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Overview and review of the Rogue Monster Flying pull up bar [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the Monster Flying Pull up bar

The Rogue Monster Flzing Pull up bar comes in at $455 and are a great addition to your existing rack to widen the possible exercises you can do. This article was originally published in "which accessory equipment to get for your rogue rack".

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What else to consider from Rogue


Overview of the flying pull up bar

The flying pull up bar is a great tool to train upper body strength and athletic prowess. The rings of the flying pull up bar can be adjusted at different instances. This will enable you or your athletes to train explosiveness and eye to hand coordination while working on grip and their upper body. The specifications of the flying pull up bar for the Monster rig are: 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Only work with monster rig/rack 
  • Color black 
  • 500lb+ weight capacity 
  • Width 49”
  • Height 140.5” / 108”
This is a great addition to your home gym of your ceilings are high enough. It is also a tool for more advanced athletes. If you only have beginners there might be better investments to put your money into like a sled or medicine balls. 

Pros of the flying pull up bar

This is well thought through addition to any existing monster rack to take your pull-ups to the next level. Without taking up the space of a full ninja warrior obstacle course you can simulate many different climbing scenarios with a few extra attachments. You can also use the flying pull up bar to add some height to make your gymnastics rings a more effective tool for muscle-ups and other movements.

Cons of the flying pull up bar

This attachment is for advanced athletes and takes some extra space. You will be hard-pressed to fit it in many garage, basement and garden gyms or it will add considerable cost to the built. For a first-time gym outfitting, there are defiantly better attachments and equipment to invest your money in to cater to many needs. 

Alternatives to the flying pull up bar

Here are some alternatives to the Monster flying pull up bar 
The infinity and Monster lite flying pull up bars do essentially the same as the monster version, just for the respective rogue series of racks. You will save a little coat and be able to attach it to the rack you already own or purchase with the attachment. 
The Crown Pull up bar is an alternative to vary your training and especially focus on grip strength. While the crown will not help as much with explosive strength it gives you many setups to use. It also does not add to the height of your rack and can, therefore, be installed in more environments. As it is level it is also more beginner-friendly and therefore a better fit for first time outfittings. 
The Rogue Monster Slinger is an attachment to the Rogue rack which can be used for cable and pulley work. This will be a versatile tool for beginners and pros alike. It also comes at a fraction of the cost of the flying pull up bar so you might be able to equip three racks with some extra toys rather than just one. 

Summary for the flying pull up bar

The Rogue flying pull up bar is a great addition to your first rack purchase or existing setup if you are an advanced athlete yourself or have many advanced athletes in your gym. If you are a beginner maybe hold off on this item in the beginning and go for a crown pull up bar or Slinger instead depending on your style of training. 

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