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Overview and review of the TITAN hefty bench

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the TITAN hefty bench

This is an overview of the TITAN hefty bench including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which TITAN bench to get? Follow the links for details.

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Overview of the TITAN hefty bench

Price: $209
The TITAN hefty bench is the right choice for you if you like bench pressing heavy. Once you breach about 300 - 400 pounds of the bench press depending on your body size, some of the regular benches can feel a little small and flimsy. This is where you either need a professional powerlifting setup or a fat pad bench. TITAN does not disappoint with a hefty bench that is worth its name. The full specifics of this bench are: 
  • Designed to handle heavy weights
  • Enhanced vinyl covering for extra grip and support with 4-in pad
  • Durable steel construction with 3-in tubing- 3-foot design allows athletes to use proper positioning of the feet.
  • Welded metal endcaps.- Handle and wheels for easy transport.
  • Powder-coated paint job prevents rust and corrosion
  • Overall Height: 17.5-in.
  • Overall Length: 53-in.
  • Overall Width:  24-in.
  • Pad Dimensions: 50-in x 15-in x 4-in.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 3-in x 3-in 11-Gauge Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 1,200 lb.
  • Product Weight: 84 lbs.
This is a nice upgrade to a regular bench, if you already have one that is old and sweaty or when you are building your first gym. 

Pros of the TITAN hefty bench

Pros of the TITAN hefty bench:
  • Price
  • Fat pad
  • Easy to transport
Compared to the competition this bench against comes in at about half the price. If you want to build a semi-professional gym for yourself TITAN is hard to beat at price. Especially if you do not mind to take matters into your own hands for some on-site adjustments.
The fat pad is a delight to bench on. Once you use a fat bench you will never go back to what you used before. If you are torn between a regular flat bench and the hefty, get this one. It is definitely worth the $50 or $70 extra and you will be using it for a couple of years anyway. In addition, you will also use it in almost any session.
With the included handle and wheels this bench is also easy to get to different places in your gym without having to carry it around. 

Cons of the TITAN hefty bench

Cons of the TITAN hefty bench are: 
  • Size 
  • Finish
  • Not adjustable
While a fat pad is nice, it can also be a little too much. If you are a very small athlete or a beginner you might prefer to first work on a smaller bench until you have built up some size. Having a bench press set up that is wider than you back can be uncomfortable at times. 
This bench is not adjustable. If you only get one bench you have to weigh up whether you want an adjustable bench or a flat bench with a big pad. In most home gym scenarios the adjustable bench is probably the better pick to keep things interesting. 
With TITAN product you always run a higher risk of minor issues in quality in the finish for the welds or the coating of your products. The good news is that the TITAN hefty bench is a very easy product to manufacture is there are not a lot of moving parts. Therefore this is more of a safe place for the buyer when quality control is not as tight as with other vendors. 

Alternatives to the TITAN hefty bench 

Alternatives to the TITAN hefty bench are:
If you are looking for an adjustable bench for your home gym or commercial gym, then the FID single post is the go-to option to save money or pay and spray. It is only slightly more expensive than the hefty bench, but in return is more versatile for a broader audience. 
The flat weight bench is one of the absolute budget options from TITAN. This is just a simple flat bench like you would find at any doctor or rehab center. Maybe not for the very ambitioned, but it does the job for a little more than $100.
The single post competition flat bench is probably the best pick from TITAN if you do not want any incline or fat pad, bu still bench press heavy. It is slightly less expensive than the hefty bench but carries the same DNA.

Conclusion for the TITAN hefty bench 

If you weigh more than 120kg do yourself a favor and get this and do not go near other flat benches. Everyone else can ask themselves of heavy they already bench press and whether they felt uncomfortable on other benches. If that is the case you might want to upgrade to the hefty bench. If it is between the hefty bench and an adjustable bench for your first home gym, take the adjustable option. 

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