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Overview and review of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM


Overview and review of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2

This is an overview of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2 including pros, cons, and alternatives. This was originally posted in Which sled to get from Rogue.

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Overview of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2

Price $265
The Rogue Dogsled 1.2 is the next evolution of the Rogue Dogsled. As with most of their best selling products Rogue took a look at the design and improved upon it. Compared to the original dog sled, rogue added a lot more holes for attachments which makes this sled a versatile tool to improve your explosiveness and strength. The full specifications of this sled are:
  • Made in the USA
  • Footprint: 40" x 24"
  • Skid Width: 4”
  • Steel: 2 x 3" 11 Gauge and 0.25" Plate Steel
  • Each Dog Sled ships with (1) carabiner
  • Push poles are removable for easier transport
  • Battle-tested in CrossFit Games competition
In addition to these specifications you can also get the following attachments
  • High bar attachment
  • Low bar attachment
  • Dog Sled Bridge
  • Doubke handle attachment
  • Lawn boy attachment
  • Wraparound rail kit
  • Wheelbarrow attachment
This makes it the most versatile sled in the rogue line up you can get. Definitely a save purchase if you have a lawn or can protect your driveway with some cladding. 

Pros of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2 

Pros of the Rogue Dogsled 1.2 are:
  • Versatility
  • Low base price
This sled has been redesigned and a lot of thought went into it. If you want a versatile training tool for yourself or your professional gym, you have many options for pushing and pulling with this Sled. The base price is also low compared to the butcher or XPO which are other sled options from Rogue. 

Cons of the Rogue Dogsled 

Cons of the Rogue dogsled 1.2 are:
  • Single-purpose use
  • Too many choices
  • Surface damage
  • Easy to store
Compared to one of the Yokes of Rogue you will only get a single purpose use out of the sled. Combined with that the order easily climbs up to $600 - $700 when you get all of the attachments, this is something to consider. While the many attachments are great, there is a risk that most of them will gather dust and just clog up your gym. While this is the most versatile sled from Rogue, you also got to ask yourself whether you will actually use all of these options. If you only have the sled it also easier to store than the butcher or yoke when you remove the uprights and put it into a corner. 

Alternatives to the Dogsled 1.2

Alternatives to the Rogue Dogsled 1.2 are:
The Rogue Y1 is definitely in the mix when you are considering a $500 to $600 purchase to mix up the training routines in your commercial gym. The Y1 will not be as good for sprints, but provide another squat and bench station and yoke carries. 
The butcher V2 is another alternative with fewer options. However, the butcher can be loaded very heavy for the big guys in your gym. If you want to push and pull a truckload of weight, the butcher is the better option than the dogsled.
The Rogue echo dog sled is a good option to save some money and not get too hung up on many different options. It does what it says on the tin for a good price and good quality. 
If you are worried about the marble floors in your palace when you are exercising, you can opt for the XPO trainer 2. This sled works on wheels and therefore less a lot less damage in your lawn, driveway or gym floor. 

Conclusion for the Dogsled 1.2 

The Dogsled 1.2 is a great tool for becoming more agile and getting a stronger core. It is a good mix up for your routines in your local gym or your lawn. Be specific with the attachments you want to buy is the low entry price is a bit of false advertisement compared to how the sled is being marketed. If you include all the toys, you rake up to $700 dollar for which you can also get a yoke

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