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Overview and review of the REP fitness SR-4000 squat stand

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the REP fitness SR-4000 squat stand

This is an overview of the REP fitness SR-4000 squat stand including the pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally posted in which rack to buy from REP Fitness. Follow the links for more information.

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Overview of the REP SR-4000 Squat stand $449

The REP SR-4000 is REP Fitness’s flagship squat stand. It comes in two height variations and with a stable base similar to a combo rack. Here are some of the specifications from the vendor:
  • Two height options to suit your needs ( 96" &103"). 
  • Sturdy 3x3” 11ga steel.
  • Compatibility with most REP 4000 series attachments.
  • 1” spacing throughout the bench press area.
  • Base-mounted weight horns for weight storage and added stability.
  • Long base with pre-drilled feet for optional floor-mounting.
  • 103” height option is great for taller athletes who want to perform kipping movements.
  • Includes Standard PR-4000 J-cups and 1.25” pull-up bar.
  • 5/8” holes on the uprights, 5/8” holes at the rear of the base, 1” holes on the sides of the base.
  • Not compatible with: The REP Belt Squat, Lat/Low Row Attachment.
  • Base dimensions: 73" x 53"
  • Weight: 96": 230lbs, 103": 237lbs
  • Weight Capacity: This is based on the j-cup capacity which is <1500lbs.
If you are really into squat stands for the freedom they provide and the money they save then this is good for you. I am personally not a fan, but I will get into the details.

Pros of the REP SR-4000 Squat stand

The pros of the REP SR-4000 squat stand are:
  • Massive built
  • Sturdy uprights
  • Compatibility with some attachments
For a squat stand, the REP SR-4000 is massive. This means a lot of security and stability for anyone who is working in it. If you are concerned about the security with a squat stand, this is a good choice.
The uprights are sturdy and beefy compared to cheap squat stands and even allow for some of the light PR-4000 attachments to be used. This makes it a more versatile option compared to cheap Amazon squat stands.

Cons of the REP SR-4000 Squat stand

Cons of the REP SR-4000 squat stand are:
  • Footprint
  • Safety
  • Storage
  • Price
The biggest con for me is the footprint of this squat stand and other ones of a similar design. If you put two uprights on the footprint of a four-post rack you might as well get a four-post rack. This is nothing against the SR 4000 per se but the design of these particular squat stands with a big base provides more security. You can also get these from other vendors like Rogue and TITAN.
While this lulls you in a false sense of security whilst saving you the cost of a four-post rack with similar steel, I think in reality it’s suboptimal. If you are in need of added security as a beginner, spotter arms and a squat stand are a good way to get injured. Many set up their spotter arms wrong, miss them when they fail a rep and the base of this squat stand can actually get in the way when you want to bail a squat. If you don’t know what you are doing, get a proper power rack. If you exactly know what you are doing, this squat stand is overkill.
Compared to other, cheaper squat stands without a base, this squat stand can not be easily stored and transported. It is also quite costly if you look at it from a squat stand perspective as you can also get a decent rack for this price.

Alternatives to the REP PR-4000 Squat stand

The REP PR-4100 is in the same price range as the squat stand. If you are torn between the two, definitely go for the PR-4100. It saves space, is more secure to squat in, and provides a better base for attachments, even though you need to remove them to fold the rack.
Rogue SML 2 is the closest in build-out of the Rogue portfolio to the SR 4000. If you wanted a very similar squat stand at a higher price thatching not imported thistles a good choice. Also, keep in mind which ecosystem you are entering as Rogue has been around for longer and therefore offers a few more options in their portfolio.
The TITAN X3 squat stand is the closest you can get to the SR-4000 in the TITAN Portfolio. If you want to get this show on the road with the lowest budget possible TITAN is a good bet.

Conclusion for the REP SR-4000 Squat stand

The SR-4000 is well built for its design. There are little to no production issues with it. That is if you buy into the concept of a squat stand with a big base which I just simply don’t. You either need the safety that a power rack provides or you don’t. If you are super advanced like Clarence Kennedy, you might as well get a squat stand that is two separate uprights for easy transportation, storage, and saving cost. Be aware that this necessitates that you are either super strong and won’t fail or know exactly what you are doing when you bail a lift. Spotter arms are in my opinion useless. This is the only piece of safety equipment I ever managed to break with rack pulls. You can get a decent rack for 400 dollars or very basic squat stands for a little more than a hundred. Get one of the two, but not a squat stand that eats up 400 bucks and considerable floor space.

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