly $380 rather than just below $300. This has a reason as the weighted vest market has a drop-off point at around $300 when people say "Are you insane". 

Alternatives to the 100lb Straitjacket

Alternatives to the 100lb straightjacket are:
The MiR pro weighted vest is the only vest in Rogue's shop that goes over the 100lb of the straightjacket. The maximum weight option is 120lbs. For this, you will get a vest that severely constraints your movement as this is achieved with multiple straps and extra length instead of a double layer of weights like in the Box 100lb vest.
If you are only looking to add weight to your pull-ups and dips, then a dip belt might be the better option. It is a lot cheaper and can go to a lot more weight than 100lb. The only downside is that kipping pull-ups and any kind of sprinting/changing of exercises within the workout will demand that you take the dip belt on and off and lose the resistance. A dip belt is not a vest that you can just simply put on but is a lot easier to manage and cheaper if adding weight is all you want to do.
The Hyper Vest Pro would be the best alternative if you still want a heavy vest. This vest goes up to 42lb in its XL version as it is longer than the smaller versions. This provides extra space for plates. This vest has mainly been designed to have a snug fit and therefor be great for long time cardio workouts. It still only has half the capacity of the 100lb straight jacket.
The load trainer is the best option for maximum load, as you can simply put plates on your back like a donkey. This will feel a lot more like a rucksack and is especially good if you want to train to march long distances with a heavyweight, but do not necessarily carry weapons halfway through town. Pull-ups, sprints, and dips are also possible, but not at speed. 
The original box vest is half the size of the straightjacket and goes up to 50lb. You get the same design and robustness, while the fit is not as snug as with the Hyper range. This model is more than enough for most mere mortals and also a lot more affordable. 

Conclusion for the 100lb straitjacket

A 100lb straightjacket is a great tool for Crossfitters who have exhausted their options with the Original Box vest and want to push beyond the 50lb resistance. In my personal opinion, the market for that is very slim. If you are torn between the original box vest and the straightjacket, get the box vest. It will take a couple of years to grow into this resistance training if you are not already jumping up and down with no problem in a 50lbs vest. If you want to do long-distance running with a vest or acrobatics, the box vests are not the best choice. 

Hyper vest elite


Overview of the Hyper vest elite

Price $219-$283
The Hyper vest elite is the next generation of the Hyper Vest Pro. Compared to the Hyper vest pro this vest comes pre-packed and with less resistance. In return, you get a better system to get a tight fit, better finish, and reflective parts. This vest was aimed at runners who want to add resistance to their workouts but did not find the right model with other vendors. The full specifications are:


  • Unisex patented design for exceptional comfort
  • Breathable, odor-resistant, wicking Cordura® fabric
  • Open side panels provide superior ventilation
  • Thin profile allows for full range of motion
  • Reflective, flexible side lacing for highly-adjustable fit
  • Small available in 10LB or 15LB - M,L, and XL available in 10LB or 20LB


Vest Size S M L XL
Weight Range 90LB - 130LB 130LB - 170LB 170LB - 210LB 210+LB
Height Range 4'10"-5'4" 5'4"-5'9" 5'9"-6'4"
6'4" +
The Hyper vest elite is the right model for you if you want to run fast, change directions often or even want to do gymnastics or acrobatics with added weight. 

Pros of the Hyper vest elite

The pros of the Hyper vest elite are:
  • Snug fit
  • Reflective design 
  • Smaller weight plates
This vest excels in having a design that is all about fitting onto your body like a glove. For this, you have straps at the sides to make the vest tighter. Think of it like a corset that has weight woven into it. With the reflective design, you can go out at nights and wear this vest over your usual dym clothes to be seen when on the road. The weight plates for this model also have been designed with the goal of even distribution in mind, rather than maximizing weight. This gives the vest a great feel, but not the maximum resistance compared to other vests on the market. 

Cons of the Hyper vest elite

The cons of the Hyper vest elite are:
  • Only available in three weights
  • Only available in black
  • Prone to break
The cons of the Hyper vest elite are the limited option of weight ranges, the only color it is available in, and, most importantly, that it is prone to error. While the design is great for being snug it has two main weak points which are the straps at the sides. This is great for getting a tight fit that gives you maximum freedom to move, but if you lose or damage one of these elastic bands, the vest doe not work anymore. This vest has not been designed for scenarios where you crawl through the mud, run through the underbrush or other challenging scenarios. It was designed for controlled indoor or outdoor scenarios without a lot of dirt and rubbing. 

Alternatives to the Hyper vest elite

Alternatives to the hyper vest elite are:
The 100lb straightjacket is the ultimate weight option for weighted vests. If you still want to wear a vest and have a maximum of weight on your body, this is the option to get. What you gain in weight, you lose in mobility. You do not want to do gymnastics in a vest that has two layers of mini weights in it. 
The hyper vest pro is the original hyper vest product. You will save on money and also gain more flexibility in weight options. The downside is that the design is not reflective, the straps are even more prone to error, as they are of lower quality and that the seams on the weights are not as good as with the elite.
The 5.11 Tactec Plate carrier vest is a great versatile option, offers a lot of mobility, and is slightly cheaper than the hyper vest pro. You have many weight configurations to choose from and also can choose from eight different color options. This design will also hold when used under extreme conditions outdoor. The design might not be to everyone's liking as it is very military, where the hyper vest elite has more of a fitness/gym look about it. 

Conclusion of the Hyper vest elite

The hyper vest elite is probably the best choice in the market for runners, acrobats, and martial artists. It adds a reasonable weight to your exercises to make you go the full length, while still providing that extra resistance. It has not been designed with military applications in mind and will suffer a great deal when dragged through the mud or over an obstacle course. The resistance is also low compared to other models. 

5.11 TacTec Plate carrier


Overview of the Tactec Plate Carrier

Price: $199.99
The Tactec Plate carrier is a repurposed military body armor for fitness purposes. The maximum weight that can be added to this vest is 30lb. You multiple options with a front and backplate and six different weight plate options from Rogue. The Velcro in the front and back also makes it possible to add patches and individualize your vest even further. Compared to other models you have fewer straps to secure the weight and extra padding on the shoulder where you feel the most of the weight. The full specifications of this vest are:
  • 500D Nylon Construction
  • Water-Resistant Coating
  • Vest Weight: 2.5LB
  • Fits all Rogue Weight Vest Plates and any 24MM wide Medium (12.5" H x 9.5" L x 2" W) or Large (13.25" x 10.25" x 2.25") SAPI plates
  • Back yoke shoulder pads for even weight distribution
  • Adjustable weight and tensional bands
  • Extendable GrabDrag handle for emergency exfiltration
  • Oversized airflow channel padding
  • One-handed Quick Release
  • Duraflex® hardware
  • Web ID Loop
  • Standard cummerbunds will accommodate a 52" circumference with the elastic relaxed, and up to 57" when fully extended
  • Color: Black, Navy, Tac OD, Sandstone, Camo (+$30), Terrain, Night, and Storm
This is the vest to get if you mainly do sprints, will take it through a lot of abuse and you are not planning on tumbles and cartwheels while wearing your vest. 

Pros of the TacTec Pate carrier

The pros of the Tactec plate carrier are:
  • Many color options
  • Many weight options
  • Durability
This vest can be washed, thrown into the dirt, rubber against a tree, and will still come back strong. If you want to break it you need to cut it or intentionally rip it at the seams. With the six plate weights rogue provides and the two pouches, one in front and on in the back, you have many options to add resistance and move around. This vest is fun to wear, you can make it your own and challenge yourself. This is the option for anyone who likes spending money on good tools that can be used in many scenarios. 

The cons of the Tactec carrier

The cons of the Tactec carrier are:
  • Price
  • Design
  • Weight limitations
For a vest that only goes up to 30lb, the price is on the high side. You can get cheaper vests in the market that give you the same amount of resistance. Will you look as cool? Probably not? Can you put those into the washing machine with some bricks? Definitely not. Still, $200 for one vest without any weights is a big ask. The design is also not for everyone. If you love the military, good for you, you found your match. If you live in the suburbs and do not want the neighbors to worry, this might not be the best pick. 

Alternatives to the Tactec Plate carrier

Alternatives to the Tactec plate carrier are
The box 100lb straightjacket is the maximum amount of weight you can strap to your body without using a carabiner, chain, or metal pin. The original box vest was the start in CrossFit gyms for resistance on the bodyweight WODs and this vest takes it to the extreme. Not just on weight, but also on price. If you have outgrown the vests up to 50lbs, because you are such a beast, then this is the next challenge to tackle. Downsides of this model are a less nug fit and that you have no customization options. You can still throw a rock on it and it will be fine. 
The Hyper vest elite is the right option for any athlete who wants to add resistance to prolonged exercise. If you are a long-distance runner, a hiker who wants to keep their backpack for food but still make it more challenging or someone who wants to do tumbles and cartwheels while having a vest on, than this is your best bet. The only downsides of this model are that it only goes up to 20lbs and that it is only available in black. If you are worried about what the neighbors think and you do not like the military design of most vests Rogue provides, then this is a good alternative. 
The Rogue Plate carrier is the budget option of the Tactec vest from Rogue. On some of their most successful products, Rogue likes to provide a clone that has been stripped to the bare minimum to save cost. The Rogue Plate carrier is the stripped-down version of the Tactec plate carrier which comes in at $125. You will get a little bet less padding and additional material, while the design mainly focuses on strapping two carrier plates to you in the least expensive, yet functional way. The Rogue plate carrier is available in 4 colors. 

Conclusion for the Tactec plate carrier

If some turned around to me and said "Hey, which weighted vest should i buy" and was not allowed to ask any questions, then it would recommend the 5.11 Tactec. This vest can be used by all ages and sizes and can be applied to many scenarios.If not abused in a horrible way it will also last a lifetime. There are 100s of positive reviews for this vest on the Rogue website and that is for a reason. The only turn off is the military design, but if no one sees you exercising in it, who cares.

Hyper Vest Pro


Overview of the Hyper vest Pro

Price: $199.99
The hyper vest pro was the first generation of the new design from hyper vest aimed at a good fit weighted vest with an evenly distributed load. The design was a success while it had some issues with durability on the fabric and for the straps on the side. This is a good vest if you want to maximize weight with a snug fit. Compared to the Hyper vest elite you have more weight options, but poorer execution on the materials.

Pros of the Hyper vest Pro

The pros of the Hyper vest pro are:
  • Design
  • Even distribution
  • Price
The design of the hyper vest pro is great compared to more traditional vests, which usually have the weight unevenly distributed on your body or restrict body movement quite a bit. This was the intent of the design, which it successfully delivers. Compared to the Hyper Vest elite the pro is also slightly cheaper and offers more options to add resistance.

Cons of the Hyper vest Pro

The cons of the Hyper vest pro are:
  • Durability
  • No reflective fabric 
  • Low maximum resistance
While the new corset-like design was a great idea for a weighted vest, the first iteration of the Hyper vest did not great on the selection of material for production. This vest has a higher likelihood to come apart at the seams or for the straps to lose elasticity and make the vest not work the right way. This does not always happen, but these design flaws have been addressed and improved on for the Hyper vest elite, which is not that much more expensive. The Hyper vest pro is also limited to 48lb maximum resistance which can be gotten more of or more robustly with other vests. 

Alternatives to the hyper vest pro

Alternatives to the hyper vest pro are:
The 100lb straightjacket is the option for the maniac who wants to strap the equivalent of a small woman to their body to do exercises. This is the maximum weight you can get from a vest. If you want more you usually need chains, carabiners or other heavy-duty equipment to make it happen which severely hampers mobility. While this is not the greatest vest to move around in, it is best to add maximum weight to your body.
The Tactec plate carrier is the best all-around weighted vest fir all situations from Rogue. This vest has many color options, weight options, and withstands almost anything. If you have $200 to spend on a weighted vest and you do not mind military design and only use it fr sprints rather than gymnastics and long-distance running, than this is home.
If you want a weighted vest that is well made, balanced, and does not make you look like a stormtrooper, then the Hyper vest elite is the right choice for you. Some of the design flaws from the pro have been addressed and improved on with this vest. The only downsides are that it is only available in black and only goes up to 20lbs in weight. In return, you have a balanced vest that you can use for gymnastics or long- distance runs.

 Conclusion for the Hyper vest Pro

A Hyper vest pro is a good option if you can get it at a sale or just can't bring yourself to spend more than $200 on a weighted vest that does not look like you are about to go to war. However, if you can get past the $200 and want a well-balanced vest for running, then the Hyper vest Elite is the better option as it addresses these needs in a superior way with not a lot of extra money to left on the table. If you do not want to use the vest for long-distance runs, then get the Tactec instead. 

The load trainer


Overview of the load trainer

Price: $199.50
The load trainer is a metal frame with a plate pin that you can strap to your back. This makes it a great tool to train with very specific weights for marches without putting all of that expensive equipment into your backpack. It also enables micro loading and limits the amount of cheating in tests, as it is visible, how much weight someone is carrying around. The full specs of the load trainer read as followed:
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed by Naval Special Warfare Operator (SWCC)
  • Olympic Plate Compatible Weight Pin
  • Weight of Load Trainer: 6.5LB (10LB when mounted to ALICE Frame)
  • Hitch Pin for securing plates
  • Mounting Hardware included (need only a 7/16” or 11MM wrench)
  • Loading Pin Length: Plate to the center of first hole = 4.5", Plate to the center of the second hole = 5.5". The overall length of the pin is 6.5"
  • Color: Black
This is a great tool to train marches with the additional load. Especially if the heavy equipment that will be transported is very expensive and should stay where it is unless necessary. This is also the best option from Rogue to maximize the training weight. 

Pros of the load trainer

The pros os the load trainer are:
  • Simple to use
  • Virtually indestructible 
  • High maximum weight
This is as easy as 1,2,3 go. No complex pouches to fill, no velcros to close that open during exercise, no elaborate bags that only fit into a certain slot. Just a pin and as many plates as you want to throw onto your own, or some poor devil's back. As this is a metal frame with straps, you will also not destroy it, unless you drive over it with a tank. All of this makes the Load trainer a great tool if you want to add a challenge to a hike or march. 

The cons of the load trainer

The cons of the load trainer are:
  • Cumbersome design
  • High injury risk
  • Unbalanced load
What you get with this product is a backpack that you can make ludicrously heavy without breaking it or having to fiddle about when getting read. The problem of the design is that you are strapping weight plates to your back to do exercises that have not been designed to fit with your body. If you fall on your back with the load trainer, it will hurt or maybe even injure you permanently. While this is a good tool to simulate any kind of heavy backpack for a march, it is not recommended for obstacle courses or Crossfit like exercises. Of course, there are always some nutters out there, but this is not recommended. 

Alternatives to the Load trainer

Alternatives to the load trainer are:
The MiR Pro weighted vest is the maximum weight vest in the Rogue shop at the time of writing. It goes up to 120lb and therefore has 20lbs over the 100lb straightjacket. If maximum weight is what you want and you want to be more mobile and balanced than with the load trainer than this is a good option.
The 100lb Straightjacket is the heaviest option out of the box vest assortment. This vest gets to 100lbs by stacking two layers of weights on top of each other at the back and the front. Compared to the MiR this makes this vest shorter for more mobility, but less balanced. Compared to the load trainer you will have an easier time moving and climb. 
The Tactec plate carrier is the best option from Rogue for all purposes. You get plenty of color and individualization options for a vest that can go up to 30lb. It will also withstand any abuse you put it through. The plates which can be used with this vest are ergonomic and made out of one cut. No need to load many mini plates up to train. 
The Hyper vest elite is the most balanced vest option from Rogue that can go up to 20lbs. This vest has been designed with gym athletes and runners in mind. Comfort to wear and mobility is maximized at the expense if maximum load. If you want to do backflips and long-distance runs with resistance, this is the vest to get. 

Conclusion for the Load trainer

The load trainer has a very specific application for very heavy rucksack training. I do not see a lot of applications apart from training to march long distances with a ton of stuff on your back. While useful for these scenarios it is not the best option for most gym owners. 

MiR Pro weighted vest


Overview of the MiR weighted vest 

Price $165 - $359
The MiR weighted vest is the vest in the Rogue shop with the maximum weight capacity. It ranges from 50lb to 120lb in 3lb weight increments. This vest is pretty long compared to comparable vests and also uses more straps. This can be robust, but also quite restrictive on some workouts. The full specifications of the MiR Weighted vest are:
  • Adjustable Weight Vest
  • 1200D Reinforced Nylon Construction
  • Dimensions: 16” (shoulder width) X 16” (upper chest) X 13” (lower chest) with total adjustable length.
  • Double Padding and lining throughout body and shoulder, ventilation for airflow
  • Solid Iron Weights Included - 120 LBS Max Weight capacity in increments of 3LB (see price range based on weights ordered)
  • Mid-chest Belt for maximum hold: no bouncing and no shifting
  • Weights are loaded at front & back for even weight distribution
  • Adjustable Straps - Easy Access D-Ring adjustments
  • Color: Black
This is the right vest for you if you want to maximize added weight, have it equally distributed, and do not mind to be restricted for twisting body. 

Pros of the MiR weighted vest

Pros of the MiR weighted vest are:
  • High maximum weight
  • Very secure
  • Very robust
The MiR weighted vest is one with the highest maximum weight from the Rogue shop you can get. With its two straps, the weight is very tight to your body and will not go anywhere. The vest can also take a good beating in total. If you want the maximum weight for your bug, this is a good option to get. 

Cons of the MiR vest

The cons of the MiR vest are:
  • Restrictive
  • A lot of moving parts
  • High price
While the advertising is more transparent for this vest than for the 100lb straightjacket, it is still a high price to pay for adding some extra weight to your body. This vest is especially attractive if you think that more weight is better. If that is the case we are talking $360 here for the maximum weight. Besides, you also have quite a few moving parts on this vest. You have to load it in increments of 3lb in multiple pouches and close two straps. This does not make it a great companion for a quick change of the loadout. To top this off, this probably one of the most restrictive vests out there. 

Alternatives to the MiR weighted vest

Alternatives to the MiR vest are:
The 100lb straightjacket plays in the same league as the MiR when it comes to maximum weight. The design idea is completely different. While the MiR is long to achieve the extra space for additional weight, the box straightjacket goes for a double layer of weight. It does not achieve the same maximum but comes close. In return, you get more freedom to breathe and move while still having the same amount of added weight. 
The Tactec plate carrier is a great option when you want to do things fast. Change weights fast, move around fast, and also get the vest on and off fast. The Tactec plate carrier is my number one recommendation for weight vests as it covers all the bases and delivers on them perfectly. The only shortfall is that it can only be loaded up to 30lbs. So if you are looking at the MiR for its maximum weight capacity the only other vest to consider would be the straightjacket
A 120lb is an overkill for most people. Have a real honest look at your training, body, and how often you use a weighted vest. If you already have abused the heck out of the one you own, then you are probably really in the market for a straightjacket or MiR. If this is your first vest, go with something small like the short version of the MiR and work your way up. Otherwise, you might be throwing money down a hole. 

Conclusion for the MiR weighted vest

The Mir weighted vest is a solid option for maximum weight. Especially if you want it to stick to very good and you will not move around a lot, this vest is great. If you do want to be fast and still go for a lot of extra weight, the box 100lb straightjacket might be the better option. Mere mortals should stick to a vest that does not weigh more than 50lbs. In this category, the Tactec is the best option in my opinion, if you have $200  to burn.

Box weighted vest


Overview of the Box weighted vest

Price $125 - $195
The box weighted vest is where it all started for Rogue. This was one of the first weighted vests on their website and the go-to vest in the Crossfit community for a considerable time. Since Rogue is working closely with the military for product ideas other products have gained in popularity and have overtaken the box weighted vest in numbers sold. Still, this is a very solid vest that goes up to 45lb in load. It is easy to get on and off and will take a beating. The full specifications are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Weighted Tac Vest (for Gym Use / Resistance Bodyweight Training only)
  • One Size Fits All: Compact design with natural contouring (Dimensions: 10.5" width x 8.5" length x 2.5" depth)
  • Narrow 3.25” wide shoulders for a greater range of motion
  • Fully Padded body and shoulders
  • Moisture-Resistant
  • Weight Available in 2.5LB increments (4.25" x 1.875" x 1.5" dimensions)
  • Max Weight Capacity: 45LB
  • Unloaded Vest Weight: 2.815LBS
  • Easy-adjust kipping-proof BOX belt system with military-grade webbing and hook-and-loop attachment
  • All weights and belts are removable
  • Durable military-grade construction backed by Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Applications: Resistance weighted vest training - Pull-ups, Climbing, CrossFit exercises, Dragging, Chopping, Punching, Crawling, etc.
  • Color: Black
This is a great budget option for a vest that can be loaded in 2.5lbs increments. If that is what you are looking for than the Box weighted vest is your best bet.

Pros of the box weighted vest

The pros of the box weighted vest are:
  • Price
  • Made in America
  • Robust design
This vest has a great price point and a robust design that will not break. The one size fits all approach helps to come up with a structure that is hard to break. For $125 this vest is also at the lower end of vests which are decent and still loadable in 2.5 lbs increments. There is a reason for the box was popular for so long before everything went a bit more down the military design lane. 

Cons of the box weighted vest

Cons of the box weighted vest are:
  • Quick changes in weight are hard
  • One size fits all
  • Only available in black
The plate carrier designs are easier to manage when you want to change weights quickly. While they deliver fewer increments, you only have to change two or even one plate to get a completely different experience. One size fits all can also be a problem as this usually ends up being one size fits the norm. If you are too tall, small, broad or thin, the box vest will shave more. The last point that in our age of individualization and customization you might think that black as the only option is a bit boring for something that you wear regularly when you work out. 

Alternatives to the box weighted vest

Alternatives to the box weighted vest are:
The Rogue plate carrier vest comes in at the same price as the box vest and delivers more mobility and easier change of weight at a slightly lower maximum weight. The Rogue plate carrier scales up to 30lb compared to the 45lb of the Box vest. In return, you get a design you can customize with batches and lends itself to more mobility. 
The women's box vest has been adjusted to give women a bit more freedom around the chest to make the vest more comfortable to wear. This is the right choice when you are worried about the one size fits all approach of the original box vest. 
The MiR short vest is a small powerhouse that packs up to 90lb in a short vest design. If you go for the full enchilada it is fair to see that the price $289 and therefore not fully comparable to the $195 upper end of the box vest. In return, you get double the weight in almost the same amount of vest. 

Conclusion for the box weighted vest

The box weighted vest is classic and no-nonsense design. If you want a robust vest that can carry up to 45lbs this is the one to get a good price point. Overall, it might have outlived its best days as a product and needs a revisit for color options and quicker loading/reloading. 

Rogue Plate Carrier


Overview of the Rogue Plate carrier

Price $125 - $250
The Rogue plate carrier is the result of Rogue observing the weighted vest products which they are selling, taking the best of everything, and stripping it off any fat to save cost. The Rogue plate carrier does the job you need it to do for up to 40lb in resistance. It comes in three sizes and four color variations. It reliable and you will not be overcharged. In my opinion, this is the best vest to get from rogue to buy in bulk for your unit or gym to run classes. The full specifications are: 
  • Made In USA
  • Patent Pending Design - Co-Developed with Dave Castro
  • Material Type 1000D & 500D Cordura
  • Weight (Unloaded): 1.12 LB (Medium Size)
  • Size Options: Small, Medium, Large
  • Plate Pocket Width: 10.25" (outside width)
  • Height Plate Pocket: 12.25" (outside height)
  • Compatible with Rogue USA Cast Vest Plates and Rogue Echo Vest Plates
  • Color Options: Black / Ranger Green / Coyote Brown / Gray
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Line Dry
  • USA Velcro fasteners and front/back loops for patches
This is a solid design where someone had a hard look at the Tactec vest and where to get rid of things that are not necessary for fitness training. 

Pros of the Rogue plate carrier

The pros of the Rogue plate carrier are:
  • Good value for money
  • Fast weight changes
  • Good mobility
This is a good value for money vest that goes up to 40lb. Compared to the box vest it leaves you with a little more mobility to run on an obstacle course or other cardio workouts. With the plate system, you can change weight quickly. You also get a few options for color and velcro to get patches on. With a set of 4 - 10 of these, you save quite a bit of money compared to the Tactec vest while still running a professional ship with some fun thrown in there. 

Cons of the Rogue plate carrier

Cons of the rogue plate carrier are:
  • No extra padding and loops
  • Limited maximum weight
  • Less sturdy
While the Rogue plate carrier is a very good option and better than most weighted vests offered on Amazon, it still has some shortcomings. In its price category, the MiR short vest offers more maximum weight in the same price category. Compared to the Tactec vest you will also get less material in the form of padding and therefore the lifetime will be shorter.

Alternatives to the Rogue plate carrier

Alternatives to the Rogue Plate carrier are:
The Rogue Tactec vest has a few more bells and whistles and is overall made from more material. The resistance options are the same, but if you are buying a weighted vest for yourself or a loved one, the extra money is worth it as you will not kill this vest. If you are buying for an occasional user, teenager, or in bulk, go for the Rogue Plate carrier as you save money and get nearly the same result. 
The MiR short vest is in the same price range when you have the same weight of about 50lbs. The extra option for the MiR vest is that it can scale up to 90lb which makes it an interesting budget option for hardcore freaks. Just keep in mind that the price for a fully equipped escalates to $289 and you end up in a bit of an apples and oranges situation when you compare it to the Rogue plate carrier. 
The women's box vest is a great alternative for women who do not like the vest designs which fully cover your chest. If that is what you are after then this vest is a great alternative that can go up to 25lb.

Conclusion for the Rogue Plate carrier

The Rogue plate carrier is probably the best weighted vest option in the Rogue store to buy in bulk. The quality is good and there thought put into what it is used for based on years of experience at CrossFit events, It is not the heaviest or most stylish vest you can get, but the best balance between dollars and outcome. without being cheap.
BOX Women's Weight Vest - Weight Training | Rogue Fitness

Women's Box weighted vest


Overview of the Women's weighted vest

Price: $122 - $144
The women's box vest is a redesign of the time tested box vest classic. Some of the material of the vest has been removed at the chest to make it a better fit for women. This lowers the maximum amount of weight the vest can take to 25lbs. In return, you will have less fabric in the wrong places, especially if you only work at lower weight rates anyway and bring in a sizeable front yourself. (Box themselves avoided to say this, if you have a better way of explaining this, please let me know. It is pretty obvious what this design for women is about.) 

Pros of the Women's weighted vest

The pros of the women's box vest are:
  • A different color scheme from black
  • Zipper in the front
  • Better suited to a female anatomy
This vest has been designed with women in mind. You can call them out for gender stereotyping, as this is always a challenge with gender-specific products. Still, I think it makes sense to have a vest that is a little lighter and leaves space in the right places to perform your best without creating unnecessary pain.

Cons of the Women's box weighted vest

The cons of the Women's box weighted vest are:
  • Less fabric
  • Price
While the design helps to give you more freedom and provides less fabric than other vests at a similar price point. This also means there is less surface to stick weight into which lowers the overall capacity to 25lb. Combined with the fact that the base price of the women's box vest is the same as their standard vest I find it to be a little bit of a ripoff. I think it would be fairer to deduct $20 as this clearly uses less material than the standard box vest unless somebody explains to me how the production of this vest is a lot more complex. 

Alternatives to the women's box weighted vest

Alternatives to the box weighted vest are:
If you hate gender stereotyping and do not mind that a weighted vest covers your full front, then the box weighted vest gives you more capacity for the same price. You can use the same weights and train with a battle-tested classic. The only downside is that it might be a little more painful than with the women's version.
The Rogue plate carrier is gender-neutral and goes up to 40lbs in weight. This is a great value for money option that also leaves you with possibilities to customize the vest with your own patches. 
The MiR short vest is a great option if you want to maximize your weight at a relatively low cost for up to 90lbs. In this segment, you can not beat the MiR short vest in the Rogue shop.

Conclusion for the women's box weighted vest

If you need it for what it has been designed for, it is a great fit. Otherwise, it is overpriced and you should go for something else. 

MiR Short weighted vest


Overview of the MiR short weighted vest

Price: $99 - $289
The MiR short weighted vest is the vest with a maximum of 90lbs in a compact amount of space. This makes it an interesting option for anyone who wants to save a little money while still going heavy on the pull-ups. The full specifications of the MiR short vest read:
  • Super Compact Design (11” length) for maximum mobility and secure fit
  • 1200D Reinforced Nylon Construction
  • Double Padding and lining throughout body and shoulder, ventilation for airflow
  • Solid Iron Weights Included - 90 LBS Max Weight capacity in increments of 3LB (see price range based on weights ordered)
  • One Hook and Loop Fastening Belt included
  • Mid-chest Belt for maximum hold: no bouncing and no shifting
  • Weights are loaded at front & back for even weight distribution
  • Adjustable Straps - One Size Fits Most Men
  • Color: Black
This is the best vest if you want to start all and scale to 90lbs while not breaking the bank. With that, there comes a flaw in the design, as it also has to be closed at the back for a snug fit.

Pros of the MiR short weighted vest

The pros of the MiR short vest are:
  • A low-cost entry point
  • Great scalability to 90lbs
With an entry point of under $100, this vest is one of the cheapest of the higher quality weighted vests out there. It also scales up to 90lbs, which is hard to beat in a compact design like this.

Cons of the MiR short weighted vest


The cons of the MiR weighted vest are:

  • Time-consuming weight changes
  • Strap at the back
As with all weighted vests which scale in increments of 2.5lbs to 3lbs, it can be annoying to switch weights around between different workouts or users. The plate system from the TacTec or Rogue plate carrier vests is more convenient for this purpose. A major design flaw of this vest is the strap in the back. You can not put this on by yourself properly. 

Alternatives to the MiR short weighted vest

Alternatives to the MiR short weighted vest are:
The 100lb straightjacket is a double box vest. While the price for this vest is about $100 higher, the design is better as it does not need to be closed at the back when you put it on. 
The Rogue plate carrier is an excellent alternative if you want to stay under 50lbs in weight. This design will provide more mobility and hold up better on an obstacle course. 
The MiR women's vest is an alternative for women with less fabric in the front for quite obvious reasons. 

Conclusion for the MiR 

The MiR short vest is a great option if you want a lot of weight in a compact vest and have someone else to tie it up for you at the back.

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