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Overview and review of the REP fitness PR-4100 rack

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 9, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the REP fitness PR-4100 rack

This is an overview of the REP fitness PR-4100 rack including the pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally posted in which rack to buy from REP Fitness. Follow the links for more information.

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Overview of the REP PR-4100 Rack $429

The REP PR-4100 is the folding version of the PR-4000 rack that outbid the REP fitness rack product line. With this rack, you get two uprights, and the cross-members you need to build a rack that can be bolted to the wall with a folding mechanism. This is the ideal rack for a garage gym in which you still want to park or a floor space that should be transformed into a yoga or playroom after the use of the rack. Some of the specifications for this rack are:
  • Choose between 21.5" or 41" depth (from wall to the front outside of upright).
  • (1) pair of plastic-lined J-cups.
  • (1) easy-to-adjust 1.25" pull-up bar.
  • 5/8" diameter hardware.
  • 1" hole spacing in benching area.
  • 2" hole spacing above and below bench area.
  • Uprights: 11-gauge steel, 3x3", 92" tall.
  • 21.5" Dims: 18.5" inside length x 42.5" inside width.
  • 41" Dims: 38" inside length x 42.5" inside width.
  • 48.5" overall width.
This is a solid option to get a lower-cost folding rack of good quality. Especially with folding racks it nightmare sense to invest a few extra dollars as the folding action needs more attentional detail in production than a simple four post rack.

Pros of the REP PR-4100 Rack

Pros of the REP PR-4100 are:
  • Space efficient
  • Budget efficient
  • Reliable brand
The biggest plus of folding racks is that they can get out of the way when they are not needed anymore. If you only have one occasional user of the rack in the house O would seriously consider a folding rack.
The PR-4100 is good on your purse from two perspectives. You are getting your rack from a company that imports their products from China and you are buying a product that uses less metal than a PR-4000 or PR-5000. This makes the PR 4100 a smart buy. Especially if you are not planning on many upgrades and attachments.
Compared to Amazon resellers or TITAN fitness you will buy from a young brand that is still bending over backward to grow its customer base. You will get good, reliable service with this rack in most cases, that is why the price is a little higher than sourcing from Amazon or from TITAN.

Cons of the REP PR-4100 Rack

The cons of the REP PR-4100 are:
  • Limited use of attachments
  • Imported
  • Plate storage
As this is a folding rack with smaller holes on 3x3 uprights your use of attachments will be very limited. Personally, I think the most you can really get out of a folding rack is a dip station and not much else, but that is just me.
If you buy from REP Fitness your rack will be produced and packaged in China and then send to a warehouse in the US. If that rubs your patriotic streak up the wrong way you have to buy from Rogue Fitness instead and pay the extra money American Labour costs.
My biggest con for a folding rack is that you still have to come up with some solution for storing your plates as you can not do it on the rack. Unless you keep it permanently in place which defeats the purpose. There are good wall storage solutions for plates but those involve more DIY.

Alternatives to the REP PR-4100 Rack

Alternatives to the REP PR-4100 are:
The Rogue RML3WC is what comes closest out of the Rogue fitness portfolio to you the PR-4100. It has the same uprights with only slightly different drillings for the holes. Some say that the folding action on the RML3WC is a little smoother but that also hugely depends on where it is being installed and who did the job.
The TITAN X3 folding rack is TITAN’s 3x3 upright folding rack. This is the best option for a low price while still having some proper customer support with it. Other options are Amazon resellers who just stuck produce to flip it for a small
margin in bulk.
The REP SR 4000 is an alternative option if you believe in squat stands with a big base for stabilizing. I personally don’t but if you think that is a good idea the SR 4000 is excellent value for money.

Conclusion for the REP PR-4100 Rack

I personally think folding racks are a great idea for home gyms that need to co promise. If you use your garage as a mechanic/workshop in parallel or own a fancy Sunday car, this is the right option for you.

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