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Which strength equipment to get from REP fitness?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 30, 2021 8:52:07 AM

REP Urethane Dumbbell Set | 150lb Dumbbell Set | REP Fitness

Which strength equipment to get from REP fitness?

This is an article that gives you an overview of the available REP fitness strength equipment including pros,cons, and alternatives. You can follow the links for more details. For the most up-to-date information, you can follow my Instagram account.

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The material in this article is sorted from highest to lowest price. The high prices for dumbbells relate to sets. Individual dumbbells might come in at a lower price. 

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If you don't want to spent too much research, here is my aggregated opinion to save you time. You can dig deeper on the options you find most interesting and to see your alternatives by scrolling down. 
Best dumbbells for commercial use
Best dumbbells to get for a full rack at home
Best sled for weekend warriors
Best sled to buy in bulk for a professional team


REP Urethane Dumbbell $1355


Overview of the REP Urethane Dumbbell

This is a full set of Urethane dumbbells from REP Fitness. The two main advantages are that they are round and made of Urethane. Urethane is deemed to be one of the most durable materials to make bumper plates and dumbbells from. Therefore it is also the most expensive. The full specifications for these Urethane dumbbells are:
  • Round dumbbell design with solid steel handle
  • Fully knurled handles for maximum grip
  • Friction welded for extreme durability
  • Tolerance: +/- 3% accuracy on all dumbbells
  • CPU urethane coating is the most durable urethane available
  • Custom logos and color combinations available (12-16 week lead time, ordered as part of full gym outfitting)
  • Size ranges available in 5 lb increments to match your training needs
    • 5-50 lb 
    • 5-100 lb
    • 55-75 lb
    • 80-100 lb
    • 105-125 lb
    • 130-150 lb
  • Handle diameter sizes
    • 5-50 lb - 32mm diameter handle
    • 55+ lb - 34mm diameter handle
    • 6-inch handle length
  • REP urethane dumbbell pairs are available for purchase too
  • 5-50 lb set fits on (1) REP Dumbbell Rack.
    • Rack measures at 84" long x 34" tall (37" with dumbbells loaded) x 24" deep
  • 5-year structural warranty
These are great dumbbells when you expect heavy abuse in a commercial setting. For a home gym, they might be too pricey and you want to opt for hex rubber dumbbells instead.

Pros of the REP Urethane Dumbbell

The pros of the REP Urethane dumbbells are:
  • Cheaper than the ones from Rogue Fitness
  • Round
  • Durability
Many people who look into REP Fitness want a cheaper good quality option compared to the equivalent product from Rogue Fitness. The good news is that the REP Urethane dumbbells are exactly that as long as you are ok with products that are produced in and imported from China.
What I personally like best about Urethane dumbbells is that they are round. The hex dumbbells are in my opinion awkward to handle, especially the heavy ones. If you want to get a full stack of dumbbells for your home gym because you are a beast, I would definitely keep in mind that these are round.
Urethane is a more durable material compared to rubber. If you use these dumbbells in a commercial setting or in a home gym where you can expect erosion from the weather then these are a good option to last you longer.

Cons of the REP Urethane Dumbbell

Cons of the Urethane dumbbell are:
  • Limited use cases
  • Price
  • Space requirements
I am personally a believer in getting any weight as a kettlebell instead of a dumbbell. Kettlebells are more versatile than dumbbells and also harder to break based on their design. With a few exceptions, you can almost do any dumbbell exercise with a kettlebell but not vice Versa. So if you are already investing in a lot of dumbbell weights, then you might want to consider getting a big pack of kettlebells instead.
Urethane dumbbells are quite high priced for something that you will use little if you are building a full home gym. For many modern routines, dumbbells are accessory work and the heavy lifting is done with a barbell while conditioning is done with a kettlebell. If you want to equip your gym with a full set of dumbbells and you are not a monster lifter I would go with a full set of hex dumbbells instead and half the cost.
A full set of dumbbells needs quite a bit of space. Other options like a loadable dumbbell might be more cost and space-efficient depending on what you want to do.

Alternatives to the REP Urethane Dumbbell

Alternatives to the REP Urethane dumbbell are:
The REP rubber grip dumbbells are optimized for price. The rubber handle makes them cheaper to produce, deviating from the traditional steel handle design. If you want to get a full set of dumbbells at a cheap price, this is the option for you. It just hits differently than a metal handle.
The Rogue Urethane dumbbells come in at a higher price due to the branding of Rogue. This is one of the exceptions where Rogue and REP Fitness both import the product from overseas. So technically I see no difference between the two except that you are supporting a company that is actively creating jobs in the Columbus Ohio area with their money that is also in manufacturing while REP fitness will probably lean more towards keeping staff at a minimum in the US for now.
The Rogue loadable dumbbell is a great option to save space and money for a home gym for dumbbells. It is not really an option in a commercial setting as you might want multiple handles so that many clients can train in parallel. The Rogue loadable is produced in the US as it is basically a shortened version of the Rogue Ohio bar. If you want some cool bumpers with them, then Rogue sells these too. This might be a good alternative for the patriotic home gym owner who wants a dumbbell set.
The TITAN Urethane dumbbells are also imported from China and more or less the same as the REP fitness dumbbells. TITAN is known in the industry to be more likely than other vendors to cut corners to achieve a low price. So chances are higher that you might have some minor quality issues with your delivery. Nothing that makes them not fulfill their purpose, just annoying for something you just bought new.

Conclusion for the REP Urethane Dumbbell

Urethane dumbbells are a good addition to a commercial gym, especially if you are buying a full rack of them. In a home gym, you have to ask yourself whether you really need a full dumbbell rack or not. If you just get a couple of different weights Urethane is an option. For a whole rack, I would go with hex dumbbells instead.

REP Rubber grip Hex dumbbell $699


Overview of the REP Rubber grip Hex dumbbell

The REP rubber hex dumbbell is a good approach to save some costs on your dumbbell set and make it easier on your hands. The costs are slightly higher than for regular hex dumbbells with a metal handle as worldwide sales volume is not as high for this type of dumbbell. This is a good option if the place you train in is very humid. This is also a good quality dumbbell from a solid supplier in case you are worried about buying something from a random vendor on Amazon or Craigslist. The full specifications of the REP rubber hex dumbbells are:
  • 5 to 20lb - 30mm diameter handle.
  • 25lb+ - 34mm diameter handle.
  • Dumbbell heads are securely attached via friction welding, an extremely durable process. 
  • 5-50lbs
  • 55-75lb
  • 80-100lbs
  • Increments of 5lbs
A Solid set for a home gym on a budget that wants to have a full set of dumbbells or someone who just wants 1 - 3 pairs that are easy on the hands.

Pros of the REP Rubber grip Hex dumbbell

The pros of the REP rubber hex grip dumbbells are:
  • Rubber grip
  • The relatively low price point
This is the easy option for a home gym owner who wants to have a full rack of dumbbells running along with one of their walls. Especially when the significant other and the children who might not be as big into fitness as yourself want to train too. If you are a powerlifter or bodybuilder who loves Iron you might want to opt for the regular hex dumbbells or upgrade to the Urethane version. Especially in a commercial setting.

Cons of the REP Rubber grip Hex dumbbell

The cons of the REP rubber hex dumbbell are:
  • Rubber
  • Kettlebells vs Dumbbell
  • Hex shape
The first con is the rubber design itself. If you like steel and getting your hands a little roughed up you might prefer metal handles. Especially when you use heavy dumbbells on a regular basis the extra grip from the textured metal will come in handy.
Personally, I would always recommend buying kettlebells of different sizes over dumbbells for any home gym scenario, unless you are dumpster diving on the internet. A kettlebell can be used for almost all exercises you can do with dumbbells but not the other way around. The only back draw is that kettlebells need more space to be stored if you really get 5 lbs to 100lbs in 5 lbs increments. I also do not think that this is a wise way of investing your money in a home gym. IN a commercial setting you probably want to lean more towards dumbbells than kettlebells, as they are more user-friendly on the wrists for pressing movements.
A big con for hex dumbbells is their handling when they are heavy. I much prefer round dumbbells as they are a lot easier to get from any surface or your legs to the shoulders for presses. Heavy hex dumbbells are really annoying to deal with and you might want to upgrade to Urethane for these if you are taking your training already that seriously.

Alternatives to the REP Rubber grip Hex dumbbell

Alternatives to the REP rubber grip Hex dumbbells are:
The REP rubber dumbbells also have the hex design but come with a metal handle which is better if you are intending to get a lot of a heavy dumbbells. If you are getting dumbbells from rep fitness for a yoga studio and very low resistant the rubber gripped versions might be better.
The REP Urethane dumbbells are the Cadillac among the REP dumbbells. They last longer as Urethane is more durable than rubber. Their round shape also makes them easier to handle on heavy lifts and transport in your gym. Based on the price tag Urethane dumbbells are usually a good option for commercial gyms but not so much for home gyms. Especially if you are considering an entire rack instead of some carefully selected weights.
Rogue Urethane dumbbells are very similar to the REP fitness Urethane dumbbells. Between the two I personally think it is wholly up to your budget and whether you want your gym completely Rogue or REP themed to determine what you choose. As both dumbbells are imported the REP fitness version might be a good option to save some money on a super high-end home gym build.
The rogue loadable dumbbell is my personal favorite for a home gym. You can use the same budget for a dumbbell rack and invest it in two rogue loadable dumbbell handles and their bespoke dumbbell weights. Saves money and space while also looking cool. This is only an option in a home gym scenario as for commercial use you want a lot of handles so that multiple people can train at the same time.
Titan is the cost leader between Rogue, Rep, and themselves. If you want the most equipment for the least possible amount of money then Titan is the way to go. If you have a lot of space they also have a way bigger selection of plate-loaded machines than the other two. If you are a bodybuilder with a lot of space to fill in a massive basement or barn, then TITAN is your friend. The only downside is that their quality control and return policies are not as up to par as with the other two vendors.

Conclusion for the REP Rubber grip Hex dumbbell

I personally think they are a bit gimmicky. However, that comes from a place of bias towards powerlifting on my end. If you want some light weights that are easy on your hands you are probably better off getting the cheap neoprene dumbbells that are usually stocked in TESCO or Walmart. The only real benefit in a commercial setting I can see is that the rubber handles are easier to clean than the metal ones.

REP Rubber Hex Dumbbell $674


Overview of the REP Rubber Hex Dumbbell

These are the standard rubber hex dumbbells that save you money if you want to get a decent full set of dumbbells in your home. For commercial use, they might be a bit cheap, but will still do the trick. The full list of specifications runs like this:
  • Fully knurled handles for maximum grip
  • Ultra-low odor rubber
  • The heads of the dumbbells are securely attached via friction welding for extreme durability
  • Handle diameter sizes
    • 2.5lb - 22mm diameter handle.
    • 5lb to 15lb dumbbells - 28mm diameter handle.
    • 17.5lb+ dumbbells - 34mm diameter handle. The thicker 34mm handle adds comfort on heavier weights.
  • REP Fitness dumbbells come with a lifetime warranty for home use. 1 year warranty for commercial use.
  • Dumbbell sets range from 5 to 50 pounds5 to 75 pounds, and 5 to 100 pounds
A solid option for an ambitious or small budget with the goal of having a full 5 to 100 pound dumbbell rack.

Pros of the REP Rubber Hex Dumbbell

The pros of the Rubber Hex dumbbell are:
  • Price
  • Metal handle
  • Easily stacked
The main argument for these dumbbells is that they make a full dumbbell rack affordable for a home gym or if you really want to go all the way on massive commercial set up. With rubber hex dumbbells you can still stay under $1000 for a full rack from 5 to 100 pounds.
These dumbbells have a metal handle instead of  neoprene or rubber. The extra grip this provides is very welcome on heavy dumbbells.
Another bonus for storage is that these can be stacked easily even without having a dumbbell rack. This makes it an attractive option when you just want to have a pile of them in the corner for group classes without taking up the entire width of a wall.

Cons of the REP Rubber Hex Dumbbell

The cons of the REP rubber hex dumbbell are:
  • Hex design
  • Rubber
  • Harder to clean
The hex design can get very annoying when the dumbbells get heavy. The bigger the dumbbell is the more you want it to be round to be easier to handle for pushes or rolling it around the gym. So if you are a serious lifter you might also want to be serious about your dumbbells and look into Urethane dumbbells.
Rubber dumbbells have a shorter shelf life than rubber dumbbells. The more people use them over a day the more relevant this becomes. For home gyms, I personally don’t think that the longevity aspect should play a big role as you won’t put the time on them. In a commercial setting, you quickly buy twice, and then you might as well get Urethane dumbbells the first time around.
Compared to the rubber grip alternative from REP fitness you will have a harder time cleaning these dumbbells. The metal handle will need a brush whereas the rubber handles will only need a wile with antibacterial cloths.

Alternatives to the REP Rubber Hex Dumbbell

Alternatives to the REP rubber hex dumbbell are:
The REP rubber grip hex dumbbells are the better option if you want something a little easier on the hands and to clean. I personally think that for this purpose you can save a lot of money by just going for the neoprene dumbbells that you can get in most well-stocked retailers or on Amazon. At least if you are buying for your home gym.
The REP Urethane dumbbells are the choice for serious home gym athletes with a generous budget or commercial buyers. These dumbbells will last longer and are also easier to handle. The only downside is that you have to invest north if $1000 to get a full 5 to 100-pound set.
The Rogue Urethane dumbbells are very similar to the REP urethane dumbbells and it all comes down to branding which one you should buy. Especially as both of them are imported. If you want to save some money the REP urethane dumbbells would be better. Compared to the hex dumbbell the main reason to get Urethane is the round shape.
The Rogue loadable dumbbell is in my opinion an excellent choice for a home gym that wants to optimize a generous budget. They are made in the US and combined for the specific dumbbell bumper weights are great fun to use in a home gym to save money and space on a high-quality build. They will still not be as cheap as a full set of rubber hex dumbbells when you tally up all components but why more versatile for one user. If you need dumbbells for multiple users the hex dumbbells or multiples of urethane dumbbells are the better options.
TITAN is the cost leader among the lineup of REP fitness, Rogue fitness, and TITAN fitness. If you want to get your equipment as cheap as possible while not getting utter crap then TITAN is the way to go. Be aware though that TITAN is known in the industry for the most quality issues between these three brands.

Conclusion for the REP Rubber Hex Dumbbell

The REP rubber hex dumbbell is a solid option for a home gym on a budget that you want to fill with a full set of dumbbells fron 5 to 100 pounds. In commercial settings I would lean more towards the REP Urethane dumbbell option.

REP 4-Post Push sled $199


Overview of the REP 4-Post Push sled

Tre REP 4 post push sled is a good option for someone with a long drive way or big garden if you use it in a home. If you a have a pitch to train on and a shed beside it you can easily store a few of them against a wall once you remove the posts. The full specification of this sled is:
  • Includes two poles, which can be placed in any of the four sockets on the sled.
  • Center weight post has 17" of loadable length, which is equal to 6-55lb bumper plates.
  • Height (with uprights on): 41"
  • Footprint: 34.75" length x 22" width
  • Skid Width: 4"
  • All hardware included.
This is a good budget option compared to the Rogue sleds which are also available. The only difference is that the design is a bit simpler and there are fewer attachments available.

Pros of the REP 4-Post Push sled

The pros of the Rep 4-post push sled are:
  • Price
  • Easy to store
  • Great workout
The price of this sled is great for what you are getting. This is a solid sled that can take a good bit of weight with great feet that will not ruin your entire driveway when used.
When you are done with your session you can remove the posts and easily store this sled under something or against a wall. It does not take up too much space compared to other options like the Rogue Butcher.
Apart from this sledding is a great workout in itself if you space the space to do it. Cardio sessions with a sled are fund and effective and should be used if you have the facilities.

Cons of the REP 4-Post Push sled

The cons of the REP 4-post push sled are:
  • Only makes sense if you have the runway
  • Fewer attachments
  • Imported
Sleds, GHDs, and cardio equipment are probably the biggest regrets on many shopping lists of home gym owners I know. While these look great at first sight they are often too much hassle to use or just don’t fit in the schedule beside the other exercises that are going on. Really have a hard think about how much sled work and sprinting you currently do. If it’s zero chances are you are throwing money down a hole by getting a sled. You might want to get a big kettlebell instead.
Compared to the competition from Rogue and TITAN you have fewer attachment options with this sled. So you might want to consider where to get your sled from, as the three options are very similar. If you want the best of breed sled you probably want to go with the Rogue dog sled 2.0.
As with all REP products these are imported from China. If you want to support the US economy by leaving your cash with companies that heavily invest in building production and jobs in the USA, then you will have to look at Sorinex or Rogue fitness.

Alternatives to the REP 4-Post Push sled

Alternatives to the REP 4-post sled are:
The rep pull sled is a cheaper option in the rep portfolio that might as well do the trick for you, especially if you are not sledding that much anyway yet. Get this one first to the graduate to the 4 post sled when it stays with you as an exercise for the long run.
The Rogue dogsled 2.0 is the current top option in the market that everyone else copies. Rogue spend quite a bit of time in the redesign and paid attention to detail to provide a lot of options. If you want the best sled there is with many different options of use, than this is the one. Might not be the best option to buy in bulk though if you have to train an entire team.
The TITAN pro sled is a closer copy to the Rogue dogsled in price and functionality than the REP sled but also costs $100 more. If all you want is a 4 post sled you are better off sticking with REP fitness in this case.

Conclusion for the REP 4-Post Push sled

A solid sled option for someone with space who is already used to doing sled work and can not do without. Otherwise get a big kettlebell instead and thank me later.

REP Push Sled $149


Overview of the REP Push Sled

The REP push sled is the right tool in your box for your simulating pushing big loads. The design is optimized to have a big load of plates in the frame that than need to be pushed for a certain distance. This sled should not be used for sprints of any kind as it is not great for drag scenarios based on its triangular shape. The dimensions of this sled are:
  • 42" high
  • 40" long
  • 38" wide
  • 75 lbs
Great budget option to have a heavy sled in your arsenal.

Pros of the REP Push Sled

The pros of the rep push sled are:
  • Price
  • Big bulky design
  • Does what it says in the tin
This is a great sled for heavy pushes for big men and women who want to work on their explosiveness. With a price tag of $149 there is not a lot kid bad things you can say about it, if you really have the need for one.

Cons of the REP Push Sled

The cons of the rep push sled are:
  • Hard to store
  • Single purpose use
  • Feet design
This is a bulky piece of equipment which will be hard to stow away once you do not use it anymore. Combined with the fact that most average joes will not need the weight capacity that this sled takes you are better off getting the 4 post sled instead.
The feet of this sled are also not as well designed as the ones of the competition from Rogue. Some might like the extra resistance this provides, but you will eat away at the substance of this sled very quickly if you use it on concrete instead of grass.

Alternatives to the REP Push Sled

Alternatives to the REP push sled are:
If you know that you will use a sled often and mainly for explosive sprints and conditioning then I think the REP 4 post sled or Rogue dogsled are the better options for you. You have a lot more possibilities of using different attachments and pushing and pulling. The only sacrifice you will be making is that this type of sled will it take as much weight as the push sled based in its design.
If you are getting a sled for max load pushes or because you are a football lineman then the Rogue butcher is the Ferrari among the heavy-duty sleds for you. The biggest difference to the REP slush sled is the price and the design of the feet.
The TITAN heavy duty sled is TITAN’s version of a max load push sled. If you like the lower price points if TITAN or if they have stock when REP does not and you are in a hurry, than this is a valid alternative. Just be aware that TITAN tends to have more quality issues than Rogue and REP.

Conclusion for the REP Push Sled

It does what it says on the tin for a good price. If you use it on grass and have the plates to max it out, then this is a good option. If you weigh under 100kg and only use your sled for conditioning get a 4 post sled instead.
REP Adjustable KB

REP Adjustable Kettlebell $119


Overview of the REP Adjustable Kettlebell

The REP adjustable kettlebell is one of the better adjustable systems out there. It is a rebrand of a mass-produced kettlebell option from China so if you see the same design for a lower price with a different sticker on it go for it. The best thing about this adjustable dumbbell is that it keeps the integrity of the kettlebell in tact when being adjusted. The list of specifications runs as follows:
  • Quick-adjust is fastest and most convenient on the market. Push down and twist to add or remove weight.
  • Available in kg or lb options
  • Each individual weight is secured with it's own internal nylon thermoplastic fastener. Provides a quiet bell with no rattling or shifting during swings, snatches, etc... 
  • Matte powdercoated surface provides a secure grip.
  • Rubber bottom to protect your floors.
  • Competition style shape that stays consistent no matter which weight is selected.
  • Each Kettlebell includes 5 different weight settings
Available in 3 size options, in kg or lbs. 
  • 16kg: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 kg settings
  • 24kg: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 kg settings
  • 40lb: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 lb settings
This is a good option if you buy into the idea of adjustable equipment. I am personally not a huge fan of it for kettlebells but can see the benefits in a confined space.

Pros of the REP Adjustable Kettlebell

The pros of the REP adjustable kettlebell are:
  • Price
  • Space requirements
  • Integrity of the kettlebell
While this kettlebell might seem pricey at first it becomes a very cost-efficient option when you take into account how many solid kettlebells you would have to buy to get the same result. This is especially true the heavier the adjustable kettlebell option is you are getting.
Another big pro of this kettlebell is that you get multiple kettlebells in the shell of one and therefore save a lot of space. If you are serious about your kettlebell routines but live in a small apartment, then this is the solution you have been waiting for.
Compared to other adjustable kettlebell designs i personally think that this is one of the best in the industry. Other designs usually sacrifice the integrity of the shape of the kettlebell to be adjustable which makes them awkward to swing or impossible to press. With this design, you can be sure that the kettlebell stays the same shape when add or subtract weight for your workouts.

Cons of the REP Adjustable Kettlebell

The cons of the REP adjustable kettlebell are:
  • Price
  • Moveable parts
  • Time for adjustments
If you want to get two kettlebells for circuit training you are already talking around $250 for this adjustable kettlebell. For that budget, you can seriously consider getting multiple normal kettlebells, especially when you are not that strong.
The challenge with moveable parts is that you can lose them. If you lose a part you can not use the adjustable for its original intend anymore. This will not happen when you simply get solid kettlebells.
Adjusting the kettlebell on the fly is always slower than just grabbing a different weight. Be mindful of that, especially when you buy it for follow-along YouTube training.

Alternatives to the REP Adjustable Kettlebell

Alternatives to the REP adjustable kettlebell are:
  • REP regular kettlebells
  • Rogue regular kettlebells
  • TITAN regular kettlebells
REP also offers a set of regular kettlebells made of cast iron. If you are shopping for smaller kettlebells I would go for a set of these rather than an adjustable kettlebell depending on how much space you have available. TITAN also offers kettlebells at various price points if you wanted to compare. With both of these vendors, you will buy a kettlebell that has been produced overseas and shipped.
If you want kettlebells that have been fully produced in the United States with American steel you can head over to Rogue Fitness. They are quite proud that they localized this production line during the pandemic to become independent from overseas shipments. It also feeds directly into their strategy to be the best and most patriotic American fitness brand.

Conclusion for the REP Adjustable Kettlebell

I personally have a little bias against anything adjustable as this usually means that the engineering has to be compromised and the equipment is more likely to malfunction or break. But that is just me. If you want only one kettlebell at home and not stack your entire hot press or under the stairs storage with weights, then this is a great option and one of the better ones compared to other adjustable kettlebells.
REP PUll sled review

REP Pull sled $83.99


Overview of the REP Pull sled

The Rep pull sled is a great beginner sled as it does not cost a lot and is very portable. The best thing about this sled is that you can collapse the upright that holds the plates to make it very small. This means you can get it into the back of your car with some plates to work out at a nice place somewhere outdoors. The other sleds from REP or Rogue are not really built for that purpose. In return, it is not a very versatile sled and does not take a lot of weight. Also be mindful in your budget that you might want to buy a harness with this to use it properly. The full list of specifications for this sled is:
  • 23" long x 15.5" wide x 18" tall (with post up).
  • 16" loadable length on weight post.
  • 29 lbs.
  • Compatible with 2" Olympic iron or bumper plates.
  • Carabiner and dual loop straps included.
A great sled for any time anywhere exercises if you do not have space in your home gym to go crazy with your sled.

Pros of the REP Pull sled

The pros of the REP PUll sled are:
  • Compact design
  • Low price point
  • Robust build
Small and reliable so you can not really say a lot of bad things about it. It is a great little helper to bring your conditioning to the next level if you are already used to training outdoors and have your spots picked.

Cons of the REP Pull sled

The cons of the REP pull sled are:
  • Does not take a lot of weight
  • Only works well with a harness
  • Only works in one direction
This is a great sled for an individual to be mobile. For a team on a pitch, I personally think that the options are too limited and they would be better off getting a beefier sled depending on the training needs. Great for sprint works and juniors. Fully formed athletes might need something a little more challenging.

Alternatives to the REP Pull sled

Alternatives to the rep pull sled are:
If you want to browse further in the REP fitness portfolio then you have the option of the REP 4 post sled and the rep push sled as alternatives to the REP Pull sled. For home gym weekend warriors the 4 post sled is the safest bet as it is most versatile and can be stored away relatively easily. The push sled is the right option for anyone who wants to move a very heavy load on a push. I personally think that in most home gym scenarios the Rogue pull sled is more than enough unless you live on a farm with ample space around you. If you live in a suburban area the 4 post sled might look tempting, but in the end your spouse will tell you that you look like an idiot pushing that thing around the neighborhood.
The Rogue dogsled and butcher are the premium alternatives from Rogue fitness in the sled department. Rogue has done some great work on redesigning the feet of their sleds and also offers you the option of buying a replacement kit very easily. If you go for one of these I highly recommend to add a replacement foot kit on your first purchase so you don't have to wait around when the first one is worn down. The Rogue dogsled 2.0 has been overhauled to make it as versatile as possible. If you want the best in the game in terms of sled's, this is the right address which is also reflected in the price.
TITAN also offers a clone of the rogue dogsled 2.0 which is the TITAN Pro and a clone of the butcher which is the TITAN heavy-duty sled. If you are budget conscious and want to buy in bulk for commercial needs you will probably shop around between REP fitness and TITAN fitness and come to a conclusion based on where you want to place your money for the main items on your order like rack, barbell, and plates.

Conclusion for the REP Pull sled

The REP pull sled is in my opinion the ideal option for the suburban dad with a slight oncoming of midlife crises. The other sleds are too big to be used effectively in a garage or home gym unless you live in Oprah's house or on a farm. The REP pull sled is the option you can throw in the back if your car with two red or blue plates and drive to your favorite spot to give it a couple of rounds. Commercial use or professional teams might want to lean towards the 4 post sled instead as it gives more options depending on the needs of your clients or athletes and you can assume that you will have more space to get the full use out of the sled in your facilities.

REP Stone Sandbag $60


Overview of the REP Stone Sandbag

The REP stone sandbag is a nice addition to any gym that dabbles a little with strongman training but does not want to invest the time and space into having a full set of Atlas stones. These sandbags can also be used as an alternative to Olympic lifts to train similar muscle groups with lower technical prerequisites for the movement itself. These sandbags are a direct copy of the Rogue Fitness sandbags which have been codesigned with Steve Slater. The full specifications are:
  • Built-in double-lined filler bag. 
  • Reinforced tabs on filler opening for easy access to the filler bag.  
  • Industrial-grade hook and loop closure to provide peace of mind that what’s in your bag stays in your bag. 
  • Ultra-durable zipper closure with triple stitched seams. 
  • Available in three sizes: 50lb, 100lbs, 150lbs, Bundle: 50lb, 100lbs, 150lbs 
This is a solid option for a 15-minute finisher to any session when you combine it with an airbike or a kettlebell. 15minutes as many rounds as you can while switching between the two exercises. Simple and an absolute killer for strength and conditioning.

Pros of the REP Stone Sandbag

The pros of the REP stone sandbag are:
  • Price
  • Versatile
  • Easy to transport
These sandbags are great for anyone who wants the benefits of strongman training but does not want to make atlas stones. When not in use you can empty them and they become very easy to transport. If you are a personal coach who likes to work your clients on the beach this is an excellent weapon of choice. They can be carried, thrown, brought to the shoulder or held for time. The love/hate relationship to your clients will become even stronger when you pull these sandbags out of the back of your car.
Another advantage over concrete Atlas stones os that you can fill these sandbags with sand, rubber, or lead shot to get to different types of weight. This makes it easier to progress to bigger stones as the jumps can sometimes be substantial. It also lowers the space requirements in your gym to have 20 stones lying around that do not get a lot of use.

Cons of the REP Stone Sandbag

The cons of the REP Stone sandbag are:
  • Formable hull
  • Not great for slams
  • Not as versatile as a kettlebell
Compared to proper atlas stones the main disadvantage is the feel of the lift. Concrete stones are very unforgiving on the lifter as their shape does not alter during the lift. This has effects on how to grip the stone and bring it to the shoulder. If you want to train for proper strongman events these sandbags can not be a supplement for concrete stones of the same weights as they are harder to handle.
While you can use these sandbags for slams they are not great for it. They are too big and cumbersome for higher weights. So if you are looking into circuit training that incorporates heavy ball slams, get slam balls instead of these. They will do as a supplement if you choose to get the sandbags instead.
When you are thinking about what to get for the conditioning in your home gym I would always go for a kettlebell of the same weight over a stone sandbag if you do not have a kettlebell yet. Kettlebells are just more versatile and double up as dumbbells in your home gym which the stone sandbags simply can not do.

Alternatives to the REP Stone Sandbag

Alternatives to the REP stone sandbag are:
The Rogue strongman sandbags codesigned by Steve Slater are a solid alternative to the REP version at a higher price. Rogue fitness recently has done a big upgrade of their sandbag portfolio and you can get them in all types of shapes now. If you want to build an interesting strongman circuit for your clients without running the risk of them splitting their hands and shins open then Rogue might be the better address for you to shop around based on available options.

Conclusion for the REP Stone Sandbag

A stone sandbag is a great addition for finishers in your home gym, especially if you suffering from a constantly underdeveloped lower back strength for deadlifts. The ones from REP might not be the best in the market, but they do the job based on where you want to place your money for your entire cart of toys.
Rep adjustable dumbbell review

REP Adjustable Dumbbell $54.99


Overview of the REP Adjustable Dumbbell

The REP adjustable dumbbell is a good option for home gyms in a confined space. Especially when you combine it with a set of change and fractional plates that you already own for your barbell. If you want to save money and space and still have a decent set of dumbbell options at your disposal then the rep fitness loadable dumbbells are a good choice. The full specifications are:


  • 40 lb Set - TWO handles, FOUR collars, FOUR 5 lb plates, FOUR 2.5 lb plates
  • 52.5 lb Set - ONE handle, TWO collars, EIGHT 5 lb plates, TWO 2.5 lb plates, TWO 1.25 lb plates
  • 40lb Add-on Set - FOUR 10lb plates
  • Features solid cast iron plates, fully knurled straight handle, spin-lock star collars.
  • Handle - 4 lbs
  • Collars - 0.5 lbs (each)
  • Handle Lengths - 17.5" total / 6.5" loadable sleeve / 5" usable handle
  • Max load is (12) 10 lb plates (6 per side), for a total of weight of 125 lbs
  • Diameter of handle is 1"
Be careful when ordering as these are not sold in pairs. Make sure you get a pair as that is better for home training and getting stuff done quickly and effectively. 

Pros of the REP Adjustable Dumbbell

The pros of the REP adjustable dumbbell are:
  • Price
  • Space savings
  • Money savings
An adjustable dumbbell is a great money and space saver for your home gym. It is not really a great option in a commercial setting as you want to provide a dumbbell rack so that many people can train in parallel, but for home use they are great. Especially if you already have a rack with plates at home.

Cons of the REP Adjustable Dumbbell

Cons of the REP adjustable dumbbell:
  • Handling
  • Need for plates
Adjustable dumbbells are not great if you are very strong and need to put 100lbs on them. The handling if getting them to your shoulder for a bench or incline press will be unbearable. There are some workarounds, but usually, it is better to get a urethane or hex dumbbell for this purpose.
The price of the loadable dumbbell setup con also skyrockets if you do not own the necessary plates yet. This makes it a good option for a gym that already has plates to get the maximum out of the investment. If you are someone who wants to start a gym from scratch with a pair of dumbbells you are better off getting two hex dumbbells instead, even though they are not adjustable.

Alternatives to the REP Adjustable Dumbbell

Alternatives to the REP fitness Adjustable dumbbell are:
The Rogue adjustable dumbbell is a shortened version of the Rogue Ohio bar which is American-made. If this is important to you then the Rogue adjustable dumbbell is probably one of the few, if not the only option for you that is being produced by a well-known manufacturer. You can also get special dumbbell bumpers for these adjustable dumbbells which make them better to handle heavy lifts than average adjustable dumbbells that work with combinations of change and fractional plates.
If you want to go cheap and imported, TITAN Fitness is your friend. They also have several different options of lengths and thickness for adjustable dumbbells. So if you already have a craigslist assembly of small plates at home, then TITAN fitness is the most likely place to find a fitting adjustable dumbbell out of Rogue fitness, REP fitness, and TITAN fitness.

Conclusion for the REP Adjustable Dumbbell

The REP adjustable dumbbell is a solid option if you already have matching plates at home. Otherwise, you might want to look into rubber hex dumbbells instead.

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