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Overview and review of the REP fitness black bumper plates

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the REP fitness black bumper plates

This is an overview of the REP fitness black bumper plates including pros, cons, and alternatives. The original was published under which plates to buy from rep fitness. Follow the links for more details.

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REP Black Bumper plates $49

The REP black bumper plates are the standard option you can find from most vendors around. These plates have a good price per plate, can be used outdoors, and fit on most barbells. This is the workhorse plate for the home or in a commercial gym. If you are not sure what to buy, you can not go wrong with these. The full specifications are:
  • 160 lb - (2)Each 45-25-10
  • 190 lb - (2)Each 45-25-15-10
  • 210 lb - (2)Each 45-35-25
  • 230 lb - (2)Each 45-35-25-10
  • 250 lb - (4) 45 (2) Each 25-10
  • 260 lb - (2)Each 45-35-25-15-10
  • 370 lb - (6) 45 lb & (2)Each 25-15-10
  • Superior craftsmanship and design. Steel inserts with hooks molded into the bumper plates increase durability versus older designs with brass inserts.
  • Extra thick 10 lb plates are the best on the market, and highly resistant to bending
  • Low bounce. Some recycled rubber bumper plates will bounce very high and make you chase the bar around. Not ours.
  • Thin profile. With a good Olympic bar, you can fit 515lbs of our bumper plates on the bar.
  • Factory tested to withstand over 12,000 drops from a height of 8 ft. 
  • Used in both commercial and home gyms all over the world
  • 3% Tolerance
Solid plates for any use scenario. Not too expensive and not too cheap to get you where you want to go with your fitness.

Pros of the REP Black Bumper plates

Pros of the REP Black bumper plates are:
  • Value for money
  • Goes with anything
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Very forgiving on the user
  • Very forgiving on the floor
Black bumper plates are always a safe bet. Especially for someone who is not incredibly strong or wants to break world records. They are reliable. If Black bumper plates get dirty it is not that bad, as the dirt will not show up as much on the black. A decent black color also goes with most other equipment in any given gym as it is often black or grey.
Bumper plates are also good as they can be dropped from overhead without damaging the plates, the lifter, floor, or equipment. Bumper plates are very forgiving and ideal for any beginner or intermediate lifter. They can also be used outdoors as they take better to rain and sand than other, pricier plates.

Cons of the REP Black Bumper plates

Cons of the REP black bumper plates are:
  • Sleeve space
  • High bounce
  • Can get very hot
  • Balance
  • Can be awkward to pick up
  • Higher fault tolerance
The biggest con of bumper plates is that they take up more space than iron and competition plates on the barbell. If you lift very heavy regular bumper plates usually max out the sleeves of the barbell somewhere around 180kg to 220kg depending on how you stack the plates. If you are a serious powerlifter or want to save storage space in your commercial gym you are better off getting iron plates.
If you use these plates mainly for Olympic lifting you have to keep in mind that they are louder and bounce more than competition plates. If you want to get through a proper snatch workout in the least amount of time that can actually be quite annoying. A minor thing, but still worth considering.
These plates are also balanced differently compared to competition plates. As they have no metal core ring they spin differently during Olympic lifts than bumper plates. A good lifter will still lift heavy weight with these, but if you are entering micro differences you might want to for the competition plates instead.
As they are black rubber they might not be the ideal plates to be used outdoors in a very hot climate. Again, something minor, but if you burn your hand on a very hot bumper once you know what I am talking about. Higher quality plates take a little better to heat and do not absorb it as fast. Different color also helps.
These bumper plates have a higher fault tolerance than the competition and precision plates. This means it is more likely that the plate you are getting does not exactly weigh what it says on the plate. Calibrated plates are the best way to remedy this. Here the plates are weighed at the end of the production process and then adjusted with a little metal insert to be as precise as possible. This production step also makes them more expensive than bumpers or regular iron plates.

Alternatives to the REP Black Bumper plates

Alternatives to the REP BUmper plates are:
If you want something a bit more precise and with a color you can also get the REP competition plates. These plates are made to competition specifications and are therefore produced with a lower tolerance rate. They also have a little lip which makes them easier to pick up from the ground.
The REP-colored bumper plates are a good alternative if you want color in your life instead of simple black. The nice thing is that they are very close in price to the regular black bumper plates.
The Rogue fleck plates are a nice hybrid between black rubber plates and colored plates. The black plates are being infused with color during the production process to make them look like checkered animals. If you want your gym to be hip and different, this is the plate to make that statement without reaching into the Avengers or food-themed weight plates.
Rogue's machined iron plates are a good option for someone who wants precise iron plates for their ambitious home gym. These are a particularly good choice for any powerlifters that need to stack a lot of iron on the plate to still make gains.
The TITAN bumper plates are the cheap version between Rogue, REP, and TITAN if you want to get the most weight for your buck from a decent vendor, then TITAN is the way to go.

Conclusion for the REP Black Bumper plates

The rep black bumper plates are a solid choice when you are confused and just want to get going. They are also a good choice for a commercial gym that wants to play things safe.

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