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Overview and review of the Rogue Competition plates [Article, Free Download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 8, 2019, 9:30:00 AM

Overview and review of the Rogue Competition plates 

The Rogue competition plates will set you back about $1035 dollars or $7.39 dollars per kg. These plates are especially good to use for competing weightlifters. This overview has originally been published in the article "Which rogue plates to buy" which you can find on this blog.

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Overview of the competition plates

These are the best that Rogue has to offer. Repeatedly used on Olympic lifting competitions and the CrossFit games these are the plates to behold when it gets to competition day. The plates have been updated with better design, lettering, and raised rubber to make them last kong and look good. They have minimal bounce and provide everything you need to post new personal records for your Olympic lifts. 
Weight / Color / Diameter / Thickness / Price per pair
25kg / Red / 450mm / 2.5'' / $309.75
20kg / Blue / 450mm / 2.15'' / $252.50
15kg / Yellow / 450mm / 1.65'' / $208
10kg / Green / 450mm / 1.15'' / $152.50
Available sets
90kg, 2x 10-15-20kg $685
110kg, 2x 10-20-25kg $835
120kg, 2x 15-20-25kg $900
140kg, 2x 10-15-20-25kg $1035

Pros of the competition plates

These are the best plates you can get for Olympic lifting from Rogue. There is not really much more to say about them in terms of pros.

Cons of the competition plates

High quality has a high price. If you want to save money on plates you might want to go with bumper plates instead.

Alternatives to the competition plates

Alternatives to the competition plates are:
Bumper plates are the ultimate workhorse piece of equipment you can get from Rogue. They come in at less than half the price per kilo than the competition plates. With the saved money you might want to buy extra barbells or kettlebells depending on your needs. The disadvantages are that bumper plates are not color coded and also do not fit as much weight on the bar than competition plates.
Calibrated steel plates are the go-to for powerlifters who want precision and maximize the weight on the bar. These plates are color-coded and precision manufactured. With the seal of approval from the IPF, you can begin your journey to the podium of your next powerlifting meet.
Black training plates are a great combination of practical training plates and high standard competition quality. The design of these plates makes them a good fit for everyday use while still keeping the mindset of a champion.