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Should you buy the Rogue R6 rack? [Article, free download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 9, 2019, 9:30:00 AM

Should you buy the Rogue R6 rack?

The rogue R6 comes in at a price of $1495 and is a good value for money option was little upgrade pontetial. This overview was first published in "which rack to buy from Rogue". See for yourself whether this rack is the right choice for you or you might want to steer to other options from Rogue.

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What else to consider from Rogue

Overview of the R6 rack

The Rogue R6 rack is a good choice for anyone who wants to build a home gym that lasts and does not want to add a lot of stuff to it. The R6 comes with a multi-grip pull up bar included which is one of the main distinguishers from other racks. It is also lighter than the monster racks in the same price range as it is built from 2x3'' instead of 3x3'' stele notes. 
The R6 is only available in black and is made in Columbus, Ohio. The total footprint is 80''x53''. it is 90.375'' high. The length is 76'' and the width comes to 47''.  The shipment includes
and the necessary cross members to build the Rack.
The R6 was one of the first half rack / Full rack combos that Rogue sold. It was their flagship rack before the MOnster Lite and Monster series were introduced. Since then, product development has moved on to focus on the bigger, sturdier product lines and not a lot is done for the Echo and Infinity series anymore in terms of development. The R6 is still a great piece of equipment which will outshine what other vendors will deliver. 

Pros of the R6 rack

The biggest pro of the R& is that it is a one-stop shop for someone who wants to build a proper home gym. Plate storage, a proper pull-up bar, J cups and everything else you need out of the box to get started. You do not have to make decisions around which extra pieces you want to get. Just click purchase and you are good to go for a reasonable mid-range Rogue price. 

Cons of the R6 rack

The biggest con of the R6 is that it is the most expensive piece of equipment out of a series of products that Rogue does not pay a lot of attention to anymore. If you are sure that your training needs will always stay the same that is ok. If you, however, want to be able to fully participate in the new gadgets that Rogue comes out with you might be better off buying a smaller rack for a similar price out of the Monster series. 

Alternatives to the R6 rack

Alternatives to the R6 rack are
The RML 690 will give you a very similar rack which is built on the 3x3 steel notes. This will give access to the Monster lite accessory series and is also more likely to protect your investment for the future compared to investing in the Rogue INfibity series. Apart from this the R6 and RML 690 are very similar in dimensions and functionality.
The R4 is the little sister of the R6. With this rack out of the Infinity series, you will get a full rack without the half rack. You will also land below the magical $1000 mark for acquiring your rack. The R4 is a good option for gyms who want to have 3 - 6 racks at different parts of their gym or on different floors. IN a multi-floor facility plate storage is usually already taken care of and therefore less of a worry. The R4 is a good option to maximise rack space for your buck. 
The RM4 comes in at roughly the same price as the R6. With this rack, you will fully participate on Rogues newest upgrades and add-ons as this is part of the Monster series. The back draw is that you get less rack space for the amount of money as the RM is made of 3x3'' instead of 2x3'' steel. 

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