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Overview and review of the REP Stone sandbag

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the REP Stone sandbag

This is an overview of the REP fitness REP Stone sandbag including pros, cons, and alternatives. The original was published under which rep fitness strength equipment to buy. Follow the links for more details.

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REP Stone Sandbag $60

The REP stone sandbag is a nice addition to any gym that dabbles a little with strongman training but does not want to invest the time and space into having a full set of Atlas stones. These sandbags can also be used as an alternative to Olympic lifts to train similar muscle groups with lower technical prerequisites for the movement itself. These sandbags are a direct copy of the Rogue Fitness sandbags which have been codesigned with Steve Slater. The full specifications are:
  • Built-in double-lined filler bag. 
  • Reinforced tabs on filler opening for easy access to the filler bag.  
  • Industrial-grade hook and loop closure to provide peace of mind that what’s in your bag stays in your bag. 
  • Ultra-durable zipper closure with triple stitched seams. 
  • Available in three sizes: 50lb, 100lbs, 150lbs, Bundle: 50lb, 100lbs, 150lbs 
This is a solid option for a 15-minute finisher to any session when you combine it with an airbike or a kettlebell. 15minutes as many rounds as you can while switching between the two exercises. Simple and an absolute killer for strength and conditioning.

Pros of the REP Stone Sandbag

The pros of the REP stone sandbag are:
  • Price
  • Versatile
  • Easy to transport
These sandbags are great for anyone who wants the benefits of strongman training but does not want to make atlas stones. When not in use you can empty them and they become very easy to transport. If you are a personal coach who likes to work your clients on the beach this is an excellent weapon of choice. They can be carried, thrown, brought to the shoulder or held for time. The love/hate relationship to your clients will become even stronger when you pull these sandbags out of the back of your car.
Another advantage over concrete Atlas stones os that you can fill these sandbags with sand, rubber, or lead shot to get to different types of weight. This makes it easier to progress to bigger stones as the jumps can sometimes be substantial. It also lowers the space requirements in your gym to have 20 stones lying around that do not get a lot of use.

Cons of the REP Stone Sandbag

The cons of the REP Stone sandbag are:
  • Formable hull
  • Not great for slams
  • Not as versatile as a kettlebell
Compared to proper atlas stones the main disadvantage is the feel of the lift. Concrete stones are very unforgiving on the lifter as their shape does not alter during the lift. This has effects on how to grip the stone and bring it to the shoulder. If you want to train for proper strongman events these sandbags can not be a supplement for concrete stones of the same weights as they are harder to handle.
While you can use these sandbags for slams they are not great for it. They are too big and cumbersome for higher weights. So if you are looking into circuit training that incorporates heavy ball slams, get slam balls instead of these. They will do as a supplement if you choose to get the sandbags instead.
When you are thinking about what to get for the conditioning in your home gym I would always go for a kettlebell of the same weight over a stone sandbag if you do not have a kettlebell yet. Kettlebells are just more versatile and double up as dumbbells in your home gym which the stone sandbags simply can not do.

Alternatives to the REP Stone Sandbag

Alternatives to the REP stone sandbag are:
The Rogue strongman sandbags codesigned by Steve Slater are a solid alternative to the REP version at a higher price. Rogue fitness recently has done a big upgrade of their sandbag portfolio and you can get them in all types of shapes now. If you want to build an interesting strongman circuit for your clients without running the risk of them splitting their hands and shins open then Rogue might be the better address for you to shop around based on available options.

Conclusion for the REP Stone Sandbag

A stone sandbag is a great addition for finishers in your home gym, especially if you suffering from a constantly underdeveloped lower back strength for deadlifts. The ones from REP might not be the best in the market, but they do the job based on where you want to place your money for your entire cart of toys.

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