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Mark Bell Sling Shot Review

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Nov 29, 2015 5:02:29 AM


Mark Bell Sling Shot Review


A good product to break through plateaues for experienced lifters. Good shipping and a reasonable price do the rest. Definetly reommended if you can bench more than your body weight and want to take it to the next step.

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What is it ?


The Mark Bell Sling Shot is a tool that you can use to increase your bench press. It is made of sturdy flexible material which is wrapped around your arms and forms a line over your chest. The name Sling Shot is accurate as you basically shoot out the weight after building tension from your chest, making the lower part of the press easier. A bit of YouTube research will show you that quite a few lifters use it.


Who is it for ?


I personally think it is a good addition in your gym bag if you are serious about lifting heavy. Especially to break thorugh bench press plateaues this can be useful. So if you are someone who is looking to develop strength in your chest and you currently struggle to get ahead this might be a good, but not essential item to have.


How often should I use it ?


That depends on your routine and how often you train. I personally used it for a while for volume sets when I was already fatigued with the same weight. That might not have been the best way to use the product. Go for an overload of 5 - 10% on your last two sets incporporating the sling shot to see best results. I have to think of ways to get more use out of it.


What do you think of the product ?


I think it is a high quality product and solid produce for what it does. The fact that it is hard to find any competition in this area also shows that Mark Bell developed a truly innovative, simple to use product that anyone can apply to their routines if needed. One of the best executed ideas I have seen in the strength market.


How much do I have to invest ?


80$ - 90$ depending on which version of the Sling Shot you will get. Please check based on your current one rep max which is most suitable for your needs. If you do not know your one repetition maximum, maybe do not buy this product. You are not ready yet. 


Is shipment satisfying ?


I got my piece shipped from the states and that took about a month. I should have bought more local, maybe for a slightly higher price, out of the UK. In the end it does not really make much of a difference, but I know that waiting for a product that you are excited about can be nervwrecking.


Do they have good support ?


I had some extra requests and also they do not ship by default to Ireland. The nicest support ever, quick to respond to all of my needs as a "special requirements" customer, which on the receiving end can be a pain in the neck.


Would you recommend this to a friend ? 


If they can bench more than 100kg, yes definitely.


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