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Which sled to get from Rogue?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 21, 2020 3:22:52 AM

Rogue Dog Sled - Push/Pull Weight Training | Rogue Fitness


Which sled to get from Rogue?

This is an overview of the sleds you can get from Rogue including pros, cons, and alternatives. If you do not want to read the whole article, go with a quick reference, and follow the links. 


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This article discusses the following sled options from Rogue in descending order starting with the highest price. The yokes are outliers, as their not ideal sleds, but can be used as such and should be listed for a complete home gym.

Quick reference

If you do not want to go into all of the detail, here is a quick reference of what each sled in the portfolio does. You should make a decision whether you are willing to spend more or less than $300 dollars on your sled. If it is more you can go the entire portfolio. If it less you will be limited to the smaller sleds and not have access to the XPO trainer 2 that does not wreck your floors.
Least likely to damage your floors
Best all-in-one gym
Most versatile sled
Best value for money
Highest weight capacity

The volcano


Overview of the Volcano

Price: $1.999
The volcano is a yoke that has been modified in a way that it can also be used to simulate tire flips. It has six plate storage pins and its triangular shape makes it stable, even when large amounts of weight are being moved. This makes it a great tool for serious strongman training. The full specifications are:
  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA by Volcano Strength LLC
  • 2x2" & 2x3" Steel construction
  • Weight (Unloaded): 250 LBS
  • Height: 60" overall / 45" yoke bar height
  • Length: 69" (depth)
  • Width: 48"
  • Footprint: 69" x 48"
  • 3 Easy-Grip Crossmembers: 1.75” diameter
  • 6 Weight Posts: 9.75" loadable post length
  • 1" thick Rubber Corner Protection
  • Color: Black
  • Ships Disassembled
Especially if you have a lot of space and ant to train yoke carries and tire flips outside, this is a good investment.

Pros of the Volcano

The pros of the volcano are:
  • Lower injury risk
  • Adjustable load
  • 2 in 1 for strongman training
If you have space and you want to get serious about strongman training, then this a great tool to use. With the three handles, you can get a good grip on the weight and simulate strongman events that involve flipping cars or tires. Compares to tires and other strongman tools you can also increase the weight in increments and therefore track your progress better. All of this makes the Volcano a great option if you ave the indoor or outdoor space to do the flips and carries. 

Cons of the Volcano

The cons of the volcano are:
  • Big frame
  • No option to put a barbell on
  • Can not be used for conditioning
Even though the volcano claims space efficiency it is a massive frame that will take up a big portion of most home gyms. If you do not have a lot of extra space, the chances are high that the volcano will end up vas a glorified plate tree. Compared to a traditional yoke you also do not have as many options to store a barbell on it, use it to get atlas stones over or do sled work. This is mainly due to the fact, that the three handles are fixed and can not be adjusted. Compared to a tire you can not jump onto the volcano or beat the crap out of it with hammer. I am confident that if you have the space for a volcano, you also have the space for a yoke and a tire. A yoke and a tire will likely cost the same or less and give you more training options.

Alternatives to the Volcano

Alternatives to the volcano are
The Rogue Y2 Yoke is one of the bigger Yokes from Rogue. With this option, you will be able to do carries, sled pushes, and atlas stones over the bar exercises. It also only $535 compared to the almost $2000 of the Volcano.
If you have a gym and want to get a tire flip, without the dirt and fewer space requirements, you can get the Titan tire flipping machine. In fact, for the budget of one Volcano you can get the Tire flipping machine and the Yoke

Conclusion for the Volcano

The Volcano is a great option for actual strongmen who want to get ready for competition. The Volcano simulates the load distribution of very heavy yoke carries better than a traditional yoke. For example hay or other heavy objects that usually stack higher than plates for the same amount. It also probably the best tool for simulating a very heavy tire or car flips at home. That being said, most people do not follow this type of heavy strongman training. If you are just a weekend warrior you can me your money stretch a lot better by getting a yoke, barbell, plates, and an old tractor tire. 

XPO trainer 2


Overview of the XPO trainer 2

Price: $699
The XPO Trainer 2 offers an innovative design for sled work by adding tires and an accelerating resistance model. The secret sauce of this sled is a little motor at the front wheel that provides more and more resistance the harder and faster you push. This is similar to training with bands or flywheels for running, except the resistance comes from the front rather than behind. This makes the XPO a great sled for beginners who want to work with resistance from the start or pros that want resistance at high speeds. The full specifics of this sled are:
  • Made by Armored Fitness Equipment
  • First Push Sled with Wheels
  • Patent-Pending Exponential Resistance Curve: As you push harder/faster, the resistance increases to compensate
  • No Weight Plates Included or Required
  • (2) Removable Handles for easy transport and storage
  • Laser-cut XPO Trainer logo in front plating
  • Durable rubberized wheels for safe all-surface sled training
  • Nearly Silent Operation
  • Suitable for Beginner / Rehab up to High Intensity / Pro training
  • Color: Black
A great addition to a commercial gym with a lot of space or a home gym with a spacious driveway. For professional, very heavy athletes, this might not be the right choice.

Pros of the XPO trainer 2

The pros of the XPO trainer 2 are:
  • Wheels instead of a sled
  • work at high speeds
  • Accelerating resistance curve
The biggest pro of this machine compared to sleds is that it has wheels. This means less wear and tear on any floor that it is used on. This is especially good for indoor gyms and home gyms that are worried about sleds wrecking the floor. The wheels also enable that you can get to a sprinting speed without worrying that the sled will get caught on the ground and you really hurt yourself. Compared to other sleds, this one gets harder the more momentum you create. Traditional sleds are usually the hardest to get moving and get easier, once momentum is built.

Cons of the XPO trainer 2

The cons of the XPO trainer 2 are:
  • Lightweight
  • Wheels 
  • Accelerating resistance curve
Depending on the training application and where you use it the XPO is great. Anyone who is not an NFL linebacker or rugby player will probably be satisfied and get excellent results from it improving their explosiveness and getting some cardio work in at the same time. If you weigh 100kg plus and are mainly concerned with moving a big heavy object out of the way that is reluctant to budge then the XPO is not the right training tool. Here you need a heavy ass sled, that only starts moving after you throw your full weight behind it. Imagine you tackle the 60-pound XPO with full might. It will go flying unless you weigh it down. 

Alternatives to the XPO Trainer 2

Alternatievs to the XPO trainer 2 are:
The butcher V2 costs only a third of the XPO and simulates better to get momentum into an inanimate object. The downside is that it comes on feet instead of wheels which is more likely to damage the surface you are using it on. Rogue has addressed this in their V2 redesign with replaceable feet that can be equipped with a plastic footplate set. Still, this will damage your floors more than wheels. On the positive side, you can get a lot of weight on this to simulate rugby and football tackles. You might even like that the friction provides even more resistance.
The Rogue Y2 yoke can also be used for sled pushes and pulls. The setup is more cumbersome as the structure is bigger compared to sleds. Still, a good yoke is an all in one gym that can have a pull-up bar, squat stand, sled, and yoke in one. If you have space a yoke is not to be scoffed at, as it has way more applications for the same price as the XPO. The only downside is that it is less portable and will screw more with your floor. 

Conclusion for the XPO trainer 2

The XPO trainer 2 is a great sled for anyone who has the money too spent and I worried about their driveway or floor for sled work. This probably covers 95% of the fitness population that is in the market for a sled, as it is a nice to have rather than must-have for a home gym anyway. For the remaining 5% who are massive beasts and want to simulate running into a brick wall a fully loaded butcher is probably the better option.

Rogue Y2 Yoke


Overview of the Rogue Y2

Price $535
The Rogue Y2 is the next step up from a squat stand from Rogue. The additional plate storage and the adjustable cross-member on the stand make it a great all in one gym option. You can use it as a sled, rack, and yoke at the same time. For $535 you will find yourself a good deal, as long as you have the footprint to fit it into your commercial gym or home space. The full specifications are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 92" with base
  • Total Weight Capacity: 750+LB (two side storage and four corner-post weight storage options)
  • Applications: Strongman Yoke Training, Pushing, Pulling, Carrying, Zercher, Squat, Press, etc.
  • (2) Uprights: 2 x 3" 11-Gauge Steel
  • (2) Bases and (4) Skid/Storage Feet
  • Adjustable Crossbar: 3" OD
  • (2) J-Cups
If you are looking into a budget rack option from Rogue this is probably one of the best you can get, as long as you do not want to work with a lot of attachments in the future.

Pros of the Rogue Y2

The pros of the Rogue Y2 Yoke are:
  • Great value for money
  • Multiple-use cases
  • Adjustable height
You will be hard-pressed to find more options in one rack for this price from Rogue. If you want to be space and budget efficient, this is the way to go. You will get the use cases of equipment that can cost up to $5000 in this one rack. Especially if you are a single user and do not have to worry about waiting times, this is great.

The cons of the Rogue Y2

The cons of the Rogue Y2 Yoke are:
  • Limited safety
  • Clunky for sled work
  • Big footprint
While the Y2 saves a lot of space as it combines a lot of functionality, it still has a larger footprint than a half rack, squat stand, RM3 rack. Compared to the purpose-built sleds it is also clunkier to move. While bench pressing and squatting are possible, you will need spotter arms to be safe. Spotter arms just have the habit of being missed or making the whole structure fall over when you drop the weight. Safety üins and straps in a power rack are easier to handle and more secure. 

Alternatives to the Rogue Y2

Alternatives to the Rogue Y2 are:
The Rogue Y1 is a smaller version of the Rogue Y2. If you do not have very tall athletes or do not need to practice any sandbag throwing, the smaller version will do and save you a little bit of money. 
The SM2 squat stand is an alternative that saves some space compared to the Yoke and only focuses on functioning as a squat stand rather than a yoke and sled. With the SM2 you also get the bigger steel tubes from the Monster series and can upgrade at a later stage to the big racks that Rogue is currently focusing on.
The volcano costs about 4 times what the yoke costs but has its applications especially for very mature strongman. If you want to flip or carry very big weights the Volcano is probably the better option than the Rogue Y2. 

Conclusion for the Rogue Y2

The Rogue Y2 is an often overlooked option for home gym owners that does it all. It is relatively low priced and you can get a lot of mileage out of it. If you are not considering a folding rack for your home gym, definitely look at this instead of bolted down power racks. Professional gyms with space can cover a lot of needs with just one or two yokes. Think of what you can get out of these two yokes for your clients instead of being one more treadmill. 

Rogue Y1 Yoke


Overview of the Rogue Y1

Price: $495
The Rogue Y1 is the smallest Yoke in the Rogue Line up and comes in at $495. The Yokes from Rogue are often overlooked for home gym purchases or commercial facilities. For not a lot of money for Rogue items, you get a sled, squat stand, and Yoke in one go. This combination covers most training needs without taking up too much space or money. The full specifications of the Y1 are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 72"
  • Total Weight Capacity: 750+LB (two side and four corner-post plate storage options)
  • Applications: Pushing, Pulling, Carrying, Zercher, Squat, Press, etc.
  • (2) Uprights: 2 x 3" 11-Gauge steel
  • Crossbar: 3" OD
  • (2) Bases and (4) Skid Feet with Plate Storage Posts
  • (2) J-Cups
This is a solid option for a reasonable price, that can transform your home gym or professional facility. 

Pros of the Rogue Y1

The pros of the Rogue Y1 are:
  • Good value for money
  • Multiple applications
  • Space efficient
Compared to get a rack, sled, and yoke, the Y1 is very space and price-efficient. You can do a whole list of exercises with this one piece of equipment. Especially if you know how to train without safeties, this is a good pick for you.

Cons of the Rogue Y1

The cons of the Rogue Y1:
  • Limited safety
  • Limited space for attachments
  • Bigger than a half rack
If you want to save space or if you can not get the full use of the Yoke is your making space, then a half-rack might be the better option. A half rack will give you more security as you can use safety pins or straps and also more cross-member real estate to attach bands or any other kind of extra devices. If you want an all-in-one ready station for raw strength, this is it. If you are looking for something a little more modular, go for the squat stands.

Alternatives to the Rogue Y1

Alternatives to the Rogue Y1 are:
If you are looking for a bigger yoke for more balance, or because you want to toss things over the Crossbar, than you can opt for the Rogue Y2 or Rogue Y3. It is the same structure as the Y1, just with higher uprights. This way the height increases and you have a few more options for your training.
The Rogue SM1 is an alternative if you just want a squat stand and start a home gym based on the Rogue Monster series. The monster series provides bigger beams which make for a more stable structure. It is also the product line that Rogue invests most of its time in to develop further. If you only see these first cross members as the start of a bigger gym in the future based on the Monster series, than the SM1 is a good place to start. 
If you are looking for a sled for your home gym, but do not want to move your rack setup in and out of the garage each time you want to put a session in, then the XPO trainer 2 is great for you. The XPO is the only sled with wheels that works with a flywheel resistance. The harder you push, the harder it gets. This is a great solution if you do not want to wreck our lawn or driveway, while still going hard at it. 

Conclusion for the Rogue Y1

The Rogue Y1 is possibly the cheapest all in one gym that you can get from Rogue. if you have space and now how to train in these various ways, then the Rogue Yoke 1 is the right choice for you. If you want to keep your different training stations separate, go for a squat stand instead or upgrade to a full rack

Rogue Dogsled 1.2


Overview of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2

Price $265
The Rogue Dogsled 1.2 is the next evolution of the Rogue Dogsled. As with most of their best selling products Rogue took a look at the design and improved upon it. Compared to the original dog sled, rogue added a lot more holes for attachments which makes this sled a versatile tool to improve your explosiveness and strength. The full specifications of this sled are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Footprint: 40" x 24"
  • Skid Width: 4”
  • Steel: 2 x 3" 11 Gauge and 0.25" Plate Steel
  • Each Dog Sled ships with (1) carabiner
  • Push poles are removable for easier transport
  • Battle-tested in CrossFit Games competition
In addition to these specifications you can also get the following attachments
  • High bar attachment
  • Low bar attachment
  • Dog Sled Bridge
  • Doubke handle attachment
  • Lawn boy attachment
  • Wraparound rail kit
  • Wheelbarrow attachment
This makes it the most versatile sled in the rogue line up you can get. Definitely a save purchase if you have a lawn or can protect your driveway with some cladding. 

Pros of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2 

Pros of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2 are:
  • Versatility
  • Low base price
This sled has been redesigned and a lot of thought went into it. If you want a versatile training tool for yourself or your professional gym, you have many options for pushing and pulling with this Sled. The base price is also low compared to the butcher or XPO which are other sled options from Rogue. 

Cons of the Rogue Dogsled 

Cons of the Rogue dogsled 1.2 are:
  • Single-purpose use
  • Too many choices
  • Surface damage
  • Easy to store
Compared to one of the Yokes of Rogue you will only get a single purpose use out of the sled. Combined with that the order easily climbs up to $600 - $700 when you get all of the attachments, this is something to consider. While the many attachments are great, there is a risk that most of them will gather dust and just clog up your gym. While this is the most versatile sled from Rogue, you also got to ask yourself whether you will actually use all of these options. If you only have the sled it also easier to store than the butcher or yoke when you remove the uprights and put it into a corner. 

Alternatives to the Dogsled 1.2

Alternatives to the Rogue Dogsled 1.2 are:
The Rogue Y1 is definitely in the mix when you are considering a $500 to $600 purchase to mix up the training routines in your commercial gym. The Y1 will not be as good for sprints, but provide another squat and bench station and yoke carries. 
The butcher V2 is another alternative with fewer options. However, the butcher can be loaded very heavy for the big guys in your gym. If you want to push and pull a truckload of weight, the butcher is the better option than the dogsled.
The Rogue echo dog sled is a good option to save some money and not get too hung up on many different options. It does what it says on the tin for a good price and good quality. 
If you are worried about the marble floors in your palace when you are exercising, you can opt for the XPO trainer 2. This sled works on wheels and therefore less a lot less damage in your lawn, driveway or gym floor. 

Conclusion for the Dogsled 1.2 

The Dogsled 1.2 is a great tool for becoming more agile and getting a stronger core. It is a good mix up for your routines in your local gym or your lawn. Be specific with the attachments you want to buy is the low entry price is a bit of false advertisement compared to how the sled is being marketed. If you include all the toys, you rake up to $700 dollar for which you can also get a yoke

Rogue Butcher V2


Overview of the Rogue Butcher

Price: $265
The Rogue Butcher is a simple design for a sled that holds a lot of plates. This is the right tool to get if you want to do heavy-duty sled pushes and pull.s The Rogue butcher has two uprights on which you can place plates. This makes the capacity a lot bigger than for the Dogsled from Rogue. The full specifications of the butcher are:
  • Made in the USA
  • 2x3” 11-Gauge Steel
  • Weight: 74LB / Weight Capacity: 500LB+
  • Rogue Signature Matte Black Powdercoat finish provides grip on all handles
  • Bolt-On Steel Feet can be used on any surface, fully replaceable
  • Multiple bars for different pushing positions
  • Compact footprint (42.25" x 47.25") and removable handles allows for easy storage, portability
  • Protective UHMW plastic skis can be added to order and come with all necessary hardware
The butcher is a solid and simple design. The only downside might be that it can damage the floors you are working on, even though Rogue started to provide plastic skis for it. 

Pros of the rogue butcher V2

Pros of the butcher V2 are:
  • Simple and robust build
  • Two possible plate stacks 
  • Bolt-on feet
This is a simple t build with two metal rods stuck on to the top. Nothing fancy just good old metal and bolts. This is exactly what you want when you want to go heavy on the sledding. Rogue also learned from the past and made the feet detachable in case they break. This way you can easily swap them out, without having to replace the entire unit.

Cons of the Rogue butcher V2

Cons of the V2 butcher are:
  • Only one operational mode 
  • Possible damages the floors 
  • Harder to store than the dogsled
The butcher only comes with one configuration which gives you less use for your buck compared to a yoke or the rogue Dogsled 1.2. As with all sleds, it will also possibly damage your driveway, gym floor or any other surface you will use it on. The butcher uprights are also welded onto the t construction. This makes it harder to put it away into a small corner compared to the Dogsled 1.2 which has removable uprights. 

Alternatives to the butcher V2

Alternatives to the Rogue butcher V2 are:
The XPO trainer 2 has the same training effect as the butcher, except it runs on wheels. This way you will not hurt the surfaces you train on as much and still get a good workout in. The XPO works with a type of flywheel to make the resistance higher the faster you go. If you like the missing momentum of deadweight than the butcher is probably better for very heavy sled pulls or pushes.
The dogsled 1.2 is the most versatile option out of the Rogue sled line up. While it is less bulky and big than the butcher, it makes up for in different attachments to train in different ways. Especially the many ways to use a carabiner and rope in combination with the Dogsled 1.2 makes it the better tools to move lower payloads around fast to become more agile. The downside is that it is not made for holöding a ton of plates like the butcher is. 
The last option is a Rogue Yoke 2. The Rogue Y2 has also been equipped with plastic feet. This way pushed and pulls as with a sled can be done. The Yoke triples up as a yoke, squat stand, and sled in this configuration. At a price point of roughly $500 to $700 dollars you get an all in one gym. The downside that the Yoke is a lot clunkier than the Rogue sleds for speed work. If you go slow and heavy the yoke is adoption, but not if you want to accelerate and change directions fast in your training. 

Conclusion for the Butcher V2

The Rogue butcher V2 is a great tool for heavy sled pushes. Rugby players and football players will enjoy them to train how to block and tackle. If you are more into agility or 4-5 plates are more than enough for your strength endeavors, then the Dogsled 1.2 is possibly the better choice for your training needs.  

Rogue Echo dog sled


Overview of the Rogue Echo Dogsled 

Price $195
The Rogue Echo Dogsled is a streamlined version of the first Dogsled design from Rogue. This way they manage to cut cost on a time tested model for push and pull movements for your home gym or commercial gym. With 450lb weight capacity you can still get a challenging workout in, while keeping mobile. If you are worried about the floor you can get plastic skis to do less damage. The full specifications are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Single-piece formed steel construction: 0.25" Plate Steel
  • Foot Print: 36.5" x 25"
  • Height: 37.5" (with uprights & plastic)
  • Weight: 87LB, 450+LB weight capacity
  • Includes (1) carabiner
  • Includes (2) Push Poles which can be placed in any of the four sockets
  • All hardware for set-up included
This is a solid low budget option for a home gym or commercial gym that works these sleds a lot outdoors on rough surfaces.

Pros of the Rogue Echo Dogsled 

Pros of the Echo dogsled are:
  • Price 
  • Carabiner included
This sled is mainly about the lowest price point possible from Rogue and does what it says on the tin. Dogsled, pin, plate, go train. Nothing much more here.

Cons of the Echo Dogsled

The cons of the Echo dogsled are:
  • One purpose only
  • Feet not detachable
Compared to the Dogsled 1.2 the echo sled only has one operation mode. You can detach the uprights for easier storage, but you can not use other attachments with it. Still, it has two carabiner holes prebuilt. Another problem can be the bottom of the sled. As it is mainly made from one piece, you have to get a new one if it breaks. 

Alternatives to the Rogue Echo Dogsled

Alternatives to the rogue echo dog sled are:
The dogsled 1.2 is the upgraded version of the original Dogsled design from Rogue. While the Echo is the budget version, the Dogsled 1.2 has many different options for attachments to make training more interesting and challenging. If you are only getting one sled for yourself the Dogsled 1.2 is probably the better buy. If you have to get an armada, stick with the Echo sled. 
The Rogue butcher V2 is the truck amongst the sled from Rogue. This sled can take the most plates if you want to do heavy pushes. The downside is that it is not very versatile and harder to store than all the other sled from Rogue because of its size. 
The Xpo trainer 2 has an innovative design for a sled and uses wheels. This way it is less damaging to driveways and lawny in suburbia or your precious gym flooring. It wors with a flywheel engine that increases the resistance the harder you go at it. This is great for a good speed workout. If you want to et better at getting heavy loads moving from zero, the XPO might not be the best tool to improve in this section. 

Conclusion for the Rogue echo sled

The Rogue echo sled is a great budget option to get yourself a high-quality sled to do your workouts outside. Especially if you are going to store your sled outside, this is probably a better option than the more expensive ones from Rogue. 


Rogue slice sled


Overview of the Rogue slice sled

Price $175
The rogue slice sled is the smallest sled from Rogue that you can still push via its uprights. The arrow style design makes it a bit easier to push than either sled from Rogue. The unique feature of this sled is that you can fold down the plate pin in the middle for easy storage. This sled can be compacted down so much that you can easily fit it into your car. The full specifications are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 27.5" length x 22.75" width x 37.25" (with handles) Height
  • Fold-Flat Weight Post: 14” loadable length (must be bolted to sled using 1/2” hardware)
  • 0.25" thick Laser-cut and formed steel construction
  • (1) 16' Sled Strap and (1) Carabiner included standard
  • Laser-cut Rogue branding on each side of unit
  • Texture Black powder coat finish
This is a great mini sled that can fit in any corner.

Pros of the Rogue slice sled

The pros of the Rogue slice sled are:
  • Compact design
  • Combination of big and small sleds from Rogue
  • Low price

This is the smallest rogue sled that you can still push with two uprights. Rogue has combined the designs from their Dogsleds and mini sleds to create this compact product at the lower range of their sled arsenal.


Cons of the Rogue slice sled

Cons of the Rogue slice sled are:
  • Lower versatility compared to Dogsled 1.2 
  • Lower load capacity compared to butcher V2 
Compared to the Dogsled 1.2 you have fewer options for attachments and variety in training, but gain a lower purchase price for the slice sled. Compared to the butcher the slice sled can not take as much load.

Alternatives to the Rogue slice sled

Alternatives to the Rogue slice sled are:
If you go a little upmarket you can get the Dogsled 1.2 with a lot more options to fit your individual training needs or just having a bit more fun. Especially if the purchase for yourself and this is the only sled you are likely to ever get, go for the Dogsled 1.2 instead and pick some attachments you will actually use rather than all of them.
The Rogue butcher V2 is the better option for anyone who wants to get the maximum load possible on their slide. In all fairness to most mere mortals that does not apply as they will not push around 1000lbs. Still, if you are in that market, the slice sled is not the right option for you. 
Roughly in the same price category is the Rogue Echo dogsled. While the frame is sturdier as the plate pin can not be flipped, I would still go for the slice sled instead. As you are already wanting to save money looking at this option, you can also go with the model that can be stored easier behind a locker or similar. 

Conclusion for the Rogue slice sled

The rogue slice sled is the most attractive sled from Rogue in the lower price ranges. It easy to store, still comes with uprights, does not cost too much and can load up to 300lbs. I personally think the smaller sleds are a bit pointless and otherwise, you will have to use a bit more money. 

Rogue S25 Fat boy sled


Overview of the S25 Fat boy sled

Price $120
The Rogue S25 fat boy sled was one of the first Sleds out of the Rogue portfolio. Inspired by military designs for entrenching it was upgraded from the S35 to provide more surface for your plates. Overall it is basically a metal plate that you can stack plates on with folded metal to each side to get mud and other debris away from the main body. The full specifications of this sled are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Footprint: 21.5" x 16"
  • 0.25" Bent Steel Plate Rails to protect your plates
  • 16.625" Fold-Flat Weight Post can stack steel plates or bumpers
  • Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Laser-Cut Rogue branding
  • Includes 16' Rogue Sled Strap
  • 16' Spud Inc. 3" Strap available to add to order (extra cost)
This is the small version to take anywhere.

Pros of the S25 Fat boy sled

The pros of the S25 Fatboy sled are:
  • Compact design
  • Low price
  • Easy setup
This is a simple tool that does not make you think too much. In strength training, that is a good thing. You can take it anywhere without too much hassle and all do not break the bank for buying one. 

Cons of the S 25 Fat boy sled

The cons of the S25 fatboy sled are:
  • No uprights for pushing
  • Only one end with a carabiner hole 
  • Can flip over when loaded light
The fat boy comes with no uprights to push the sled itself. This means it can only be used for pulling motions together with a strap. Sometimes it can be good just to ram yourself into the uprights and get going, rather than having to get into the harness first. 
For turning the Fatboy S25 also only has one hole for the carabiner to go in. With lightweight this means a high likelihood of tipping when you turn at speed. With heavyweights you will have to struggle to turn around, rather than just clipping the carabiner on the other side. 

Alternatives to the Fat boy S25

Alternatives to the Fatboy S25 are:
The S35 sled is smaller version of the S25 and is otherwise the same. If you want a really small sled to be taken anywhere,this can be it.
The spud inc magic carpet is an alternative to the S35 which will not damage your floor as much. Instead of metal, this sled is made of the same material most straps are made of. This way it avoids the scratching that metal can cause on some grounds. The downside is that it is way easier to move the weight. There is a reason why good movers always bring old carpets with them to move heavy objects. 

Conclusion for the S25 fat boy sled 

The S25 is a good option if you see yourself regularly going on a small car to train with a sled somewhere nearby. If that is not the case, I personally think that the Rogue slice sled is a better investment. For a minimum amount of more money you get a sled that is still compact, but also can be pushed rather than just pulled. 

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