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Which dumbbells to get from TITAN

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 20, 2020 4:33:16 AM

Which dumbbells to get from TITAN

Which dumbbells to get from TITAN

This is an overview of some of the available TITAN fitness dumbbells including their pros, cons and alternatives. You will find an Index and a quick reference for those who are impatient. Follow the links for detailed information.
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The available dumbbells from TITAN have been sorted from highest to lowest price in this post for your convenience. Here is the full list of items discussed in this article.


Quick reference

This is a quick reference for anyone who does not want to read the entire article and is only interested in a quick information from an independent source. 

Best quality
Most balanced
For all ages
Most space efficient

Urethane dumbbells


Overview of the TITAN Urethane dumbbells

Price: $48.99 - $670.99
Urethane dumbbells are the Ferrari under the dumbbells which are available on the market. Urethane lasts longer than rubber and is more forgiving when it us dropped. There fore Urethane dumbbells are priced higher than most other dumbbells you will find in the market In addition Urethane dumbbells are usually round instead of hexagonal. This makes them easier to handle when you lift or transport them in your gym. The full specifications of the TITAN Urethane dumbbells are:
  • Urethane provides greater shock-resistance perfect for dropping repeatedly.
  • Urethane maintains its looks and shape far longer than tradition rubber.
  • Each handle features knurling for a secure grip.
  • Black matte finish for a clean, professional look.
  • Dumbbells are sold in pairs and are available in 5 pound increments from 5 - 120 LB.
  • Handle Diameter: 1.25"
  • Handle Width: 6"
  • Weight: 5 - 120 LB Single | 10 - 240 LB Pair
Urethane dumbbells are the luxury version of dumbbells which you should get if you expect a lot of use out of them or if you like to just have the best of everything. Otherwise rubber hex dumbbells might be a better choice to save some money.

Pros of the TITAN Urethane Dumbbells

The pros of the TITAN Urethane dumbbells are:
  • Price
  • Round design
  • Durability
As with most TITAN products you will get a comparable piece of equipment for roughly half the price when compared to brands like Rogue Fitness or Eleiko. Especially for an item like dumbbells, which you usually buy in bulk and are not that safety critical, this is nothing to be sneered at.
Urethane dumbbells are usually designed in a round shape compare to the hex design of the cheaper rubber dumbbells. It can be a matter of state, but especially very heavy dumbbells are a lot easier to manage, store and move around when they are round.
Urethane lasts longer than rubber. So especially if your gym is highly frequented or you plan to abuse the dumbbells outdoors and leave them in the rain or moist place, than Urethane might be the better choice.

Cons of the TITAN Urethane dumbbells

The cons of the TITAN Urethane dumbbells are:
  • Price
  • Space requirements
While the price of Titan products is always lower than the competition the price for Urethane dumbbells or plates is generally a lot higher than for rubber. If you are building a gym on a budget or a home gym with just one user, I personally do not see it justified to spend that much more compared to rubber dumbbells. Unless you like the good things in mind and having a gym is peanuts for your budget. If you are this kind of buyer i think it is also unlikely that you would be shopping at TITAN.
Dumbbells which are fixed in weight are not necessarily the best for home gyms or any other places that are constrained in space. A full rack of dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 120lbs or even higher takes up an entire wall. If you are training by yourself this is a lot of space to give up and money to invest  on material that you will not use very often.

Alternatives to the TITAN Urethane Dumbbells

Alternatives to the TITAN Urethane Dumbbells are:
The Titan rubber hex dumbbells are the cheaper version of the Urethane dumbbells. You will have the same functionality and space requirements, but at a lower cost and with a different shape. The hexagonal shape makes the hex dumbbells a bit harder to handle and transport. The rubber is also more prone to wear off over time. In return you save on the purchase as the material is cheaper. The rubber hex dumbbells are a good alternative for home gyms that have the space for a full rack of dumbbells, but do not want to spend the money on Urethane. When you are the only user of the dumbbells longevity becomes less of an issue, as the usage will not be as high.
The neoprene lightweight dumbbells are an alternative for anyone who wants to do yoga or other exercises with slightly more weight than body weight. They tale up less space and are cheaper than the Urethane dumbbells. These dumbbells are aimed at stay at home moms who follow programs like bikinibodymommy. Professional gyms can place these in the dedicated ladies area. Athletes can use these for recovery and mobility exercises to work on problematic ranges of motions.
The TITAN Olympic dumbbells come in a 36-inch, 20-inch, and 15-inch version. These adjustable dumbbells are a great solution for home gyms with limited space. You can use the plates you already have to load these individually.This way you have a wide range of weights at your disposal without having to give up the storage space for an entire rack of dumbbells.

Conclusion for the TITAN Urethane Dumbbells

Urethane dumbbells are a great choice for gyms with high traffic in the free weight area. In this scenario they will suffer a lot of abuse and be transported the gym around a lot. The round shape and the Urethane will help so that you have fewer dumbbells to replace. TITAN themselves as a brand also presents an opportunity to gym owners to expand into high weight dumbbells without breaking the bank too much. While the 20-40lbs dumbbells also might be gotten from a brand with a better reputation for high quality, like Rogue or Eleiko, the big bomber dumbbells could be purchased from TITAN. Reason here is to save half the cost on dumbbells that 90% of your members can not use as they are too heavy.
For home gym owners I personally think that Urethane dumbbells are not a great choice. You will not put the mileage on them that warrants paying the extra money compared to rubber hex dumbbells. IN terms of space requirements one of the Olympic dumbbells might be the best choice.
Titan Black Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

Titan Rubber coated Hex dumbbells


Overview of the TITAN Rubber coated Hex dumbbells

Price: $24.99- $2,499.99
The rubber coated hex dumbbells from TITAN are their bread and butter model when it comes to dumbbells. Versatile, relatively cheap and available in many different weight combinations this can be the start to a home gym when combined with a bench purchase. the full specifications of the TITAN rubber hex dumbbells are:
- Sold in pairs
- No assembly required
- Strong, weather resistant finish
- Easy grip handle
- Material: Cast iron
- Finish: Chrome plated handle, and rubber coated weights
- Weight: 5lb - 100lb
You can not do a lot wring with these dumbbells as the hexagonal design combined with rubber is a time tested and often copied design. These dumbbells get the job done for a reasonable price, even though they might not be the prettiest or most innovative. In return you also do not have to feel guilty when you drop them on the floor from any position.

Pros of the TITAN Rubber coated hex dumbbells

  • Price
  • Versatility
  • Quick use
The biggest pro of the TITAN rubber hex dumbbells is that they are price optimized regarding shape and material and the brand. TITAN usually offers the same product specifications and design at roughly half the price of something comparable from Rogue Fitness or Eleiko. Combine this with the low cost design of rubber hex dumbbells and you are in for significant savings. IN return, TITAN cuts more corners as a company than their direct competitors. They are generally more reports about issues with delivery, finish of the products or customer service with TITAN than with other brands. This might not apply to your specific purchase but the risk is higher.
A rack of rubber hex dumbbells is very versatile. Especially in a professional gym with high foot fall you can make multiple clients happy at the same time. The dumbbells can be transported to different parts of the gym and used by multiple clients at the same time. This makes them more versatile than barbells or machines.
Another advantage is that dumbbells are quick to use. Just pick up the weight of your choice and get going. No adjustments, no plates to be racked or unracked, and no calibrations to be made to a machine you want to use.

Cons of the TITAN rubber coated hex dumbbells

  • Space requirements
  • Design
  • Longevity
One of the biggest drawbacks on a collection of dumbbells is the space you need to store them. Especially in a home gym you are eating up a lot of space for an additional rack for storage for dumbbells you will only use once per mesocycle. If you do not get the dumbbell rack it is almost certain, that these dumbbells will clutter your training space. In these scenarios an adjustable dumbbell using weights might be a better choice.
The hexagonal design makes the rubber dumbbells hard to handle. Especially if you are regularly training heavy with dumbbells you might want to invest the extra dollars to get a round, rather than an hexagonal design. When the dumbbells get huge at about 80lbs upwards it is safer fr your training and spotters to have round dumbbells. Those are easier to spot and do not behave as awkward during the range of movement like the hexagonal design.
Another disadvantage of hexagonal dumbbells is that they are made of rubber. Rubber does not last as long as Urethane. Especially in high traffic or moist areas you might want to consider Urethane dumbbells instead of rubber dumbbells that do not respond as well to abuse.

Alternatives to the TITAN  Rubber coated hex dumbbells

Alternatives to the TITAN rubber coated dumbbells are:
Urethane dumbbells are the Ferrari of dumbbells. These dumbbells have a round design and are made of Urethane which lasts longer.This makes them a perfect choice in high traffic professional gyms, especially for the weight range 20lbs to 40lbs that is used most often. For home gyms these are overkill, unless you have no budget constraints and expenses up to $30.000 for your home gym are just peanuts to you. If you are a professional athlete making millions a year, you might as well get the best of everything to keep fit at home.
Neoprene dumbbells are a lighter version of dumbbells that also come in various colors. These are usually better for your wife at home, in the women's section of a professional gym or at a rehab clinic. These dumbbells are either for rehab and mobility for the seasoned athlete or entry dumbbells for anyone who comes in with a low bodyweight. These are also better for body pump or other cardiovascular classes with weights, as the neoprene responds better to weight than the metal of the rubber coated dumbbell handles.
The last option from TITAN are Olympic dumbbells that come in 36-inch, 20-inch, and 15-inch lengths. These are great dumbbells for home gyms that alreadyhave a barbell and plates and want an adjustable dumbbell to save space and add variety to their training. The only downside is that cast iron plates might be a bit big in diameter and the time you need to switch between weights as opposed to just grabbing the next bigger or smaller dumbbell of the rack.

Conclusion for the TITAN rubber coated hex dumbbells

The TITAN rubber coated hex dumbbells are a solid option for home gyms with space. The bigger versions can also be a good option to expand the weight range at a professional gym beyond 60lbs without having to pay too much. in the 20lbs to 40lbs range professional gyms might want to consider a rack of Urethane dumbbells as they last longer and they are easier to handle. If you want to plaster your gym with reasonably priced dumbbells of reasonable quality, these are the ones to go for.

Neoprene Light weight Dumbbells


Overview of the Neoprene light weight Dumbbells

Neoprene lightweight dumbbells are a good option for the entire family at home or in special areas in your professional gym. They are easier on the hands, lighter, and can takesweat a little better than the metal and chrome alternatives. As neoprene is easier to work with you will also find more color options on these dumbbells than just the usual black and metal designs of urethane or rubber dumbbells. TITAN sells three different packages of neoprene dumbbells ranging from 1lb to 10lb. Do not discard them fully, even if you are already a beast. Light dumbbells can be used to work through rehabilitation or very stiff ranges of motions. The full specifications of the TITAN Neoprene options are:
- Neoprene coating helps prevent the dumbbells from slipping out of your hand while in-use and gives a comfortable texture.
- Comes in pairs of  1lb to 10lb
- Color coordinated with corresponding white lettering to denote poundage for easy identification, making grabbing dumbbells mid set a breeze
- Hexagonal shape prevents dumbbells from rolling all over the floor when set down between sets, also makes them stackable for easy storage
These are fun, low cost additions to any gym which can be used by kids, women or athletes for exercising and rehabilitation. They will also not make your place look like a dungeon.

Pros of the Neoprene light weight dumbbells

  • Colorful
  • Low weight
  • Low investment
These colorful,light dumbbells can be all you need to stay fit. Especially if you like 20- 30 Minute high intensity cardio workouts or yoga with a bit of weighted assistance. These can also be a good choice for someone more mature who stillw ants to stay fit. In a professional gym or ambitious home gym it will help with warm ups or attacking the very last fiber in your body. In addition the investment will also not put you back too far and when stacled these dumbbells also do not take up a lot of space in your home gym.

Cons of the neoprene lightweight dumbbells

The cons of the neoprene lightweight dumbbells are:
  • Very small
  • Limited use
You can do a lot wrong with a set of dumbbells that puts you back less than $100. However in a crammed space you do not want anything that just sits there and is not being used. If you are already very fit the chances are high that these dumbbells will only gather dust in your home gym. In a professional gym you might need a special rack to store them as they are too small to fit standard dumbbell racks. As they are small and light there is also a higher of them being stolen than regular dumbbells. So keep them within sight of staff if possible or only get them out for the respective classes you are running.

Alternatives to the Neoprene lightweight dumbbells

Alternatives to the Neoprene lightweight dumbbells are:
  • Mini kettlebells
  • Foam rollers
  • Bands
If you want to train and start with small weights you can also work with mini kettlebells. While these are usually harder to get and a bit more expensive than neoprene dumbbells, they leave you with more option. You can almost anything youcan do with dumbbell with a kettlebell. This logic does not apply the other way around as you can not do swings and Turkish get ups with a dumbbell.
For $70 you can also get a very good foam roller or two cheaper ones. In a home gym scenario where you already have regular dumbbells you will get more use out of these for warm ups and stretches than with neoprene dumbbells.
Bands are also an option in this price range. A good set of resistance bands can be used for stretches, mobility exercises and even in combination with a barbell for the westside method. If it was me, I'd rather invest the good bit of $100 into resistance bands than small dumbbells. I would do the same for my wife.

Conclusion for the Neoprene lightweight dumbbells

The neoprene lightweight dumbbells are great for beginners who do cardio circuits and want to do a little more than just bodyweight. They can also be a good in rehab or for focusing on weak spots of professional athletes. Ultimately I think that resistance bands are the better buy for these purposes as they have the same price range, but provide more band for your buck.

TITAN Olympic dumbbell


Overview of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

Price: $42.99 - $74.99
The Titan Olympic dumbbell comes in three sizes. These are 36-inch, 20-inch, and 15-inch. With these sizes you get the possibility to have a shortened barbell and use it like a dumbbell. You can use your change and fractional plates to load the barbell. This saves money and space, especially in home gym setups. The full specifications of this dumbbell are:
- Knurled handles for better grip.
- Titan Branded endcaps
- Compatible with Olympic plates
- Overall Length: 20-in
- Handle Length: 5.75-in
- Handle Diameter: 28mm.
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 6.5-in.
- Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.
- Knurling: Medium
- Sleeve Coating: Chrome
- Weight Capacity: 500 lb.
- Weight: 12.1 lb. Each | 24.2 lb. Total
- Quantity: 2
Be aware that only the 20-inch version is sold in pairs and that the 15-inch and 36-inch come in singles. Read the fin print on each version to get their specifics.

Pros of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

  • Price
  • Space requirements
  • Flexibility
One of the main point in favor of TITAN fitness equipment is their price.  TITAN strategically positions themselves at half the price to Rogue Fitness and Eleiko for comparable products. The Loadable dumbbells are no exception to this. If you are on a budget and like the idea of a loadable dumbbell, TITAN is a good vendor to get your supplies.
Loadable dumbbells have the advantage that you can adjust them with the plates you already have. This makes them a lot more space efficient than regular urethane or rubber dumbbells. Just stack the plates on and work away with the weight of your choice. If you lack space in your home gym setup a pair of loadable dumbbells is the best options to cover dumbbell exercises in a wide range without having to pole vault into your gym every morning.
Another plus of Olympic loadable dumbbells is that they are compatible with standard plates from all vendors. Especially if you already invested in your home gym and intend to get a barbell and rack too, this is cost and space efficient. There are other solutions in the market which provide flexible weight choices but they are usual not as flexible. The widely know  block systems only work with the same weights and once the mechanics break you need to get anew set of dumbbells.

Cons of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

The cons of the TITAN Olympic dumbbells are:
  • Cumbersome setup
  • Needs more space than a stackable system
  • Only one pair of handles
If you like to run the dumbbell rack up and down for bodybuilding exercises, this is not for you. With regular dumbbells you have the advantage that you can switch fast between weights. With Olympic dumbbells you have to take the plates on and off between sets if you want to work with different loads.
Especially in hotels this might also not be the best solution. Most hotel gyms do not have plates and therefore the Olympic dumbbells are more trouble than they are worth. If you want to have a full set of dumbbells in a hotel on a minimal footprint, the stackable dumbbell systems are a better option even though they are more prone to break.
For a very busy gym Olympic dumbbells are also not the best solution. If you have a lot of clients training at the same time you also want to provide them with a lot of handles and material. With an Olympic dumbbell you are focusing all of the options on one handle to save space. In a commercial gym you want multiple weights so that multiple clients can train at the same time. 

Alternatives to the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

Alternatives to the TITAN Olympic dumbbell are:
Cast iron dumbbells are cheaper than rubber or urethane dumbbells as they are easier to produce. They are little more prone to rust and also not great for dropping on the ground. Apart from that it is easier to acquire a full set to have multiple options for your training, if you have the space to store them
If you want to switch fast between different weights and not wreck your floor rubber hex dumbbells are good value for money. The only downside is that you will not the space to store multiple pieces to work through a full range of loads.
Adjustable chrome dumbbells are a little cheaper than the Olympic dumbbells as they already come with the weights included. They are a good option when you just want dumbbells in your home to work on your physique and do not plan to build an entire gym. IN other scenarios they are not really the best option, as the weights only fit to the respective handles.

Conclusion for the TITAN Olympic barbell

Loadable dumbbells are great for home gyms to save space while still being able to train with a wide variety of different loads. The TITAN loadable dumbbells are also a budget friendly option to get a loadable dumbbell into your home gym. Commercial gyms should invest in a rack of rubber hex dumbbells or urethane dumbbells depending on budget. Very affluent home gym owners also might fill their massive space with a full rack of dumbbells.

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