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Which bench to get from TITAN?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 7, 2020 9:56:16 AM

Which bench to get from TITAN

Which bench to get from TITAN

This is an overview of the benches available from TITAN including their pros, cons and alternatives. You will find an Index and a quick reference for the impatient. For full details please refer to this post and follow the links.
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Index of TITAN benches

The benches are ordered from highest to lowest price in this post.

Quick reference

This is a quick reference for anyone who does not want to read the full article.
Best competition bench
Best Value for money
Most versatile
Best for powerlifters with space in their gym
Solid bulk buy option
Solid bulk buy option on a budget

TITAN Competition bench and Squat rack combo


Overview of the TITAN combo rack

Price: $999
The TITAN combo rack combines a solid bench press and squat setup in one place. If you want a competition set up in your own home for a low price the TITAN combo rack is a very good option. TITAN copied the roller J-hooks from Ghost strong and safety pins from Rogue fitness to put together the best ideas for combo racks while not fully executing on them. Still for half or one-fifth of the price of the competition the TITAN combo rack is not to be scoffed at. The full specifications of the combo rack are:
  • Adjustable Squat Height: 49.5 - 61-in.
  • Adjustable Bench Press Height: 33.5- 45.5-in.
  • Bench Seat Height: 17.5-in.- Bench Length: 4 ft
  • Spotter Footplate Height: 8.75-in.
  • Spotter Arm Length: 17-in.- Footprint Width: 81-in.
  • Footprint Depth: 59-in.
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb.
  • Product Weight: 225 lb.
This is a solid combo rack to exercise at home or to have in a commercial gym with some occasional powerlifting meets to separate from the masses. It is not necessarily the best for professional powerlifting meets or as a multipurpose station in a home or commercial gym. 

Pros of the TITAN Combo rack

The pros the combo rack are:
  • Low price
  • Roller cups
  • Easy bench setup 
For the low price, you are getting a solid simulation of a real powerlifting meet for your home or in a commercial gym that wants to mix up things a little. Compared to other models it is also great that the roller cups pioneered by ghost fitness have been implemented into the design. These make sure that the bar will always be centered dead in the middle when you start your lift without having to inch it around. When you are moving more than 400 pounds for doubles and singles on a regular basis, this does make a big difference to your bench and squat setup. The bench itself is also easy to roll in and out which can be cumbersome with other designs, where you need two people to drop the bench setup in and lift it out of the frame. 

Cons of the TITAN Combo rack

Cons of the TITAN combo rack:
  • Finish
  • Space requirements
  • Not for beginners
  • Not very versatile
As with all TITAN products you have to cut corners to offer a similar product at half or even one-fifth of the price. Where other vendors go down the route of purposely overbuilding their products for extra safety and comfort, TITAN takes the approach of just enough. This means that the lifetime of their products is usually shorter and they take less abuse, while still being functional. In the TITAN combo rack, this comes to show in the roller j cup design and the height adjustments. While Rogue and Ghost are testing to make the adjustments as smooth as possible you will need more elbow grease or a bit of sandpaper with the shipped TITAN combo rack. If you hold the rollers used in the TITAN setup against the ones from Ghost fitness you will also notice a vast difference in detail and beefiness. Especially in these small items that are designed for convenience, this makes a difference of day and night. So really think about what kind of user you are before buying a TITAN or other product in the market.
While you will think at first that this is a good 2 in 1 option to save space you might be wrong. What is elusive about higher prices squat stands is that they create more stability by placing a frame on the ground. The TITAN combo rack is no different. While it is easier to move around this combo rack than a full rack, it still takes up the same footprint. This is an easy mistake to make, especially if you do not spend a lot of time planning your purchase. For home gym owners you also have to be aware that you can not use the combo rack for storage of plates and other plates to the same extent as a full rack. So think twice when you buy for budget r space reasons, as this is not what the TITAN combo rack has really been designed for. 
The TITAN combo rack is also not really suitable for beginners. The height adjustments are technical and assume a team of people at a powerlifting meet to make adjustments. What is a great set up in a competition where four to five people can quickly weasel around the rack and make the necessary adjustments can turn into a right nightmare when you have to do it by yourself at home. Traditional J-Cups in a normal rack are a lot easier to adjust. 
The last disadvantage is that a combo rack is not very versatile if you want a fully functioning gym. The spotter arms are a little short and not great for pin squat, rack pulls and other partial movements on the big three. You will also have a hard time setting this rack up for pull-ups, band-aided work, or using it as a yoke or sled. Combined with the fact that it is also not foldable it is not what you first would think it is. Especially if you buy for space and money-saving purposes only. 

Alternatives to the TITAN combo rack

Alternatives to the TITAN combo rack are:
A folding rack is a good alternative if your main reason for considering the combo rack is to save space and money. These racks are available at the same or even a slightly lower price point and are a lot more versatile. They can be folded up and also be used for other exercises except for the big three lifts. If you want to build a garage gym that still needs to compromise space with cars, bicycles, and tools, this is a lot better than a combo rack.
A full-size rack would be the better option for the uncompromising garage or basement gym or commercial gym. It is safer to exercise in this and you can also store a lot of your equipment, especially plates and bands, directly on the rack. A full-size rack will also leave you with more options for upgrades in the future for attachments like pull up bars and other toys to mix up a training a little. Pin squats and rack pulls are also easier performed in a full-size rack. 
Simple squat stands can be a good option if you already have some bench press setup and want to add the possibility to squat. If you get some unconnected squat stands you can create a very cheap and space-efficient squat setup. The only downside to this is that you really need to know what you are doing as the injury risk goes through the roof if you are not careful with the pins and where you place the uprights. These uprights are usually very light and not attached to the ground. Inexperience, a low budget, and ego lifting are a great recipe to have a serious home accident. Therefore, I only recommend this setup to people who know how to squat, how to drop a heavy weight safely, and take the trouble of putting some markers on the floor for their ideal setup. Duct tape will do but mark how far these uprights will go apart.
The TITAN bench press rack is a good alternative for your home gym if you ready have a rack and the space to add another bench station to your line up. This is also a good alternative for a professional gym instead of the traditional bench pressing stations, as the bench press rack leaves more options to work with bands and partial range of motion.

Conclusion for the TITAN Combo rack 

The TITAN combo rack addresses a very specific niche of powerlifters with a small budget who want to simulate competition at home. If you fit that nice, I think you will be happy with a TITAN combo rack. You will not shell out $2000 to $5000 dollars for getting that little edge in competition because you know your setup. Especially if your training partner lives close or even in the same house with you, this is a good purchase. You will also need to transport the combo rack and adjust it as much, so the minor quality issues will not weigh in as much as for someone who holds powerlifting meets on a regular basis. If you are a small and light athlete, this does plenty for you. Bigger athletes might want to opt for the Rogue combo rack as it has been built sturdier. he same goes for commercial gyms that have regular usage of a combo rack and can foresee that the TITAN might not hold up to the abuse of 10-20 members that use it regularly in a week. If you regularly train with beasts of various sizes and hold meets the Ghost strong combo rack HD is the gold standard. It is overbuilt in every way and smooth, but also comes at a ridiculously high price, as the labor is not standardized or offshored. 

TITAN Chest supported adjustable row bench

Overview of the chest supported adjustable row bench

Price: $464.99
The chest supported adjustable row bench is a machine that specifically isolates the back muscles and prevents lower back pain when you work with barbell rows. It also allows you to do weighted back raises, especially if you go very heavy. Some of the international elite powerlifters recommend this exercise to build a stronger back. Some bodybuilders also recommend it. This makes the chest supported row bench a niche product for individuals or gyms who work a lot with barbells and have serious lifters in their midst. If your rows are a little lighter, you can also achieve similar results with a simple free-standing barbell row. The full specifications of this machine are:
  • Weight: 128 LB- Adjustable Seat Height: 30 1/2” to 37 1/4"
  • Adjustable Depth: 68 1/2" to 65 1/2”
  • Adjustable Width: 55 1/2” to 42”- Seat Length: 18”
  • Seat Width: 9 1/2"- Seat Thickness: 2 3/4”
  • Band Peg Length: 5 1/2”
  • Footplate Dimensions (per side): 21 1/2” x 24”
This is a good addition to your home gym or commercial gym if you have to work on your back and space. Still, I personally think there some better purchases you can make for your gym for $400 like a set of good kettlebells, especially some heavy ones for swings, sumo deadlifts, split squats, and front squats. 

Pros of the TITAN chest supported row bench

  • Spine protection
  • Goes up to very heavy setups
  • Works with a barbell
This is a great machine to make heavy rows with the barbell a lot safer. You will also isolate your muscles in the back a lot more. So if you want to work on your lower back and back with heavy loaded rows and back raises, this is a good machine to get. If you want to cut out any kind of activation from the hips or lower back you might want to up for a seal row bench. 

Cons of the TITAN Chest supported row bench

The cons of the TITAN chest supported bench are:
  • Limited use
  • Space requirements
  • Cumbersome setup
The chest supported row bench has a very limited range of exercises you can do at that particular station. You will also need to get a barbell in place and load it. This needs to be lifted on the two pins in the starting position. While it is not a lot of setup, you might as well to regular barbell rows, especially when you do it for mass rather than maximum strength. In a home gym scenario, this machine will eat up space where you can place a GHD or a rack. If you need to decide between this and a GHD, I personally think the GHD is the better option as it gives you a similar effect in your training, but more variety for exercises. 

Alternatives to the TITAN Chest supported row bench

Alternatives to the chest supported row bench are:
  • Seal bench
  • GHD machine
  • Adjustable bench
  • Rogue donkey
If you want to use an extended range of motion for rowing exercises while eliminating the lower back motion, the seal row is a very good option. To perform these rows you need a bench or station that enables you to elevate yourself so that the arms are fully extended while you lie on the bench. Then you start rowing. 
A GHD machine helps you to do back extensions, situps and Glute ham raises. This machine has roughly the same size as a Chest supported row bench. They are usually slightly more expensive but more versatile. Definitely the better pick for a home gym that has that extra space beside a rack, but not much more. 
An adjustable bench with a good pair of dumbbells can be used in a similar way to the chest supported row. just lay on the bench on your stomach and bring it to an incline bench press position. It is not the same thing, but a lot more space-efficient. You just have shell out more money for a proper adjustable bench.  
The Rogue Donkey is a combination of a reverse hyper and a GHD machine. While it is quite pricey, I think this is the machine to cover all over your lower back development needs in one station. You still won't be able to do very heavy back raises or work with a barbell, but I think the trade-off is there. If you have tons of space, these questions become less relevant and you can get cheaper, specific one purpose equipment and spread them out over your floor space. 

Conclusion for the TITAN chest supported row bench

The chest supported row bench is a good tool in a strength-focused commercial gym with a lot of space. There you have space and clients who can get good use out of the heavy rows to form massive backs. Home gym owners will probably just use the barbell for rows. If the basement or garage is bigger, you can look at the Rogue Donkey for all of your lower back needs, as long as your wallet allows for it. 

TITAN Max adjustable FID bench

Overview of the TITAN max adjustable FID bench

The Max adjustable FID bench is the most versatile bench TITAN has to offer. With over 70 different positions to work from you can do your incline, decline, and flat bench presses. This is a bench that can also be used for decline bench presses as it comes with the necessary foot attachment to keep you safe. This also leaves you with more options for sit-ups and other core workouts on this bench. The full specs of this bench are:
  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • Double frame for extra stability
  • Wheels and handle in front for easy transportation
  • 10 Bench pad position from horizontal to vertical 
  • 7 Head/Seat positions to suit a variety of workouts
  • Removable foot roller attachment included
  • For indoor use
  • Footprint: 70-in x 23.5-in.
  • Head/Seat Pad Dimensions: 13.5-in L x 8-in x 11-in W.
  • Bench Pad Dimensions: 36-in. L x 11-in W.
  • Gap Pad Dimensions: 5.5-in L x 11-in W.
  • Foot Roller Length: 7-in.
  • Foot Roller Diameter: 4-in.
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.
  • Product Weight: 92 lb.
This is a top-notch bench for anyone who is out to build an elite home gym. It will also find its way into some professional establishments to be used in free weight areas.

Pros of the TITAN Max adjustable FID bench

  • Incline and Decline positions
  • Low price 
  • Easy to transport
This is a bench that can be used for the full range of incline and decline positions for your workouts. As such it is very versatile compared to normal flat benches or incline benches. It is built sturdy and will take a beating.
As with all TITAN products, the price comes in at about half of the competition from Rogue and Eleiko, who are currently the market leaders for free weight equipment. Especially if you are buying in large quantities or need to build a semi-professional gym on a tight budget, cutting costs in things like benches, plates and dumbbells can be a good way of achieving your goals.
Attaching a pair of wheels to high-end benches has become standard in the industry to make them easy to transport. Still, not every model and vendor provides this. Especially in a gym set up with many clients where you expect the bench to be moved a lot, this is something to consider. 

Cons of the TITAN Max adjustable FID bench

The cons of the TITAN Max adjustable bench are:
  • Finish
  • Price
  • Size
The finish is something that haunts most TITAN products. You have to cut some corners to get to half the price of your competition. The best way to do that is by saving labor costs or extra machinery in finishing your product. Therefore, TITAN products are more likely to have problems with their powder coatings, fit of nuts and bolts, and movement in hinges. Most of the time these shortcomings are fixable with sandpaper, grease, or some other DIY skill, but it gives things a little bit more of a makeshift feel. The adjustable bench is no exception. 
The price of the Max adjustable bench is pretty high compared to other benches you can get from TITAN. This also applies to every other vendor when you get a bench that does incline and decline variations. It seems like the decline benches always cost about twice what an incline bench costs. So if you are being honest with yourself, how many decline exercises do you actually do? Does this justify shelling out twice the money for the bench or could you get other equipment for the money saved, that gets you to your goals quicker? If you buy the Max Incline bench you save yourself $200. For that amount of money, you can get a massage gun to recover quicker. That will probably have more impact on your performance than the odd 3x12 decline bench once a week. 
A decline bench always needs an extra attachment so that you can strap your feet in. This makes the bench longer, which can get problematic in tight spaces in home gyms. Taking the attachment on and off to move the bench can be annoying and finally, you end up with an incline bench that you paid twice the money for, because you just could not be bothered to get the attachment on and off. 

Alternatives to the TITAN Max adjustable FID bench

The TITAN combo rack comes in at $999 and also includes a very sturdy bench. If you are a powerlifter trying to get ready form home for your next competition, then this might be the right road to travel down. Still, this is rather a niche product compared to the other benches from TITAN.
The hefty bench is the right option if you have a massive upper body and a big bench press to back it up, but do not want to invest in a combo rack. This bench is half the price of the Max adjustable FID bench and comes with an extra thick and wide padding. If you flat bench press heavy on a regular basis, this might be a better option for your home gym than the Max adjustable FID.
The single post FID bench is the incline version from FID that only goes up and not down. It also comes without a foot attachment. For most home users it would recommend this one over the Max adjustable FID bench unless you already hang upside down quite a bit in your current workout routines. 

Conclusion for the TITAN Max adjustable FID bench

The max adjustable FID bench is good for a home gym, when the owner is into mobility and rehab. For this, the many options to adjust height and angles are of advantage. For a professional gym, it is also wise to maybe have one or two of these decline benches around, depending on how many clients and what other equipment you have. It is not an item I would recommend to buy in bulk. In most scenarios, an incline bench will suffice and cover the most needs at a reasonable price. Decline bench presses are programmed very little and can usually easily be supplemented with other exercises that can be done on an incline bench to attack the lower pecs. 

TITAN Bench press rack $437.99


Overview of the TITAN bench press rack

Price: $437
The TITAN bench press rack is inspired by the designs of the Westside gym of Louie Simmons which have been first adopted by Rogue in their Westside bench. This bench station takes a rack and cuts the top bid. With this setup, you can bench heavy while being spotted by a big person and also use small increments in the range of motion or band work. This is a great tool to have for anyone that works with boards for the bench press and bands. Aso, if you are considering a separate bench station for your home gym as you have space, this should be on top of your list. The full specifications for this TITAN product are: 
  • Fits standard pad (included) or Hefty Bench Pad (Hefty Bench Pad sold separately)
  • Westside hole spacing allows for small incremental adjustments
  • Bolt down design for a stable bench platform
  • Laser-cut Titan side panels
  • Includes one pair of handed HD J-Hooks with UHMW inserts to protect your bar knurling
  • Includes a pair of flip-down safeties lined with UHMW for protection in case of failed lifts
  • Overall Height: 54.5-in.
  • Bench Height: 17.5-in. | Adjustable by 1-in increments
  • Overall Footprint: 51.75-in x 33.75-in (not including bench pad)
  • Inside Depth: 24-in.
  • Material: 2-in x 3-in. 11-Gauge Steel Uprights
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb.
  • Product Weight: 200 lb.
This is a sturdy bench for anyone who is big and serious about their bench press. With the bench press rack, the annoying setups from a moveable bench in a rack are over and you also have plenty of options for varied bench press training. 

Pros of the TITAN bench press rack

The pros of the TITAN bench press rack are:
  • Price
  • Focused product
  • Less hassle
The biggest argument for most TITAN products is their price if you have the need. Compared to other products in the market, you will pay about half for the TITAN products. The main competitors of TITAN in the US are Eleiko and Rogue fitness. REP fitness is a runner up that is gaining popularity on Youtube channels lately. 
Apart from price the general design of the bench press rack is aimed at anyone who has the space to afford a dedicated bench press station in terms of budget and space. If you can this is a superior option to other bench press stations that you see in commercial gyms with three different heights and a bit of plate storage. With this bench, you have many options for banded work, a solid spotter space, and a massive bench pad. If you want to build your bench press this is a great value for money option. 
The last positive is the convenience of the competition setup of this bench. No moving the bench around and problems with the lift-off of your bench press being off. With this bench press rack, you will always have the same starting position and you will always be set up in the center of the setup. 

Cons of the TITAN bench press rack

The cons of the TITAN bench press rack are:
  • The bench can not be removed
  • You can only flat bench press
  • Space requirements
One big downside is that you have to give up quite a lot of space to make this station happen. In a commercial gym, this will not pose a major problem, especially if you already have one of the shitty amazon bench stations with glued on storage pins. Sorry, I just hate those as the pins are always off and you never know whether to rack the bar in the middle or on the highest setting as you only get three options. So just throw the one you wanted to upholster again out and replace it with this. For a home gym, you will need a considerable basement or two-car garage gym to make it work. 
As you can only flat bench press and combined with the space requirements the max adjustable FID bench is probably the better option for a home gym on the same budget. This is a precise tool that addresses the needs if experienced bench presses or flat bench press fanatics best. If you have to please more people than just those, invest in an adjustable, moveable bench instead. 

Alternatives to the TITAN bench press rack

Alternatives to the TITAN bench press rack are:
The max FID adjustable bench is an alternative for roughly the same price of the bench power rack. This bench can do incline as well as decline setups. For a home gym, it is the more versatile and space-efficient option. The only thing I like to question is how many decline bench press sets per week you actually will do. If your answer is three, you might as well save yourself the decline option and go for an incline bench press. That will save $200 and you can get some kettlebells or a nice lifting belt with the saved money. 
The TITAN combo rack is great when you want to have competition standards in your home or at a commercial gym. For actual powerlifting competitions you might want to get a model from a competitor that is a bit more upmarket.
The TITAN hefty bench is a great transportable alternative with bigger padding.

Conclusion for the TITAN bench press rack

The TITAN bench press rack is the best option from TITAN as a dedicated bench press station for anyone who has the space to place it within their gym.
Titan Preacher curl bench

TITAN Preacher curl bench 


Overview of the TITAN preacher curl bench

Price: $324
A preacher curl bench is one of the few single-purpose machines that I can get on board with. There is nothing better to pump my biceps than preacher hammer curls. Everyone is different, but this is one of the few machines that sucks up space to only train one muscle group that's actually worth investing in. A preacher curl station will isolate the biceps by giving you the opportunity to sit down and not use your back when doing curls. This has big advantages for developing your biceps. You can also lean against a wall, but a preacher curl just gives the best pump. The full specifications of this TITAN product are:
  • High-density contour foam padding for a comfortable but firm base to lift from
  • Adjustable seat to fit different size athletes- UHMW lined j-hooks to protect barbell while racking
  • 31.5-in Rack width to fit most standard barbells and EZ curl bars
  • Rubber feet to protect floors and provide a stable base
  • Overall Height: 35-in.
  • Footprint: 34.5-in W x 40-in L
  • Rack Width: 31.5-in.
  • Pad Dimensions: 14-in x 24-in x 2-in.
  • Finish: Powder-Coated Black
  • Material: 2-in x 2-in 11-Gauge Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lb.
  • Product Weight: 73 lb.
This is a good preacher curl bench that can be easily moved around to fit your needs. There are also no metal pieces obstructing the bar path. 

Pros of the TITAN preacher curl bench

Pros of the preacher curl bench are:
  • Price
  • Design 
  • Impact
As with all TITAN products, this comes in at roughly half of the price for anything similar you can find in the market. It is also fairly heavy for a preacher curl bench. Cheaper products are usually very light. The lighter your equipment is, the less heavy you want to train on it. 
For a preacher bench, the design of this model is beautifully simple. Many other preacher benches get in the way of you doing your curls, especially if you use a straight bar. You will not have this challenge with this model.
As with all preacher benches, if you want big biceps, you basically can not go without. This is the ultimate station to pump your arms up in a big way. 

Cons of the TITAN preacher curl bench

Cons of the TITAN preacher curl bench are:
  • Can not be bolted to the ground 
  • Space requirements
  • Non-versatile
Even though I am a huge fan of preacher curls in a commercial gym, I would not get one for my home gym. The space I have is very limited and putting a curling bench in just for the sake of getting bigger arms is not possible. Unless you give up an entire two-car garage for your gym or a big basement, I personally think there other machines you can get that have more impact. This can include lat pull down, GHD machine or even a yoke in addition to your existing rack. In addition, there is one design flaw as this bench can not be bolted to the ground. There are no pre-drilled holes to achieve this.
Alternatives to the preacher curl bench
  • Bicep/tricep curl machine
  • Preacher Curl station
  • Rogue Arm Blaster
The TITAN bicep /tricep curl machine follows the same moment pattern as a preacher curl bench. The big difference is that you will not do it with a free weight but on a defined movement path. The Bicep curl machine is plate loaded and takes up roughly the same space as the Preacher curl bench. If you prefer machines with given movement paths for muscle isolation, this is it. It is also easier to start, as getting the curl bar from the starting position is usually a bit challenging and hard on the wrists. 
The preacher curl station is the little brother of the preacher curl bench on the TITAN fitness line up. It costs about a third and is less heavy. The steel pins to rest the bar on can get in the way of you exercising. In return, it is a steal at about $150. 
The Rogue arm blaster is the ideal solution for someone who wants to isolate their bicep at home but does not want to get in a preacher curl bench. It is still not as good as a preacher curl station, as you will be free-standing, but at least you can isolate the biceps to a similar extent. It also only costs about $50 and makes a nice Christmas present for anyone who has a home gym. 

Conclusion for the preacher curl bench

This is one of the first and maybe only machines I would get in my home gym if I had space. A well organized professional gym has to have at least one of these so that you can blast your arms. 

TITAN Single post adjustable FID bench $249


Overview of the Single post adjustable FID bench

Price: $249
The single post adjustable FID bench is a rock-solid option for a home gym that wants to save money or a professional gym that wants to add a couple of incline benches to their existing setup. For buying in bulk or on a budget, this product is hard t beat in quality for the price. You will get everything you need to get some incline work in and can also use it for heavy flat bench presses unless you are an absolute monster (120kg plus). In that case I would recommend the hefty bench instead of the FID for flat bench presses. The specifications of this bench are:
  • 7 back positions, 4 seat positions.  
  • Plastic endcaps prevent feet from scuffing gym floor. 
  • Handle and wheels for easy transport. 
  • Included foot roller gives you many more options for exercises while in the decline position including decline sit-ups and dumbbell press.   
  • Overall Height: 53-in. 
  • Overall Length: 56.75-in. 
  • Overall Width:  25.25-in. 
  • Bench Height: 18.25-in. (Top of pad when in flat position) 
  • Back Pad Dimensions: 36-in x 11.75-in x 2.25-in. 
  • Seat Pad Dimensions: 15-in x 15-in x 2.25-in. 
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: 2-in x 2-in 11-Gauge Steel 
  • Capacity: 1,500 lb. 
  • Product Weight: 71 lb.
Overall a solid bench for a solid price. 

Pros of the TITAN Single Post adjustable FID bench

The pros of the Single post adjustable bench are:
  • Price
  • Incline
  • Solid build
As with all TITAN products this Incline bench comes in roughly at half of the price of a comparable product from another major brand like Rogue or Eleiko. This makes it a great option to buy in bulk or for a home gym on a budget, that still does not want to be made of amazon flimsy purchases. 
This bench does what it says on the tin. The incline is easy to adjust and does not have a pin system, which I personally like, This makes this bench easier to adjust in the spur of the moment, without having fiddle around with a pin that needs to be locked in place. I personally do not get why these pins are used in incline benches. This is really only necessary if you use a bench for declines for safety reasons. The decline on this works but can get a little wobbly. 
For the money, you pay this is a very sturdy bench. If you just randomly go to amazon for a bench for the same price it is very likely you will get something of inferior quality. Unless you buy used benches. 

Cons of the TITAN Single Post adjustable FID bench

  • Quality issues
  • Injury risk
  • Stability
As with all TITAN products you need to cut some corners to offer a very similar product made of the same materials for half the price. This usually shows in the finish of the product itself, missing instructions as good handbooks are expensive to make or parts that not completely fit. Anyone who buys from TITAN runs a higher risk compared to other brands, that they will have to put in some extra elbow grease to finish the product off when it is unboxed. This usually means widening a whole, sanding down an edge, or getting a bolt that was not shipped. It happens with other vendors too, but the likelihood is higher with TITAN. 
The Single post benches do have a higher injury risk compared to pin based benches. It is easier for your hands and fingers to get caught in the mechanism than with the pin systems. While this makes it easier to adjust, it also exposes the mechanism for a finger to get caught in it. You will not chop off your finger in the process, but it is still unpleasant when it happens. 
if you are planning to do a lot of tools, hanging, and flipping movements on this bench it is not ideal. In this case, opt for the bigger brother the Max adjustable FID bench. The mechanism is ok for normal bench presses and declines. If you intend to go Jackie chan or bruce lee on this bench for situps and all kinds of weird Kung Fu moves, get the FID Max bench instead. 

Alternatives to the TITAN Single Post adjustable FID bench

Alternatives to the  TITAN Single post adjustable FID bench are:
The max adjustable FID bench is the big mama of benches you can get from TITAN. If you intend to do a lot of decline work or use the bench for split squats, step-ups, and all kinds of other gymnastics, then this bench leaves you with more options and is heavier. This also means that it will cost about twice from the single post adjustable bench. 
The hefty bench is a good alternative for serious powerlifters who just want to bench press or very big athletes. Compared to the single post bench it has bigger padding and no incline. Depending on your needs and whether you already have a bench, this is a good option.
The single post competition flat bench is a bread and butter bench for any professional gym. For a home gym, it might not be versatile enough, as you can spare some extra change for buying just for one person. This bench is easy to transport and store, while it still does the job. 

Conclusion for the TITAN Single Post adjustable FID bench 

The single post adjustable bench is the ideal buy for a home gym from TITAN that wants to stay versatile. It is also a good value for money option, as its big brother might not give you the same return. Only if you use your bench for complicated movements or you are massive the hefty bench or Max FID might be a better option. 

TITAN Hefty bench V2


Overview of the TITAN hefty bench

Price: $209
The TITAN hefty bench is the right choice for you if you like bench pressing heavy. Once you breach about 300 - 400 pounds of the bench press depending on your body size, some of the regular benches can feel a little small and flimsy. This is where you either need a professional powerlifting setup or a fat pad bench. TITAN does not disappoint with a hefty bench that is worth its name. The full specifics of this bench are: 
  • Designed to handle heavy weights
  • Enhanced vinyl covering for extra grip and support with 4-in pad
  • Durable steel construction with 3-in tubing- 3-foot design allows athletes to use proper positioning of the feet.
  • Welded metal endcaps.- Handle and wheels for easy transport.
  • Powder-coated paint job prevents rust and corrosion
  • Overall Height: 17.5-in.
  • Overall Length: 53-in.
  • Overall Width:  24-in.
  • Pad Dimensions: 50-in x 15-in x 4-in.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 3-in x 3-in 11-Gauge Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 1,200 lb.
  • Product Weight: 84 lbs.
This is a nice upgrade to a regular bench, if you already have one that is old and sweaty or when you are building your first gym. 

Pros of the TITAN hefty bench

Pros of the TITAN hefty bench:
  • Price
  • Fat pad
  • Easy to transport
Compared to the competition this bench against comes in at about half the price. If you want to build a semi-professional gym for yourself TITAN is hard to beat at price. Especially if you do not mind to take matters into your own hands for some on-site adjustments.
The fat pad is a delight to bench on. Once you use a fat bench you will never go back to what you used before. If you are torn between a regular flat bench and the hefty, get this one. It is definitely worth the $50 or $70 extra and you will be using it for a couple of years anyway. In addition, you will also use it in almost any session.
With the included handle and wheels this bench is also easy to get to different places in your gym without having to carry it around. 

Cons of the TITAN hefty bench

Cons of the TITAN hefty bench are: 
  • Size 
  • Finish
  • Not adjustable
While a fat pad is nice, it can also be a little too much. If you are a very small athlete or a beginner you might prefer to first work on a smaller bench until you have built up some size. Having a bench press set up that is wider than you back can be uncomfortable at times. 
This bench is not adjustable. If you only get one bench you have to weigh up whether you want an adjustable bench or a flat bench with a big pad. In most home gym scenarios the adjustable bench is probably the better pick to keep things interesting. 
With TITAN product you always run a higher risk of minor issues in quality in the finish for the welds or the coating of your products. The good news is that the TITAN hefty bench is a very easy product to manufacture is there are not a lot of moving parts. Therefore this is more of a safe place for the buyer when quality control is not as tight as with other vendors. 

Alternatives to the TITAN hefty bench 

Alternatives to the TITAN hefty bench are:
If you are looking for an adjustable bench for your home gym or commercial gym, then the FID single post is the go-to option to save money or pay and spray. It is only slightly more expensive than the hefty bench, but in return is more versatile for a broader audience. 
The flat weight bench is one of the absolute budget options from TITAN. This is just a simple flat bench like you would find at any doctor or rehab center. Maybe not for the very ambitioned, but it does the job for a little more than $100.
The single post competition flat bench is probably the best pick from TITAN if you do not want any incline or fat pad, bu still bench press heavy. It is slightly less expensive than the hefty bench but carries the same DNA.

Conclusion for the TITAN hefty bench 

If you weigh more than 120kg do yourself a favor and get this and do not go near other flat benches. Everyone else can ask themselves of heavy they already bench press and whether they felt uncomfortable on other benches. If that is the case you might want to upgrade to the hefty bench. If it is between the hefty bench and an adjustable bench for your first home gym, take the adjustable option. 

TITAN Drop-in power rack bench 


Overview of the TITAN Drop-IN rack bench

Price: $159
A drop-in rack bench is a solution to a specific problem. It is an ok solution, but maybe not for everyone. If you already own a TITAN rack and want to have a competition-sized bench setup, this is the perfect fit your you. Especially if you own gym ith multiple racks you can sacrifice one instead of buying a combo rack for $999 to achieve the same goal. Another example is a home gym owner who is annoyed with their bench setup at home as it is always slightly off. For these two scenarios, the drop-in bench is a very cheap solution to this problem. Otherwise, it is a bit cumbersome. The full specifications for this bench are: 
  • Installs directly into your power rack to provide increased stability
  • Comes with pins to install the bracket – or use your power rack band pegs
  • 17-in height allows athletes to train with competition bench standards
  • Tough steel construction will last for years with proper use
  • Powder-coated paint job protects against rust and early scuffing
  • Bench height: 17-in
  • Bench pad length: 51-in
  • Bench pad width: 11-in
  • Bench pad thickness: 2 1/2-in
  • Connection bar width: 42”
  • Overall weight: 50 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 1,000 lbs.
This is a solid drop-in bench that almost can't be beaten on price. If you have the problems mentioned, this is an easy and cheap fix. 

Pros of the TITAN Drop-in rack bench

Pros of the TITAN Drop-in rack bench are:
  • Price
  • Consistent setup
  • Easy to install if you have two people
As with all TITAN products they can almost not be beaten on price. This also goes for the drop-in rack bench. If you want to save money and upgrade one of your racks to a competition bench press setup for temporary max tests, this is a great solution. Just pop the bench in for the weekend for your mock meet and you are ready to go. 
With this bench, you have nor problems in terms of positioning towards the bar. Distances are the same as in competition and you will always be dead center under the bar. This makes training for competition easier as you do not have to go one inch left, right, forward, and backward each time you want to bench heavy.
If you have two people at hand, this is also an easy install. The pins provided slide in easily and the whole construction is easy to lift in and out of the rack.  

Cons of the TITAN Drop-in rack bench

  • Hard to handle for one person
  • Takes up the entire rack 
  • Can not be used on its own
  • Problems with the finish
If you are by yourself, this is an annoying setup. You have to put it in the right place, then put the pins in, then something will misalign and you repeat the process all over. With two people this is very easily fixed as you just give instructions to the other person holding the bench while you put the pins in. By yourself this can becomes tedious. 
Once installed, the rack can not be used for squats, deadlifts, or most other exercises anymore. The structure stretches over the entire rack space and therefore makes it impossible to be used for anything else than bench press related exercises. To buy a power rack for $300-$400 and then to invest another $$150-$200 to make it less versatile is not good economics or space management. In these departments, the drop-in fails, even though it does address an easy competition bench press set up perfectly. 
The drop-in also can not be safely used just on its own. You can not bolt it down and you will also have some balancing issues. 
As this is a TITAN product that is retrofitted into their racks after they have been delivered it is ver likely that some things ill not align smoothly. This is one of these products that need attention to detail to work properly and provide the convenience you are buying with it. As these are all finishing related topics, TITAN might not be the best place to go for this kind of idea to buy a highly specialized product at a dumping price. 

Alternatives TITAN Drop-in rack bench 

Alternatives to the drop in rack bench are:  
The TITAN combo rack is a good alternative to the Drop-in rack bench if you have a gym that is spacious. Here you can rather get a proper full competition setup, if your clients demand it, rather than sacrificing a rack to turn it into a bench setup on occasions. This strategy will give you more satisfied clients and less hassle changing setups around. The only downside is that a combo rack can be intimidating, especially if you have to operate by yourself. 
The hefty bench is a good alternative to the drop-in rack bench for any home gym owner with a serious flat bench press. If you weigh over 120kg you might want to consider to beef up the bench you are pressing on. The same goes for anyone who benches more than 300lbs for repetitions. 
The TITAN bench press rack is a good alternative for anyone who wants a very sturdy, competition bench press setup who does not want to shell out 1000 for an extra station and needs convenience. Compared to a combo rack you get the same bench press setup, but it is way easier to handle. Especially for board presses and other specific partial repetitions, the bench press rack is better than a combo rack. 

Conclusion for the TITAN Drop-in rack bench

The TITAN drop-in rack bench is a good option if you occasionally do mock meets in your own professional gym with multiple members attending. In this scenario, you save yourself quite a lot of money, while still having a good bench press setup to work with. When you are not doing a competition you can remove the drop-in and make the rack more versatile. Home gym users might find this to be too cumbersome, even though the very low price is tempting. Anyone who regularly benches heavy and has space might want to consider the bench press rack instead. It costs a little more, but basically takes up the same space if not dissembled and is a lot more convenient. 
Power Tower Bench

TITAN Power tower bench


Overview of the TITAN power tower bench

Price: $189
The power tower is a classic all in one home gym that you can have in your garden or in your basement. You can do dips, pull-ups and leg raises on this machine for a full-body workout. TITAN also added a bench so that you can do dumbbell bench presses, flyes, and other exercises to attack your back and front. All in all, this is a great station for a very low price to get started with bodyweight exercises and light bench presses. The full specifications of this tower are:
  • Full-size bench
  • Adjustable j-cups
  • Dip station
  • Multi-grip pull up bar
  • Push-up handles
  • Length: 79 1/2"
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 86 1/2"
  • Bench Length: 43 1/2"
  • Weight: 99 lbs
  • Capacity: 350 lbs
This is a good little extra or start to a home gym when you do not have other options. For this low price, there is not a lot you can do wring except eating up space where you put the power tower itself.

Pros of the TITAN power Tower bench

These are the pros of the power tower bench:
  • Low price
  • Dedicated station for dips, pull-ups, and leg raises
  • Bench included
The Power Tower bench is a good all-around starting point when you are building your body at home. You can not beat the price tag for starting a home gym with all the necessary basic movements. With some little weights, you can get started and if you do not want to become a massive powerlifter or football player the power tower might be eve enough for all of your strength needs. 

Cons of the TITAN power tower bench

The cons of the tower power bench are:
  • Lightweight
  • TITAN finish
  • Space requirements
This tower is quite lightweight for the amount of movement you put it through. If you are a big athlete, this tower will move which is not ideal. As with most TITAN products they have to cut some corners to provide prices to you which are mostly about half of what the competition does. Therefore the finish on the pads and handles can be a bit sketchy. Nothing that a bit of glue and DIY can not fix, but still minor quality issues. 

Alternatives to the TITAN power tower bench

Alternatives to the tower power bench are:
If you are building a home gym or need a bench for a professional gym to competition measurements, then the single post competition flat bench from TITAN can be an option. It is very easy to transport as it comes with a handle and wheels and the single post makes it easy to handle. It will also get not in the way of your bench press setup as it has a single post at the foot end.
The flat weight bench is the classic workhorse that you will find in any gym. Sturdy, cheap and easy to use. You can not do a lot wrong with this bench, especially if you want to save money and are not particularly into powerlifting. 

Conclusion for the TITAN power tower bench

The tower power bench is a great start to a home gym for a teenager in a big house. IT is also great for anyone who does not want to lift weights and only focus on calisthenics at home or provide an extra station for that purpose in a professional gym. Apart from this, I think you are giving up too much space for too little choice of exercise, even though the price is so low that even if you buy it and never use it again it won't hurt too much. 
Single Post Competition Flat Bench

TITAN Single post competition flat bench


Overview of the Single post competition flat bench

Price: $149
The single post competition flat bench is designed for heavy bench presses at competition height. With its single post at the leg end of the bench, you can be sure that the bench will not get in the way of your bench press set up. In addition, it is easy to transport with a handle and wheels and closer to the ground than a regular flat bench. This is the right bench for you if you still want to stay mobile, but at the same time want to create powerlifting competition standards. The full specifications of this bench are:
  • Designed to handle heavy weights
  • Durable vinyl upholstery with 2.36-in pad 
  • Durable steel construction with 3-in tubing 
  • 3-foot design allows athletes to use proper positioning of the feet. 
  • Welded metal endcaps. 
  • Handle and wheels for easy transport. 
  • Powder-coated paint job prevents rust and corrosion  
  • Overall Height: 17-in. 
  • Overall Length: 52-in. 
  • Overall Width:  21.65-in. 
  • Pad Dimensions: 47.25-in x 11.8-in x 2.36-in. 
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: 3-in x 3-in 11-Gauge Steel 
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. 
  • Product Weight: 37.5 lbs.
This is a solid flat bench for all purposes and in my opinion preferable to traditional flat benches

Pros of the TITAN Single post competition flat bench

  • Single post design
  • Low price
  • Easy to navigate in a crowded gym
Based on its single post design this bench is easy to wheel around and does not get in the way of your setup. Combined with the low price tag of most TITAN products this is a very solid option to buy in bulk or get your home gym ready. 

Cons of the TITAN Single post competition flat bench

  • Not adjustable 
  • Finish of the product 
  • Not centered
As this is a bench made to powerlifting competition specifications it also has to be seen in this context. For this, the bench is not bolted to the ground or heavy enough which can make it wobbly under very heavy loads. Even though it says in the product description that it takes up to 1.000lbs, I would not bench 500lbs on this bench. For any home gym it also has to be taken into consideration that this bench can not be adjusted. Lats but not least TITAN offer their products at about half the price of the market for something comparable. This means that they have to cut some corners. The less complex the product gets, the less labor goes into it. While TITAN gets corners in the finish of their bigger products in terms of nuts and bolts not being smooth or completely missing, for the lower-priced products they only have the option to cut corners for the material. Just keep this in mind when you choose to buy TITAN. This does not mean they do not get the job done, but saving half the price tag usually comes at a price for the consumer. 

Conclusion for the Single post competition flat bench

This bench is a great addition to a home gym or professional gym on a budget. It is compact and easy to move around for the average athlete or semi-professional. If you are really big or move very heavy weights you might want to look for something a little more upmarket. 

Titan Flat weight bench 


Overview of the TITAN flat weight bench

Price: $135
The TITAN flat weight bench is a simple flat bench with two T posts. This is what most people think of when they are imaging a home gym with a bench in it. The design is simple and classic. Great bench to get in bulk or, a starting setup or a second bench in a bigger home gym setup beside an incline. The full specifications of this bench are:
  • Meets requirements for Competition Bench
  • Rigid Steel Base
  • Comfortable Padding
  • Sleek Leather Finish
  • Wheels for Quick Workout Changes
  • Overall Length: 52-in.
  • Overall Width: 17-in.
  • Overall Height: 17-in.
  • Bench Width: 12-in.
  • Bench Length: 48-in.
  • Capacity: 1,000 lb.
This is a low price, practical bench from TITAN for many purposes.Just do not expect too much from it. 

Pros of the TITAN flat weight bench

The pros of the TITAN flat weight bench are:
  • Low price
  • Easy to transport
  • Versatile
This is a bench that can be used for many purposes without hassle. With the low price, it also will not be a problem to use the hell out of it. Especially if you are planning on stepping on this bench quite a lot, it is a great piece to get. As with all TITAN products the price undercuts the market by about half for a comparable product. 

Cons of the TITAN flat weight bench

Cons of the TITAN flat bench are: 
  • Fairly light
  • Finish
  • Not adjustable
This bench is fairly and easy to move around. This is great if you are not a beast bench presser, but pretty counterproductive if you have a massive bench. In that case, you right want to opt for the Hefty bench instead which is just slightly more expensive.
As with all TITAN products the quality of the finish and material is slightly worse compared to similar products from Rogue or Eleiko. A company has to cut some corners to save against their competition and this is usually done in how fast and well things are put together or how much money is being spent on the material in the first place. 
For home gym owners it might be a better choice to get an adjustable bench to have more variety. Most commercial gms will buy one or two adjustable benches and then fill the remaining slots with a flat bench like this one to save cost. 

Alternatives to the TITAN flat weight bench 

Alternatives to the TITAN flat weight bench are:
The hefty bench is a great option for anyone who weighs more than 120kg. It is also a good option if you already have a massive bench press, but still want to be able to move your bench around easily. 
The FID adjustable bench has the same amount of padding than the TITAN flat bench, but can be adjusted for several inclines. This is a good versatile option for any gym at a reasonable price. 
The single post competition is very similar to the flat bench with one major change. At the foot end of the bench you only have a single post. This makes it easier to get into an arching position for the bench press, as the feet of the bench do not get in the way. 

Conclusion to the TITAN flat weight bench 

The TITAN flat weight bench is a classic design at a reasonable price from a budget vendor. It does not do a lot, but it does what it says on the tin. If you do not have any specific requirements for your bench press setup and just want an all-purpose bench for your gym which does the job, this is the one to get. 

TITAN Seated stationary bench


Overview of the TITAN seated stationary bench

Price: $125
The TITAN seated stationary bench is a great addition to any professional gym to be combined with a smith machine or rack to do seated overhead presses or curls. You will probably only need one or a maximum of two on the floor while you fill the rest with your fleet with incline or flat benches. For most home gyms this is a waste of time, money, and space. The full specifications of this bench are: 
  • Perfect for seated strength workouts like dumbbell curls, shoulder presses, military presses, and more
  • High-quality steel and pads for a robust and durable design
  • Back pad at a slight angle for comfort and easier should movement
  • Handle and wheels for easy transportation
  • Overall Height: 36-in.
  • Overall Footprint: 31-in x 41-in.
  • Back Pad Dimensions: 19-in x 11.25-in.
  • Seat Pad Dimensions: 13-in x 11.25-in.
  • Product Weight: 38 lb.
This is a very niche application for people who struggle to balance on a normal incline bench or who overhead press so much, that they need a fixed setup rather than an adjustable setup for seated presses to stay safe. This only applies to very few gym users and that is why most people won't even need this bench. 

Pros of the TITAN seated stationary bench

The pros of the TITAN seated stationary bench are: 
  • Low price
  • Fixed setup 
  • Sturdy bench
For what it does this bench is sturdy and well built and comes at a low price. If you are in the market for something like this, you will definitely fulfill your need and be easy on your wallet with this addition to your gym.

Cons of the TITAN seated stationary bench

The cons of the TITAN seated stationary bench are:
  • Limited use cases
  • Space requirements
  • Not adjustable
I am not a huge fan of this bench, as I think there are a lot of better options to fill your space with than the seated stationary bench. Unless you are aiming to break the world record in the seated overhead press I do not see much of a point to get this bench instead of a proper adjustable bench. The triangular base provides a lot of stability, but at the same also eats up quite a bit of space. This product is not badly manufactured, it just has very limited use cases and therefore I do not see the point. 

Alternatives to the TITAN seated stationary bench

Alternatives to the stationary bench are: 
If you are looking into this bench it is most likely because you want to do some form of the overhead press. It is also advertised for curls, but for those you do not need a special bench. The Max FID bench is TITAN's flagship adjustable bench. It can be used for inclines, declines, and is also sturdy. In return, it comes in at over $400.
The FID adjustable bench is the little brother of the MAX. The build is less sturdy to save cost, but you still can do inclines and declines. 
The Incline bench V2 is the cheapest adjustable bench you can get from TITAN. It can only be adjusted for inclines and is the lightest out of these three. 

Conclusion for the TITAN seated stationary bench

The TITAN seated stationary bench is one of these products that you will use when you first go to the gym because you do not know any better. It is also ok for very specific applications like very heavy overhead presses or when the athlete has to sit down to do curls. Other than that, in my opinion, it is a waste of space. 

TITAN Incline Bench V2


Overview of the TITAN Incline bench V2

Price: $125
The TITAN incline bench V2 is the bread and butter bench from TITAN which they ship with their rack and bench packages. It can be used in several incline scenarios while it does not have a decline function. This bench is a great option to start your own home gym the right way or to add for incline exercises in your local professional gym. The full specifications are: 
  • Adjustable Back and Seat 
  • Rigid Steel Base
  • Comfortable Padding 
  • Sleek Leather Finish 
  • Bolt Holes for Permanent Mounting  
  • Overall Height: 46-in. 
  • Overall Length: 54.6-in. 
  • Overall Width:  27-in. 
  • Bench Height: 17.75-in. (Top of the pad when in flat position) 
  • Back Pad Dimensions: 33.5 in x 11.8 in x 2 in. 
  • Seat Pad Dimensions: 15.75 in x 11.8 in x 2 in 
  • Color: Black Powder-Coating 
  • Material: 2-in x 2-in 11-Gauge Steel 
  • Capacity: 650 lbs. 
  • Product Weight: 45 lbs.
This is the run of the mill solid option from TITAN. You can not go wrong with it if you know what you are letting yourself in for with TITAN.

Pros of the TITAN Incline bench V2

The pros of the TITAN Incline bench are:
  • Adjustable
  • Low price
This is a solid low price adjustable bench for any home gym. With TITAN you always take a little bit of gamble on the quality and you might have to put elbow grease in when you unbox it. 

Alternatives to the TITAN Incline bench V2

Alternatives to the TITAN Incline bench V2:
The hefty bench comes with a bigger pad than the Incline bench V2 and costs a little more. IN return it can not be adjusted. This is the better option if you are very big and you are mainly interested in bench pressing very heavy.
The single post competition bench is almost the same price, but is better for competition benching. It sits lower to the ground and gives you more freedom for your feet. 
The simple flat bench is another alternative which is good in price .

Conclusion for the TITAN Incline bench V2

This is the bread and butter bench from TITAN. As long as you buy into the TITAN brand and what it stands for, you can not go wrong. 

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