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4 simple strategies to use smolov jr to increase your bench [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM

How to use Smolov jr

 Smolov Jr can be used as a boost cycle between less aggressive training schemes when you are plateauing or training around an injury. With a lower back injury, I was able to push my bench press from 140kg to 150kg while putting less stress on my lower back. 

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Smolov Jr is an intense cycle focusing on one lift only in which you will train four times a week. The program structure is outlined in the attached picture. You can see more details in my Smolov Jr review in which I go into more details.


Plateau Buster

Smolov Jr can be used as a plateau buster. This means whenever you are stuck on a particular lift on a particular weight you can mix in a month to bust through that plateau. This is recommended if you are a more experienced lifter and know how to cycle off and on to programs in a goody way. If you have less than two years experience in the gym, maybe try other programs first. A deload can also be a good way of coping when you hit a brick wall. Try a deload & reattempt approach first. When this does not work, bring out the big guns like Smolov Jr and its bigger brother Smolov.


Another option would be a lower back injury like in my case. Always consult a doctor before deciding to keep training, because technically speaking, it is a stupid idea. However if you are a professional lifter or crossfitter you may do not have the option of missing a season or being one to two months without any gym time. If yu hurt your pecs, you may want to try Smolov Jr. If you hurt your lower-back like me and have to stop deadlifting for a while, have a go at the bench press. As this program is stupidly focused, it is good for stupid people like me who want to train around injuries ;). 

Specializing in bench press

I think this program can also have a lot of use for those amongst you who only want to boast a big bench and do not care about having chicken legs. If you are competing in bench press meets only you might want to look at combinations of Korte's 3x3 and Smolov cycles do outdo the competition. If you want to start right now, i designed a Smolov Jr calculator that can be printed and taken to the gym. I always find it fulfilling to cross off the sets I have successfully completed with a pen. There is just more satisfaction in that than clicking a button on an app.

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