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Why have a home gym

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The Ultimate guid to building a home gym

Why have a home gym

This is an overview of example designs and ideas for building your own home gym. Each one is unique and special. This article was originally posted under "the ultimate guide to building a home gym". 

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Example designs

Attached you will find two examples designs which you can use as a blueprint. I have also done many variations on those. Start with the floor space you have available and design your gym into it, as the available space most likely will not change. The few exceptions are new builds in the garden. Here I would also start with the available shed / room options and work from there. 

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Why have a home gym

A home gym is an aspiration and a great goal to aspire to. For most people it means financial planning, upgrading their house and improving on their lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you should move forward with your ambitions. 


One reason to have a home gym is the commute. If you live rurally and not in an urban environment the next available gym can be up to an hour's drive away. As soon as you have to make an hour round trip (half an hour each way) it might make sense to invest in a home gym
This is especially true if you have a basement, shed or attic which is already unused. This saves the structural costs and with a $1000 dollar one-time investment you save yourself the time and hassle of the commute. The only commodity you can not buy back in life is time. Saving some by investing a little cash is wise. 


Your local gym might not have the equipment which you need to be successful or get the most out of your training. The kind of equipment which is often not available: 
In your home gym, you can arrange the equipment of your choice however you like. 


In your home gym, you will be on your own. If you want to swing from bar to bar while doing a Bruce Lee kick you can without getting any dirty looks. You might be conscious of yourself and feel better at home. If you have a certain status in your town also might not want to be seen when doing your exercises to do them in peace. 


An uncompromising home gym can be a considerable investment. You will also have to negotiate with your family, cohabitants, landlord and find the time to get everything together. 
You will research different vendors and options and find the best time in the year to get your home gym done. It is a project and once it is done you will feel a great sense of achievement. This is why I recommend to wait and make your home gym anything you ever dreamed of, instead of compromising for something which does not inspire you. 


Even though you are in an urban environment your work times might not match up with the opening times of your gym or the classes you want to attend. If that is the case a gym at home can be used after hours or very early in the day to get the results you want. 


With your gym, you can build a sanctum for yourself away from everything where you can pursue your goals and dreams. If you live in a rural house with children the person who stays at home the most often takes over. 

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