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Which Strongman Equipment to get from TITAN?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Dec 9, 2020 9:21:44 AM

Which Strongman Equipment to get from TITAN

Which Strongman Equipment to get from TITAN?

This is an overview of some of the most relevant strongman equipment from TITAN including pros, cons, and alternatives. You will find an Index and a quick reference at the top of the article for a quick read. Further down you can dig deeper on any item of interest. Follow the links for more details.
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This is an Index of the Strongman products from TITAN discussed in this article going fom the highest to lowest price.

Quick reference

Here is the quick reference for anyone who does not want to read the whole article and just wants to buy with some little input.
Best strongman full station
Good beginner log bar
Good alternative to conventional farmer'walk handles
Best option to buy in bulk to offer strongman classes
Best for 1 rep maximum training for individuals

General considerations about strongman equipment

Strongman equipment has a bias for big bulky men as this is for the sport originates. This also means that the carry equipment is usually over-sized for the general user and a challenge to handle. If you are aiming to provide strongman classes in your commercial gym or spice up your home gym training routine with other forms of loads I highly recommend that you consider sandbags over steel and stone. Steel and stone is very unforgiving on the occasional user and also more expensive to adjust and maintain. If you are not a 100kg to 200kg strongman already, chances are that you can achieve your goals without the hardcore equipment. If you have been training for a long time and know what you are doing, consider the items below to keep things fun.

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TITAN 20-Inch Plate loadable Atlas stone $650

Overview of the TITAN 20-inch Plate loadable Atlas stone

The TITAN 20-inch Atlas stone is a 175-lb shallow steel sphere with an insert so that you can add plates to it to make the weight scale. This makes it an adjustable training tool for beginners and professionals alike, as the maximum load ranges to 500 pounds depending on what type of plates you use. This is a great tool for someone who is serious about their strongman training. The full specifications of this Atlas stone are:
- The staple of the strongman competition, train with an Atlas Stone
- 20-inch diameter is within competition range (anywhere from 8 to 24-inches)
- Add weight plates to ramp up intensity while you practice your form
- Durable steel construction will last for years with proper use
- Overall Diameter: 20-in.
- Material: Steel
- Weight Capacity: 400 lb.
- Product Weight: 175 lb.

Pros of the TITAN 20-inch plate loadable Atlas stone

  • Ready Made
  • Smooth surface
  • Stable hull
  • Loadable
This TITAN 20-inch Atlas stone has the big advantage that it already comes as a perfect sphere. This saves you the hassle of making one yourself and the possibility of ending up with an egg rather than with a sphere depending on your craftsmanship. This makes it a time saving purchase, especially when you are not strong in the DIY department. Big Atlas stones can take up to a week to fully dry and be ready for use if you make them yourself.
Another advantage of the TITAN 20-inch plate loadable Atlas stone as its smooth surface. This reduces the risk of injury on the hands and brings your training closer to real world competition. Self made Atlas stones will usually have more gravel on them depending on how you mix the cement. You either live with that and train with it or you have to sand them down. If you do not have the tools for that it will either take a long time using sandpaper or on investment of a couple of hundred dollars / euros in a proper sanding machine to do the job.
Compared to sandbags which are the latest trend in home strongman training the TITAN 20-inch loadable stone has the advantage of a stable hull. This is closer to real world competition as the cement spheres used there are unforgiving on the hands and therefore harder to grip. The sandbags from Rogue are high quality and great if you want to use stones to become more explosive and for cardio training. They still can be formed even if you load them with lead shot. This means that they are easier to grip and therefore not a proper simulation of the actual Atlas stone strongman event,
Compared to cement stones the plate loadable 20-inch Atlas stones has the huge advantage of being plate loadable. This means that you can train at different weights while remaining space efficient. Rather than having 6-12 different stones in your home you only have one. This also means that you can better control your progression towards improving you one repetition maximum. Cement stones usually have jumps of 10kg and higher and their weight is also always a little inaccurate.  With the loadable stone from TITAN you can be more precise.

Cons of the TITAN 20- inch plate loadable Atlas stone

  • Static size
  • Many small parts
  • Higher injury risk
  • Price
  • TITAN finish
The static size of the TITAN plate loadable 20-inch Atlas stone is not an accurate reflection of competition conditions for strongman. Cement Atlas stones will vary in size based on their weight and grow in diameter. If you want to truly prepare for a multiple stone to platform event you will need multiple stones with various diameters as the handling is slightly different.
To make the mechanics of the loading of the sphere work the TITAN atlas stones comes with separator rings and a handle. These are the type of items that will get lost very quickly in a commercial gym and render a $650 piece of equipment useless, or at least, if you lose the seprators, you might as well just buy one 175 pound atlas stone and be done with it. This makes it a sub optimal solution for commercial gyms as these are prime items to be lost or stolen on a dare.
Compared to the softer strongman sandbags on the market the injury risk is higher.  If you want to use strongman training for conditioning or building bullet proof physiques, rather than for maximum strength and lifts to platforms, you are better off with the sand bags. They are more forgiving on beginners.
$650 is a big price tag, especially if you are considering a purchase of multiple items for your gym. This is unfortunately not the economic road to travel if you want to train an entire class or have a collection of stones of various weights. For these scenarios you are better of to either buy molds and hone on your cement and sanding skills or go with the sandbags and fill them with a variety of rubber, play sand and lead shot depending on who is attending class. Combined with an Atlas stone platform you are hitting the $1000 mark for this training set up. For this you can collect a full home gym from TITAN consisting of a rack, bar and plates.
As with most things from TITAN they are a budget copy of another high end product that is already in the market. In this case TITAN copied the Mike Bartos Atlas stone which is $925 and has a slightly worse finish. TITAN products have the tendency to be that 1mm off or use that slightly inferior steel to make the product to beat the competition on price. That is not the end of the world and it is still usable, just not as nice as the real thing.

Alternatives to the TITAN 20- inch plate loadable Atlas stone

These are the alternatives o the 20-inch loadable Atlas stones:
The Hybrid molds vary in price from $75 - $140 depending what size you are getting. A full set of these molds from 10" diameter to 19" diameter will cost you the same as the loadable Atlas stone from TITAN. The advantage of these molds is that you can easily transport them to any site you want to have a competition in and make the stones right there, rather than having to pay for haulage of a couple of tons of stones. The mammoth set will also give you more flexibility to create multiple stones over and over again. This is the better purchase for any one who runs a gym that is focused on strongman competitions with multiple athletes or has the space at home and the time to put into the self made stones. Even if a some breaks, you can remake one and still have the real thing that would be used in competition. A slight disadvantage of the hybrid mold is that it works with screws and is made of metal. This means that you need to do more preparation when making them compared to a slater mold and that the mold is also less forgiving for bad craftsmanship.
In my personal opinion the slater molds are your best bet to make your own stones. They offer a wider range of diameters to make stones ranging from 8" to 24" priced from $50 to $220. They are more forgiving than the hybrid molds when transported, as the plastic mold will bounce back into shape where the hybrid does not. They are also lighter. The process of making a stone involves duct tape, cement, the mold and the ring. This also makes it easier and more forgiving to make the stones as you have more freedom to manipulate the cement once it is in the mold. The only downside for the hybrid and slater stones is that they are stones and therefore bear a higher injury risk and are a bit of a pain to make. Still only little compares in the world of strength to the satisfaction of lifting a heavy stone on your shoulder.
The Rogue rubber Atlas stones are Rogue Fitness take on making Atlas stones more palatable for the masses. These stones have an iron core which then gets encapsulated by a rubber outer layer. This reduces the injury risk and is also easier on the floor of the gym compared to the cement stones used in strongman competitions. Another advantage is that these stones are ready to go when delivered and have the right diameter depending on their weight.  The Rogue rubber Atlas stones range from 10" to 18" in diameter and 50lb to 200lb in weight. The prices range from $125 to $360 for an individual stone while a set can be had for $480 or $915 (225lb/450lb set). These stones are great for a commercial gym that wants to offer Atlas stones to their  clients without the hassle of making them and possibly being sued by the landlord or the members themselves. The disadvantage of these stones is the rubber outer layer. It is easier to grip then cement and can also get very hot when left in the sun.
The Rogue Strongman sandbags come in various forms ranging from the tombstone, cube, husafell, cyclone and cylinder shape. They can be filled with pay sand, lead shot, or rubber to provide a wide range of weights and sizes. When empty they can be easily folded up and stored away. The prices range from $85 to $150 and it depends on you which ones you would like to mix and match for your training. The filling system is sturdy and you will not have any filling on the floor. The only downside is that these are not anything like the real deal of a unforgiving stone. They can be molded and shaped quite a bit by the lifter, maybe even grabbed which makes lifting them a lot easier. These sandbags will only ever be a simulation of the Atlas stones competition, but in most scenarios that is more than enough and the variety you can get for $650 compared to the loadable titan stone is not to be sneered at.
The TITAN husafell stone is a simulation of carrying the world famous husafell stone. This stone weighs 110lbs empty and can be loaded with almost anything you have in the gym. The husafell stone simulates a carrying event and is therefore different from the Atlas stone event which goes from the ground to the shoulder. It is still something to be considered, especially when you spread the investment of the 20-inch loadable Atlas stone over several other strongman training items for variety.

Conclusion for the TITAN 20-inch plate loadable Atlas stone

  • Already have a gym
  • You are training at home
  • Do not have the space to store multiple atlas stones
  • Do not have the time or craftsmanship to make your own stones
  • Your training is one rep max focused for stone lifting
For this the Atlas stone is the absolute perfect match and worth the $650 dollars. If you have the space and want to make your own stones, go for the slater molds instead. It will be a pain at the start as it will probably take a month or two to get your hole set of stones ready, but once it is, you will never go back. Commercial gyms are probably best advised to go for a collection of Rogue strongman sandbags of various sizes and shapes. With this you keep the training interesting, can play around a lot and keep the injury risk low. You probably only have one or two people on your roster who are really willing and able to lift proper Atlas stones so shell out $650 for training a group, rather than one individual.

TITAN Loadable strongman keg $460


Overview of the TITAN plate loadable strongman keg

The TITAN loadable strongman keg starts at 136 pound and can be loaded up to 500 pounds with traditional iron Olympic weight plates. This keg has a pin inside on which you can stack plates and secure them with a stopper that you screw onto the plates. This prevents them moving during your exercise for carries, throws and lifts to the shoulder. The design is simple and sturdy and there is not a lot you can do wrong with these. Compared to other kegs it is also easier to work with plates rather than water or sand to get an exact weight for any kind of exercises you will be doing with the kegs. The full list pf specifications for this model includes:
- Olympic weight plate sleeve
- Loads cast iron or bumper plates
- Laser-cut handles on either side and on top and bottom
- Removable steel spacers to keep plates stable and secure
- Dual handled turnstile ensures plates are secured during your workout
- Easier than loading and unloading sand, lead shot, water, etc. and much more precise
- Overall Height: 24-in.
- Overall Diameter: 22-in.
- Keg Wall Thickness: 0.125-in.
- Sleeve Length: 14.75-in.
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Material: Steel
- Weight Capacity: 500 lb. (varies by thickness of plates used to load)
- Product Weight: 136 lb.
This is a simple product which does what it says on the tin, a keg you can load with plates.

Pros of the TITAN plate loadable strongman keg

  • Different weight varieties
  • Space efficient
  • Safe
  • Easy to handle
This keg makes you live considerably easier and safes a lot of hassle, if your mainly training by yourself in your home gym with a focus on maximum strength for throwing or lifting kegs. Loading and deloading the plates is much safer and quicker than adding sand or water to a keg. It is also less likely that you will have a spill or explosion in case you throw the keg on a stone or similar sharp object from a height. With this keg you can continuously work up the weight you are lifting while being precise and micro loading.

Cons of the TITAN Plate loadable strongman keg

Cons of the plate loadable strongman keg are:
  • Price
  • Only one keg
If you intend to train with kegs chances are high that you already have a bit of space available. The strongman competition that you see most often is throwing multiple kegs of various weights over a high bar or throwing a maximum weight over the high bar. Occasionally you see keg carries, but not as often. For the throws the weights goes usually up to about 100 pounds. Therefore, you might be better off by getting multiple smaller legs that you will with water or sand and just leave them there for training rather than having one adjustable keg for $450.

Alternatives to the TITAN plate loadable strongman keg

Alternatives to the Titan plate loadable strongman keg are:
You can get regular used kegs from a local pub or distributor. It will take a bit more time to resource, but look for ones that have a defect on the closing mechanism and therefore do not regulate the pressure correct anymore.  Get those at a discounted price, fill them with water or sand and seal them tight. This needs more DIY skills and some connections, but it will be the cheaper and better training tool to simulate what happens at a strongman competition. Especially if you have a little army of these.
An alternative that is more user friendly for the masses is the strongman throw bag from Rogue. Especially if you mainly use legs for throw training. For carry events these might be a little too light if you are a 140kg and more monster, but for throws they are great. They cost $145 and are a lot easier to handle than a keg. If you want to bring over the bar throws to the general population, is the better choice than the loadable keg.

Conclusion for the TITAN Loadable Strongman keg

The TITAN loadable strongman keg is a good option if you are training for maximum lifts and carries with kegs. Whenever you need one heavy keg to train this is a good, clean and safe option over any kind of do it yourself keg filled with water or sand. Usually, the events for throwing kegs are lighter and involve smaller kegs. In this scenario you are better off to work on a line up of kegs which you can easily swap, change and throw consecutively to be more effective with their your training. If you are considering to buy a leg for $450 i am quite positive, that you already have a home gym and considerable space. You might as well take a bit more time to source some kegs locally from a distributor and do them up yourself.

TITAN T-3 series Yoke $380


Overview of the TITAN T3 series Yoke

The TITAN T3 series Yoke is the Yoke version of the best selling TITAN T3 rack. With the yoke you get an additional fat crossbar to use it as a yoke, feet, and four uprights four plate storage. This unit also easily breaks down for storage and is very space efficient. Yokes are often overlooked as a very good, cheap alternative to a squat stand or rack. What you will need to purchase in addition is a pir of spotter arms and J cups to use the Yoke in this way. That bring the overall investment nearer to the $500 to $600 mark. Still, I highly recommend yokes, especially if you place it in a garage gym. The full list of specifications for this yoke is:
- Great alternative to a Power Rack - Serves the same purpose with other functions in one.
- Use as a Squat / Press Stand, Push or Drag Sled, or Yoke. 
- A staple for Strongman training.
- Adjustable crossbar to custom fit your height.
- Integrated vertical plate storage. 
- 2" hole spacing on uprights | 1" Westside spacing through the bench zone.
- Compact 72" design means you can use the Titan Yoke anywhere you train.
- 2.95" Crossbar Diameter.
- Now compatible with competition plates!
- Weight: 166 LB
- Height: 72"
- Inside width: 45" 
- Footprint: 51" x 52"
- Uprights: 2"x3" 11 gauge steel 
- Weight capacity: 750 LB
This is a great budget option for a commercial gym or home gym, that wants to get the maximum out of their dollar. Apart from yoke carries this yoke can be used for stone lifts over the bar, be used as a regular squat stand and plate storage. It also comes with feet so that you do not need to bolt it to the ground to be safe.

Pros of the TITAN T-3 series Yoke

Pros of the TITAN T-3 Yoke are:
  • Versatility
  • Price
  • Compact design
The TITAN comes with a wide range of possible exercise you can do it with it. You can use it as a squat stand, pull up bar, plate storage and create a complete gym in itself at a lower cost than a full rack. The price of TITAN T-3 Yoke is great compared to other rack options from TITAN, but also compared to the Rogue Y1 which costs $495 instead of the $380 ask price from TITAN. The compact design also helps to collapse and store it away quickly if you need to. This makes it a good option for a garage gym setup, where you also want to use the garage for its original purpose or as a workshop.
Cons of the TITAN T-3 series Yoke
Cons of the TITAN T-3 series Yoke are:
  • TITAN finish
  • Bigger footprint compared to a half rack
  • No Full safeties, only spotter arms
  • Spotter arms and J-cups not included
The TITAN finish means that TITAN generally as a higher risk of the coating being not optimal or the welds being a bit sloppy compared to other brands in the market like Eleiko and Rogue Fitness. As most of the TITAN equipment costs considerably less than the competition they need to cut corners by hiring part time or summer workers, or a bit more lenient quality control. That doesn't make the equipment unusable, but if you want consistent quality with your purchase and not have a bad feeling about how it might turn out on delivery, Rogue and Eleiko are the safer bet. That being said, for a yoke it is a great price.
If space is a concern you have to keep in mind that the four uprights including the plates you might store on them make the footprint f a yoke considerably larger compared to a simple half rack. If space is a concern for you, but you still want to train heavy, you might want to look into a half rack rather than a yoke to save some space. The trade off is that a half rack can not be used for any carries or sled pushes.
The last thing is that Yokes only have two instead of four uprights. This means that you can only use potter arms as a safety. I personally hugely dislike spotter arms as this is the only piece of equipment I have manged to break with rack pulls. It was not pretty. I also find that you are easy to miss the spotter arms on a bench press or squat. The longer the spotter arms, the easier it is to actually hit them on a fail, but the more likely they become to break at the fixation point. If you want to squat heavy by yourself and know that you fail from time to time, you are better of getting a half rack or full rack with safety pins.
What is a bit of a shame is that the J-Cups and spotter arms are not included with the purchase at $380 which would make it a really sweet deal to build a home gym. The matching T-series spotter arms are an additional $100 and the J-Cups another $70 to complete a home gym setup that can also be safely used for squats and bench presses.

Alternatives to the TITAN T-3 series Yoke

Alternatives to the TITAN T-3 Yoke include
The TITAN T3 rack is made of the steel gauges than the Yoke. IT can also be purchased in color and various heights, depending on your needs. The TITAN T-3 is a long staple of TITAN and a solid option for a home gym when someone is bench pressing and squatting heavy on a regular basis. If you do not like spotter arms or dropping weights when you go all balls out, this is the better option from TITAN. The price will be about $100 to $200 higher than for the yoke as you will get more steel in your delivery.
The X-3 series from TITAN is one step up from The T series and uses thicker uprights which makes these racks more stable. Compared to the T-3 Yoke you will probably invest $200 to $300 more depending on what you ultimately decide for. The X-3 line also has racks which offer feet on the bottom of the rack so that it does not need to be bolted to the ground. This is a good option for home gym for someone who does not only lift heavy, but also will do a lot of pull ups, band pulls and other exercises where you pull the rack in different directions. The extra thickness of the tubing makes this rack more stable for these scenarios than the T-3- line. This is not relevant if you only squat and bench press as this doesn't shake the rack as much.
The Rogue RML 390 rack is a half rack from Rogue comes in various colors and starts at a price of $1.015. While the price is considerably higher than the TITAN racks and yokes, you will get some of the finest fitness equipment that money can buy. Rogue is not the best option when you are on a budget but is almost unmatched in quality, customer service and forward thinking in the market. If you want to make sure that some american veterans get paid for the making your rack, you have a way higher chance of your equipment being made by someone who is fairly paid and in a stable job by buying Rogue equipment. If you only want the cheapest price tag, Rogue is the wrong place to look.
The Rogue Yoke is the original from which TITAN made a lower cost copy. Rogue offer their Yoke in two different heights at a price point of $495 and $560. While Rogue caters a little more towards the crossfit crowd and suburban dads, TITAN caters a little more to the ones who want to build a steel dungeon in their basement for cheap. I am a huge Rogue Fan and therefore biased and would get the Rogue Yoke if it was only between a Yoke from Rogue or Yoke from TITAN as the prices are fairly close together. $100 bucks for piece of mind that a might not have to force some components, have some missing screws on delivery or any other funny business is worth the while for me. However, if you are intending to build a steel dungeon and also buy a bunch of plate loaded machines on the same ticket / outfit an entire home gym on a budget, than TITAN is a serious contender as you can save a lot and also have a wider choice in machines. 

Conclusion for the TITAN T-3 series Yoke

The TITAN T-3 Yoke is a great option for building a simple home gym. In fact, Yokes are often overlooked for this purpose, especially if you have quite a bit of space to play around with. Be careful to also put the spotter arms and J-Cups into your basket when you are purchasing as it can be frustrating to buy these things piece meal and then have to wait and pay for shipping twice. It does what it says on the tin, but if you are lifting several hundred pounds of weight regularly by yourself, get a full cage instead. I know there is many people out there who do it just with a squat stand, but better to be safe than sorry.

Atlas stone platform $315


Overview of the Atlas Stone platform

The Atlas Stone platform from TITAN has been designed to go well with the 20" plate loadable Atlas stone from TITAN. This is a sturdy design using 2x2 tube steel at 42".It can take up to 400 pounds of weight for your heaviest of workouts. This is a professional tool for strongman who repeatedly lift heavy stones to a platform. The full specifications are:
- Heavy duty 2" x 2" steel construction for a solid, long lasting design.
- 1" Lip around edges keep your stone from rolling off the platform. 
- 3/8" Rubber mat for a smooth transition and to keep the noise level at a minimum. 
- 8" Center hole diameter to easily hold most size stones, slam balls, or medicine balls. 
- 425 Pound weight capacity to stand up to the heaviest of lifts. 
- Platform Dimensions: 25" x 25"
- Platform Height: 42"
- Hole Diameter: 8"
- Weight Capacity: 425 LB
- Weight: 125 LB 
This is the proper platform for maximum weight attempts with an Atlas stone to a platform.

Pros of the Atlas Stone platform

The pros of the Atlas stone platform are:
  • Sturdy
  • Specifically designed to prevent the Stone from rolling off
  • Hole in the middle where the stone can rest
This platform has been designed with heavy stones in mind. Everything about it has been put together to minimize the injury risk from a stone that goes out of control when banged on the platform. This platform is unlikely to warp, break or bend even if you put a heavy stone on it and will also prevent it from rolling off the edges. If you are a serious strongman who wants the platform to lift on to be metal, this is a good purchase.

Cons of the Atlas Stone platform

The cons of the Atlas Stone platform are:
  • Price
  • Not adjustable
  • Single use
  • Can not be collapsed
This is a fairly heavy and cumbersome piece of equipment which only does one very specific thing. It almost costs as much as a yoke, which can also be used as a stone to platform simulator by using the yoke beam. I personally think that an oversight in the design from TITAN is that you can not adjust this platform for different heights. I do not know how that would work from an integrity perspective, but when I look at the safeties on the TITAN Yoke, I can imagine that you could build a Adjustable Atlas stone platform by using the T-3 uprights and the thick safety pins. This platform can also not be collapsed when not used and most people do not do Atlas lifts every single day, but more like once a week.

Alternatives to the Atlas Stone platform

Pylo boxes are an alternative to a bespoke Atlas Stone platform. Especially if you already have some and you are only working with light Atlas stones.If you fancy you might even put the stone on it, draw a circle with a pencil and saw a whole into the top. This is not ideal, and also stay away from using any stones that weigh more than 100kg with a pylo box. They are often made of press wood and I would not trust it with a massive stone.
Foam cubes are a great low budget option to do stone lifts onto. They usually have a bigger surface than pylo boxes, want splinter if you load them heavy and can also be adjusted easily in height. TITAN sells a full omdular set of different heights for $500. If you do not have one yet and consider getting into Atlas stone lifting, this is the better option as you can also use these foam boxes for other things than Atlas stones.
If you go to your local carpenter and offer him $300 for making you a set of six platforms you might get lucky. Especially if when you are not in a rush and allow him to use some of the leftover cuts for the platforms. If you like a DIY job yourself you might even get wood for $300 or less and try yourself at platforms. If you make them of wood try to get some extra beams inside the box to stabilize which the standard pylo boxes do not have. Only recommended if you know what you are doing and disclaimer, you can not sue me if that thing is not secure as I warned you.
Another options is to add about $100 to your budget and get a Yoke instead of the platform. This Yoke can be collapsed and also be used for many other things than lifting Atlas stones. It will not be exactly the same as lifting to a platform, but it will get very close when you lift a heavy stone over the beam. Just make sure to weigh the Yoke down  with some plates when you do this so it does not shift when the stone touches the beam.

Conclusion for the Atlas stone platform

If you have the money and intend to lift very heavy stones,this is the right equipment to get. Apart from that, I personally think that for the same or similar budget you can get more modular options which are slightly less safe as they do not have a lip running around to prevent the stone from rolling off. The foam boxes will quickly have a little indenture for the stone to roll into after a few sessions. Choice is yours.

12-inch Log bar V2 $250


Overview of the 12-inch log bar

The 12-inch log bar from TITAN is the biggest log bar you can get from them. It weighs 84 pounds and can take up to 1000 pounds for your heaviest overhead lifts. Log bars are a staple in strongman competitions and vary in weight. Sometimes they are done for repetitions, other times for maximum weight. The neutral grip handles make the log bars a lot more forgiving on the wrists and arms than regular barbells for heavy overhead presses. The log bar is usually lifted from the ground and brought to the mid section of the body to then bring it overhead. A great tool to develop strength and try out something new, but a big boy toy. The full specifications of the TITAN 12 inch log bar run as followed:
- Rackable on most standard power racks
- A staple for Strongman training and competitions
- Durable steel construction with laser-cut Titan logo
- Neutral knurled handgrips at 26-in on center
- Fully welded seams and end caps
- 14-in loadable sleeves which fit Olympic plates
- Available in 10 and 12-inch models
- Grip Diameter: 1.65-in.
- Handle Length: 11.3-in
- Handle Spacing: 23.6-in.
- Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.
- Overall Length: 80.3-in.
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 14-in.
- Sleeve to Sleeve Length: 50.6-in.
- Knurling: Medium
- Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb.
- Product Weight: 84 lb.
This is a good budget option from TITAN for your strongman training at home or in the gym.

Pros of the 12-inch log bar

The pros of the TITAN 12-inch log bar:
  • Competition measurements
  • Cost efficient design
  • Neutral handles with space
  • Compatible with standard plates
This is the type of log which dimensions would be the same in a proper strongman competition The only difference would be that this one is metal and not wood. This makes the TITAN 12 inch log bar more cost efficient and weigh a little less by itself compared to wood. That makes it more approachable for beginners. The chambers for the grips are generous in size and you will have no contact with the outer edges of it. This can sometimes be a problem on poorly designed log bars, especially for big athletes who then have trouble getting their hands and arms to the grips. You will also not need to worry about whether your standard plates will fit this log.

Cons of the 12-inch log bar

The cons of the 12-inch TITAN log bar are:
  • Big boy toy
  • Not wood
  • A little too long
This is a big boy toy and therefore not necessarily suitable for most commercial gyms. To really have fun with a log bar you should already know a little bit about lifting and not be scrawny yourself. This is not a beginners training tool so look somewhere else if you are only starting out on your strength journey.
The more experienced athletes will get a great log bar for a good price, but it will not fully simulate what happens in competition. Many competitions will get an actual wooden log bar as it is a better showpiece for spectators. So if you are training for serious competitions, you might as well invest the little extra money to get a heavier wooden log that also has a bit of a different feel about it.
TITAN has not normed this to average barbell length. If your gym is already tight, be aware that the log will protrude considerably more from the rack than your barbells do. 

Alternatives to the 12-inch log bar

The 10 inch log bar from TITAN is the little brother of the 12" log bar. This size is usually used in female strongman competitions, but can also be a bit more approachable for the masses in a commercial gym to get them interested in strongman training. It also comes at a slightly lower price of $230, although I think that the size differences matter more for this comparison than the prices.
The TITAN Multi grip log bar offers you two different grip widths while giving up some of the weight compared to the 12 inch log bar which makes it a bit cheaper. If you want some more variety in your log presses you can opt for this model from TITAN.
Rogue delivers their log bars in (2, 10" and 12" at prices of $345, $465, and $595. Their logs are considerably higher in cost. The log bars usually involve more manual labor and welding in production and Rogue is known for better quality welds than TITAN. Usually these differences are more cosmetic than functional in nature, but be aware that you tend to pay more for better craftsmanship at Rogue for the welding and that log bars, not like barbells, need more of this kind of work. 
The slater log is the real deal when it comes to log bars. If you want to purchase a ready made wooden log bar you can get your hands in three different versions from Slater costing $449, $549, and $695. These log bars weigh more for the same diameter and come closer to what you will handle in competition.

Conclusion for the 12-inch log bar

The 12.inch log bar from TITAN is a solid budget option for anyone who is considering a log bar for their gym. Be aware that a 12" log bar is massive and that most normal humans would be better of getting a 10" or even 8" log to not overwhelm themselves. Still, if you are goliath yourself, knock yourself out with a 12-inch. Maybe get a pizza of that size first and see what you get yourself into. Chances are if you can not eat a 12" pizza by yourself, you should not get the corresponding log bar.

TITAN Upright farmer's walk handles $215


Overview TITAN Upright farmer's walk handles

The TITAN Upright farmer's walk handles are a little more pricey than regular carry handles and bear two additional features. They have an adjustable handle for different heights and you can put the plates on top of the handle frame. With this you have more variety in your training compared to a regular handle and do not use up your plates as much. The full specifications of these farmer#s handles are:
- Built with heavy duty 3"x3" 11 gauge steel tubing.
- Sold in pairs, so you'll be able to get started immediately.
- Vertical weight posts save your weight plates if you drop the handles and your plates won't fall off. 
- Knurled 1.25" diameter handles can be set at 8" and 16" off the ground. 
- Stabilizer feet to keep the handles upright if dropped.
- Modular design can be converted to a deadlift platform with Farmers Walk connectors (available separately)
- Compatible with standard Olympic plates - steel plates or bumper plates.
- Weight: 52 lbs each
- Handle diameter: 1.25"
- Usable handle length: 8"
- Handle heights: 8" and 16" from ground
- Overall length: 50"
- Weight Capacity: 500 lbs per handle
The Upright farmer's walk handles are an overlooked item that cost slightly more but will leave your plates in tact and does not need collars to work properly.

Pros of the TITAN Upright farmer's walk handles

  • Plates are upright
  • Adjustable handle
  • Knurled handle
One main advantage compare to regular farmer's handles is that the plates are upright and therefore are more secure and do not get wrecked when you use these handles. More often than not the farmer's handles get loaded and sealed with a collar never to be touched again,until the plates are destroyed. That makes it inconvenient for different gym members to load it separately and costly in the long run. On top of that you get a proper handle that provides grip compared to the powder coated alternatives that most gyms stock.

Cons of the TITAN Upright farmer's walk handles

  • Price
The only real disadvantage of this handle is its price. You can get other handles for around $100 or even below. For $200 you can also almost get a barbell or trap bar instead. So oyu have to weigh up your options in terms of what other things you could possibly do with $200 instead of getting farmer's walk handles.

Alternatives to the TITAN Upright farmer's walk handles

The TITAN trap bar comes in at $270 and is therefore slightly more expensive than the upright farmers walk handles. Technically you can also do farmer's walks with a trap bar. It is not exactly the same, but if you are only after the core and grip benefits a trap bar farmer's walk will also do. In addition to farmer's walks you can also use the trap bar for deadlifts, especially if you want to put less strain on your lower back. The TITAN trap bar is likely to have some minor quality issues as it has a lot of welds. Whenever welding is to be done, TITAN is more likely to botch the job then Rogue. That doesn't render the bar unsafe or unusable but it will suffer in cosmetics and might have some material inside the frame. With the Rogue trap bar you have a lower risk of this occurring, but you will also pay $100 more.
The farmer's walk handles are cheaper version to which you attach the plates directly. What you safe in the handles you will probably spent many times over on the plates for these solutions.
The last option for farmer's walks are heavy kettlebells. These are probably the most versatile alternative to farmer's walk handles, but also do not exactly reflect the exercise. The weight is more centered to the body and therefore a lot easier to handle.
Conclusion for the TITAN Upright Farmer's walk handles
If you want to get classic farmer's walk handles to simulate strongman competition these are a serious consideration. Especially if you only get them for yourself and do not have to buy them in bulk. The upright handles are superior to the classic farmer's handle and are worth the money as long as you want to do farmer's walks. If cost and versatility are your main concern, then a pair of heavy kettlebells are probably the better option.

Circus dumbbell $150-$180


Overview of the TITAN Circus dumbbell

The circus dumbbell is a classic strongman event where you lift a cumbersome dumbbell from the floor to your shoulder. For this purpose TITAN offers four different Circus dumbbells in diameters of 10"-12" and empty weights ranging from 67 Lbs. to 94lbs. TITAN does not recommend dropping these from overhead on the floor, so you might also want to invest in some crash mats for a full setup. These dumbbells are big and cumbersome, as they should be, and provide you with the necessary equipment for this event. The full specifications are:
10" 2" Handle
- 1.9” Tube allows for Olympic Weights under 10” in diameter to be placed inside the circus dumbbell to easily increase weight. 
- 2” diameter handle.
- 10.75” loadable sleeve length. 
- Comes with a pair of weight retainers.
- Empty Weight: 77 LB
- Length: 30.125”
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 10.75”
- Dumbbell Diameter: 10”
- Handle Diameter: 2”
10" 2.5" Handle
- 1.9” Tube allows for Olympic Weights under 10” in diameter to be placed inside the circus dumbbell to easily increase weight. 
- 2.5” diameter handle.
- 10.75” loadable sleeve length. 
- Comes with a pair of weight retainers.
- Empty Weight: 78 LB
- Length: 30.125”
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 10.75”
- Dumbbell Diameter: 10”
- Handle Diameter: 2.5”
12" 3" Handle
- 1.9” Tube allows for Olympic Weights under 12” in diameter to be placed inside the circus dumbbell to easily increase weight. 
- 3” diameter handle.
- 10.75” loadable sleeve length. 
- Comes with a pair of weight retainers.
- Empty Weight: 94 LB
- Length: 30.125”
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 10.75”
- Dumbbell Diameter: 12”
- Handle Diameter: 3”
12" 2.5" Handle
- 1.9” Tube allows for Olympic Weights under 12” in diameter to be placed inside the circus dumbbell to easily increase weight. 
- 2.5” diameter handle.
- 10.75” loadable sleeve length. 
- Comes with a pair of weight retainers.
- Empty Weight: 67 LB
- Length: 30.125”
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 10.75”
- Dumbbell Diameter: 12”
- Handle Diameter: 2.5”
With these bis dumbbells you can train and get better to move cumbersome weights which is one of the main requirements in strongman competitions.  It is also a rather cheap option for a loadable dumbbell compared to other models which come in around $300 to $600.

Pros of the TITAN Circus Dumbbell

The pros of the TITAN Circus dumbbell are:
  • Low price
  • Fits the requirement
  • Loadable
This is one of the cheapest possible ways you can get into the strongman sport. Circus dumbbells are in my opinion a bit easier to get overhead than axle barbells and also provide a different experience from anything else you usually move around in the gym. Especially if you have been looking for a loadable dumbbell for a while, this might be a cheaper option compared to a full adjustable dumbbell system and a bit more fun. Compared to Atlas stones they are a lot less hassle to get ready.

Cons of the TITAN Circus dumbbell

Cons of the TITAN Circus dumbbell are:
  • Warp easily
  • Do not fit most Storage units
  • Con only be loaded with smaller plates
The main point against these dumbbells is that they warp quite easily when dropped from overhead. Original circus dumbbells are usually solid an round at the end. Therefore they are not adjustable, but virtually indestructible. That you have to take a little more care with these circus dumbbells is a bit counter intuitive. All you want to do when this beast is overhead is to drop it, not gently put it back down to avoid damage. Be prepared to get a thick gym mat together with your purchase for lasting fun.
Another disadvantage is that you will most likely not be able to fit these dumbbells on any rack you already have. If your gym is very spacious that is not a huge problem. If you crammed your gym into your home, every inch counts and these dumbbells do not help your space management if you already have plates, kettlebells and some bands lying on the floor.
The last thing is that if you want to go heavy, you might need some specialist plates. With heavy  I mean strongman heavy around 100kg and more. For mere mortals the weight of the Circus dumbbell itself might already be enough to work with.

Alternatives to the TITAN Circus dumbbell

Alternatives to the TITAN Circus dumbbells are:
  • TITAN Loadable dumbbell
  • Rogue Loadable dumbbell
TITAN Provides loadable dumbbells which range from 15" to 36" in length and $45 to $75 in price per piece. As they do not have an outer rim like the circus dumbbells you can use most of your plates with these. The lifting experience is more convenient and close to what you are used to with normal dumbbells. If you put big plates on them they feel a little more like circus dumbbells depending on your preference. They are also easier to store.
Rogue also provides loadable dumbbells on 10" and 15" length which cost around $135 a piece. These loadable dumbbells are shortened versions of the classic Rogue Ohio barbell and feel more than a shortened barbell rather than just a loadable dumbbell. Rogue also provides special bumpers that have been made for the loadable dumbbells. If you want to save space in your gym while still having a full dumbbell rack, this is a very space efficient, yet pricey way of getting there. They also look really stylish.

Conclusion for the TITAN Circus Dumbbell

The TITAN Circus dumbbell are a cheap entry point to strongman overhead lifts.  Especially if you already have the space and mats available they can be a fun addition to your regimen. If you are a serious contender for strongman competitions who weighs more than 100kg or even 140kg than you might go for the solid core circus dumbbells instead. These are more expensive and less suited for the mass market, but simulate the real life event closer. For smaller athletes or every day training to spice things up they are still a good alternative to most loadable dumbbells you can get, if you have the space and some protection for the floor.

TITAN Husafell stone $180


Overview of the TITAN Husafell stone

The husafell stone from TITAN is a simple design that simulates strongman carries where you can not use a handle to move the weight. Inspired by the 186kg (409lbs) Husafell stone which is located in Iceland, you can hardly wrap your arms around this weight which is part of the challenge. The design is open at the top so that you can either fill it with plates or some other medium of your choice. The TITAN Husafell stone is advertised as 110lbs empty. The full specifications of this big boy toy are:
- Loadable with bumper or steel plates, chains, or anything that fits!
- Laser cut carry handles for easy transport. 
- 17.3" Opening for loading weight.
- Solid steel construction for durability. 
- Weight: 110 LB empty
- Height: 30"
- Width: 28.9"
- Depth: 5.98"
- Opening width: 17.3"
- Bottom width: 8.5"

Pros of the TITAN Husafell stone

The pros of the Husafell stone are:
  • Easy to load
  • Easy to maintain
  • Robust
  • Hard hull
This is a simple, no-nonsense design which needs no explanation. Anyone who sees this in a gym will immediately now how to load it and how to use it. Whether they actually can move it around is a different matter. You can drop it, maltreat it  and leave it in the dirt and rain. It might not look pretty afterwards, but will still function. What is also a great benefit is that the hull is hard and does not give in. This makes it hard to get a grip on this weight which is closer to simulating actual stones compared to sand bags which flow more with the medium you fill it with.

Cons of the TITAN Husafell stone

The cons of the Husafell stone are:
  • TITAN finish
  • Unforgiving on floor and athletes
  • Hard to store
As TITAN manages to save you a lot of money on most purchases compared to other vendors, they have to find a way to get their. This is usual by saving labor costs in form of quality of the finish. The TITAN husafell stone is no exception. One way to safe on this is to not thoroughly sand it down after it has been built. This means that it can leave sharp edges for you. When you load this with a couple of hundred pounds this is the last thing you want. Once you get your shipment from TITAN always check whether all parts have been included and whether all parts fit or have sharp edges. Usually you have to use some elbow grease to bring TITAN products to their final stage. Nothing major, but still a flaw.
Another disadvantage of the Husafell stone is that it is very unforgiving when someone falls or drops it accidentally on themselves or the gym floor where there are no mats. It is almost certain that it will take a chunk out of the athlete or the floor depending on what it hits. This is common for real strongman objects like kegs, stones, and circus dumbbells, but still might not appeal to the broader audience. If you want a similar experience that is a bit more user friendly you can get the Husafell sandbag from Rogue.
As with some most Strongman objects, the Husafell is also cumbersome to store. If you are strapped for space in your home gym, this might not be the ideal purchase. It might end up as one of these toys that will just gather dust and you have to dance around between the rack and your pile of strength shame which this one will be added too.

Alternatives to the TITAN husafell stone

A good alternative to almost any strongman device are heavy kettlebells. Once you pass 60kg on kettlebells they are almost as big as a small stone and still have a handle. This leaves you open for carries, lifts and other strongman activities while still being able to use the kettlebell for floor presses, swings and maybe even Turkish get ups.
Another alternative for carries are trap bars which can also be sued for trap bar deadlifts. Rogue and TITAN both offer their own trap bars. While the Rogue trap bars have a slightly better finish at slightly higher cost you will get the TITAN trap bars for less money, but with a higher risk of minor blemishes or bad shipping attached.
If you want to lift heavy and work your core you can also go for simple farmer's walk handles from wither Rogue or TITAN. The center of gravity is away from you with this exercise and you will also have a clear grip. In return you can walk faster and work your cardiovascular system a little more in exchange for less activation of your back muscles from the Husafell stone.
If you want to keep the idea of the Husafell stone lift, but make it more secure, than the Rogue Husafell sandbags might be the right thing for you. Rogue has recently expanded their strongman sandbag line up with new shapes. The husafell bag is the newest, which weighs 100lb to 200lb if you fill it with sand. If you want to go heavier lead shot is also an option.

Conclusion for the TITAN Husafell stone

The TITAN husafell stone is a good option for serious strongman competitors and aspirants who want a loadable husafell stone that is very close to the original challenge. For anyone who wants to minimize injury risk and make the handling of the weight more convenient the Rogue Husafell sandbag version is a better option.

Multi grip log bar $153


Overview of the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The TITAN Multi grip log bar is a good cheaper and smaller option for home gyms compared to other log bars available from TITAN. As this log bar is short it can not be racked and is also too small to reflect truly what you will have in a strongman competition. That being said it is one of the best options to get a log into a small space and get something else into your training than just barbell movements. The full specifications of this log bar are:
- This bar combines the best of a multi grip barbell with the girth and feel of a traditional log bar.
- 10" Diameter barrel measure 15" long to produce the same motion of rolling the log up your body for lifts. 
- Multiple grips let you target different muscle groups and makes this bar more suitable for athletes of varying size.
- Grip spread distances at 19" and 31" apart. 
- Heavy duty steel construction and thick powder for a durable training bar.
- Overall Length: 75.5"
- Grip Spread: 19" | 31"
- Grip Length: 5.5"
- Grip Diameter: 1.3"
- Log Length: 15"
- Log Diameter: 10"
- Sleeve Length: 14"
- Sleeve Diameter: 1.95"
- Weight: 60 LB
A good purchase as it is not too expensive, just be mindful of the space available in your home gym or commercial gym as you most likely will have to store on the floor or lean it in the corner as it does not work with most standard storage units for barbells.

Pros of the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The pros of the TITAN Multi grip log bar are:
  • Multi grip
  • Smaller size
  • Price
The multi grip options on this log bar can be used to make your workout as challenging as with a 12" log bar. Just use the wider grip and you will see how it challenges you. The smaller size also means that it better fits small environments and can be stored easier. In combination with the smaller price tag this is the ideal present for someone who is obsessed with strength and you want to get them something out of the ordinary. Not a lot you can do wring with this.

Cons of the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The cons of the Multi grip log bar are:
  • Not rack loadable
  • Not competition dimensions
  • Positioning of grips for big athletes
  • TITAN finish
This log bar is too short to be loaded into a rack to do presses from a certain height. If you want to train partial movements for the log bar lift, this is not the ideal tool to get. However, if you are considering partial log bar lifts, you probably want to get one of the bigger log bars anyway.
In most competitions the log bars will be bigger and not hollow. This makes their handling a lot different from what you get with the multi grip log bar. It is still a great tool which is easy to transport and dies not take up a lot of space. For the real deal you might want to look for the slater logs instead to train at home.
As the sleeves have been cut into to make space for the multiple grips, this log bar can be challenging for bigger athletes. You might have trouble to get your hands in the right way or load the log bar to your chest as some pieces or missing. This only applies when you are massive yourself, but definitely something to consider.
The last thing to mention is the TITAN finish. While there no negative reports about this particular log bar that I have found, you still run a risk with TITAN on finish of the products with many welds. That does mean that this must be the case for you, but there is a reason why TITAN can offer their products at such a low price. This usually shows in quality control, customer service and shipping. There is just a wider variance in experience compared to the more expensive brands like Eleiko and Rogue.

Alternatives to the TITAN Multi grip log bar

Alternatives to the TITAN Multi grip log bar are:
The 10 inch log bar from TITAN is the little brother of the 12" log bar. This size is usually used in female strongman competitions, but can also be a bit more approachable for the masses in a commercial gym to get them interested in strongman training. It also comes at a slightly lower price of $230, although I think that the size differences matter more for this comparison than the prices.
Rogue delivers their log bars in (2, 10" and 12" at prices of $345, $465, and $595. Their logs are considerably higher in cost. The log bars usually involve more manual labor and welding in production and Rogue is known for better quality welds than TITAN. Usually these differences are more cosmetic than functional in nature, but be aware that you tend to pay more for better craftsmanship at Rogue for the welding and that log bars, not like barbells, need more of this kind of work. 
The slater log is the real deal when it comes to log bars. If you want to purchase a ready made wooden log bar you can get your hands in three different versions from Slater costing $449, $549, and $695. These log bars weigh more for the same diameter and come closer to what you will handle in competition.

Conclusion for the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The TITAN MUlti grip log bar is a good tool to enter Strongman and build size. If you are already massive you might want to go with one of the bigger logs.

Titan Rickshaw farmer's walk $150


Overview of the TITAN Rickshaw farmer's walk

The TITAN Rickshaw farmer's walk is a frame  for farmer's walks with handles. The design is simple and effective. The main benefits are that the weight is closer to your body compared to regular farmer's walk handles and that the plates do not touch the ground. This makes them last longer and the plates easier to load and unload. The full specifications of the TITAN Rickshaw farmer's walk are:
- With weight sleeves off the ground, easily load and unload plates in between sets. 
- Great for deadlifts, shrugs, and farmer’s walks to give your legs, back, and shoulders a grueling workout!
- Rubber feet protect the Rickshaw and your floor from damage when setting down the Rickshaw between reps or sets.
- Inside dimensions of 24-in x 17-in allows ample amount of room for farmer’s walks.
- 13-in of loadable sleeve length.
- Overall Height: 15.5-in.
- Overall Width: 56-in.
- Overall Length: 19-in.
- Color: Powder-Coated Black
- Weight: 50 lb.
This is a great alternative to farmer's handles and a trap bar if you only buy one or a few of them. Especially the loading of the plates is a lot more convenient than with a trap bar or traditional farmer's walk handle setup.

Pros of the TITAN Rickshaw Farmer's walk

The pros of the TITAN Rickshaw farmer's walk handles are:
  • Easy handling of plates with a deadlift jack
  • Weight more centered than with farmer's walk handles
  • Plates will not get damaged
  • Price
The Rickshaw farmer's walk handle is all about convenience for farmer'a walks. Especially if you are beginner or seasoned athlete you will appreciate that it is not a lot of hassle to get this thing loaded and ready. At a price point of $150 you will get 2 for the price of one saving on a trap bar and farmer's walk which will use put you back $300 to $400 if you get both. Definitely an insider purchase if you are not too nit picky about some details.

Cons of the TITAN Rickshaw Farmer's walk

The cons of the Rickshaw farmers'walk are:
  • Awkward to store
  • Higher Starting point than regular trap bar
  • Not a real simulation of farmer's walks
The Rickshaw farmer's walk is not as easily stored against a wall than as a trap bar. It will also not fit into most barbell stands, which is also harder with trap bars, but at least possible. If you have a very small home gym you might stay clear os this one. In comparison to a trap bar the starting point for a deadlift is also a little higher.Keep that in mind depending on your training goals. In comparison to farmer's walk handles it will also be hard to store multiple sets for group training in your commercial gym and the weight distribution is different. If you want a true farmer's walk, this is not the right product to get.

Alternatives to the TITAN Rickshaw farmer's walk

The TITAN trap bar is a good alternative to the Rickshaw farmers walk if your goal is too go heavy in deadlifts as a supplement for straight barbell deadlifts. The sleeves are a bit longer for a trap bar and you also have more variations on the grip. If you use a trap bar for farmer's walks the distribution of weight is very similar to the Rickshaw. If you only care about carries for grip strength and core work, rather than simulating strongman events, than a trap bar Rickshaw are both viable options. Multiple trap bars will be easier to store than multiple Rickshaw frames.
The TITAN farmer's walk handles are a classic of strongman training and the cheapest to get for this amount of training. They are also very easy to store in bulk against a wall, if you do strongman training for groups. The only downside with the classic handles is that your plates will get more damaged and it can be quite inconvenient to change the weight on these handles. This is the right choice for a commercial gym that wants to buy in bulk and already has some trap bars and barbells.
The TITAN upright Farmer's walk handles are in my opinion the best option for an individual who wants to train the farmer's walk and go heavy. The weight distribution  is the same as for the classic farmer's walk which makes it harder than having it close to your body. You still do not damage the plates as they will not be in direct contact with the floor. The upright farmer's walk handles will also be easier to store than the rickshaw. The downsides are that they are not as good for deadlifts and it is a little more work to load them.

Conclusion for the TITAN Rickshaw farmer's walk

The Rickshaw farmer's walk is a great option if you want to save some money on buying a trap bar and farmer's walk handles. This does both as long as you have a dedicated space in your gym to store it. Its hard to just push in a corner or some nook and cranny like you can do with Farmer's walk handles. Overall for a single user this is a superior choice to regular farmer's walk handles. If you are aiming to train groups and buy in bulk, the classic handles are a better choice.

Farmer's walk handles $100


Overview of the TITAN farmer's walk handles

The TITAN farmer's walk handles are a classic and simple design to strengthen your grip and core. Standard plates can be attached at each end and you lift them to carry the weight as far as you can. As the weight is not fully centered with your body it will challenge your core to avoid straying of the a straight line. The farmer's walk has been a solid part of many strongman competitions for years and if you are serious about Strongman training it should be a regular part of your schedule. The full specifications for the TITAN Farmer's walk handles are:
  • Overall length 60 in.
  • Handle length 5.5 in.
  • Handle diameter 31mm
  • Sleeve diameter 50mm
  • Loadable sleeve length 12-in.
  • Powder Coated Black
  • Capacity 500lb per handle
This is a good product to buy in bulk for group training for a commercial gym. Home gym owners might want to upgrade to a upright handle frame as they can invest a little more per item.

Pros of the TITAN farmer's walk handles

The pros of the TITAN farmer's walk handles are:
  • Price
  • Simplicity
  • Storage
The TITAN Farmer's handles are simple, compact, relatively cheap and easy to store. This makes them a great option for anyone who wants to have multiple pairs to compete against each other. Most people have seen and used one of these in their fitness journey, or at least have seen someone else using them. Not a lot you can do wrong at this price point if you have the space for them.

Cons of the TITAN farmer's walk handles

The cons of the TITAN farmer's walk handles:
  • Wreck the plates
  • Not easy to adjust
  • Can not be build into a frame
The cons of the TITAN farmer's walk handles are that they wreck the plates you use with them as you can not easily adjust. What usually happens with these handles is that they got set up once with a certain weight and rarely adjusted. After that they will stand on these plates for days and also get dropped on different surfaces. Over time the plates will suffer and ultimately break. As you put the plates at the front and the back, you will also not adjust often as it is inconvenient. Especially if you are by yourself. Compared to Upright farmer's walk handles this is inferior as these are easier to adjust and can also be built into a deadlift /carry frame which becomes more common in Strongman competitions for carry events.

Alternatives to the TITAN farmer's walk handles

Trap bars are a good alternative to farmer's walk handles as you can also use them as a deadlift training tool. Using the frame of a Trap bar it is a bit safer to go at speed than with the farmer's walk handles. The Rogue trap bar and TITAN trap bar are two alternatives which have about $100 in price between them while the Rogue one has the higher quality finish.
The TITAN Upright farmer's walk handles are my personal favorite. They keep the nature of the farmers walk alive by putting the plates further away from your body while making the setup safer and more convenient. As a bonus you can also build them into a deadlift / carry frame if you get some extra parts from TITAN. I personally think, especially for a home gym, the few extra bucks are worth considering.
The TITAN rickshaw farmer's walk as a cheaper alternative to a trap bar which is also more convenient to load. If you have been considering a trap bar to do carries and deadlifts you might look int the rickshaw as a cheaper alternative which is also more convenient to use.
Heavy kettlebells are always a great alternative to to farmer's walk handles as they can be used for so much more than just carries. You can use them for swings, Turkish get ups, and floor presses alike. Only a few tools give you as many possibilities as kettlebells in this compact size. To be fair, for carries they are not an accurate representation of a farmer's walk, yoke or frame carry as the center of gravity is close to your body and the handles are usually more convenient to grip.

Conclusion for the TITAN farmer's walk handles

Cheap and cheerful for carries.

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