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Should you buy the Rogue RML 690C rack? [Article, Free download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 7, 2019, 9:30:00 AM

Should you buy the Rogue RML 690C rack?

The rogue RML 690C rack comes in at a price of $1750 and is a great value for money option for your home gym. This overview was first published in "which rack to buy from Rogue". See for yourself whether this rack is the right choice for you or you might want to steer to other options from Rogue.

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What else to consider from Rogue

Overview of the RML 690C

The Rogue RML 690C contains a full and a half rack combined. C stands for colour so you also can individualize even further. The 690C is part of the Rogue monster lite series. It will provide you with storage space for plates, band pegs to train westside style and space and safety to do your heavy squats. With 1.750$ it is one of the great value for money options from Rogue. You will get not the same access to innovation is with the MOnster Series, but have a very solid and well-built home gym or centrepiece to your strength facility.
The Rogue RML 690C is built in Columbus Ohio. It weighs 530LB and comes with a footprint of 80''x53''. The length is 76'' and width is 49''. The RML 690C is only available in 90.375''. If you want alterations to these dimensions you can contact Rogue and they might do it for you for an extra customisation charge. The Stell notes are made of 3x3'' gauge steel with Westside hole spacing. It comes with a skinny pull up bar and a beam. The RML is compatible with the Monster Lite accessor range. Watch out that you get the right equipment and not mistakenly go for something from the Rogue Monster series. The RML 690C is available in:
  • Bright blue
  • Bright Green
  • Burnt orange 
  • Dark blue
  • Dark red
  • Gun Metal
  • Light Gray 
  • Rogue Red
  • Satin Black
  • Satin clear
With this, you will get a solid home gym or centrepiece of strength at a good price. Think about the various options and configurations before buying. It is usually less expensive to get all of the material in one shipping. Be meticulous and plan with caution on your order. Get as many items as you can in one sitting.

Pros of the RML 690C

The Rogue RML 690C is a solid value for money option. It will look pretty, provide space and will give you an opportunity to store your plates. All in all, this is the reasonable choice when you want to optimise floor space for a home gym or for adding a powerlifting corner to your commercial gym. It is easy to set up between two people with the regular tools you can find. 

Cons of the RML 690C

For some basement setups, this rack might be too big. Have a good plan in mind of what you are going to do with the half rack that comes with it. Otherwise, you might have wasted space as plates can also be stored on walls or in boxes depending on your facilities. You will also not be able to make of some recent additions to the rogue portfolio like the slinger and the Rhino belt squat to make this rack more versatile as these are only compatible with the monster series. 

Alternatives to the RML 690C

Alternatives to the 690C rack are:
The Rogue RML 690 is the same rack just without a colour option. If you like black or you do not care that much about a colour option you can save some money by getting the 690 instead of the 690C. Simple but effective. 
The Rogue R6 has a very similar make to the RML690C. You will get no colour and be part of the Rogue Infinity series. The main difference is that the steel notes are made of 2x3'' steel instead of 3x3'' stell. This makes the R6 230LB lighter than the RML 690 C. The R6 is a good option when you do not care much about aesthetics, just want something simple to set up your home gym and save some weight, because your gym is in an apartment or attic. 
The Rogue RM4 is a full rack out of the Monster series. This rack is a great option if you do not have the floor space or budget for a full 690C or an RM6 rack. With this option, you start your build in the monster series and keep yourself open for the newest innovations while saving some space in your garage gym or commercial gym. The downside is that you will have less space in the rack to either store plates or fit athletes in. 

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