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Which barbell to get from REP fitness?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 30, 2021 4:34:03 AM

Which barbell to get from REP fitness

Which barbell to get from REP fitness?

This article shows you the different barbell options from REP fitness including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details. You can always follow me on Instagram for the most up-to-date information.

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The barbells in this article are sorted descending by price from most expensive to most affordable. Prices of barbells can change based on worldwide prices for metal and company policies. The prices shown do not include sales promotions or other discounts.

Quick reference

Best Overall

REP Black Sabre bar $209

Best for powerlifting

Best for weightlifting

Rep Deep knurl power bar EX $399


Overview of the Rep Deep knurl power bar EX

The REP deep knurl power bar is the upper end of the spectrum in Olympic barbells which you can get from REP fitness. The main distinguishing features of this bar are its aggressive knurling and the full stainless steel construction covering the sleeves and the bar itself. The full specifications are:
  • 29mm diameter.
  • Knurl Markings: Powerlifting - 32" between markings.
  • Knurl Depth: 75% deeper than any standard offering
  • Tensile Strength: 200k
  • Bushing design with snap rings.
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel.
  • Sleeves: Stainless Steel.
  • Bushing design with snap rings for optimal Powerlifting performance.
  • Warranty: Lifetime*
This is a great barbell for the serious powerlifter who does not mind getting calluses on their hands. For most commercial gms this barbell might be a bit too much in price per item and the uncompromising design.

Pros of the Rep Deep knurl power bar EX

The pros of the REP deep knurl power bar are:
  • Deep knurling
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • 29mm shaft
This bar is great if you mainly train the squat, bench press, and deadlift and you know that you are serious about it. With this bar you go uncompromising for the next record on your total to provide maximum grip to your hands. Even at the cost of tearing the skin.

Cons of the Rep Deep knurl power bar EX

The cons of the REP deep knurl bar are:
  • Imported
  • Pricing
  • Color options
  • Knurling
  • No bearing
  • No Whip
This barbell comes imported from overseas to save costs. That being said I am personally surprised at the price point of $400 for this barbell. This is not enough of an advantage to make me want to switch from Rogue Fitness who on top of that produces locally in the US. If you are looking at a rack and plates also you can make some considerable savings, but if it is just between the Rogue Ohio power bar and the Deep Knurl from REP I am not convinced.
Stainless steel is not available from most vendors to be powder coated with some other color. Why ruin the high-quality steel with some kind of spray-on tan? Compared to other vendors REP fitness still has a noticeable lack of colored barbells, which they will probably fix once their overseas producer figures at how to get cerakote on the barbells. I think that is only a matter of time, but for now, the only colored option in the REP fitness lineup is the Black sabre bar.
The knurling on this bar is aggressive which rules it out for most commercial uses. If you have a cheap rack with cheap J Cups I would also recommend an upgrade as this bar will quickly eat into inferior metal and rubber.
If you are looking for a barbell for your home gym/garage gym or commercial establishment this is not the bar to get. It does not provide any whip and also has no bearing. This bar is high priced and only good for powerlifting, so buy it as such. Otherwise, opt for the all-round Sabre bar, or for the Gladiator series if your focus is on Olympic weightlifting.

Alternatives to the Rep Deep knurl power bar EX

Alternatives to the REP Deep knurl bar are:
The Rogue Ohio power bar in the stainless steel version is currently hailed as the Ferrari amongst the powerlifting barbells. There are some other barbells from Kabuki strength and EliteFTS that specifically pander to the powerlifting community, but these are more niche. As the price gap is not that noticeable I personally would go with the Ohio power bar instead of the deep knurl unless your entire gym is already REP fitness-themed.
The Blues city power bar is TITAN fitness's approach to the world of powerlifting bars with heavy knurling. TITAN is known for minor quality issues in return for the lowest prices amongst their competitors. As you are specifically buying this barbell for their knurling I would watch out for TITAN, as this is exactly the kind of detail that lower standard quality procedures would give a pass when they should not.
If you are into stainless steel but like Olympic weightlifting a lot better than powerlifting, then you should go for the REP fitness Gladiator stainless steel bar. This bar provides more whip, has a less aggressive knurl, ad the sleeves rotate on bearing. This makes this bar netter suited for Olympic weightlifting than powerlifting.

Conclusion for the Rep Deep knurl power bar EX

This is the top bar to get from REP fitness when you are into powerlifting. There is not a lot you can do wrong with this so be confident and move ahead if you have the money. The only reconsideration would be if you are planning on having one brand scheme rather than multiple brands in your gym. Then a decision between TITAN, Rep fitness, and Rogue fitness would need to be made before loading up the shopping cart.

Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar $399


Overview of the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

The REP Stainless steel gladiator bar is REP fitness's top-tier Olympic weightlifting barbell. The knurl is medium while the focus is on high tensile strength and bearing to make the ride as smooth as possible for Olympic weightlifters. The full list of specifications runs as follows:
  • 205k tensile strength, 1500 lb rated
  • Medium depth knurl
  • 5 needle bearings per sleeve for a smooth spin
  • Ribbed sleeves to keep weights from sliding while training.
  • Weightlifting knurl markings
  • 28mm diameter
  • 87.4" length
  • Lifetime warranty*
If you can afford it, then there is not a lot you can do wrong with the REP fitness stainless steel Gladiator bar. This is a great purchase for anyone who is aiming to build an Olympic weightlifting gym at home. Commercial buyers might opt for the normal steel version. Especially if they are buying in multiples to save on cost per item.

Pros of the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

  • Stainless steel
  • Good whip
  • Good spin
This is a great option for anyone who wants to spend no more than $500 on a good quality Olympic weightlifting barbell. The stainless steel makes it durable while it spins smoothly and has a great whip. REP fitness has improved on its successful Gladiator design by delivering it in stainless steel. Not a lot to do wring here.

Cons of the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

The cons of the Stainless steel Gladiator bar are:
  • Price
  • Imported
  • Lack of color options
If you are into the REP fitness portfolio you are already more price-sensitive than someone who buys their equipment from Rogue fitness. In that case, this is still a pricey barbell as you can get a piece of steel that does the job for between $200 and $300. You do not necessarily not bearing and stainless steel to get your home gym going, especially if you have not been training professionally in a team already.
REP fitness achieves its prices by importing from overseas. If you have an issue with that business practice and would rather buy from someone who produces and sources locally in the US then Rogue fitness and Sorinex are your alternatives.
Currently, the REP fitness production lines are not laid for the use of Cerakote for their barbell production to add color. I am sure it is only a matter of time until they switch suppliers and find a way of getting their hands on the necessary machines to upgrade their overseas supplier. For now, the only colored barbell in the REP fitness lineup is the Black Sabre bar.

Alternatives to the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

The Rogue Pyrros bar forms the pinnacle of weightlifting bars from Rogie Fitness. Co-designed with one of the biggest legends of Olympic weightlifting this barbell does not just provide the best in class when it comes to whip and spin but also a mind connection to a great weightlifter. If you want the best apart from Eleiko barbells then this is the one to get.
The REP deep Knurl bar is the top of the food chain in the REP portfolio when it comes to powerlifting bars. If you won’t do overhead lifts with your barbell but have $400 to spend the deep Knurl is the better choice than the gladiator bar.
The REP gladiator bar has all the good DNA from its stainless big brother, except the stainless steel bones. If you want a very close feel to the Stainless gladiator bar in terms of spin and whip, but do not want to shell out the extra dollars for the stainless steel, then the Gladiator bar is your friend.
The Rep Sabre bar is the right choice for anyone who is looking for an all-around barbell for all the needs of a Crossfitter at a decent price. If you are only going to buy one barbell to do all the lifts with then this is the value-for-money workhorse you want from REP.
The TITAN blues city Olympic barbell is TITAN’s touch on Olympic weightlifting. TITAN is the price leader in the market which comes at the cost of looser quality controls. If you want a smooth precision barbell this might work against you in the long run. Still, money saved and spent on plates is also not to be scoffed at.

Conclusion for the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

If you want the Apex predator in weightlifting barbells from REP fitness then the Stainless steel gladiator bar is your weapon of choice. There are higher quality Oly barbells out there like the Eleiko range or the Pyrros bar, but not at the same price point.

REP Stainless steel power bar $379


Overview of the REP Stainless steel power bar

The stainless steel power bar comes with 29mm in diameter, a medium Knurl and bushing to attach to the sleeves to the barbell. This is a powerlifting focused barbell which saves you a little money compared to the deep Knurl top dog from REP fitness. The full specifications are:
  • 200k tensile, 1500 lb rated
  • 29mm for extra stiffness
  • Length: 87.4"
  • Medium depth knurl
  • 810mm between outside edges of knurling rings
  • Stainless steel shaft and smooth stainless sleeves
  • Bushing sleeves for smooth spin
  • Snap-ring design.
This is a solid choice, although I would pay the $20 extra for the deep Knurl any day if I am already looking into a powerlifting specific bar.

Pros of the REP Stainless steel power bar

  • Stainless steel
  • 200l tensile
The biggest plus is the powerlifting Knurl marks and the stainless steel itself. Stainless steel means that this barbell is a lot less likely to rust than regular steel barbells. It is also the main driver of the price of the bar as REP chooses to cover the sleeves and the barbell itself with stainless steel.
Tensile refers to the strength of the steel and how much pressure it needs to bend. The higher the number the more power is needed to permanently bend the bar. High-quality barbells hover around 200.000 tensile strength so the stainless steel power bar is spot on.

Cons of the REP Stainless steel power bar

  • Medium Knurl
  • Price
  • No color options
  • Imported
To me personally, this bar makes little sense, unless the federation you lift on works with medium Knurl instead of aggressive Knurl bars. If you are already looking into a powerlifting specific bar you might as well pay the little extra and get the deep Knurl instead. For a compromise, this bar would be quite dear.
Compared to other vendors REP fitness has no color options (yet) on their barbell portfolio. Rogue fitness offers a wide array of sleeves made out of different materials and cerakote coatings. TITAN fitness copied this approach with their blues city barbell line. Currently, there is only the black Sabre bar in the REP fitness portfolio that offers a different color from steel.
The biggest con for REP fitness barbells might be for some that they are imported from overseas. If you want your hard-earned money to go into manufacturing jobs in the US you have to purchase from Rogue or Sorinex.

Alternatives to the REP Stainless steel power bar

Alternatives to the REP stainless steel power bar are:
The Rogue Ohio power bar in stainless steel is the current Creme de la Creme in powerlifting bars. There are some other models from kabuki strength and elitefts that are strong contestants for being higher quality, but they are by far not as known as the Rogue Ohio power bar.
The REP fitness deep Knurl bar is in my opinion the right choice from REP for a serious powerlifter to get the deep Knurl. Why stop $20 short on a $400 item that you will probably use for the next 10 years.
The TITAN blues city power bar is the direct competitor of the Ohio power bar and the REP stainless steel power bar. Here some serious savings can be made at the cost of higher risk of a bad user experience through quality issues on the bar or the with the service provided.

Conclusion for the REP Stainless steel power bar

I personally think that the REP stainless steel power bar does not make an awful lot of sense when you know about the deep Knurl bar from REP as they are only $20 apart. But that is just my thinking as I think the more aggressive the knurling the better for my purposes.

Rep Excalibur Stainless steel $349


Overview of the Rep Excalibur Stainless steel

The Excalibur stainless steel barbell from REP takes one of their simpler designs and beefs it up with the stainless steel treatment. It is a solid barbell, but not my favorite option in the line up as I think it takes too many compromises at too high a price tag. The full specifications of this barbell are:
  • 28.5mm diameter
  • Length: 87.4"
  • 20 kg (45lb) or 15kg (35lb) option
  • 1500 lb static rating
  • 215k tensile, 205k yield
  • Bushing sleeve construction
  • Very mild ribbing on sleeves to keep plates in place
  • No Center Knurl
  • Stainless Steel
  • Medium/Deep Knurl
  • Dual Knurl Markings - Powerlifting and Weightlifting
  • 5 year warranty
This bar neither has an aggressive knurl or bearing sleeve construction for a better spin. More than $300 in the REP barbell portfolio is a good bit of money for a bar that does not really know what it wants to be. To top it off there is also no center knurl. You pay a premium for the stainless steel without actually addressing any specific Oly lift or powerlifting needs. 

Pros of the Rep Excalibur Stainless steel

  • Stainless steel
  • Price
  • Will not offend anyone
The main thing this barbell has going for itself is that it is stainless steel and therefore will not rust as quickly as other barbells which are not. Especially if you are training in a hot and humid climate you should look for stainless steel to get the most out of barbell's life span.
The price for this barbell is good considering that it is stainless steel. But this can also be said for the other stainless steel barbells out of the REP fitness portfolio which in my opinion provide a clearer profile of what needs they want to cover rather than not making a decision of whether they are going to be an all-round barbell, powerlifting, or weightlifting barbell.
A good thing about this barbell is that it will not offend anyone if you buy it in bulk for your gym. The knurling is mild, no center knurling means less rubbing off the back or shins and no bearing means that it won't spin too much for people who only use it for the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Cons of the Rep Excalibur Stainless steel

  • No aggressive knurling
  • No bearing
  • Imported
  • No color options
For a barbell from a low price vendor for $300 i personally think you should not spend the money without deciding for a clear use profile of your bar. If you want an all-around barbell you can save yourself $100 to $150 by going for the sabre bar or the REP basic bar. In the $300+ range I would make a clear decision for whether you will be using the barbell mainly for powerlifting or oly lifting and then get either an aggressive knurl bar or one that goes all out on bearing and whip. Why compromise at the upper end of the price spectrum of a vendor?
One big con for patriots will be that this barbell is not being sourced and produced in the United States. If you have problems with that and want to keep the money and the jobs as local as possible then Sorinex and Rogue fitness are better options to do so. These brands also have overseas products in their portfolio but take pains to keep as much of their production and supply chain local to the United States.
Another thing that REP fitness has not figured out yet are color options. While Rogue fitness and TITAN fitness have applied Cerakote coatings to their Ohio bar and Blues city barbell lineup, REP fitness is lagging behind and only offers the Sabre bar in color for now. I am sure they will catch up, but if you want the most flexibility in terms of the material of the sleeves and which colors to go with then Rogue fitness is the better option. What REP fitness lacks in the color department for barbells they make up for in the rack department as here you have more options to choose and customize the color of each single upright.

Alternatives to the Rep Excalibur Stainless steel

If you like the middle of the road approach in the design of the Excalibur bar I would also make the price middle of the road and opt for the Excalibur bar as a non-stainless steel option. If you are outfitting a Crossfit gym in bulk, this is probably a good barbell to choose from as the design is reliable and works in many directions. For a home gym I would possibly not recommend it as ou can treat yourself for the only purchase you are possibly going to make for the next couple of years in the barbell department.
REP Gladiator MX barbell comes in at a similar price to the Excalibur stainless steel but makes a decision to be a better all-around barbell by providing bearing instead of bushing sleeves. If you will be mainly lifting overhead in your home gym or you are trying to build an oly lifting section in your commercial gym, then this is the better option than the Excalibur stainless steel.
The Rogue Chan bar is in my opinion the best hybrid bar between powerlifting and weightlifting that Rogue has to offer.  It beaks this up with high tensile strength and an interesting design to keep you motivated. The only downside is that it is rarely in stock and hard to grab. That is why I have a Rogue Ohio power bar at home instead.
The TITAN Atlas bar is the bread and butter barbell model from TITAN without any color options. If you are looking to optimize for the budget this is it. As it is a fairly simple bar you are less exposed to the risk of the looser quality controls which TITAN applies to their products to offer them at the lowest possible cost to you.

Conclusion for the Rep Excalibur Stainless steel

The Excalibur stainless steel bar is a good idea, but too Vanilla for my personal tastes for a bar in this price range. Get something specific to your needs when you shell out more than $300 on a barbell or try to drive down cost as much as possible for an all-around compromise in my opinion. Spending a lot of money on a compromise is usually not a good road to take for being happy with your equipment.

Rep Gladiator MX $299


Overview of the Rep Gladiator MX

The REP Gladiator MX barbell is REP fitness's premium barbell to tailor to the masses. This barbell decides to be a bit thicker in diameter than a regular weightlifting barbell while still having bearing sleeves. This makes it a good hybrid across powerlifting, weightlifting, and CrossFit. The full specifications are:
  • 28.5mm diameter 
  • Length: 87.4"
  • 20 kg (45lb) 
  • 1500 lb static rating
  • 5 needle bearings 
  • Hard Chrome coating - most rust-resistant available
  • Ribbed sleeves to keep weights from sliding while training
  • No Center Knurl - Ideal for doing high rep clean workouts without tearing up your neck
  • MildDepth Knurl
  • Single Knurl Markings - Weightlifting - move faster on lifts
  • 230k tensile, 200k yield
  • 5-year warranty
This is a solid design to cover all you could possibly need in a home gym or professional gym. The only drawback is that this bar is not stainless steel. But there is an option if that is what you wish for from REP fitness.

Pros of the Rep Gladiator MX

The Pros of the GLadiator MX barbell are:
  • Clear "one size fits all" design
  • Reasonable price
This is a clear design for all purposes which is well thought out. If you are looking for a balanced barbell for your home gym without being cheap, look no further. This is the right choice for you from REP fitness.

Cons of the Rep Gladiator MX

The cons of the Gladiator MX barbell are:
  • Not 29mm
  • Not 28mm
  • No Aggressive knurling
  • Imported
  • No color options
  • No stainless steel
When you decide to make a design that is tailoring to all needs, you will not cover the specific needs of the subsets. A powerlifting bar would ideally be 29mm and have aggressive knurling. A weightlifting barbell would ideally be 28mm and also have a center knurl. These options are also out there, just not the approach of the MX
To get bearing at this price point from REP fitness you are giving up stainless steel as a material. You can upgrade to the Gladiator Stainless steel barbell if you want both for a higher price.
The biggest cons of the Gladiator MX are the limited color options and that the barbells are produced and shipped from China. That is, of course, only if you are strictly patriotic and want to keep your dollars in the USA.

Alternatives to the Rep Gladiator MX

Alternatives to the Gladiator MX bar are:
The REP Gladiator Stainless steel model has the same specifications as the Gladiator MX with one exception. You are upgrading the material of the barbell to stainless steel for higher longevity and fewer problems with rust for some extra cash.
The REP Gladiator WL is very similar in price to the Gladiator MX with a few exceptions. The diameter is 28mm which complies with weightlifting standards. You will also get a center knurl for more grip when performing front squats or clean and jerks. In return for the center knurl the sleeves are a mix of bushing and bearing to keep the cost of this barbell under $300. A solid choice for the home gym warrior who will mainly do Oly lifts.
The Rogue Chan bar is in my opinion the best all-around barbell you can get from Rogue. It works for oly lifts and powerlifting while also giving you a more interesting design which you currently can not get out of the REP fitness portfolio. If you want to feel badass and do everything, I think the Rogue Chan bar is absolutely worth a look before checking out at REP fitness.
The TITAN blues city weightlifting barbell is the approach of the low-cost provider TITAN to a weightlifting barbell. If you want to keep as many of your hard-earned dollars as possible while building a home gym, TITAN fitness is a good address. Just be prepared that minor quality issues a lot more likely to happen with TITAN than with REP fitness or Rogue.

Conclusion for the Rep Gladiator MX

The REP Gladiator MX barbell is a solid mixed barbell and therefore does what it says on the tin. If you want something nice for your home gym and you are doing everything this is a great barbell to get. Also good for buying in bulk for a commercial gym, unless you want to keep the cost down as low as possible. Then the sabre bar might be a better choice for you.

Rep Gladiator WL $289


Overview of the Rep Gladiator WL

The REP Gladiator WL is a variation on the Gladiator design from REP fitness that provides a center knurl, good tensile strength, and bearing on the sleeves for under $300. If you are looking for a solid weightlifting barbell that does not break the bank, you have probably found your perfect match. The full specifications of this barbell run as following:
  • 28mm diameter (25mm for 15kg bar)
  • 20 kg (45lb) or 15kg (35lb) option
  • 1500 lb static rating
  • 3 Needle bearings and 2 bushings per sleeve
  • Ribbed sleeves to keep weights from sliding while training.
  • Hard Chrome coating - rust-resistant coating
  • Center Knurl on WL and SS barbell
  • No Center Knurl on MX Gladiator and 15kg
  • Medium Depth Knurl
  • 230k tensile, 210k yield
  • 5 year warranty
A great barbell maximizes the important ingredients that make a good weightlifting barbell like the tensile strength and center knurl while compromising on some components like the sleeves to keep the cost as low as possible. I love the thought process that went into this to make a good weightlifting barbell affordable for the average Joe.

Pros of the Rep Gladiator WL

The pros of the Gladiator WL:
  • Price
  • Design
If you want a weightlifting barbell, but do not want to spend $700 to $1000 just on one piece of equipment for your home gym, then this is a great choice. I love what REP fitness has done her to put the best of the weightlifting world into a piece of steel, without making it too expensive. Yes, you will compromise with this barbell, but you can not have it all when you buy new and want to save money at the same time.

Cons of the Rep Gladiator WL

The cons of the REP Gladiator WL barbell are:
  • Not IWF approved
  • No full bearing on the sleeves
  • Imported
  • Color options
Currently, this barbell is not IWF approved. If you want to train as close to competition standards as possible you either need to opt for the Rogue weightlifting barbell series or the Eleiko barbells. Most Olympic lifting events on the international stage still use Eleiko equipment, while Rogue fitness is catching up in market share in the United States and international Invitation events. It will be interesting to see whether we will see Rogue equipment on one of the next Olympic events for lifting.
This bar will not spin as smoothly as the fully breed Olympic barbells from Rogue, Eleiko, or REP fitness as the sleeves are a bushing and bearing hybrid. This is a choice for this barbell to keep costs down as bearing is a specialized material that comes at a higher cost.
This barbell is imported and therefore manufactured and packaged in China. If this rubs your patriotic streak up the wring way you will have to opt for Sorinex or Rogue fitness who through lengths to keep their production and supply chain as local to the United States as possible.
There are no color options on this barbell as REP fitness does not provide a wide range of sleeves or Cerakote coating for their barbells. This might change in the future when sales volumes go up and REP fitness gets the chance to invest in the production lines of their overseas vendors.

Alternatives to the Rep Gladiator WL

Alternatives to the REP Gladiator WL bar are:
The REP Gladiator MX barbell is very similar to the Gladiator WL. The main differences are the full bearing sleeves and no center knurl which makes it more of an all-round barbell than the WL. Weigh up between these two barbells what you will actually use it most for and make a decision on what to get.
The REP Excalibur is the better choice if you want a Lifetime warranty instead of a 5-year warranty on your barbell. In return, you make some considerable sacrifices on the features of the barbell which I personally would not be willing to make. But I have never filed a warranty case in my entire life, so I am probably not the best person to advise on this perk.
The Rogue Pyrros bar is the top-of-the-line weightlifting barbell from Rogue. If you want a barbell that is IWF approved and connects you to one of the greatest talents in Olympic weightlifting to date then this is the right piece of metal for you. The only downside is that the price is considerably higher than anything you would find in the REP fitness range.
The TITAN Blues city weightlifting barbell is TITAN's approach to weightlifting barbells with bearing sleeves. If you want to bring the low-cost idea to its final conclusion TITAN is a safe bet. What you get in money saved you might regret shipping and quality control wise by purchasing through TITAN as they have to cut some corners to make the low prices across their entire portfolio feasible.

Conclusion for the Rep Gladiator WL

The REP Gladiator WL barbell is a solid choice for someone who wants to save some money on ha high-quality weightlifting barbell. Thi bar makes some compromises in the design to bring the cost down, but these make sense. Especially if you see oly lifts as a more dynamic alternative to powerlifting for training at home, rather than chasing Olympic medals, then this is the perfect fit of a barbell for you.

Rep Excalibur $289


Overview of the Rep Excalibur

The rep Excalibur barbell is a middle-of-the-road barbell from REP fitness with average knurling, bushing on the sleeves, and 215K tensile strength. The main distinguishing feature of this barbell is its lifetime warranty which makes it a good commercial buy. Home gym warriors might opt for a REP fitness barbell with a 5-year warranty but get some better features like aggressive knurling, a center knurl, or bearing on the sleeves.
  • 28.5mm diameter (25mm for 15 kg bar)
  • 20kg Length: 87.4"
  • 15kg Length: 79.13"
  • 20 kg (45lb) or 15kg (35lb) option
  • 1500 lb static rating
  • 215k tensile, 205k yield
  • Bushing sleeve construction
  • Very mild ribbing on sleeves to keep plates in place
  • No Center Knurl or Center Knurl Option
  • Medium/Deep Knurl
  • Dual Knurl Markings - Powerlifting and Weightlifting
  • Lifetime Warranty
This is a good choice if a lifetime warranty seems like an attractive feature for you. Otherwise, I would steer clear of this barbell and go for the Gladiator WL or MX in the same price range or the sabre barbells if you want to save some money.

Pros of the Rep Excalibur

The pros of the REP Excalibur barbell are:
  • Warranty
  • Well balanced design
The lifetime warranty and the well-balanced design make the REP fitness Excalibur barbell a good option for anyone who wants to buy in stockpiles for commercial use. This barbell can be used for anything by anyone and if they break you have a warranty to cover it. If that is what you think makes a great purchase for your use case go ahead and know yourself out. For a home gym warrior, this might not be the best way to spend their money on a barbell.

Cons of the Rep Excalibur

The cons of the REP Excalibur barbell are:
  • No center knurl
  • No aggressive knurling
  • No bearing
  • Imported
  • No color options
Sorry for the long list of negatives but while I think that the Gladiator WL and MX are good design ideas for a home gym user, I personally think that the REP Excalibur is a bit of a bad choice. You are mainly paying about $100 more compared to sabre barbell for a lifetime warranty on a piece of equipment that is fairly hard to break. In return you get no cool stuff like a center knurl, bearing sleeves, or extra color options. Unless you work with big beginner classes for CrossFit that are likely to be all over the shop with their barbells, I would not recommend this. Either go for the sabre bar for yourself if cost savings are what you have in mind or look for a more specialized barbell like the Gladiator MX or WL when you have the budget, but want to treat yourself.

Alternatives to the Rep Excalibur

Alternatives to the REP Excalibur barbell are:
The black sabre and REP sabre barbells are in my opinion better all-purpose barbells for someone on a tight budget or who want to buy in bulk. Of course, the quality of the barbell and the warranty significantly drop when you look at the specification side by side, but they still are good barbells for the occasional user or for a gym that doesn't blow them out on a regular basis. If you are mainly using your barbell for powerlifting movements and do not drop it often from overhead go with the sabres. If you intend to drop from overhead and can conveniently assume that a lot of beginners will get their hands on them, go with the Excalibur.
The Rogue Ohio bar is the bread and butter barbell from Rogue. Based on its design there also power bars and deadlift bars available. For a workhorse barbell, go with the basic model that sits around $200. You can spice it up in terms of colors and material for the sleeves if you wish so at a slightly higher price. The biggest pro of this barbell is that it is sourced and manufactured in the US.
The TITAN ATlas bar is the bread and butter model from TITAN fitness and comes in at a lower price than the competition. TITAN fitness also imports its barbells just like REP fitness does. The big difference is that this distributor also has sideshows to the fitness line in agriculture and therefore their resources are spread thinner. With REP fitness you will get a better service due to a higher focus on the fitness community which also comes at a slightly higher price.

Conclusion for the Rep Excalibur

The REP Excalibur only really makes sense if you buy into the lifetime warranty and see an added value to you. If that is not the case go for one of the MIxed or weightlifting specific barbells with a 5-year warranty to get better features for yourself. A commercial buyer might consider the Excalibur, a home gym buyer should maximize their features.

Rep Black Sabre Barbell $209


Overview of the Rep Black Sabre Barbell

The black sabre barbell is the bread and butter barbell from REP fitness with the added pixie dust of being black. The sabre line manifests a considerable drop in barbell quality and warranty length in exchange for being about $100 apiece cheaper than the higher Gladiator and Excalibur line. The full specifications of this barbell are:
  • 20 kg (45 lbs)
  • 150k tensile strength
  • 1000 lb rating
  • 28.5mm diameter
  • 87.4" length
  • Black Zinc coating
  • Bushing design with snap rings
  • Dual knurl markings for Olympic and Power lifting
  • 1-year warranty
This is a solid barbell for anyone who really wants to optimize their budget for a home gym but still wants to get something else than steel color. A commercial buyer might get these as a "use and abuse" barbell to graduate from the technique bar for beginners or to have some visual distinction between different user groups.

Pros of the Rep Black Sabre Barbell

The pros of the Black sabre REP fitness barbell are:
  • Color option
  • Cheap and cheerful
This is the right barbell for someone on a budget or with a lot of money to spend but wants to get the most out of every dime invested. With the black color, it is a little more interesting than just a regular steel-colored barbell, if you are into that kind of stuff. Not a lot that can go wrong with $200 against a barbell.

Cons of the Rep Black Sabre Barbell

The cons of the Rep black Sabre barbell are:
  • No bearing
  • No aggressive knurl
  • 1-year warranty
  • Imported
  • 150k tensile strength
  • Doesn't go all the way
For $100 less REP fitness makes a considerable drop in what you are getting for your money. This barbell has no bearing, no aggressive knurling and the metal being used also takes lesser tensile strength. Top this of a 1-year warranty compared to a 5 year or lifetime warranty you are able to get around $300 and you are leaving a lot of value on the table just to save $100. If the bottom line is all you care about, e my guest, but then buy the Sabre or even the basic barbell from REP fitness instead. 
This barbell is also imported, so if you want to source all your gear from the US from a vendor that maximizes job creation locally, then Sorinex or Rogue fitness are the better options.

Alternatives to the Rep Black Sabre Barbell

Alternatives to the REP fitness black Sabre bar are:
The rep sabre bar is the more logical alternative in my opinion if all you care about is to get a fairly decent barbell at the lowest possible price. If you are already taking a big hit on features, you might as well strip the color of the barbell and maximize your savings.
The Rogue Ohio bar with Cerakote coating is an option if you have the money, but want more color options than just black. Rogue provides quite a few combinations of colors and material in their portfolio. So if it is the creative freedom you are after for your barbell, then Rogue has a lot more to offer.
The TITAN Atlas bar is the bread and butter barbell on the low end from TITAN fitness. If you want the cheapest possible home gym, while still getting commercial-grade equipment, then TITAN is your best bet. The only downside is that as a company they seem to cut more corners for low prices than other vendors. This might have an impact on your individual experience when buying from them.

Conclusion for the Rep Black Sabre Barbell

The black sabre barbell is a good option if you want to buy from REP fitness and to make a statement, but not for more than $200. It is so far also the only barbell with color in the REP fitness lineup. If you want to maximize savings the Basic barbell or steel-colored Sabre barbell are also options.

Rep Sabre Bar $179


Overview of the Rep Sabre Bar

The REP sabre bar is what I would recommend to someone who walks up to me and says "I want a decent barbell, but it shouldn't cost much" and does not provide me with any extra information about what they want to use it for. The price point is good and you get a decent barbell that you can use for several lifts. It is not for the professional powerlifter and weightlifter, but this population is smaller than the industry wants you to believe. The full specifications of this barbell are:
  • 150k tensile strength
  • 1000 lb rating
  • 28.5mm (25 mm women's) diameter
  • 20kg length 87.4"
  • 15kg length 79.13"
  • Zinc coating
  • High-performance ball-bearing sleeve design.
  • Dual knurl markings.
  • No center knurl on women's barbell. Men's barbell has an option with center knurl or without.
  • 1-year warranty
This is a good bar if you want to build your home gym for $500 to $1000 including plates rack and everything else. It still functions as a proper barbell, without being fancy on any of the specific features. Also a good buy in bulk for a commercial gym that does not specialize in powerlifting or weightlifting.

Pros of the Rep Sabre Bar

The pros of the REP fitness Sabre bar are:
  • Price point
  • All-around design
  • No extra features
  • Warranty
This barbell is simple and to the point. Noting fancy but still better than an axle bar or the basic barbell model from REP fitness. This barbell has a zinc coating against rust and is 28.5mm in diameter which is right between weightlifting and powerlifting standards. Compared to the basic barbell from REP fitness it also comes with a warranty

Cons of the Rep Sabre Bar

The cons of the REP Sabre bar are:
  • Imported
  • No bearing
  • No aggressive knurl
  • No center knurl
As you are getting one of the lower range models of REP fitness with this barbell you will also get nothing fancy on the extras. Each feature has been stripped down to the bare minimum will you still get a warranty. Good for your purse and decent for your experience.

Alternatives to the Rep Sabre Bar

Alternatives to the REP Sabre bar are:
The black sabre bar is the same barbell with the exception that a black coat has been applied. If you want to spice things up a little with black color, then this is the bar to get instead of the sabre basic model.
The Rogue Ohio bar would be the equivalent in the Rogue portfolio to the REP fitness sabre bar. This is the basic barbell that Rogue started their vast portfolio. This leaves you with more options for individualizing your barbell than with REP fitness, but the base model comes at a higher price than the sabre bar.
The Rogue Echo bar is Rogue's approach to making a barbell as cheap as possible. This is the bar they advertise to be taken into the field by the military as it won't hurt that much if it gets abused based on the price per item. If you want to go as low as possible on the sticker price.
The TITAN Atlas bar is TITAN fitness's take on a full barbell at the lowest possible price. If you want to build your entire home gym as cheap as possible with new equipment, then they are probably the best address to get in touch with in the US. The only downside is that they need to cut some corners on service to make these low prices possible.

Conclusion for the Rep Sabre Bar

The REP Sabre bar is a solid barbell for anyone who wants to optimize their budget and still wants a minimal warranty with the barbell. If i owned a gym that had a lot of average strength clients, then this would be the barbell I would buy in bulk.

Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell $169


Overview of the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

The REP rackable EZ barbell is an EZ bar designed to be racked and is, therefore, longer than the usual EZ barbells you would find in most gyms. The EZ design is specially tailored to bicep curls and skull crushers. The wavy design makes these exercises easier on the wrist than a straight barbell. These are nice to have but not necessities for your home gym setup. I personally do curls and skull crushers with my Rogue Ohio barbell with a narrow grip and that works just fine. The full specifications of this barbell are:
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Weight: 35lbs
  • Finish: Stainless Steel or Hard Chrome Coating
  • Knurl: 4x70mm sections of medium depth knurl
  • Length: 6'2"
  • Loadable length: 10"
  • Distance between sleeves: 4'3"
It does what it says on the tin if you fancy one.

Pros of the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

Pros of the EZ rackable Curl barbell are:
  • Rackable
  • Length
  • Easy on the wrists
The design and purpose of this barbell are fulfilled with this model. The quality is good and it is not that expensive that you would regret your purchase. Just be aware that the use you will get out of this barbell is quite limited, unless you want to curl like a berserker on a daily basis to make your bicep grow. I had phases like that in my teenage years, I have to admit.

Cons of the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

The cons of the rackable EZ Curl barbell are:
  • Hard to store
  • Limited use cases
While this barbell is easier to handle in the rack than a normal short EZ bar, it takes up quite a bit of space when it is not in use. If you don't want it on the floor you will need to get a gun rack mount or some other barbell storing device. These cost usual as much if not more than this barbell. So if you do not have the infrastructure in your gym yet to store a second full-sized barbell I would get a short EZ barbell or none at all.

Alternatives to the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

  • Rogue EZ bar
  • TITAN EZ barbell
Rogue as well as TITAN stock variations in short and long of the EZ barbell. The differences are minimal so it is really more about which vendor you like most and who can deliver the fastest depending on your needs.

Conclusion for the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

The REP fitness rackable barbell does what it says on the tin. Do you really ned it? Probably not, but it is nice to have if your barbell gun rack is not full yet. Better specialty bars to get are a safety bar or duffalo bar if your budget allows.
REP fitness trap bar

Rep Trap Bar $125


Overview of the Rep TrapBar

The REP fitness trap bar goes along with the designs of trap bars that you would find in most gyms. Trap bar deadlifts are a good alternative to regular deadlifts. They are less taxing on the lower back and easier to learn as the barpath is more restricted and standing inside the frame provides more stability. A trap bar is also a good alternative to farmer's carry handles, as it gives you more uses while also being good for carrying exercises. The full specifications of this trap bar are:
  • Raised handles with knurled grip
  • Solid steel construction
  • 500lb Weight Capacity
  • 16” loadable sleeve space
  • Length: 71”, Width: 25.5”, Height: 6”
  • Product Weight: 55 lbs (unloaded)
  • Handle Diameter - 25mm
  • Medium depth knurling
A solid addition to an existing gym that wants to switch things up or for someone that has enough space on their first purchase to throw some specialty bars in. A duffalo bar or Safety squat bar would still be my preferred option as I use heavy kettlebells for deadlift variations and farmer's walks.

Pros of the Rep Trap Bar

The pros of the REP fitness trap bar are:
  • Price compared to the competition
  • Lower injury risk compared to straight bar deadlifts
  • Can also be used as a carrying frame
Compared to the Rogue fitness trap bars REP fitness offers almost the same thing at a lower price. They achieve this by importing the barbell from China rather than producing it themselves in the US.
If you just want to do deadlifts and not compete in powerlifting, then a trap bar is a good option to protect your back as long as you have the space to store it. A straight bar deadlift can put a big strain on your back, especially if you are doing the movement incorrectly. Trap bars bear a lower risk to do so.
Another nice bonus is that a trap bar can also be used as a carrying frame. If you are looking to incorporate carry exercises into your regime and go really heavy, then a trap bar is in my opinion the more versatile option than farmer's handles.

Cons of the Rep Trap Bar

The cons of the REP fitness trap bar are:
  • Bulky
  • Limited use cases
A trap bar is usually better suited for a commercial gym than a home gym as they are pretty hard to store. While they are more versatile than farmer walk handles they are still less useful than an actual barbell. Keep these things in mind when making your decision as I personally think that a duffalo bar, safety squat bar, or heavy kettlebells are a better investment in your home gym than a trap bar.

Alternatives to the Rep Trap Bar

  • Rogue Trap bar
  • TITAN Trap bar
  • Dinnie rings and kettlebells
The Rogue trap bar is produced in the US and comes in two variations. Especially version 2 is great as Rogue really thought about the shortcomings of the traditional Trap bar design which are the weight of the bar itself and the handles and optimized on those.
The TITAN trap bar is another low-cost option that imports from China. Overall your bill will be lower with TITAN fitness when outfitting a home gym at the cost of laxer quality controls compared to REP fitness based on what I am reading and seeing. This is more of a choice between the two for the overall cost of your gym when you throw in a trap bar to the line of items rather than a question of which one has the better or cheaper trap bar per se.
I personally use heavy kettlebells combined with the Rogue Dinnie rings for heavy carries and all kinds of variations of deadlifts. This takes up less space in my gym and is very versatile. The only downside of this approach is that you can not scale in increments as you can with a trap bar with the weight plates you already have in-house.

Conclusion for the Rep TrapBar

This is a solid trap bar if you want one and have the space to store it. I personally prefer kettlebells with different handles for carrying work, but I also do not do 200kg carries which would only be possible with a proper frame, trap bar or farmer's walk handles as the kettlebells would get too big and expensive.

Rep Technique Bar $119


Overview of the Rep Technique Bar

Technique bars are a helpful tool for Olympic weightlifting to get the technique right and progress to a full bar. Especially when you work with children or a lot of lightweight beginners for Olympic weightlifting than this is something you might want to consider. For most home gyms this means that this is an option they will not get a lot of use out of unless your children are training with you. The full specifications of this bar are:
  • 72" long
  • 51.5" between collars (fits on squat racks)
  • Bushings in sleeves for smooth spin
  • Bright zinc finish on bar shaft, black zinc on sleeves
  • Dual knurl markings
  • 200 lb max load
  • 28mm diameter
This bar does what it says on the tin. Nothing too fancy to use and not too pricey to regret not using enough.

Pros of the Rep Technique Bar

The pros of the REP fitness technique bar are:
  • Full control over the bar path for beginners
  • Good for speed drills
  • Good for child athletes
When you are learning the correct technique for the clean and jerk and the snatch it can be beneficial to start with a barbell that is lighter than 20kg or 15kg. A trainer would usually start beginners on a broomstick or PVC pipe and progress from there and a technique bar has some weight to it while it is not the full 20kg of an unloaded barbell which can be a big jump for some. More experienced athletes also might work on speed or a weakness in the different phases on the lifts with a lighter barbell, also it is probably better to stick with the bar you will actually lift on, once you progressed that far. The sea logic applies to children that start oly lifting at a very young age.

Cons of the Rep Technique Bar

The cons of a technique bar are:
  • Limited use
  • Limited sleeve space
  • Limited weight capacity
If you are looking into building your own home gym chances are high that you have already surpassed the beginner stage. Especially if we are talking Olympic lifts, because if you want to do that home without ever having instructions in person before I would highly recommend that you reconsider. This makes technique bars limited in their use for a home gym. In a commercial gym, they can be a good purchase if you have specialized in Olympic lifting. Based on the size of your beginner classes you might want to stock up on half the class for technique bars and half regular bars or broom sticks.

Alternatives to the Rep Technique Bar

Alternatives to the REP fitness technique bar are:
  • Rogue Technique bar
  • TITAN Technique bar
These barbells basically do the same, except that they are from other vendors. The Rogue Technique bar comes in more different tastes than the REP fitness bar and is made in the US whereas the TITAN fitness portfolio is more limited and is imported from China.

Conclusion for the Rep Technique Bar

If you own an Oly lift-focused commercial gym it is a good idea to stock some of these depending on the size of your classes. If you want to get a barbell for your little ones I personally think Rogue has better options. 

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