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72. Deadlift Dynamite quotes which will make you pull more [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Dec 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM


72. Deadlift Dynamite quotes which will make you pull more

This is a collection of Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsoulin quotes which will make you pull more weight. I highly recommend that you read their book Deadlift Dynamite in full from which these are taken:

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  1. Visualize that your feet are pressing harder and harder into the deck
  2. Pec dominant technique in the bench press is very rough on the shoulders
  3. In competition use your strongest grip for the bench press. For most raw lifters this is a "pinky on the ring" grip.
  4. Aim to eventually work up to strong sets of five with your bodyweight as a beginner deadlifter
  5. The only thing that is set in stone is that you must strive to add weight, reps or sets overtime. After all, this is how you get stronger
  6. When you lift in front of the mirror you become over reliant on what you can see and you under-utilise your other senses
  7. The bottom line is if you want to be strong just say "no" to the mirror
  8. Leg press: Trained on wednesday, after squatting and deadlifting
  9. If you let the outsides of your feet come up, the buttons responsible for turning on your hips wont be pressed
  10. Don't leave any of the four sides of your hips out or you'll regret it - Louie Simmons
  11. Brace your abs as you would if someone was about to hit you in the stomach (someone might)
  12. The problems with the quick dive are: it is harder to stay tight and harder to hit your precise starting position
  13. Fast or slow, many lifters like the psychological benefits of the dive
  14. Your butt should never - ever - rise faster than your shoulders when you do any kind of deadlift
  15. The great thing about powerlifting is that almost everybody has a weak link
  16. Powerful glutes are essential for a world class pull
  17. The fat bar can be used for full deadlifts
  18. Unracking is a key part of the competition skill for bench presses
  19. It is absolutely imperative that you do not jerk on the bar and keep your elbows straight during a deadlift
  20. Some poeple dwell on negative thoughts and allow them to sabotage their success, while others quickly eliminate them
  21. The ability to generate great tension without an external load is critical to a powerlifter
  22. Forevery cm you allow a deadlift to get in front of you, the weight feels much heavier and greatly stresses the lower back
  23. Never lift explosively until you have 40% of your max on the bar
  24. Heavy singles can take their toll, mentally and physically. Therefore, the off season is a good time to use 3 and 5 rep maxes
  25. If you start the lift with your elbows flexed, the weight will soon straighten them for you. Care for biceps tendon reattachment surgery?
  26. Only when you think clearly will you be able to objectively work out your weaknesses and address them accordingly
  27. What surprised me was that very few lifters routinely worked their abdominal muscles
  28. Take care of your back you will miss it when its gone
  29. I try to avoid failure of any kind when training as it is not necessary to fail in order to get stronger
  30. MInimize spine power, maximize hip power - Stuart Mc Gill
  31. "Pull up your knee caps" and "crish a walnut" with your glutes on the top of the deadlift
  32. It is easiest to learn your deadlift in the sume style first, with the weight between your legs
  33. The exercise of choice for the rear delts is usually bent over lateral raises or band pull aparts
  34. Speed can help you blast through sticking ploints as if they were not there
  35. The sensible approach would be to vary youir training. Pause bench press for four weeks, then touch and go for four weeks
  36. On every set of every exercise you do... tense your abs, lats and grip as hard as possible
  37. We mst stress that speed must never come at the expense of tension
  38. The bottom line on fighting knee leakage is: keep pushing your feet through the platform all the way to lock out.
  39. After bench pressing, work the triceps
  40. There can be a temptation to lose tightness with lighter weights in an effort to move quicker, but you must stay tight.
  41. In fact, for all three of the powerlifts, a stronger back will lead to stronger lifts
  42. For your opener I suggest picking a weight that you can triple in the gym, or a single that you can do even if you feel absolutely lousy
  43. Hammer strength rows are a great back movement to really pile the weight on and go heavy
  44. The kettlebell swing is one of the best deadlift assistance exercises one can do
  45. Act like your light weights are heavy, so your heavy weights will feel light - Ernie Frantz
  46. Wave cycles are a bit more complicated than regular linear cycles, but can be very effective
  47. There is no shame in you reducing your load
  48. The ideal bench press station is one like that made by Forza
  49. A russian study by Sokolov determined that you lose 13% of your pulling strength if your back is rounded
  50. Needless to say, it will not work if you have a girlish waste
  51. You need many months of single kettlebell swings before tackling doubles
  52. Deadlifts with 225 do not generate enough muscular tension to stimulate neck hypertrophy and ab strength
  53. Only when you think clearly will you be able to stay injury free and ensure your own longevity
  54. Choose a federation that has raw competitions and read the rules carefully
  55. You commit to mastery - and you get better and better over time
  56. The plank - forget 90 seconds holds and instead start squeezing from head to toe as hard as possible for 10 seconds
  57. The string guys all have one thing in common - they know how to GET TIGHT
  58. If you want to be super strong, you have to be an animal
  59. Remember: Abs, lats and fist of steel on everything you do in the weight room.
  60. If your mind is weak you are doomed tio failure
  61. Get your mind strong and you can lift the weight of the earth
  62. If dont deadlift 500, you need to do ab work.
  63. Clarity is essential for success
  64. Most poeple are unclear and unsuccesaful. There is pattern right there
  65. View your training sessions as golf and tennis pros view theirs: as pracxtice sessions
  66. You should descend as quickly as you can while keeping complete control of the bar
  67. Using poor form is adding fitness to dysfunction - Gray Cook
  68. You can not move a heavy weight slowly - Louie Simmons
  69. Better to open light and get a number on the board
  70. Training solo and heavy on the bench is a recipe for disaster
  71. The old saying practice makes perfect is not true. Rather practive makes permanent
  72. Indeed, in the world of sports, technique rules.

These helped me tro improve my deadlift and think about them differently. If you want to read a review of the book or other programs I have done follow the links below.

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