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Overview and review of the Rogue Monster Rhino Belt squat Stand alone [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 13, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Overview and Review of the Rogue Monster Rhino Belt Squat Stand Alone




Price: 1.750

This review was originally posted in the longer article "Which strength equipment to buy from rogue" in which you can read about 25 products of Rogue which cost more than 1.000$. The Rogue Rhino belt Squat Stand alone is a good addition to your garage or existing gym once the basics are covered. See the details in this article.

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Overview of the Rhino belt Squat


The Rogue Rhino belt Squat Stand Alone version makes belt squats possible in areas with low ceilings. You can also add it to environments in which you do not want to put up additional racks. The Rhino comes in Black and weighs 530LB. It is 60.5'' long and 49'' wide. The total height is 78.5''. The total footprint of the Rhino will take up 53'' c 60.5'' of floor space wherever you will place it. Rogue delivers the Rhino with a Spud Inc Belt included. 
Belt squats can be used to train your legs for longer without taxing your upper back, elbows, and shoulders as much as with the barbell squat or safety squat. Especially seasoned athletes or people who had back injuries from former training will appreciate this rest from taxing their backs while still being able to train the legs hard.

How many clients should the Rhino Stand alone bring you?

If you think that the Rogue Rhino Standalone will bring you 6 new clients who pay you 50$ on a 1-year retainer it is worth the investment. This will yield 3.600$ net new revenue against an investment of 1.750$. Adjust the numbers for your own gym accordingly.

Pros of the Rhino belt squat

The Rhino Standalone is great when you already have a squat stand or do not have a rack that is compatible with the Drop-in version of the Rhino. In addition, many garage gyms might not have the right ceiling height to take the rack version of the Rhino in.

Cons of the Rhino belt squat


The Rhino will take up additional space in your gym and is not as versatile as a rack, even though it comes in at roughly the same price. If you are just starting a gym it would probably not be one of the first pieces of equipment you should get. 

Alternatives to the Rhino belt squat

Here are some alternatives to the Rogue Rhino Stand alone based on the budget
  • 1x Rogue RML690C Power Rack @1.750$
The Rogue RML690C would be a better piece of equipment to start your gym. It provides a full and a half rack to you which means you can have multiple athletes on the same rack or use the half rack for storage in your home gym. It can also be used for pull-ups and leaves you with more upgrade options with Rogue extensive list of accessories. As an extra, you can choose the color of this rack. 
If your gym already covers all the basics and you are considering to add extra machines to attract more clients and provide more services a GHD machine might be the better choice than a Belt Squat. The belt squat is more suited to very experienced athletes and legs can be trained in a rack or already existing leg press. Most gyms do not have GHDs and it might attract more clientele. 


The Rhino belt squat is a great addition to your existing gym to have more options to train the legs. It is more secure than doing belt squats from blocks and can be loaded heavier. 

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