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Overview and review of the Rogue HR2 half rack [Article, Free Download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 15, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Rogue HR 2 Half rack 


The Rogue HR2 half rack comes in at $655 and is one of the low-range options for under $1000 from Rogue. Learn more in this review which was originally published in the Article "Which Rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000".


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Overview of the HR2

The HR2 is a half rack that leaves you with a pull-up station and a lot of storage. If you own a Monster lite squat stand and want to take care of your plates you can use Rogues' conversion kit to have more storage.
The HR2 is built in Ohio, Columbus and comes in black. It is 49'' long and 48'' wide. This brings the HR2 to a total footprint of 48''x49''.  You can choose between a 110.375'' or 90.375'' height option. It also provides Westside spacing in case you want to work in small increments for your bench press. The HR2 is compatible with the Infinity and MOnster lite series. The steel notes for the uprights come in 3x3'' 11 gauge steel while the base is made of 2x3'' 11 Gauge steel.
The HR2 is a versatile small option to either upgrade your existing squat stand or store a lot of plates away while providing a small squat and bench station.

Pros of the HR2

The HR2 provides a lot of storage in a very small space. This makes it a good option if you want to compress your entire gym and storage plates into as small a space as possible. 

Cons of the HR2

You will most likely do all of your exercises outside of this rack and therefore be less safe for powerlifting. Space between the beams is just too small unless you are very petite. 

Alternatives to the HR2

Alternatives to the HR2 are
The RE4 is a full rack from the Rogue Echo series. This will put you in the position to have more space to squat and be safe at the same budget. The downside of this deal is that the Echo series has smaller steel notes and there also fewer upgrades made to this line of production of Rogue.
RML3WC is a good option for anyone who wants to save space in a garage. This rack can be folded to the wall so that you can park a car in front or simply safe space when you are not using the rack. This is a great option for the gym and garages who want to be able to convert their workspace depending on changing needs.
The SM1 squat stand is the simplest version of the Monster squat stands and has no pull-up bar. If you want to pear it back maximally to save cost and still be in the top range of Rogue, this is the way to go.

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