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Overview and review of the Rogue Safety Squat bar

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 18, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Overview and review of the Rogue Safety Squat bar

This overview of the  Rogue safety bar was originally published in my comprehensive guide on which Rogue barbell to buy. If you are currently considering to buy a Rogue barbell it is worth a read to get input on the latest models. I update the guide on a yearly basis depending on Rogue's new releases. 

Price: 395$


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Overview of the Rogue Safety bar

This is a bar out of the speciality bar selection of Rogue. Safety bar squats are especially popular among powerlifters. The idea is that the squats become less taxing on your body while still being able to train your posterior chain longer and harder. A very popular combination os to do safety bar squats to a box. You might want to consider to pick up one of Rogue boxes to be able to perform the movement.
The Rogue safety bar is tested at 1000lbs and 70lb/35kg. It has a frame and padding attached to it so that you can fully focus on your legs. There will be less balancing needed as with a normal barbell. Also, your elbows will not suffer as much as with extensive heavy squatting. 
Safety bar squats are not ideal for beginners. You need to build basic strength first to be able to progress to this beast. Do not think that 140kg of back squat with a barbell is the same as with the safety bar. The name can be a little misleading.

Pros of the safety bar

The safety bar is very popular with seasoned powerlifters. The older you get the more wear and tear your body shows. Especially when you have been lifting heavy for decades. The safety bar addresses these issues. You can lift heavy weights without taxing your ligaments and shoulders as much.

Cons of the safety bar

This bar can only be used for squats. If you only have a budget of 400 USD for the bar in your home gym do not get this bar. The same goes for gyms. Most of your clients will be intimated by the size of this beast and not know how to use it. You probably will only need one unless you are specialised in powerlifting. It is also huge and awkward to store. It fits on the lowest position of the gun rack. Know exactly why you want this bar before purchasing it. Otherwise, you have 395USD gathering dust in your basement. If the price tag is too high you can also opt for the camber bar. The camber bar comes in at a lower price and has a similar effect to the safety bar with less material protecting the lifter.


The Rogue Safety bar is a great tool for seasoned powerlifters to take stress of their lower backs and still train hard. You will also be able to mix things up a little more. You can also look int the Rogue Rhino Belt Squat as an alternative.


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