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Is Titan fitness a good brand [Article,Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Is Titan fitness a good brand

Is Titan fitness a good brand

Titan Fitness is a good brand for anyone who wants to save some money and can compromise on quality and innovation compared to other vendors in the fitness market with similar products. Details in the article below.
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Define brand 

To understand whether TItan fitness is a good brand we need to define what brand actually means and how we define good against a certain standard. Let's look at the different definitions of the brand first according to the Oxford English dictionary:
noun: brand; plural noun: brands
  • 1. 
    a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.
    "a new brand of detergent"
    • a brand name.
      "the company will market computer software under its own brand"
    • a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.
      "you can still invent your own career, be your own brand"
    • a particular type or kind of something.
      "his incisive brand of intelligence"
  • 2. 
    an identifying mark burned on livestock or (especially formerly) criminals or slaves with a branding iron.
      a branding iron.
    • a habit, trait, or quality that causes someone public shame or disgrace.
      "the brand of Paula's alcoholism"
  • 3. 
    a piece of burning or smoldering wood.
    "he took two burning brands from the fire"
      a torch.
  • 4. 
    a sword.
Looking at this we can abandon the older definitions as a torch, sword or branding iron as neither of these has anything to do with today's TITAN Fitness. Even though it is interesting to know that the modern meaning of brand probably has developed of branding livestock with a hot iron so the owner can be identified immediately. So when we are talking of brand regarding Titan fitness we are thinking of a product which is labeled with the name Titan Fitness which conveys a certain image. Let us go ahead with that to answer whether Titan Fitness is a good brand.

Define good 

When something is good it measures up to a particular subjective set of standards of evaluation of something. There can be more than this meaning of the word as it used in many contexts, but let us stick with that for this exercise. To know what is good in terms of Titan fitness you have to determine what your standards around fitness equipment are. The factors can be:
  • Cost of the equipment
  • Quality of the equipment
    • Finish of color
    • Finish of the welds
    • Integration with equipment you already have
    • Space requirements
    • Ease of transport
    • Warranty
  • Design of the equipment
    • Usability
    • Looks 
The list can go on. As fitness equipment is usually used in a very pragmatic way, you will probably go with cost, usability and space requirements. Based on this the following points will hopefully help whether TITAN fitness is a good brand for your needs or not.

Overview of Titan fitness 

To understand Titan Fitness a little better I will describe some context and how businesses function. This will give you more clarity about what you get for your money's worth when you are buying TITAN. 
Titan Fitness is part of TITAN Distribututors Inc. which was founded by Russel Raynor Robinson more than a decade ago. Their headquarters is in Memphis with additional distribution centers in Horn Lake and Fresno. Under the Titan distributors Inc. umbrella, you will find four brands:
  • Titan attachments
  • Titan outdoors
  • Titan ramps
  • Titan fitness
Under the brand of Titan attachments you can find anything that will attach to a tractor to move things around. The portfolio ranges from pallet forks to hay spears to arrive at concrete breakers.
Titan outdoors has everything you need to get a barbecue going. And with barbecue, I mean a real American proper one with a cook egg, pig on a spit and teak furniture to go with it. 
Titan ramps have everything to get your quad bike, granny or cattle (in no particular order) on and off a heightened area. If you need to get something from A to B and load it onto your truck or tractor before going, Titan ramps probably have the matching product. 
The last brand in the Titan distributors is TITAN fitness. Titan fitness offers racks, barbells and other fitness equipment for the home user. 
What is important to know for you when you buy from TITAN fitness is that they are ultimately a distributor at the heart of their business operation, not a producer of fitness equipment. Distributors usually make their money by using the following tactics:
  • Buying equipment at a low price and keeping it in stock to sell at a higher price 
  • Consolidating orders and placing a bulk order at the producer to gain a couple of percents
  • Playing off different producers against each other to get the lowest price on a certain big order 
What is absent from the TITAN fitness websites and the distributor site is an actual location where they produce the equipment that they provide. I am not 100% sure that they don't have any production site but based on having four brands tied by a distributor Inc. it is a well-informed guess that they do not have one. 
The good thing for you as a consumer is that this business tactic achieves very low prices for you. One of the core values of Titan Distributors. The bad news is that TITAN does not control quality, has no research and development, will struggle with replacing faulty equipment and cut corners wherever they can for a low price. That is not a bad business model when you want to save money, but if you want quality and high availability TITAN just does not have the control. 
Combine this with reports about TITAN fitness that they usually copy the ideas of other brands and are more often out of stock than Rogue you get a rounder picture. In fact, you might even buy old Rogue equipment which they could not sell because there was no demand or did not make the quality standards. More often than not reviews show blemishes on the finish or other minor quality faults. 
Based on their value set and how they are set up TITAN will most likely buy and resell from American companies who produce in the US. You can be fairly sore that most of the products you buy from TITAN are American made. Just not TITAN made. If you are a government agency who wants buy from TITAN enquire directly with their services team and dig deeper of how, when and where the materials you purchase have been made. 


Racks from TITAN Fitness will usually be about half the price of leading brands and half a year behind any new update they come out with. This does not hold true for everything, but can be used as a general rule of thumb. Think back to them being a distributor, not a producer. They need to negotiate with another producer to get the product into their system cheaper and then negotiate a contract to buy in bulk. These things take about half a year. 
The TITAN racks will do the job just like the Other racks. They will just be more likely to take longer to ship or stock and might have some blemishes. The good news is that you can often buy two of them for the price of one. 


Barbells are easier to source and have demand for. Normal barbells which are mostly in one piece are a good option to buy from TITAN. They are easy to buy in bulk and to store. This all plays to the strengths of a distributor. If you want to save money on your home gym TITAN barbells are definitely a good place to look. 


Benches need a bit more assembly and manual labor than barbells. If you want a sturdy bench for powerlifting or you are a very big man/woman, go for Rogue instead of TITAN. If you buy in bulk for your cardio classes, go with TITAN. 


Anything which needs a lot of welding is better bought from Other vendors than from Titan. TITAN will have the second rate material which has production failures or quality issues. This shows up again and again in reviews of safety bars, camber bars or other equipment that need special labor or machines. The less likely it is to be mass-produced in a machine, the more you should lean towards buying from someone instead of TITAN.

Is TItan fitness a good brand

Titan Fitness is a good brand for anyone who does not need the latest in fitness equipment, wants to save money and can settle for what already is in stock with TITAN. If you want high quality, specific equipment and cutting edge ideas and technology you are probably better off with Rogue or Eleiko.

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