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How to setup your home gym

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The Ultimate guid to building a home gym

How to setup your home gym

This is an overview of example designs and ideas for building your own home gym. Each one is unique and special. This article was originally posted under "the ultimate guide to building a home gym". 

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Example designs

Attached you will find two example designs which you can use as a blueprint. I have also done many variations on those. Start with the floor space you have available and design your gym into it, as the available space most likely will not change. The few exceptions are new builds in the garden. Here I would also start with the available shed / room options and work from there. 

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How to set up home gym

How to set up home gym

There are many ways to get to your own gym and here are some of them: 


This is all for you. Not really an option for me as I am not a handy man. If you work in construction or like little projects around the house this might be ideal for you. 

Professional build 

This is the option for getting the professionals in. They can do everything from the foundation to completed extra building.  Make very sure that it is clear what their services contain and what they do not cover in the build to avoid surprises. 


If you build a garden gym you will have two main deliveries. One for the material to build the structure and one for the gym equipment. If you have the structure or room already, you will get a big shipment. Leave some day’s off with your employer so that you can expect the shipment as otherwise there might be hefty delays. 


For the assembly of your home gym, you ideally have one other person helping you to put it together. You can also do it by yourself but then the chance of mishaps increases. 


The last thing to do is to childproof the gym if you have any. Put a lock on the door. Get clips to secure all the plates when stored. Avoid keeping heavy equipment very high up without securing it. Leave little to no climbing opportunities. If there are any make sure that the floor beneath is padded in case there is a fall. 

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