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How much do I have to pay for supplements for marathon and crossfit ?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 28, 2015 8:33:00 AM

Supplements for marathon and crossfit

How much do you have to pay for supplements for marathon and crossfit?

I am no nutrition expert to clarify upfront. But If I ask or read up about it I get the same answer when you want to combine strength and endurance training quite often. For this training amino acids, creatine, fish oil, protein and multivitamins are recommended. Always consult your doctor first before starting, if you are unsure. In total you will be investing a 100€ to a 150€ a month in supplements if you take everything that is most commonly recommended.

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Creatine helps to store creatine phosphat which you will need for your high intensity workouts. It also may help you to boost your interval run. A lot of poeple mare concerned about gaining too much weight if they are using creatine due to the stimulation it brings to the muscles.You should not take more than 1 - 3 grams a day as part of a balanced diet. If you want to learn more see read here or here.Creatine powder will cost you between 10 - 30€ for roughly a month worth of supply.


Multivitamin tablets can be gotten in most stores to make sure that you cover your 24 minerals and vitamins which are

Be careful when you buy your multivitamin as they are usually short on calcium and magnesium. If you have a balanced diet there should be no need for multivitamins, still a lot of people take them just to be on the safe side. Results of deficiency in vitamin c and vitamin d can lead to rickets or scurvy in the most extreme cases, which are these days. Usually you can get these tablets in little packages with 30, 60 or 90 tablets in them which will cost you 5 - 25 euro. 


There a lot of different proteins around, but the most commonly used in sports are whey and casein protein. Both of these proteins are in milk.

Whey protein is absorbed quicker than whey protein while also delivering a high amount of amino acids. Whey in itself will not harm your liver, but if you had problems in the past you want to consult your doctor before taking whey proteins to enhance your performance in marathon and crossfit.

Casein protein takes longer to be absorbed in your system and is a popular choice to be taken in the evening. Whey and Casein protein cost 30 - 60€ per container which hold 50 - 70 servings.

Fish oil

Fish oil has omega three and vitamin d in it. As both of these are hard to come by in any usual diet it is highly recommended to supplement these with fish oil. Even though the taste is not the nicest in the world, it will most likely help you perform better. Here you can learn more about fish oil.

As with multivitamin tablets take a close look on the dosage if the different ingredients on the nutrition to ensure a good purchase. The seven seas 300ml bottle is our choice and comes at 10 - 15€. Usually it lasts for one to two months.

My personal intake

I run and do crossfit so I have to combine the endurance work with the strength work of these two sports. To do this I include whey protein, fish oil and multivitamins in my breakfast and casein protein in the evenings. I mix the protein with water instead of milk as it easier for me to stomach. You will have to get used to these tastes first, but after a week it should be fine. 

I haven't seen any muscle growth that would inhibit my running with this supplementation. I got stringer and leaner during the last year where I started to supplement. All of these set me back about 150€ a month. I only use creatine as a booster not as a constant.


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