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Will kettlebells get you ripped? [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 22, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Will kettlebells get you ripped


Will kettlebells get you ripped? 

The notion in the fitness industry that you just follow one simple program for 30 days and then have the dream beach body is a fallacy to lead people astray to spend their hard-earned bucks on crap. Do not fall into this trap and be deliberate about your goals and, above all, realistic. Abs are made in the kitchen and kettlebells can help along the way, but will not be the main lever to your dream physique.

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Basics of dieting

First things first before talking about kettlebells and whether they can get you ripped. Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. This is a common misconception people. You will get ripped automatically if you starve yourself out. This is what bodybuilders do too. Before they go on a competition they will cut out the fat and water from their bodies to get as lean as possible. The only difference between you and them is that they trained for a long time and they have bigger abdominal muscles than you. Still, being ripped comes from a low bodyfat percentage not from exercising. 
The good thing is compared to other articles I have written that you already know what you are all about, aesthetics. If you want to get ripped and do not care about anything else, this makes planning for success easier as the aim is clear. If you had a goal like this:
I want to get strong and ripped at the same time, but also do not want to look too bulky. The routine should be relatively simple and yet challenge me while I do not want to cook and like pizza and alcohol which I do not want to step away from.
If you have goals like this you might as well go out the front door and wait for the wind to carry you wherever it goes. But good that you are not one of these people, aren't you? 
The main thing about dieting is your daily calories. If you want to get ripped in a slightly healthier way, as being ripped all year around is not, get used to the idea of calorie counting. To get your bodyweight down look up one of the calorie calculators on the internet and see what it spits out. Deduct 10 - 30% from that and go with this number until you have the wanted result. The important thing is to stick to the calories and otherwise have a balanced diet. The more you scale back your calorie intake, the quicker you will achieve your goal, Always consult a doctor before going on a diet. They probably also will tell you that it is a stupid idea to go into a caloric deficit just for the sale of getting a six pack.
In terms of the split of calories on fat, carbohydrates, and protein there are many different opinions on how they should be balanced. Charles Poliquin advises next to no carbohydrates to get a six pack, other get the results with a more balanced approached. I can't tell you for sure, but I got good results from a split of 40% Protein, 40% Fat, and 20% carbohydrates. What I can also tell you is the more protein you take in the more and stinkier you will fart. 
Good sources of protein are filet, steaks, fish and any other high-quality meat you can get. The better the quality of the meat, the better it is usually for you. If you are on a budget get beef mince and chicken breasts. Rotate some fish in and out to take care of your omega 3 intake. Some plastic also might do you good, but we will not go into more detail about pollution of the food chain in this post. 
Eggs and bacon are your friends for quick snacks when the hunger pains come. Cheese on top usually helps to create a nice meal. Iceberg lettuce, broccoli, and tomatoes are staples which lay beside the happy meat to be eaten as decoration and to get more vitamins in. 
If you want good recipes which are low in carbohydrates go to the website of Dr. Diet. My wife used to make these for the family and me and they have been a hit. 

Effects of kettlebell training

Kettlebell training addresses the midsection of your body and makes it stronger when you perform the exercise correctly. The two most important things to achieve this are that you squeeze your glutes and abdominal muscle at the top of the swing. The top of the swing is a plank, not a cooked spaghetti about to get plunged on a plate. 
If you stick to this simple principle the kettlebell will help you to get a more defined body and ripped, if your diet is right. 

How often you should train

A simple and effective program is to do 100 swings and 10 Turkish get-ups on a daily basis. This program is taken from Pavel Tsatsoulins program Simple and sinister. I recommend the book.


All in all kettlebells will not get you ripped just like any other lifting program or sit up routine will not. To get ripped takes at least a year of dedication in the kitchen and for all kinds of lifestyle choices. This is why not everybody runs around with one.

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