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How many times will you kettlebell to see remarkable results [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Nov 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM

How many times will you kettlebell

How many times will you kettlebell to see remarkable results

The most likely answer is about twelve times. If you start using the kettlebells with a volume that is aligned with your current strength level and you are not doing it already you should see improvements in the addressed areas after doing it three times a week for a month, which equates to 12 sessions. Still, there is more to it than meets the eye. 

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Which results are you looking for

The most important question is what kind of results you are looking for. Before we even go into the use of kettlebells take a hard look at your goals and why you want to achieve them. Are the goals specific and measurable or not. Do you just generally want to socialize? Do you want to become more flexible? Depending on these goals the kettlebell might be a good tool or not.
If your goal is weight loss or getting a chiseled physique the kettlebell is not the best weapon in your repertoire. Rather than spending time and effort on learning and executing a kettlebell routine, you are probably better off to brush up on your diet habits. The most common denominator of obesity or the six pack is diet. Start tracking your intake via an app. Have a good look at a number of calories you actually want to eat. Cut out sugars and alcohol. Get enough sleep.
Once you have ticked all of those boxes it is time to go back to kettlebells. Again if you want to lose the most weight the quickest running is a better bet in my personal experience. I lost 15kg in 6 months when preparing for a marathon. I never got better results in terms of weight loss from any other program.
When you want to enter the weight room and have the most plates on the barbell in a powerlifting meet, the kettlebell is a good companion for that, but not at the core of what you do. The barbell will be your best and most utilized friend. The kettlebell will help you on mobility issues, building your core and lower back strength and explosiveness.
For bodybuilding purposes, you might also want to look to dumbbells and pulleys to achieve your goal rather than the kettlebell. Pumping it up for me always worked best with a solid bodybuilding template using dumbbells and curl movements which isolated specific muscle groups. All of this the kettlebell does not do.
By now you might be asking yourself what the use of the kettlebell actually is. If you want all around fit, strong and combine endurance and strength the kettlebell is one of your go to tools. No setup, annoying bands and folding it under the bed needed. Just a solid piece of metal which you can keep in a shed or even outside. If you only want to work out 20 minutes a day to be in shape and hate running, the Russian kettlebell is your compadre.

Define remarkable

When you think of remarkable results, what comes to mind? Remarkable for you or for others? Can you currently walk up the stairs? Can you do a squat with perfect form? Deadlift 500 pounds? It all depends on your current situation and who you surround yourself with to see what is declared remarkable. Be mindful of this when picking your goals. Usually, the goals you set for yourself without caring about others, are the ones which turn into the most remarkable ones. 

The law of diminishing returns

If you are only slouching on the couch all day you will see results from kettlebells very fast. The less you do the quicker the impact of any exercise will be. The longer you have been training the longer it will take for you to see improvements from kettlebell training. A beginner will for example quickly progress from a 4kg kettlebell to 16kg for his or her regimen. A seasoned powerlifter, however, might be stuck on a 32kg kettlebell for half a year until he or she can progress to the next level. For the general public, the first progression will be more remarkable than the latter, even though it is harder to do.

Proper breathing

You only have to exercise with kettlebells for a week under the guidance of the simple and sinister program to considerably improve your breathing for everything you do in the gym. The breathing techniques taught in the book and easily applied during the exercises are worth their weight in gold. If you take on thing away from kettlebell training it is this.


If you incorporate Cossack squats with a kettlebell it is likely that you will see improvements in your hip mobility after two weeks. I experienced less back pain during my heavy squats (140kg for reps) after switching from the Agile8 stretching concept to utilizing kettlebells for my dynamic warm up.

Lower back

What is true for my hip mobility also extended to my lower back pain as my entire movement patterns improved with kettlebells regularly. After 90 days the results are remarkable for me as i progressed with considerably less pain and without using a lifting belt at same loads. My grip strength improved and my lower back does not give me as much grieve as it used to.


If you are a beginner you will see first strength adaptations in the first seven days. Gains which are remarkable and noticeable for others take place after 30 to 90 days of utilizing the new movement pattern. For these results to materialize you have to be focused and train with intent and intensity.

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