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REP fitness AB-5000 bench vs TITAN preacher curl

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM

REP fitness AB-5000 bench vs TITAN preacher curl

This is a comparison between the Rep Fitness AB-5000 bench and the Titan preacher curl. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the TITAN Preacher Curl Bench

This is an overview of the TITAN Preacher Curl bench including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which TITAN bench to get? Follow the links for details.

Titan Preacher curl bench

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Overview of the TITAN preacher curl bench

Price: $324
A preacher curl bench is one of the few single-purpose machines that I can get on board with. There is nothing better to pump my biceps than preacher hammer curls. Everyone is different, but this is one of the few machines that sucks up space to only train one muscle group that's actually worth investing in. A preacher curl station will isolate the biceps by giving you the opportunity to sit down and not use your back when doing curls. This has big advantages for developing your biceps. You can also lean against a wall, but a preacher curl just gives the best pump. The full specifications of this TITAN product are:
  • High-density contour foam padding for a comfortable but firm base to lift from
  • Adjustable seat to fit different size athletes- UHMW lined j-hooks to protect barbell while racking
  • 31.5-in Rack width to fit most standard barbells and EZ curl bars
  • Rubber feet to protect floors and provide a stable base
  • Overall Height: 35-in.
  • Footprint: 34.5-in W x 40-in L
  • Rack Width: 31.5-in.
  • Pad Dimensions: 14-in x 24-in x 2-in.
  • Finish: Powder-Coated Black
  • Material: 2-in x 2-in 11-Gauge Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lb.
  • Product Weight: 73 lb.
This is a good preacher curl bench that can be easily moved around to fit your needs. There are also no metal pieces obstructing the bar path. 

Pros of the TITAN preacher curl bench

Pros of the preacher curl bench are:
  • Price
  • Design 
  • Impact
As with all TITAN products, this comes in at roughly half of the price for anything similar you can find in the market. It is also fairly heavy for a preacher curl bench. Cheaper products are usually very light. The lighter your equipment is, the less heavy you want to train on it. 
For a preacher bench, the design of this model is beautifully simple. Many other preacher benches get in the way of you doing your curls, especially if you use a straight bar. You will not have this challenge with this model.
As with all preacher benches, if you want big biceps, you basically can not go without. This is the ultimate station to pump your arms up in a big way. 

Cons of the TITAN preacher curl bench

Cons of the TITAN preacher curl bench are:
  • Can not be bolted to the ground 
  • Space requirements
  • Non-versatile
Even though I am a huge fan of preacher curls in a commercial gym, I would not get one for my home gym. The space I have is very limited and putting a curling bench in just for the sake of getting bigger arms is not possible. Unless you give up an entire two-car garage for your gym or a big basement, I personally think there other machines you can get that have more impact. This can include lat pull down, GHD machine or even a yoke in addition to your existing rack. In addition, there is one design flaw as this bench can not be bolted to the ground. There are no pre-drilled holes to achieve this.
Alternatives to the preacher curl bench
  • Bicep/tricep curl machine
  • Preacher Curl station
  • Rogue Arm Blaster
The TITAN bicep /tricep curl machine follows the same moment pattern as a preacher curl bench. The big difference is that you will not do it with a free weight but on a defined movement path. The Bicep curl machine is plate loaded and takes up roughly the same space as the Preacher curl bench. If you prefer machines with given movement paths for muscle isolation, this is it. It is also easier to start, as getting the curl bar from the starting position is usually a bit challenging and hard on the wrists. 
The preacher curl station is the little brother of the preacher curl bench on the TITAN fitness line up. It costs about a third and is less heavy. The steel pins to rest the bar on can get in the way of you exercising. In return, it is a steal at about $150. 
The Rogue arm blaster is the ideal solution for someone who wants to isolate their bicep at home but does not want to get in a preacher curl bench. It is still not as good as a preacher curl station, as you will be free-standing, but at least you can isolate the biceps to a similar extent. It also only costs about $50 and makes a nice Christmas present for anyone who has a home gym. 

Conclusion for the preacher curl bench

This is one of the first and maybe only machines I would get in my home gym if I had space. A well organized professional gym has to have at least one of these so that you can blast your arms. 

Overview and review of the REP fitness AB-5000 bench

This is an overview of the REP fitness AB-5000 bench including pros, cons, and alternatives. The original was published under which rep fitness bench to buy. Follow the links for more details.


REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench zero-gap

The REP AB-5000 bench is the zero-gap bench option from REP fitness. The lower part of this bench can be moved in place so that the gap disappears. This is a great bench for very lifters who still want an adjustable bench to move around but no gap when flat benching. The full specifications of this bench are:
  • Patented: This product was designed by REP in the USA and protected by one or more issued patents.
  • 11-gauge steel frame.
  • Flat, incline, and decline positions with 7 back pad adjustments and 4 seat pad adjustments.
  • Laser-cut degree markings on a stainless steel wear guard
  • Unique pop-pin and bearing system adjustment for zero gap between seat and back pad. Adjusts in 1 second.
  • Easy to move with urethane grip handle and wheels
  • Total Height: 17.75"
  • Total Pad Length: 53.5"
  • Back Pad Width: 12.25"
  • Total Footprint: 8 SQFT
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb
  • 3% Tolerance
This is a solid option at the higher price range of REP fitness bench portfolio of like the pin design and want no gap between the two pads of the bench.

Pros of the REP  AB-5000 Adjustable Bench

The pros of the REP AB-5000 bench are:
  • Zero gap
  • Good inside the rack bench
  • Harder cushion
  • Longer seat
  • Labeled degrees
  • A HIgher degree of safety due to push pins
The main feature of this bench is the zero-gap design. This makes it a good bench to keep inside your rack as it is not as easy to adjust as other benches in the REP fitness lineup.
It also comes with a harder cushion than some of the other REP fitness options and a longer seat than the REP AB-5200.
The labeled degrees on this bench are one of the biggest distinguishing features of the REP fitness compared to the competition. If I was a designer at someone else’s company I would probably copy it.

Cons of the REP  AB-5000 Adjustable Bench

Cons of the REP AB-5000 are:
  • Cumbersome to adjust
  • Heavy
  • Vertical instead of a horizontal handle
  • 90-degree incline
This is a big and hard-to-adjust bench. What you can in options for the setup you lose in speed for the adjustment itself. I also don’t like the 90 degrees top spot and prefer the 85-degree option in the REP AB-5200. The vertical handle to move the bench is also not of its time anymore as horizontal handles are easier to use.

Alternatives to the REP  AB-5000 Adjustable Bench

Alternatives to the REP AB-5000 are
The REP AB-5200 bench is the better option if you don’t mind a little gap in your bench while gaining a lot more comfort in adjusting it. I am personally not a huge fan of the safety pin design on adjustable benches as it is a pain to use. The hook system is more dangerous for your fingers but has greater ease of use.
The Rogue AB2 adjustable bench works with the push pin design and can also be upgraded to the AB 3 by buying a leg attachment. These are the sturdiest benches you can get from one of the best vendors in the market. Their price is off-putting. The range close to $1000. At TITAN fitness you can build an entire gym on this budget.
The Rogue adjustable bench 2.0 is the model a personally own and I am very happy with it. This bench can be stored upright, is beefy, and still reasonably easy to move around. The price is also not outrageous even though it comes in higher than REP fitness’s top model AB-5200.
The TITAN Max adjustable FID bench is TITAN’s take on a beefy adjustable bench. If you want something for a low price to rival REP fitness and Rogue TITAN is the right place to shop.

Conclusion for the REP AB-5000 Adjustable Bench

The REP zero-gap bench does what it says on the tin. You can always set it up in a way that there is no gap between the upper and lower pad. This makes it a pain to adjust at times with the pushpin system, but that is the price you pay for this feature to work.

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