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How to start a garage gym [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Feb 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM


How to start a garage gym 

This is a quick overview of how you can start a garage gym. If you would like more detail to refer to the related articles in this post.
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Gym membership 

A gym membership will be the first step to your garage gym. Get the maximum out of a trial month. Learn as much as you can from different members and personal trainers. Use all of the equipment to get a feeling for what you want in your garage gym. Get clarity about your fitness goals and the plans to reach them. Try to go at least three ties a week and keep up the routine. This is a little test and exploration before putting down the big bucks to build your garage gym.

List of exercises 

Once you have explored a gym membership or if you have been training for years already, make a list of all the exercises you do regularly. Avoid to make a list of the exercises you should be doing, but don#t do at the moment. There is a reason why you are not doing them yet. It is unlikely that there will be a massive shift just because you are working out in your garage. The list of exercises will be the base for a list of the equipment you want to put in the garage gym.

Survey the area 

While you are gaining experience on the training side of things, survey your garage. What is in there? Which items need to be kept? What needs to be discarded? Where are the dors and windows? Is there heating and water? Any obstructions which can not be removed and are not at eye level? How much space is available? Be detailed about the measurements and drawings you make.  It will help you later in the process to make the right decisions and not regret some big items. It will also avoid having to do things twice over which sucks up time and money.  

List of equipment 

Based on the available space and the exercises you want to do you can draw up a list of equipment. This often includes:
To name a few. With this list, you will cover most scenarios. Still working on the details for your personal preferences.

Finance plan 

A garage gym conversion will put you back somewhere between 1000 - 10000. Make a plan on how you will finance the purchase unless you have the money already in the bank. Building a garage gym not only makes you fitter, but it will also hone your project planning skills. Tread it as such. 

Delivery and assembly 

Take some days off for the arrival of your delivery and maybe enlist one of your friends to help you with the assembly of your garage gym. You usually do not need more than two people to assemble the equipment for a garage gym


Start with a gym subscription and work your way from there to save yourself some money. Be honest about what you are doing rather than getting hung up on wishful thinking. 

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