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USN Protein shaker bottle Review

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Dec 4, 2015 12:14:34 PM

USN protein shaker bottle review


What is it ?


The USN protein shaker bottle is a plastic handshaker for home use which is distributed in over the counter retail at local pharmacies, drug stores or gyms which specialise in supplementation.

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What does it do for you ?


It enables the user to prepare their protein shakes of any kind by mixing water or milk with the supplement of choice, shaking it by hand and drinking the mixture immediately before or after training. It can be used with protein, creatine, BCAAs mixes and any kind of other soluble powder which you want to supplement.


How does it compare to other protein shakers ?


It is made of very good, thick plastic. The lid is sturdy, washable and does not get in your way when you want to drink your shake. The top has a rubber sealing which most cheaper products do not provide. The lower compartment can be used to store supplements in it to be taken to the gym to make your twenty minute window. This is useful if you have a long commute to and from the gym. It does not have any kind of spring or spring ball. The advantage is, that it is most unlikely that you will break or lose any of the vital parts of the shaker. The disadvantage in use with bad quality supplements which do not mix that well is that you have to shake harder to get desired results. In some instances you will always have residue either directly in the top or bottom of the shaker, if used with supplements of lower quality. 


For how long have been using it ?


I have two USN shakers as they are locally available to me without purchasing through the internet. I just picked them up in my local gym. I have been using my first one for a year now. The second for about two months.


What do you like about it ?


No nonsense straight forward, dishwasher proven design. The upper part can be taken apart for thorough cleaning if need be. Spacious and not too expensive.


What do you not like about it ?


Leaves residue when bad quality / cheaper supplements are used. Colour comes of with time. I would prefer the actual plastic to be moulded to show the USN emblem to also provide more grip to the user. Depends on their supplier / production process whether that would be an easy fix, but would enhance customer experiuence by a mile for me. Also looks bad on them if I run around my gym with a half broken USN logo in my opinion.


Would you recommend it to a friend ?


If it is locally available the roughly twenty euros are spent in a smart way for someone who wants to get started right away. It is not a necessary item as you can get shakers with big supplement purchases with the order for free. This shaker will most likely not have rubber sealing, an annoying lid and less strudy plastic (danger of crakcing if carelessly left in gym bag, do not see that to the same extent with USN shaker). 

If you want invest money specificlly online into a shaker I would recommend to get something with spring / spring ball as these are roughly the same price range and usually harder to get locally.




Good solid shaker at reasonbale price if locally available to get you started quick. If you are a money saver type of person or want the best shaker around for the same amount of money, bite the bullet that you have to wait for 2 days to 2 weeks and purchase something more to your liking online.


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