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Horizon fitness Evolve 5 elliptical vs Nordictrack 8.5 treadmill

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 27, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Horizon fitness Evolve 5 elliptical vs Nordictrack 8.5 treadmill

This is a comparison of the Horizon fitness Evolve 5 elliptical and the Nordictrack 8.5 treadmill including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review NordicTrack T 8.5 S Treadmill $1399 - $1999

This is a review of the Nordictrack 8.5 S model which was originally published in "Which Nordictrack treadmill to get". Follow the links for more details.

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Overview NordicTrack T 8.5 S Treadmill $1399 - $1999

The T 8.5 is the small brother of the T 9.5 from Nordictrack. The main difference is an HD touch screen which 10 inches on the 8.5 instead of 14 on the T 9.5. Apart from this, you get a top speed of 12 miles an hour, 12% incline and a foldable treadmill. The full list of specifications for the T 8.5 runs as following:
  • 10” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Includes 1-Year NordicTrack iFit® membership
  • Bluetooth® Audio Capabilities
  • Dual 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers
  • FlexSelect™ Cushioning
  • 20” x 60” Commercial Tread Belt
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • Integrated Tray
  • 0-12% Incline
  • 0-12 MPH Speed
  • One Touch® Controls
  • 3.5 CHP DurX™ Commercial Plus Motor
  • 1.9” Precision and Balanced Non-Flex Rollers
  • 300 Lb. User Capacity
  • EKG Grip Pulse
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • 50 On-Board Workout Programs
  • 78.5” L x 35.5” W x 59” H Footprint
  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty
This is a treadmill for the smaller budget and a mid-range option at it. I personally do not like the middle of the road solutions and either go alls guns blazing or very low budget. Personally, I think the 1750 is more balanced or go for the T6.5 if you want to save money and space.

Pros of the  NordicTrack T 8.5 treadmill

The pros of the 8.5 treadmill are:
  • Foldable
  • 300 lb capacity
  • Cushioning
If you want to save money on a treadmill that can take a pounding this is the right choice. You can save space when storing and it takes up to 300 lbs. of weight. All of this makes it a good option for a mid-range home treadmill.

Cons of the NordicTrack T 8.5 treadmill

Cons of the Nordictrack 8.5:
  • Somewhere in the middle
  • High price to compromise 
As the Nordictrack portfolio has evolved the 1750 is just the better option in terms of value for money in my opinion. With the T 8.5 you compromise on the size of the belt, incline, and screen while still paying a good bit of money. It is a reasonable price for a cardio machine compared to other machines in the market, but I would lean more towards the 1750 to spent my money wisely. 

Alternatives to the NordciTrack T 8.5 treadmill

Alternatives to the T 8.5 are:
The Nordictrack 1750 is, in my opinion, the most balances option in the Nordictrack portfolio at a reasonable price. Therefore I think it is the best option for budget-conscious treadmill buyers from Nordic Track. The T 8.5 just sits a bit oddly against this as it has the same sized screen while having less incline and a smaller belt, while the prices are not that far apart. 
The Nordictrack 6.5 is the ideal option for people who want to maximize saving money and space when buying a new treadmill from Nordictrack. This model comes in around $1000 and has the smallest footprint of the Nordictrack models. Ideal for walkers or limited spaces. 
The Rogue echo bike is my personal favorite if you are looking for maximum calories burned per minute. It comes in at only $700, has a small footprint and packs a hefty punch.
If you are looking for a different concept of a treadmill the True form runner is for you. This treadmill is self-propelled and therefore has no motor. The belt rests on bearing and your footstrike accelerates or breaks on the speed. This is the ideal treadmill for runners who want to simulate fast acceleration and deceleration at home. 

Overview and review of the Horizon fitness Evolve 5 elliptical

This is an overview of the Horizon fitness Evolve 5 elliptical including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was first published in Which Horizon fitness elliptical to get?

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Overview of the Evolve 5 elliptical  $1,399

The Horizon Evolve 5 elliptical is the current flagship elliptical in the Horizon lineup. It’s main distinguishing feature is the big flywheel which provides a smoother ride and lower need for maintenance. This is the right choice if you like Horizon and the idea of an elliptical and do not want to compromise. The full specifications of this machine run as follows:
Frame Type: Sic Star Folding
Stride Length: 20
Incline Range: N/A
Resistance Range: 20 Electronically adjustable
Step on height (inches): 10
Extras: Built-in speakers, Energy Saver Mode, Passport ready, Tablet rack, Water Bottle holder
Electrical requirements: 110 lot and 220 Volt
Weight: 181 lbs.
Assembled dimensions: 69" x 28" x 69"
Max user weight: 300
Warranty - Frame: Lifetime
Warranty - Brake: 3 years
Warranty - Flywheel: N/A
Warranty - Parts: 3 years
Warranty - Labor: 1 year

Pros of the Evolve 5 elliptical

The pros are the Horizon Evolve 5 elliptical are:
  • Big flywheel
  • Foldable
This elliptical has all the bells and whistles and the biggest flywheel that Horizon currently offers. With the finding mechanic, it takes up considerably less space when it is not in use. If you want the most amount of elliptical money can buy from Horizon, then this is the model for you.

Cons of the Evolve 5 elliptical

The cons of the Horizon Evolve 5 are:
  • Price
  • Console
With $1400 the Horizon Evolve 5 is the highest priced elliptical in the Horizon lineup. For that high price, I think you get not a lot of extra compared to the Evolve 3 or AE 7.0. The only thing the Evolve 5 has going for it is the big flywheel. This is only relevant when you either go very hard at it or intend to be a lot of mileage on it in a short frame of time. The console is not internet-ready and only gives you updates about the preloaded workouts.

Alternatives to the Evolve 5 elliptical

Alternatives to the Horizon Evolve 5 are:
The Evolve 3 is in my opinion the better option if you buy into the idea of a foldable elliptical. It costs less and almost does the same as the Horizon Evolve 5 except for a smaller flywheel.
The Nordictrack SE 7i is the entry-level elliptical from Nordictrack. If Horizon is out of stock or you want to compare prices you can go with this one too.
The Rogue Echo Bike is is my opinion the best option for homeowners who want to go hard at it on a small footprint on a bike. Its low-budget competitor is the TITAN fan bike.

Conclusion for the Evolve 5 elliptical

The Horizon Evolve 5 is great when you like to buy the best and have berthing for your home gym elliptical. For commercial use I think the folding approach to the frame is not a great idea as it provides too much opportunity for things to break. For home gym users I think that the AE 7.0 Elliptical is a better value for money.

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