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Best knee sleeves from Rehband review

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 26, 2015 4:25:00 PM

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Best Knee sleeves from Rehband review


I personally own the Rehband Froning series. It matches my black and red Adidas weight lifting shoes and the Garmin forerunner 220. I did not plan this, but it works. Once you get serious about lifting I would recommend to get a pair.



Which size should I get ? 


I am 185 cm high, weigh 81 - 85kg depending on the day and squat 102.5 5x5. I ordered size M from Rogue fitness and I am happy with the purchase, because i like them to be tight. I can not wear them for an hour, as they impair the blood stream to the legs. But for a set of 5x5 they are ideal. 


When should i wear them ?


Everybody to their own tastes. I try to leave them off as long as I can to train without any support to maximize my potential. I take the same approach on weightlifting belts, straps, chalk and further supportive material for lifts. Only incorporate them, when you can not lift the weight anymore without them. So I use the Rehband knee support for my last sets on deadlifts and squats. Sometimes I also use them when my knees are weakened from a long run. 


Can I wear them for other activities ?


I've done Judo for twelve years and many of the judokas wore these or similar ones during training. I even did it myself, when I hurt my kneecap in a fight and had to take care for two months. The Rehband Knee support has no padding and is mainly build to provide stability to the joints under heavy load. I would not recommend them to soften friction between knee and ground. For that purpose order other knee wraps.


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