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REP stainless steel Gladiator bar vs EZ curl barbell

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 2, 2021 9:00:00 AM

REP stainless steel Gladiator bar vs EZ curl barbell

This is a comparison between the REP fitness stainless steel Gladiator bar and the REP fitness EZ curl barbell. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the REP fitness Rackabale EZ Curl barbell

This is an overview of the REP fitness Rackable EZ curl barbell including the pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally posted in which barbell to buy from REP Fitness. Follow the links for more information.

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Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell $169

The REP rackable EZ barbell is an EZ bar designed to be racked and is, therefore, longer than the usual EZ barbells you would find in most gyms. The EZ design is specially tailored to bicep curls and skull crushers. The wavy design makes these exercises easier on the wrist than a straight barbell. These are nice to have but not necessities for your home gym setup. I personally do curls and skull crushers with my Rogue Ohio barbell with a narrow grip and that works just fine. The full specifications of this barbell are:
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Weight: 35lbs
  • Finish: Stainless Steel or Hard Chrome Coating
  • Knurl: 4x70mm sections of medium depth knurl
  • Length: 6'2"
  • Loadable length: 10"
  • Distance between sleeves: 4'3"
It does what it says on the tin if you fancy one.

Pros of the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

Pros of the EZ rackable Curl barbell are:
  • Rackable
  • Length
  • Easy on the wrists
The design and purpose of this barbell are fulfilled with this model. The quality is good and it is not that expensive that you would regret your purchase. Just be aware that the use you will get out of this barbell is quite limited, unless you want to curl like a berserker on a daily basis to make your bicep grow. I had phases like that in my teenage years, I have to admit.

Cons of the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

The cons of the rackable EZ Curl barbell are:
  • Hard to store
  • Limited use cases
While this barbell is easier to handle in the rack than a normal short EZ bar, it takes up quite a bit of space when it is not in use. If you don't want it on the floor you will need to get a gun rack mount or some other barbell storing device. These cost usual as much if not more than this barbell. So if you do not have the infrastructure in your gym yet to store a second full-sized barbell I would get a short EZ barbell or none at all.

Alternatives to the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

  • Rogue EZ bar
  • TITAN EZ barbell
Rogue as well as TITAN stock variations in short and long of the EZ barbell. The differences are minimal so it is really more about which vendor you like most and who can deliver the fastest depending on your needs.

Conclusion for the Rep Rackable EZ Curl Barbell

The REP fitness rackable barbell does what it says on the tin. Do you really ned it? Probably not, but it is nice to have if your barbell gun rack is not full yet. Better specialty bars to get are a safety bar or duffalo bar if your budget allows.

Overview and review of the REP stainless steel Gladiator bar

This is an overview of the REP fitness stainless steel gladiator bar including the pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally posted in which barbell to buy from REP Fitness. Follow the links for more information.


Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar $399

The REP Stainless steel gladiator bar is REP fitness's top-tier Olympic weightlifting barbell. The knurl is medium while the focus is on high tensile strength and bearing to make the ride as smooth as possible for Olympic weightlifters. The full list of specifications runs as follows:
  • 205k tensile strength, 1500 lb rated
  • Medium depth knurl
  • 5 needle bearings per sleeve for a smooth spin
  • Ribbed sleeves to keep weights from sliding while training.
  • Weightlifting knurl markings
  • 28mm diameter
  • 87.4" length
  • Lifetime warranty*
If you can afford it, then there is not a lot you can do wrong with the REP fitness stainless steel Gladiator bar. This is a great purchase for anyone who is aiming to build an Olympic weightlifting gym at home. Commercial buyers might opt for the normal steel version. Especially if they are buying in multiples to save on cost per item.

Pros of the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

  • Stainless steel
  • Good whip
  • Good spin
This is a great option for anyone who wants to spend no more than $500 on a good quality Olympic weightlifting barbell. The stainless steel makes it durable while it spins smoothly and has a great whip. REP fitness has improved on its successful Gladiator design by delivering it in stainless steel. Not a lot to do wring here.

Cons of the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

The cons of the Stainless steel Gladiator bar are:
  • Price
  • Imported
  • Lack of color options
If you are into the REP fitness portfolio you are already more price-sensitive than someone who buys their equipment from Rogue fitness. In that case, this is still a pricey barbell as you can get a piece of steel that does the job for between $200 and $300. You do not necessarily not bearing and stainless steel to get your home gym going, especially if you have not been training professionally in a team already.
REP fitness achieves its prices by importing from overseas. If you have an issue with that business practice and would rather buy from someone who produces and sources locally in the US then Rogue fitness and Sorinex are your alternatives.
Currently, the REP fitness production lines are not laid for the use of Cerakote for their barbell production to add color. I am sure it is only a matter of time until they switch suppliers and find a way of getting their hands on the necessary machines to upgrade their overseas supplier. For now, the only colored barbell in the REP fitness lineup is the Black Sabre bar.

Alternatives to the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

The Rogue Pyrros bar forms the pinnacle of weightlifting bars from Rogie Fitness. Co-designed with one of the biggest legends of Olympic weightlifting this barbell does not just provide the best in class when it comes to whip and spin but also a mind connection to a great weightlifter. If you want the best apart from Eleiko barbells then this is the one to get.
The REP deep Knurl bar is the top of the food chain in the REP portfolio when it comes to powerlifting bars. If you won’t do overhead lifts with your barbell but have $400 to spend the deep Knurl is the better choice than the gladiator bar.
The REP gladiator bar has all the good DNA from its stainless big brother, except the stainless steel bones. If you want a very close feel to the Stainless gladiator bar in terms of spin and whip, but do not want to shell out the extra dollars for the stainless steel, then the Gladiator bar is your friend.
The Rep Sabre bar is the right choice for anyone who is looking for an all-around barbell for all the needs of a Crossfitter at a decent price. If you are only going to buy one barbell to do all the lifts with then this is the value-for-money workhorse you want from REP.
The TITAN blues city Olympic barbell is TITAN’s touch on Olympic weightlifting. TITAN is the price leader in the market which comes at the cost of looser quality controls. If you want a smooth precision barbell this might work against you in the long run. Still, money saved and spent on plates is also not to be scoffed at.

Conclusion for the Rep Stainless Steel Gladiator bar

If you want the Apex predator in weightlifting barbells from REP fitness then the Stainless steel gladiator bar is your weapon of choice. There are higher quality Oly barbells out there like the Eleiko range or the Pyrros bar, but not at the same price point.

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