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Eat to live for fitness [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 7, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Eat to live for fitness

Eat to live for fitness

I and my wife try different ways to lose weight. We like meat but not everyone does. This article is a summary of the eat to live plan. It is plant based if you want to eat less meat. Check with your doctor first when you make considerable changes to your diet. Together you should address allergies and underlying health issues. Otherwise, they can turn into a bigger problem.

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Why you should care about your diet


Diet is one of the main factors for your fitness. You do not like exercising? Change your diet. You do not like to like to change your diet? Start exercising. These core principles are very simple and true. The eat to live plan tells you in more detail what to eat. The book also outlines how you can lose weight and be more healthy. This article is a summary for you to get started.

I like the ketogenic diet. It has produced for me and my wife and so it can for you. Yet, if you are a vegetarian or vegan the ketogenic diet is hard to follow. For all you who do not want or cannot consume meat, I had to find an alternative. According to recent statistics, these are the top five countries who follow a vegetarian diet by % of the population:

  1. India
  2. Netherlands
  3. Sweden
  4. Taiwan
  5. Switzerland

The eat to live plan fills this gap.

Americans get 62% of their calories from processed carbohydrates and extracted oils. 25.5 percent come from fiberless dairy and animal produce. Only 5 percent of the intake stem from fruits and vegetables, excluding potatoes.

This consumption fuels a trend that already leads to 75% of Americans being obese. It projects that by 2048 almost all American adults will be obese.

Your stomach can only hold about one liter of food. A full stomach satisfies your hunger. If you fill your stomach with fast food you will have packed 3000 calories into your system. With vegetables, beans, and fruit it is only 500 calories.

Unhealthy nutrition is at the core of increased cancer rates and cardiovascular diseases. So you should care what you put in your mouth if you want a longer and healthier life.


Why do we eat so much meat


Why is it more ok to do experiments on insects than on dog puppies? Because the dog puppies have a lobby and insects do not. No one puts up posters to stop squashing flies and cockroaches. Same goes for meat. The meat industry invests a lot of money to build a lobby to make you want their products.

Another reason is that it is cheap. Minced beef is easy to produce. There are many ways to make animals grow faster. Meat is also less prone to be disrupted by weather conditions.

Last but not least meat has more taste. It seems like we are predisposed to like it more than vegetables.


What can you eat instead of meat


A good formula to choose your food by is H=N/C. H stands for health, N for nutrients and C for calories.

The higher the concentration of nutrients per calorie the healthier the food. Fast food is usually low in Nutrients and high in calories. The reverse is true for most greens. For example, consider that 100 calories of broccoli provide 2.2 mg of iron, 46 mg of magnesium and 118 mg of calcium. In contrast, 100 calories of steak provide 0.8 mg, 6 mg and 2 mg of these minerals.

Foods like broccoli usually score between 50 to a 100 on the provided scale. Whole grain scores between 0 to 20. To have some more specific rules for cutting meat back into your diet:


  • Consume raw and steamed vegetables
  • 90% of your daily intake should come from unrefined plant-based sources
  • Eat at least one can of beans and legumes a day
  • Eat at least for fruits a day


Besides to these changes you can try to do intermittent fasting. Here you do not eat for sixteen hours a day. The best way to put this in place is to stop eating at 8 pm to 9 pm. The next morning you skip breakfast with a bulletproof coffee. Starting the day on an empty stomach is not as bad as it sounds.

These are rules of thumb. Always consult a doctor before making considerable changes to your diet.




The eat to live plan is simple and tailored to vegetarians. The bid amounts of greens you consume will please your hunger. Whether cutting out sugar and meat will take care of your cravings I can not say as I have not tried it. Any nudge to rethink when you struggle is good. Take this as one to question your general intake.

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